AlexHost Review 2024: Best Offshore Hosting DMCA Ignored


Overall Verdict

AlexHost provides a robust selection of web hosting services that cater well to a range of needs, from personal blogs to small business websites. With its competitive pricing, reliable uptime, and comprehensive suite of features like free Anti-DDoS protection and unlimited traffic, AlexHost stands out as a valuable option for users seeking a balance between cost and performance.

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  • GeoTrust QuickSSL Premium.
  • Unlimited FTP Accounts.
  • Unlimited Traffic.
  • Fast support, available 24 / 7 / 365.
  • Anonimity and reliability.
  • Anti-DDoS protection.


  • More pricing options needed.


Price: $ 10

Are you looking to find out the best Off-shore Web Hosting? If you are a keen blogger or just someone who wants to Create a website with security, chances are that you already know just how efficient AlexHost is!

Today, I’m going to cover all the information about AlexHost Off-shore Web Hosting and the accompanying features that will help you decide how you can maximize the security of your website with this web hosting.

Try it yourself, as these will help me become an efficient web developer/ blogger.

Whether you are new or already using AlexHost. This is your go-to guide for all things related to the pricing and features of Alexhost.

Overall Verdict:

In this article, You will know why AlexHost is the best DMCA Ignored hosting platform currently in the market. AlexHost has its own data center and provides utmost security and ignores DMCA. It provides the best hosting service along with domain. AlexHost provides service to its clients 24/7 for 365 days. They also offer 30 days cash back policy for some of the plans. I strongly suggest trying out AlexHost and in building your websites.

Overview AlexHost Review Trusted Offshore Hosting (DMCA Ignored)

AlexHost Review

AlexHost is an offshore hosting network that offers services like its own data centre, domain, hosting, security, anonymity, and even ignored DMCA.

Offshore hosting is defined as the exercise of hosting a website, application, or data on servers that are not located in your own country.

It is often done to achieve certain aims like independence from cyber laws, more exposure, anonymity, extra back-ups, freedom of speech and press, avoiding local restrictions, etc.

People prefer offshore hosting as it is more difficult to shut down and contact legally. The major reason for choosing this host is that prevailing laws in the host’s region might consider their content unlawful.

If you are looking for a network that can help you host websites offshore, AlexHost is a good choice.

Top Features of AlexHost

AlexHost Review- Why Choose Them

1. Established History: AlexHost started on May 17, 2008, and by 2013, owned its data center.

2. High-Speed Service: Promises services that are 20% faster than competitors.

3. Certified Quality: Holds multiple certifications, including certificates of conformity and quality management system certificates.

4. Affordable Plans: Offers four different hosting plans that are competitively priced.

5. Advanced Data Center: Features state-of-the-art technology with 99.99% uptime, a 30 Gbps total channel, 1.6 MW feeder capacity, and 1 Tbps protection against DDoS attacks.

6. 24/7 Support: Provides round-the-clock chat support and customer service.

7. Comprehensive Services: Offers services including domain registration, hosting, security enhancements, DMCA ignored hosting, SSD virtual hosting, SSD VDS/VPS servers, colocation, and dual-core DDR.

8. Affiliate Program: Offers an affiliate program with a commission structure ranging from 5% to 10% per sale, along with an affiliate link for easy promotion.

This breakdown highlights the comprehensive and high-quality service offerings of AlexHost, emphasizing their technology, customer support, and affiliate opportunities.

Services Offered by AlexHost Hosting Provider:

AlexHost Review- Data Center

1. SSL Certificates:

Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificates are essential for any website handling sensitive information like credit card numbers or personal data.

AlexHost offers SSL certificates to encrypt the data transmitted between a user’s browser and the server, ensuring it cannot be intercepted or tampered with by hackers. This is critical for building trust with visitors and is often required for compliance with security standards.

2. VPN Services:

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a secure and private connection over a less secure network, such as the Internet. AlexHost provides VPN services to help users safeguard their internet traffic and maintain anonymity online.

This service is particularly beneficial for enhancing privacy and securing data, especially when accessing public Wi-Fi networks.

3. Colocation in Moldova:

Colocation services allow businesses to house their server hardware in a third-party data centre.

By colocating their servers in AlexHost’s facilities in Moldova, customers can benefit from a secure physical environment with high connectivity and uptime, professional maintenance, and the cost-effectiveness of shared data centre infrastructure.

4. DMCA Ignored Hosting:

This service is significant for clients who require less restrictive content policies.

AlexHost offers hosting that ignores DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) complaints, which is often sought after by users who wish to operate without the stringent compliance demands of US law, typically concerning data privacy, copyright, and freedom of speech.

5. CMS Hosting:

Content Management System (CMS) hosting is tailored specifically to support popular CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal. These services are optimized to offer better performance, security, and ease of use for websites built with these platforms.

CMS hosting often includes features like one-click installs, automatic updates, and specialized customer support.

6. MSG (Private Message):

This service refers to a secure messaging system provided by AlexHost, allowing users to communicate privately without the risk of interception.

This can be crucial for businesses that need to ensure the confidentiality of their communications.

7. Free DNS:

Domain Name System (DNS) services are essential for the functioning of the Internet, translating domain names into IP addresses. AlexHost offers DNS services at no charge, which can help manage domain records, reduce latency, and increase redundancy for online services.

Each of these services provides specific benefits tailored to different user needs, from enhanced security and privacy to improved website performance and reliability.

AlexHost: Pricing

AlexHost Review- Pricing

1. PROMO Basic Hosting

  • Target Audience: Ideal for beginners.
  • Price: 10 EUR annually (Approx. 0.77 EUR/month upon renewal).
  • Discount: Save 30% off the regular price of 13 EUR.
  • Features:
    • Host up to 5 websites.
    • 5 MySQL databases.
    • 1GB NVMe disk space.
    • 5 FTP accounts.
    • Cpanel included.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • Unlimited email accounts.
    • Free Anti-DDoS protection.

2. PROMO Advanced Hosting (Most Popular)

  • Target Audience: Perfect for personal websites.
  • Price: 30 EUR annually (Approx. 2.50 EUR/month upon renewal).
  • Discount: Save 50% off the regular price of 60 EUR.
  • Features:
    • Host up to 20 websites.
    • 20 MySQL databases.
    • 5GB NVMe disk space.
    • 20 FTP accounts.
    • Cpanel included.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • Unlimited email accounts.
    • Free Anti-DDoS protection.

3. PROMO Expert Hosting

  • Target Audience: Optimized for small businesses.
  • Price: 70 EUR annually (Approx. 5.83 EUR/month upon renewal).
  • Discount: Save 30% off the regular price of 91 EUR.
  • Features:
    • Unlimited number of websites.
    • Unlimited MySQL databases.
    • 10 GB NVMe disk space.
    • Unlimited FTP accounts.
    • Cpanel included.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • Unlimited email accounts.
    • Free Anti-DDoS protection.

4. PROMO Super Hosting

  • Target Audience: Also optimized for small businesses, but offers more resources.
  • Price: 105 EUR annually (Approx. 7.77 EUR/month upon renewal).
  • Discount: Save 30% off the regular price of 127 EUR.
  • Features:
    • Unlimited number of websites.
    • Unlimited MySQL databases.
    • 20 GB NVMe disk space.
    • Unlimited FTP accounts.
    • Cpanel included.
    • Unlimited traffic.
    • Unlimited email accounts.
    • Free Anti-DDoS protection.

Each plan is designed to cater to different user needs, from beginners needing basic resources to small businesses requiring extensive features and capacities.

Pros and Cons of AlexHost


  • There is both physical and virtual privacy. Users are given anonymity when AlexHost ensures payments can be taken via bitcoin.
  • There are stricter protocols for offshore data centres, and hence, the hardware is sheltered from causes of failure like power shut-offs.
  • Offshore hosting puts data outside the home country’s jurisdiction, provides tax benefits and allows the publishing of illegal content.
  • AlexHost offers 24/7/365 support and claims to have a 20% faster response rate.


  • There is not a good reason to offshore host if the rules and regulations of your area are satisfactory for you. Offshore hosting is costlier. AlexHost provides a relatively costly domain restoration (100 EUR).
  • Many offshore hosting networks are operated by a small team, which cannot compete with larger businesses in terms of support. Customers often face delayed response times when seeking assistance.


🛡️ Does AlexHost provide good security features?

Yes, AlexHost offers strong security features including SSL certificates, free Anti-DDoS protection, and secure data centers to ensure that your website and data are safe from threats.

⏲️ What is the uptime guarantee provided by AlexHost?

AlexHost promises a high uptime, typically around 99.99%, ensuring that websites hosted on their service are reliably accessible to visitors.

📬 What kind of customer support can I expect from AlexHost?

AlexHost provides 24/7 customer support through various channels, including live chat and email, ensuring that assistance is available whenever needed.

🌍 Can I host websites targeting international audiences with AlexHost?

Yes, AlexHost’s data centers and hosting infrastructure support global reach, making it suitable for websites targeting audiences from various geographical locations.

🔄 Is there a money-back guarantee with AlexHost?

Typically, AlexHost offers a money-back guarantee, allowing users to test their services risk-free for a certain period (specific terms depend on the plan).

🏢 Where are AlexHost’s data centers located?

AlexHost operates its own data center located in Moldova, which is equipped with the latest technology to ensure high performance and reliability for its hosting services.

📦 What types of add-ons does AlexHost offer?

AlexHost provides a range of add-ons to enhance your hosting experience, including additional SSL certificates, dedicated IP addresses, and advanced backup solutions for enhanced data protection.

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Conclusion: Is AlexHost the Best Offshore Hosting? (DMCA Ignored)

Alexhost testimonials

This article explores all the pros and cons of offshore hosting on AlexHost and describes their services and products in detail as well. We were able to discuss the prices of different plans and the services they offer.

I have discussed domain, hosting, security, and DMCA, ignoring our own data centre and its affiliate program.

Their claim of 24*7 customer service is impressive, and many of their plans come with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Our overall review is that AlexHost is a reliable offshore hosting network, and if the prices and location suit you, you should go for it.

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  1. The hosting company ignores DMCA requests in favor of profiting from illegal activities. It supports adding and maintaining illegal and private videos and making money from it.

  2. I am reporting support for criminal activity through The website supports criminal activities on the websites:,,, etc., which illegally record people streaming on the platform and share the recordings on their websites, earning a lot of money from it.

  3. Everything is easy and fast

    Websites work with a bang. I set everything up easily and quickly. Checked the speed. In short, the guys do their job professionally and support them as experts in their field. Well done. Thanks to.

  4. Convenient control panel and user friendliness

    I won’t say that I understand hosting, but I don’t see any problems. The support responds promptly, I receive all the answers. I do not observe any shortcomings, I am satisfied in general and I recommend AlexHost. Thanks.

  5. Quite a normal hosting

    Everything works for me from the very beginning stably. I ordered hosting at the selected rate, uploaded two sites, then a few more and everything is smooth and stable. No complaints. I didn’t ask for support because I know everything in principle. In general, everything is positive.

  6. Absolute satisfaction

    It’s just very good. No problems or shortcomings. Everything works as it should be for quality hosting. I sleep well knowing that there is no need to check the safety of work at night. I highly recommend it to everyone.

  7. Finally, I switched to normal hosting

    Thank goodness I am using AlexHost. Prior to this hosting, I thought that all hosting services are terrible as tradition. Everything turned out differently. Websites are now in the index and traffic is growing without drops. Thank you!

  8. Customers always come first

    As a beginner, I would say that I did not expect such support. I received answers to all my stupid and not so much questions. I’m just learning. Technical support was understanding. I’ve learned a lot. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Helped to set up and run everything that was required. Thank you and I recommend AlexHost hosting to everyone!

  9. All problems solved

    I didn’t know how to decide on the hosting. On one, second, third, I regularly had some minor and more problems. With AlexHost, everything goes smoothly. I am satisfied with the service, I am satisfied with the quality, I am happy. Preparing new projects for launch. Thank you guys for not letting you down.

  10. AlexHost is always my priority

    I have been using this hosting for a long time. Everything suits me. There have never been any technical or other conflicts. I am completely satisfied with one hundred percent! My sites and services have been hosting smoothly and confidently for a long time. I thank the entire hosting team and wish you good luck in your future professional development. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  11. My first hosting and successful

    I decided to make my first website, just learn how to make it. Chose hosting AlexHost. Advised on the forum on site construction. And I can’t say anything bad. Only good. They prompted, helped to place the site, consulted a newbie. Thanks. Recommend

  12. Promptly and efficiently

    I posted my blog on WordPress, moved it from the previous hosting to AlexHost and now I am satisfied for two months. There were problems with the previous hosting due to which the site did not develop as it should. On the first day I received all the answers from the support service, which made me very happy. The site lives on the Internet perfectly and I am already seeing the first successes. Thanks to Alex Host. I highly recommend this hosting. Thanks.

  13. My site was launched from the very beginning

    AlexHost has really impressed me for the last 4 months, I gave up my shared hosting account and started using them exclusively. The customer service is of a very high standard. All my support requests were processed within 10 minutes. They even reinstalled my content management system when they found out that the problem was because I had installed the wrong version.

  14. They are always very prompt.

    I have hosted 2 websites with AlexHost for many years and I could not have been more satisfied. They are always very prompt in responding to support questions and never leave you wondering what to do next in case of an issue. Highly recommended to anyone who wants to host blogs.

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