Free Trial: Try out with no commitment required! is the go-to source for producing high-quality audiobooks and other forms of spoken-word media.

The 30-day free trial that offers is discussed in this review, as is my personal experience with the service.

In what ways does achieve its objectives? Just what happens during a no-risk trial of How does Audible differ from In this guide, I’ll address all of these issues and more to help you answer the most crucial question: should you sign up for Free Trial: Overview

Audiobooks-com Free-Trial

Is there a secret sauce that allows to succeed?

Since 2011, customers all over the world have benefited from’s wide selection of high-quality audiobooks. On, you can either buy individual audiobooks and other spoken word content or sign up for a credit plan that can be used to buy audiobooks and other spoken word content.

A total of over 350,000 books are available on If you have an iOS or Android device, you can use the app to download or stream audiobooks directly to your device.

If you thought this service sounded a lot like Audible, you guessed right. On the other hand, the trial version of revealed a number of interesting distinctions from Audible.

Why do you think it’s beneficial to sign up for an account?


You can get started using in a short amount of time. Email, Google, Apple, and Amazon are just some of the places where you can sign up. One of the many accepted methods of payment is PayPal, among others.

After joining, I wasted no time getting started with the service. As I was there, I learned that membership has many benefits:

Great diversity. Amazingly, offers more than 350,000 different books. It was helpful that they provided multiple lists to choose from, as it made the process of finding a good audiobook much more manageable. The titles on the “Perfect First Listens” list included:

The New York Times Best Sellers, Books With Buzz, and Bestselling Audiobooks of All Time are just a few of the other lists you can find on the internet.

Access is unrestricted. Audiobooks, podcasts, audio magazines, and guided meditations are just some of the audio resources available to members.

Anyone, no matter where they are, can tune in. offers mobile applications for both iOS and Android. Playing around with the iOS app was fun and easy. There appears to be a consensus amongst users of the iOS app based on their ratings and reviews on the App Store:

The app also includes standard audiobook features like offline playback, narrator speed customization, and a sleep timer.

Podcasts. The app currently has access to more than 100 million podcast episodes that can be listened to for free. does not create podcasts, so please keep that in mind. If you want to watch those episodes, you’ll have to look elsewhere. But the app streamlines the process of discovering and listening to podcasts.

Individuals making sales as a group. members have access to exclusive offers, such as buying one book and getting another free. The library regularly updates its collection with fresh audiobooks and book collections across all genres. Interested parties can learn more about the current member discounts here:

So, how does one choose between vs Audible? is distinct from Audible in that it does not provide access to nearly as many audiobooks.

Despite their similarities, I was able to distinguish the following features that set Audible apart from

Amazon, One of the first things that come to mind is that Amazon is the parent company of Audible. Good news for Kindle owners: Audible works with WhisperSync and can be easily controlled by Alexa-enabled devices. is a great substitute for Audible if you don’t want to support Jeff Bezos’ moneymaking machine.

Selection, A vast selection of audiobooks is available through each service. On the other hand, Audible has more material than its rivals because it features both original and exclusive productions (including original podcasts). Despite this, I think the curated booklists on are a more effective way to help you find a fantastic read.

Refunds, Thanks to Audible’s convenient refund policy, you can send back or exchange any audiobook downloaded from their website or mobile app.’s return policy is unique for each book and requires contacting customer service for assistance. It’s possible to return a book, though it’s not always easy.

There will always be a chance to take in what someone has to say. Both Audible and allow you to listen to audiobooks in a variety of formats for free. If you subscribe to Audible’s Premium Plus plan, you’ll get one credit each month that can be used to buy and keep any premium title.

Aside from that, they have access to the Plus Catalog as well (a selection of thousands of Audible Originals, audiobooks, and podcasts). If you’re a member of and you pay for this with a credit, you can listen to it as often as you like. It may, however, be the best choice if has a large number of titles you want to listen to in an Audiobook Club.

Pricing, Currently, monthly plans on both Audible Premium Plus and cost $14.95 USD.

If you only listen to one or two audiobooks per month, you won’t notice a difference between and Audible. If you are an avid reader of audiobooks, you may want to compare the selections available through Audiobook Clubs on to those available through Audible Plus. If you listen to a lot of audiobooks, you may want to join an audiobook club. Free Trial

What exactly happens during my free trial on

The 30-day free trial membership at includes full access to all of the site’s features, including but not limited to:

You can start your free trial at and get two free VIP books of your choice.

During your risk-free trial, you can cancel at any time.

With over 350,000 titles, you’ll have no trouble finding a new read or an old favorite.

Over 100 million podcast episodes are available to you.

To listen to over ten thousand free audiobooks, Click here.

Quick Links:

Wrapping up: Is it a good idea to sign up for is a great resource for finding podcasts, audiobooks, and everything in between. This makes it a great tool for narrating tales in audio form.

The app’s large library and user-friendly interface are two of my favorite features. I also admire the careful curation of the book lists. Even though I don’t like them, I can see how people who listen to a lot of audiobooks might enjoy belonging to an audiobook club. For these reasons, I am happy to say that you should subscribe to

I think you should try it out if you’re on the fence about it. Anytime within the first 30 days, you have the option to cancel without penalty.

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