Aweber vs Getresponse vs EngageBay 2024: Which is The Best CRM Platform?

Aweber vs GetResponse vs EngageBay

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The winner is Engagebay. When comparing the prices, it has a very modest plan with the right amount of features you ever need for your small-scale businesses. 

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Are you reckoning to choose the best CRM platform for your business or a small start-up, but you are not sure to choose which one and based on what criteria or features they offer without emptying your pockets on buying one?

Look no further; we will discuss the possibilities and features of the 3 best CRM platforms and help you decide to choose one from the lot. 

In this article, I will do a 3-way comparison between 3 tools-  Engagebay vs Getresponse vs Aweber. The following articles will have

  • Overview of tools
  • Best Features of each tool
  • Pricing of tools
  • Pros and Cons
  • A Conclusion to decide which is the best among the 3 tools.
  • And few FAQs.

Before getting into the comparison of the features, pros, and cons of these CRM platforms, let’s debrief about each one of them, their history, and how smoothly they’ve transitioned, providing us more new features to make our tasks easy and save our precious time.

Overview: Aweber vs GetResponse vs EngageBay


EngageBay overview- Aweber vs Getresponse vs EngageBay


Engagebay is another platform similar to Hubspot, which provides an all-in-one marketplace for its customers, including sales and marketing, CRM, and support software. Although it was founded in 2017, having a list of giant competitors, Engagebay did make its own path for itself. 

When other companies confined their CRM offers to big business companies. Engagebay had a great deal offering CRM to small businesses and start-up companies. 

Getresponse CRM platform

Getresponse Overview- Aweber vs EngageBay

Getresponse was founded in 1998, with its headquarters located in Poland.

It provides customers with a 99.6% deliverability rate and is inclined towards building a strong customer relationship CRM base whilst providing many other features. 

Aweber CRM platform

In 1998, Tom Kulzer, at the age of 21, founded Aweber company, which provides a platform for email marketing, landing pages, and customer service relationships.

Aweber Overview- Aweber vs Getresponse vs EngageBay

Over the decades, the company has gained a great reputation for its email automated marketing platform it provides. 

We have got a gist of the above three CRM platforms, and now we will see what one platform provides for its customers that the other CRM platforms don’t. Let’s see the common and unique features of these. 

Common features

  • Email marketing 


Engagebay offers a personalized email marketing feature. 


It provides automated e-mail marketing with a feature to compartmentalize certain groups of recipients with tagging options. 


It has automated triggers for your e-mail marketing, which reassures that your e-mail gets sent to a bunch of audiences at the right scheduled time automatically. 

  • Automated workflow


It uses an automated workflow to track the customer’s behavior; you could use this data to follow up on the customers based on their preferable perspectives. 


Aweber Features- Aweber vs GetResponse vs Engagebay

It uses an automation workflow, which tracks the activities of customers via a website tracker. It also suggests products automatically based upon the customer’s previous transaction history data. 


It sends out ad campaigns based upon an automated email system, saving more time and more manpower. 

  • Automated email newsletters and blogs


It uses automated email campaign scheduling, and other newsletters are sent to customer’s inboxes to keep them updated and engaged. 


It sends out automated blogs to Facebook, Twitter, and various social media platforms also sends outfeed to customers. 


It sends content from your blogs as automated newsletters, so they always have some content in them. 

Unique features


  • Leadership board

It has an engaging leadership board with game elements to keep the team engaged, motivated, and competitive. 

  • Integrated Syncing tracker

Both sales and marketing teams have been integrated with a tool so they could sync and track each other’s activity without a hassle. 

  • Appointment scheduling

They have the same appointment scheduling feature, in which they send out the meeting dates via an individual or team calendar so the relevant party could have a talk when necessary. 

  • Recorded call logs

The calls between the customers and the team get recorded and go to call logs records, which is useful for future purposes if there’s an escalation. 

  • Pipe visualization

It provides Pipe visualization for acknowledging the deals that are closed, deals that are yet to be done and in progress. 

  • Individual/team report

It provides a brief, precise sales report of an individual and also provides the same on a team level to let you know your strong areas and where you need to improve. 


Before jumping into its features, you must know that Getresponse does not offer any package for free. So the following are the basic package features. 

  • Powerful marketing sales funnel

It provides a series of automated emails, advertisements, and articles to attract a potential customer into buying your product by publicizing your product effectively through an automated marketing strategy. This also gives a single sales and a lead sales funnel. 

  • Autoresponders and automation templates

It provides unlimited automated templates to choose from instead of typing out a huge e-mail and sending it. And also, it has automated bot replies, which could save manpower. 

  • E product sale & Facebook ad

They do ad campaigns and Facebook ads based on the customer’s preferences of the products they’re interested in to reel in more buyers. 


Unlike Getresponse, the Aweber does offer some features on a free trial, after which you should pay if you’re willing to subscribe to it. The following are some of the pro features of Aweber. 

  • Automated behavioral tracking & click tracking

They provide automated tracking of customer’s behavior to see the history of their visit to sites and their purchase history and also check the click link tracks of the customers to obtain detailed data of the customer’s interests. 

  • Account and message analytics

They do a descriptive and diagnostic analysis of a customer account for prediction of the customer behaviour for better marketing to entice more customers.

  • Landing pages, monthly emails, and subscription

Landing pages are a way to attract more customers with a follow-up email or contact them and pitching the product details in an attempt to make them a potential customer. They also provide monthly email subscriptions to those who visited your page. 


For any business, security is the rudimentary concern for CRM platforms, because they are handling thousands and millions of data, they have their customers’ data saved in their databases.

CRM-Software-EngageBay - Email Marketing

If there’s a security breach, the customer’s data could be compromised. Hence, it makes it a top priority case for CRM platforms to handle the security concern with utmost care. The following are the features of the security level provided by each CRM platform. 


Engagebay always strives hard to maintain the confidential information of its clients with utmost priority. When times of any security breach, it offers an automated data backup and could recover any data that’s been lost during a security breach. 


Getresponse provides data backup on a daily basis; the data is stored in multiple servers in different locations all around the world. It provides redundancy to database servers, emails, and web servers.

The network is updated regularly with a different security system. The billing information and transactions, card details are highly encrypted. Getresponse takes security on a very serious level. 


The security system provided by Aweber is highly encrypted; it continuously checks the integrity of the systems through automation. Backups and risk assessments on a regular basis.

If, in any case, the server goes down, it has the data backed up in a different system to ensure continuous, uninterrupted service. In times of security breach, it provides the complete backed up data readily available. 

Pricing: Aweber vs GetResponse vs EngageBay


EngageBay-Pricing- aweber vs enagebay vs getresponse

Engagebay offers four packages options.

Free version

  • Users will get 1000 contacts and 1000 branded emails.

Basic version

  • The basic version is available for 8.99 Dollars per user/month.
  • Users will get 10000 branded emails and 15000 contacts.

Growth version

  • The growth version is available for 29.99 US Dollars per user/month.
  • This package comes with 25000 branded emails and 50000 contacts.
  • A dedicated customer support team for your onboarding and queries.

Pro version

  • Pro version is available for 47.99 US Dollars per user/month.
  • This package offers you unlimited contacts and 50000 branded emails. 


The Getresponse doesn’t offer any package for free. All its packages are paid subscriptions. It offers four types of package options. 

GetResponse Pricing- Aweber vs GetResponsse vs EngageBay

Basic plan

  1.   In the basic plan, it covers auto responders for emails, unlimited landing pages, E- product sale and Facebook ad campaign, unlimited automation templates, and email marketing. 
  2. Basic plan costs $15 per month for 1000 contacts, $25 per month for 2500, $45 per month for 5000, $65 for 10000 contacts, $145 for 25000, above 100,000 contacts, it charges $450.

Plus plan

  1. The plus plan in Getresponse is the most popular among its packages. In this plan, it provides contact tagging, webinars for 100, 5 sales and webinar funnels, and five automated workflows. 
  2. Plus plan costs $49 per month for 1000 contacts, for 5,000 contacts, $79 per month. At 10,000 contacts, it’s $95 monthly, for 25,000 contacts, you’d pay $299 a month. At the highest limit, 100,000 contacts, it would be $499 each month.

Professional plan

  1. This plan includes almost all the features from the plus plan, and on top of that, it provides unlimited webinar and sales funnel, paid and on-demand webinars, webinars for 300 limits, and it also comes with an unlimited automation builder. 
  2. The cost for 1,000 contacts, $99 a month for the Professional plan. When you have 5,000 contacts, it’s $139 each month. At 10,000 contacts, you’d pay $165 per month. 

Max Plan

The max plan in Getresponse is the cool pick of your own customized tools and limits. Eventually, the price is fancy too. So this plan provides almost everything unlimited with the limit to 500 webinars attendees; it provides dynamic CRM with SSO integration. 


The Aweber provides only two paid plans, unlike the other two CRM s discussed above. 

Pricing Aweber- Aweber vs Engagebay vs GetResponse

Free plan

This plan is completely free, and you can use it forever, although it limits to only 500 subscribers. Hence it gives an alternative paid plan. 

Pro plan

In this plan, it provides behavioral tracking, landing pages, automated templates, Email testing, Sales and purchase history tracking, unlimited profiles, and subscriptions. This plan costs $16.15/month for 500 contacts.

For 2500 contacts and above, it’s $26.15 monthly for 5,000 and above, $46.15 per month. If you have more than 10,000 contacts, you will be paying around $147 per month. 

Pros & Cons:


Ah! We have almost reached the end of our comparison among the three types of CRM we have been profoundly looking into. The pros and cons would help you get a complete idea and enable you to decide which is best suitable for your business. 

  • Although it started in 2017, Engagebay, has made its way through the top muddling with all of its competitors because of one major advantage.
  •  It provides CRM software to small businesses and startups, which often gets rejected or ignored by other CRM platforms.  
  • Another major difference that makes Engagebay more popular and a go-to option for many is that it offers a no mandatory contract, and users can save a huge amount of money by opting for Engagebay since it costs very little compared to other CRM platforms. 


  • Well, Getresponse provides all security, integration and automation, and workflows like any other platform.
  • In retrospect, when it comes to comparing the cost, it provides only a few features on a basic plan and restricts automation builder and different workflows to a professional package. 
  • it holds true only for 500 subscribers. 
  • Once you reach beyond that, even the basic plan goes a bit high to $65, so you’re basically getting fried and spending a whole bunch of money for these packages. 
  •  if you are on a tight budget, choosing Getresponse is similar to going to a three-star Michelin hotel which would be a tad bit outside your budget. 

Obviously, it comes down to your choice to choose the one you want. 


  • Aweber is one of the reputed companies which flourishes in email marketing and not much in CRM. But it gives away eye-catching plans and offers, unlike Getresponse. 
  • They offer you a free plan with limited features. 
  •  if you’re looking for purchase and sales tracking, behavioural tracking, and automated integration tools. Then it does not come for free. 
  • Although the cost is not too much, if you’re on a low budget, then this definitely is not the one for you. 

FAQs On Aweber vs GetResponse vs EngageBay

💥 Can I integrate AWS with Engagebay?

Yes, Engagebay provides a variety of integration tools and services. One of them includes Amazon SES, which helps you to send newsletters and promotional emails.

✔ Do I need to have coding knowledge to use plugin forms with engagebay?

Absolutely not, engagebay offers a simpler understanding where it allows users to create and use their plug in forms without being tech savvy.

😎 Are engagebay plugins freely available?

Yes, engagebay plugins are absolutely free. All you need to have is your Engagebay free account to integrate your plugin with engagebay.

🔥What are the different integrations services engagebay has?

Engagebay has successfully integrated with services like Exotel, twilio, Ring, Plivo, AWS SES, Shopify, Zapier and many more.

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Conclusion: Aweber vs GetResponse vs EngageBay 2024 

Finally, the great reveal is here. We have discussed the price range considering the startups here because we are looking for maximum efficiency at a low cost.

If the budget isn’t a concern, you could always choose any CRM platforms you want and get a paid plan because that’s when they unlock maximum features you are looking for, including behavioral tracking, unlimited templates, automated bots, and builders since we have compared, analyzed and dissected every aspect of each of these platforms. 

Although Aweber provides a free plan, you do not get much out of it until you get their paid plan.

At the same time, Engagebay provides more features in its basic plan.

We have eliminated Getresponse because it’s like we keep paying more and more for few features and for more subscribers. I think it’s more like genocide to choose this platform if you’re running low on budget. 

To invest your hard-earned money in the best platform, which must have reliability, security, cost-efficient, and scalability. You can choose Engagebay. When comparing the prices, it has a very modest plan with the right amount of features you ever need for your small-scale businesses. 

Finally,  we have a winner here, and the winner is Engagebay!!! 


The winner is Engagebay. When comparing the prices, it has a very modest plan with the right amount of features you ever need for your small-scale businesses. 

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