Why You Should Join Affiliate World Conference Barcelona Europe 2023

Hello everyone, Jitendra Vaswani here. Today, I am thrilled to share something that has been on my mind lately – the Affiliate World Conference Barcelona. 

As an attendee, I’m looking forward to what promises to be an incredible experience and I think you should too. So, let’s dive right in.

Unveiling Affiliate World Conference: The Global Marketing Meetup

Affiliate World Conference is the prime offline gathering for the world’s leading eCommerce entrepreneurs and affiliate marketers.

It is the place where creative minds come together to share innovative ideas, gain new insights, and forge profitable relationships.

One of the most enticing aspects of the Affiliate World Conference is the networking opportunities. It gives us the chance to mingle with the brightest minds in the industry and be exposed to a marketplace overflowing with opportunities.

Imagine, having the chance to discuss the latest trends, strategies, and opportunities face-to-face with the top industry professionals!

Affiliate world conference barcelona

With more than 170 affiliate networks, over 40 traffic sources, and 120+ advertisers participating, this event promises a panorama of opportunities.

Plus, you never know who you’ll bump into – be it lead gen advertisers, top Shopify store owners, or marketers generating over $100k per month.

Happening on 12-13 July 2023, this two-day conference is expected to host more than 5000 attendees from over 110 countries, featuring over 35 expert speakers.

A chance to be a part of such a diverse and extensive global event is not something to miss!

Making Connections: Networking Events And Niche Tracks

The conference will host diverse networking events that cater to all, offering an opportunity to make deep connections with like-minded professionals.

From engaging in thought-provoking discussions at networking events to meeting the speakers – this event will offer numerous opportunities to interact and learn.

Have you ever wanted to take the stage and share your knowledge? Here’s your chance! Affiliate World always welcomes interesting speakers and talks.

Affilate world

Choosing Your Journey: Understanding The Ticket Types

Whether you are a solo marketer or a company representative, there are different ticket types to suit your needs. They offer varied access to the key parts of the conference like the marketplace, speeches, panels, and networking sessions.

Ticket types

This grand event will take place at Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, a venue befitting such a conference. If you find yourself unable to attend, you have the option to transfer your ticket to someone else, provided you do so 48 hours before the show.

If you need a visa to attend, you can apply for an invitation letter after purchasing your ticket.

While the tickets are discounted, you can also opt for bundle discounts at checkout.

How To Buy Tickets?

Step – 1: Just go to the official website of Affiliate World Conference Barcelona, and click on ‘BUY TICKETS’.

Buy tickets

Step – 2: Click on ‘BUY NOW’ below the plan of your choice.


Step  – 3: Fill up the details asked for, check the box, and click on ‘Continue to order summary’.

step 3

Step – 4: Choose the plan of your choice and then click on ‘Continue to checkout’.

step 4

Step – 5: Click on ‘Accept & Continue’.

step 5

Step – 6: Fill up the details asked for and scroll down.

step 6

Step – 7: Check the boxes, fill up the credit card details, and click on ‘’Pay’.

step 7

That is it. You are good to go. See you in Barcelona. 

Why Do I Recommend Going To The Affiliate World Conference Barcelona?

Here I have mentioned 16 reasons why  I recommend going to the Affiliate World Conference Barcelona:

1. A Global Marketing Hub:

The Affiliate World Conference is the leading offline meeting place for top eCommerce entrepreneurs, and affiliate marketers from around the world.

It serves as a global hub for the exchange of creative ideas, the latest strategies, and innovative collaborations.

2. Expansive Networking Possibilities:

The conference offers a myriad of networking opportunities. Being a part of this conference means you get to engage with some of the most brilliant minds in the industry.

Just envision the potential opportunities that can arise from these interactions.


3. Gaining Expert Knowledge:

This conference isn’t just about networking; it’s also a profound knowledge-sharing platform.

You will have the opportunity to learn from experts who will present new insights, data-driven knowledge, and fresh ideas on affiliate and e-commerce marketing.

This could be the place where you discover the next big idea for your business.

4. Experiencing Exclusive Perks:

Your experience at the Affiliate World Conference doesn’t end with the sessions.

The conference also offers unique perks like rooftop sunsets, happy patio hours, and a vibrant nightlife that adds a cherry to your enriching learning experience.

5. Two Days of Impactful Insights:

Held on the 12th and 13th of July, 2023, these two days promise a whirlwind of impactful insights.

Imagine being part of a global event that hosts more than 5000 attendees from over 110 countries and features over 35 speakers who are experts in their field.


6. Networking with High-Performing Marketers:

The conference is expected to host a mix of lead-gen advertisers, high-performing Shopify store owners, and marketers generating over $100k per month.

The chance to network with such high-performing marketers is a golden opportunity you don’t want to miss.

7. Access to a World-Class Marketplace:

Attending the Affiliate World Conference gives you exclusive access to a world-class marketplace featuring over 210+ advertisers, networks, and traffic sources.

It also gives you access to over 20 hours of expert-level content across two stages.

8. Opportunities to Make Deep Connections:

The conference hosts a series of networking events catering to diverse interests, offering an opportunity to make deep connections.

From thought-provoking discussions at networking events to meeting the speakers, this conference will offer ample opportunities for interactive learning.


9. Speaker Nominations:

The conference also welcomes nominations for speakers. If you have someone in mind or wish to propose a speaker, you can fill out the application form.

10. Diverse Ticket Types:

Whether you’re an individual marketer or a representative of an affiliate network, there’s a ticket type that suits your needs.

Each ticket type gives you access to key parts of the conference like the marketplace, speeches, panels, and networking sessions.

11. Convenient Location:

The grand event is taking place at Fira de Barcelona Montjuïc, a convenient and fitting venue for such a conference.


12. Flexible Ticket Transfers:

In case you’re unable to attend, the conference allows ticket transfers to another person up to 48 hours before the event.

13. Assisting in Visa Process:

For those needing a visa to attend, the conference can provide an invitation letter once the ticket has been purchased.

14. An Array of Attendees:

The Affiliate World Conference is a melting pot of performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs. This diversity ensures an enriching experience and broadens your perspective on the industry.

15. Affordable Ticket Pricing:

The tickets are offered at a discounted rate with bundle discounts available at checkout.


16. Enticing Nightlife:

In addition to the knowledge and networking opportunities, there’s also an official Night One event and several other networking events that offer a more relaxed atmosphere for mingling.

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Conclusion: Affiliate World Conference Barcelona 2023

Affiliate World connects marketers from around the globe, making it an excellent opportunity to network, learn, and share your ideas.

The attendee list includes performance marketers and e-commerce entrepreneurs, and I’m proud to say, I will be one of them.

So there you have it – a complete guide to the Affiliate World Conference Barcelona. I am super excited to attend and look forward to seeing many of you there.

Remember, knowledge is power, and events like these are an excellent way to stay ahead of the game.

Meet you in Barcelona!

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