Alex Drew Odys CEO Explains Why Aged Domains Matters in SEO

Check out “Inside a Hustler’s Brain Podcast,” the latest episode.  I’m excited to share a very insightful discussion about how important aged domains are, which is something that is often overlooked. The best part of this episode is going deep with my esteemed guest, Alex Drew, who is the founder and CEO of Odys Global and a well-known person in the SEO business.

When I met Alex in person at the Chiang Mai SEO meeting in 2023, he was nothing but amazing. Alex stood out among the other SEOs because he was friendly and easy to talk to in a field known for being very competitive.

This one-on-one conversation not only had an effect on me that will last, but it also made Alex seem like a welcoming and knowledgeable leader in the SEO community.

Today’s show is all about Alex’s vast knowledge and experience, with a focus on how important old domains are to making SEO plans that work. His journey, which is marked by major accomplishments in the world of SEO, makes him an obvious expert on the subject. Alex’s knowledge comes from using it in the real world and running great businesses, which makes his ideas very useful for our talk.

The talk will be a mix of professional thoughts and personal stories that will show why old names are so important for improving SEO. Alex is going to explain in detail how old domains can help a website’s search engine results and exposure the most. This show is perfect for both experienced SEO workers and people who are new to the field and want to learn more about this complicated form of digital marketing.

Expect to hear about real-life examples, case studies, and even some insider knowledge that Alex has gained from his years of experience in the field. The goal is to clear up the idea of “aged domains” and how they affect SEO, which is something that a lot of people get wrong. Attendees will have the privilege of learning from an experienced expert who has not only observed but also played a role in the development of SEO techniques throughout the years.

Listeners are welcome to join us as we dive into this exclusive talk and try to figure out how old domains affect SEO efforts.

This show looks like it will be more than just an interview; it will also be a chance to learn from one of the smartest people in the SEO business. Watch the video and let’s start this learning journey together. 🌟🎻

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