AW Conference Europe 2023 Experience: Highlights & Takeaways

I recently made a visit to the AW World Conference, which happened in the most happening and buzzing town in Europe, Barcelona, I chose to attend this after hearing stories about it from my networks. I must say that this conference is worth experiencing. 

Join me while I share all the insights and highlights of the AW Conference in Europe, where the best speakers, industry leaders, and enthusiasts came to experience the atmosphere. This conference helped me explore great strategies and a lot of other things, that I’d not learned sitting at my workspace. 

Read the blog to feel the spirit of the AW conference with my experience, views, opinions, and verdict. 


More about the AW Conference 

Affiliate World Conference is an elite affiliate marketing conference where individuals and start-ups come together to network, learn, brainstorm, and acknowledge the trends in affiliate marketing and e-commerce marketing. This event takes place in Asia, Dubai, and Europe. The participants here get the chance to learn from the leaders of the top global brands and companies.

Expose themselves to a tank full of opportunities to build their brands and careers. This conference is an event filled with workshops, panel discussions, start-up stalls, and much more. 

My journey at the AW Conference Europe 

So this was a two-day conference, and I’ll share my experience in segments. To begin with, the place was mind-blowing; having people in mass with great ideologies and knowledge was just like the icing on the cake. The feeling of being here was spellbinding; no wonder I chose to record this exposure for my next podcast. 

The idea of creating a podcast kicked off my social skills, and that’s when I met a lot of geniuses. You might find some of my conversations with them in this blog! If you’re planning to fix your slots for this event, don’t forget to read the blog till the end. 

On my way to Plaça d’Espanya

So, Plaça d’Espanya was the venue for the event. This place’s enchanting walls and architecture were enough to boost all the excitement in me. 

At the Entry: The entry to this place for the conference needed an event pass, which, as instructed, had to be collected from the hall. There were multiple desks set up to issue the colorful passes, which I assume were designed based on the theme of the event. Multiple desks also had some guide brochures with a list of exhibitors and exhibition maps to help us navigate the respective events.

I felt the best way to save time and explore the conference was by picking the events in the brochure that I wanted to attend. This helped me sort out my schedule and connected me with like-minded people at the right time. 

I had a meeting with huge CPA brand CrakRevenue director Oli, and I took his interview where he revealed the ultimate guide on making $100k monthly with CrakRevenue. 

The Set-up 

So, the events began as scheduled. I can say all the sessions by the main speakers or the special guests happened on the main stage. The second stage was where the panelists discussed their opinions and shared their wisdom on the pre-defined topics. 

I attended both of these events, and I must say, they were super insightful and entertaining. I think these events are apt for any individual or team looking forward to learning and implementing new strategies in their business or career. It emphasized building your brand in the mid stages, how affiliates can bring change, and more.

This was another moment where I got to exchange words with Alex Micol , he is a 25-year-old self-made millionaire who generates more than $30 million in annual revenue. 


Walking through the brand booths 

Now that I was done with attending the main on-stage sessions from my desired guest speakers, I decided to walk around the brand stalls that were set up right outside the stage event hall. All these booths had smart entrepreneurs and teams displaying their products and services from the fields of digital marketing, affiliate marketing, and advertising.

Passing through these stalls was indeed a great blend of enhancing my wisdom with smarts, as I met a lot of popular brand owners and built connections with them. The best part of these events is that you get to meet a lot of people, build relationships, and join hands with or collaborate with them in person rather than spending time on the internet to engage with them. 

Here’s when I came across this amazing brand Mention about meeting two founders of the company who explained his journey 

Relaxation Spot & Eatry 

It had been quite some time since I attended sessions and met people around the place. I was looking for a place where I could relax and have an appetizing meal. That’s when I stopped at the cafe area. This spot had some decent cafes/stalls, and chairs were all over for the participants to sit and relax. The place was well-maintained and had some decent food to choose from. However, nothing here was free, apart from coffee and water. 

Apart from the eatery, they also had a beer garden where people could sit, have some quick catch-ups with some chilled beer, and enjoy the event. 

Mention about meeting some friends from India 

Gaming Zone 

The venue also arranged a gaming zone, where I accidentally landed while taking a walk from one section to another. While the entire conference was an amazing experience, this place stole my heart. I wasn’t really expecting the event organizers to come up with these cool game setups, from foosball to table tennis to virtual golf and more virtual games. 

Of course, I couldn’t resist and ended up spending some time playing table tennis and virtual games with people I’d never met before. This was certainly a fun way to engage with strangers and build networks. 

The Networking Zone

After relaxing for a while and having some fun chatting with my folks, I headed to this amazing spot called the networking zone. Here’s where all the participants had space to socialize, attend their meetings, or charge their electronic devices at the charging ports. 

Key highlights 

  1. Healthy networking 
  2. Splendid scope and opportunities for building collaborations and signing deals 
  3. The gaming zone 
  4. Elite exposure to the latest trends in the world of digital landscape 

Scope of improvement 

  1. Complimentary food could’ve enhanced the overall experience. 


So, that was about my experience at the AW Conference 2023. This was nothing less than an extraordinary, engaging event with more than 5500+ attendees, 2700+ remarkable businesses, start-ups and some leaders speaking. This conference offered a treasure trove of wisdom, ideas, insights, and inspiration. All my appreciation for the well-organized set-up and seamless functioning of events lined. The gaming zone was certainly an unexpected delight.

Attending this conference was worth every minute while I engaged with brands and people. 

If you’re looking forward to expanding your business or anyone looking to expand their knowledge and connections in affiliate marketing, this conference is undoubtedly worth experiencing. Now that I recall spending my time here, I’m super excited for the next gathering. 

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