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List Of Top 10 Best Anonymous Browsing Apps For Android 2024

Everyone needs privacy in some parts of their life, mainly on the Internet we don’t want anyone to watch or track us along with saving our personal information. We can’t imagine our life without having access to the Internet, nearly we can do all of our daily tasks trough Internet like paying bills, booking e-tickets, doctor appointment, online shopping and reading news and many more things in a row.

We mainly access the Internet by computer/laptops or mainly by mobile phones and we are using some of the browsers like Chrome and Firefox which comes with “Incognito Mode”For many of us, these are not up to the mark as we need more privacy than the provided one.

Nowadays everyone wants total privacy from the moment they open their Android browser. Don’t worry we are here to help you, here you will find best Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android that are tailored securely for the most secure experience. Now browse like no one’s watching.

Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps For Andriod

1. Firefox FocusDownload Here
2. InBrowserDownload Here
3. GhosteryDownload Here
4. Orfox: Tor Browser for AndroidDownload Here
6. Orbot: Proxy with TorDownload Here
6. ArmorflyDownload Here
7. Android AppDownload Here
8. OmigoDownload Here
9. FrostDownload Here
10. AZ BrowserDownload Here

1. Firefox Focus

Here, Firefox is the big name in the browser game, the best part about Firefox is the standard Android web browser is one of the most popular on the operating system. Firefox completely focuses on the privacy of the users.

The newest threat to complete privacy is the intro of location targeted advertisements. But Firefox is there to help you out, they have taken it on them and there is no way these advertisements can track you down. Firefox has given you the liberty to allow which trackers are blocked or allowed.

Firefox Focus- Anonymous Browsing Apps

An example of that, if you really want social media trackers available just for easy sharing then you can do so. You will not such type of features in any kind of browser. Firefox also says it will minimize data usage.

With Firefox you will get feature “Erase Button”. Here with this button, you can easily clear your session just in a single tap. The app is designed very well and it has a nice clean look which is really better than the standard app. Overall, Firefox Focus is very well refined Anonymous Browsing App. You should go with this app for safe and secure private browsing.

2. InBrowser

No doubt, InBrowser is one of the popular privacy browsers available in the market for a good reason. Here it comes with a number of great features. When you will use this app there will be no saving of data what you use in the browser. It comes with a tabbed navigation system which really makes it easy to use.

InBrowser will let you watch a video in the app itself due to which you don’t have to worry about another insecure app like YouTube. It supports downloading from within the app as well. Here this amazing browser supports Agent Cloaking that indicates you will let another website think that you are visiting their sites from different browsers like Firefox or Chrome. All the adverts will be blocked by this app.

Inbrowser- Anonymous Browsing Apps

The best part is that it has deep integration with LastPass, if you are using password managing service, then you should go for this browser. LastPass facilitates with one password log-in in all types of log-in you make through your computer/mobile.

InBrowser comes with great UI along with clean look along with providing bigger space for web browsing. So, InBrowser is another best Anonymous Browsing Apps that offers great features to give you hassle-free browsing.

3. Ghostery

Ghostery is another privacy browser that comes with some interesting factor that other similar browser doesn’t have. That is why Ghostery is one of the top Anonymous Browsing App for Android.

The main feature of Ghostery is, it shows the exact number of trackers that are present on any website. So, you can easily allow individually which tracker is allowed to track your browsing habits. Here, Ghostery has one of the largest databases which is really dedicated to servers as it has over 2000 trackers along with 4500 scripts logged.

Ghoestry- Anonymous Browsing Apps

The look and the UI of the app is probably similar to Android flavors of Chrome, which really makes it doodle to navigate. If you really want more control over their privacy then they should go with Ghostery.

4. Orfox: Tor Browser for Android

Basically, Orfox Browser is an Anonymous Browsing App that offers the best incognito mode that really offers much more privacy than competitors do. This one should be the great choice who needs the security at selected moments.

Orfox- Anonymous Browsing Apps

Here this app will never track your data and it also blocks ads just from tracking you. It also saves your data and cut down data usage. This app browser is mainly built from the same source as Tor Browser.

The menu system you will get here is very well designed so that you can easily navigate. It also comes with night mode which will great for you ayes in the night.This should be a great choice for people who are looking for most secured Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android.

5. Orbot: Proxy with Tor

Orbot: Proxy with Tor is another name in the list Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android which comes with a lot of features. Here Orbot uses Tor to encrypt your Internet traffic along with hiding it. So, you will not get this facility in other Anonymous Browsing App.

Orbot- Anonymous Browsing Apps

It features also enables the adblocking and it will erase all the data after quitting the browser. It is an open network that will save you from many network surveillance that somehow threatens your personal freedom. When you access the app you may find it little messier than other competitors app.

6. Armorfly

Basically, Armorfly comes from the Cheetah Mobile, here Cheetah Mobile is known for mobile browsers like CM Browser. Now they come up with a secure browser called Armorfly.

Armorfly- Anonymous Browsing Apps

Here it offers a unique feature that will allow you download videos from many another different website, sometime it may not work. When you access any website by this browser then there it will give you an option to download video from the site. You will also get a private vault where you can store your personal data without anyone else prying eyes.

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The best part is that you will get powerful inbuilt virus engine just to keep you safe from malware. If you have ever used the CM Browser then definitely you may familiar with the services which are being provided. Overall this one is the best option for Anonymous Browsing Apps to go and start with.

7. Android App

Here this app will provide the solution for all the privacy-related matter when you are browsing the Internet on your Android devices. This app will allow you to connect to its VPN servers and surf the internet safely. None of your private data will be seen by anyone. Anonymous Android Apps

It has a really good interface that is really easy to connect to any VPN server you are willing to choose before starting the browsing on the internet. You can just download it from Google Play Stores and start using it by sign-in to account.

8. Omigo

Another  small entry in the list of Anonymous Browsing Apps for the Android category, it mainly doesn’t offer that much features. But it really focuses on the fast aspect of their browser whether it is about downloading or surfing the web.

Here in terms of security, it is not world shattering but it really offers tracking protection with its Inbuilt A

Omigo- Anonymous Browsing Apps

dblocker. You also get its own group that features you to receive things like jokes and news and many more things. It has nice design most probably similar to Chrome and Opera. But here the UI is not up to the mark, its ok at all.

9. Frost

Frost is really some of the unknown browsers which really provides interesting additional features. Here the UI has been modified and now it comes with a material design which completely makes it look greater than ever before.

Frost- Anonymous Browsing Apps

This revamp will really make tab usage will give you similar desktop experience. It is really very modern and user-friendly. Here Frost will offer its own private vault where you can easily save whatever you want without giving access to anyone else.  The vault will be secured with a password so only one who knows the password can access it only.

When you exit the browser you have the option to delete anything you want. Overall Frost is great Anonymous Browsing Apps you should go for it.

10. AZ Browser

Here it comes with unique and great functionality features that you may not find in other Anonymous Browsing Apps in the market. It has such feature called MultiWindow support, which gives you the liberty to play video in a floating window while you are browsing another website.

AZ Browser- Anonymous Browsing Apps

AZ Browser is basically built for in-app video so that you have the best video playing experience. Here it uses separate incognito mode for giving best security features. When you start with incognito mode, it will remove all of your previous session data along with removing all the data when you exit the browser.

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EndNote: Best Anonymous Browsing Apps For Android

As you can see that, there are plenty of great features you are getting with these Anonymous Browsing Apps which is available for Android. Here they all are free, so you should try them once and see which one works best for you.

I hope this post “Top 10 Anonymous Browsing Apps for Android” suits your purpose well. do let me know if you are using any such app on your Android Device. Share this post with your friends on all trending social media platform.

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