Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2015: 3 Days Highlights & Photos

So here was one of the most exciting part of my Bangkok trip Affiliate World Asia, this was the main event that forced me to come Bangkok. So I reached Bangkok on 22nd November just to have a small vacation and attending some events for my business in Bangkok. Because I see Bangkok as very potential city for internet marketing business.

AWA begins on 7th Dec and it was full of excitement total crowd for the event was around 1500. That was very big and folks there totally enjoyed.  They have great sponsors like : Mobvista Ad Network, Jumbleberry,MUNDOmedia Ltd., ClickDealer, Go2mobi, iBallers, Avazu EU / USA, Mpire Network Inc., Fluent Inc., AdCombo, AdPlexity, and Business Events Thailand! Without the sponsors show could not be possible. AWA organized the show wonderfully and they made this show very premium. Ofcourse everything at venue was chargeable we have to pay for food, water everything there.

The venue was Centara Grand Hotel which was one of the best hotels in Bangkok. Hotel is very beautiful and some outside from the hotel is jaw dropping. The scenes are very iconic and I clicked lot of pictures of this beautiful place. You can scroll down later for pics.

I must say AWA team has done great marketing for the event, they use social media very well to promote this event to wider scale. There were attendees from Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, China, Tokyo, Japan, India & many other countries. I love the way they marketed. They have their own app Affiliate World Conference App which was keeping updates on all schedules for 3 days. I like their app very much. It makes me aware of all speaking sessions I want to attend.

View from AWA

Key Takeaways from Affiliate World Asia Bangkok 2015

  • Hunt different niches
  • Mobile apps and gaming is a huge market. Mobile
    advertising is on the uptrend
    FROM DAY ONE. Make it super easy to share and
    build an affiliate army/sharing system within the
  • Affiliates are very powerful and they have the power to
    control the offer – don’t think that you are just
    another promoter, call the offer owner, form a
    good relationship, find ways to achieve a win-win. This way you can make more $$$$$
  • Everyone can become an expert at something, just focus and see the dollars flowing in
  • Networking was the key here. Building network always help you to increase your business 10x times
  • Loading time of your landing page is very crucial
  • Dont follow the crowd build your own ideas.

Day 1  Affiliate World Asia:

ricky Ahuja
With Ricky Ahuja ClickSyndicate Partner

With Christine FB queen


Charles ngo
With Charles ngo

Meeting ricky ahuja and other people at AWA bangkok

On day 1 I met lot of affiliate marketers and exhibitors. Day 1 started with Hugh Hancock speaking session. He was vibrant and I really enjoyed his loading speed optimization tips.

Ryan Holiday was superb in his session. He teaches leaves old school of thoughts and just focus on 1 thing.

Then there was 5 figures panel discussion which drops bombs on making 5 figure income a day. That panel discussion was great and lot of great insights were shared.

Then there was open market where affiliates get a chance to meet exhibitors and this was totally insane. It was so crowded and everyone wants to meet exhibitors. Too much rush and crowded. But I met lot of exhibitors and made soem solid connections.

In evening there was cocktail party sponsored by Clickdealer.

Day 2 Affiliate World Asia :

Charles ngo speaking at AWA Bangkok

Day 2 starts with Charles Ngo where he shared about quick landing optimization tips and how he uses his traffic sources to make money.

Meeting Charles Ngo in person was dream come true I had a picture with him and it was damn awesome feeling. Charles was very down to earth and he entertained every affiliates marketer in his best possible way.

Then after Charles Ngo session was Gerald Adams session. He is serial entrepreneur and his attitude on stage was killer. I love his way to talking.

Then there were some panel discussions too.

Affiliate world Asia bangkok 2015 jumbleberry

With Christine FB queen
Christina Szekeres
With Tavia Wong
With Tavia Wong my business partner
Man making 400k from health niche
This guy make crazy money with Health Niche 400k$ Monthly
Loz Green
With Loz Green STM Co Founder
Jaz lai
With Jaz Lai
JumbleBerry Team
JumbleBerry Team

Day 3 Affiliate World Asia:

Day 3 was full of workshops and it was specially for newbies who want to learn about affiliate marketing & blogging.

And yes the crazy Blind Tiger Party was too there and it was so freaking scary and awesome. We partied like crazy animals. Here are some pics from party which you might wanna see.

alex from Mpire network
alex from Mpire network
AWA party blind tiger
Loz, Christine , Kulwant & me
AWA party with charles ngo
AWA party with charles ngo

Blind tiger party Bangkok

Blind tiger party scenes

crazy scene at blind tiger party AWA

Yes naked fun

All these 3 days in AWA was amazing I met lot of top affiliate marketers and it was pleasure to meet them. The show was successful and attendees enjoyed it to max. I really wanna thank AWA team to organize such a huge event. They made us feel we are at some premium conference and all folks enjoyed to max. AWA is coming Berlin 2016 too. I am excited to be part of it.

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