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If you are looking for something to increase your online earnings, but you are not sure which Affiliate tool to use, you might be asking yourself which one will work best for you. I have compiled the top list of 20 Best Affiliate Marketing  Software in this article.

I have done all the research for you. Our Affiliate software round-up lists include the top software out there, and I will help you find the perfect one for your needs.

Our list of best affiliate tracking software features both free and paid Affiliate software. It’s up to you to decide which one is best for you.

Automated Affiliate Marketing software

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In the ever-growing market and cut-throat competition, you have to be better and should possess better knowledge and skills than your competitor in order to thrive. There are various marketing techniques out there that can help you to gain visitors to your product or service.

Affiliate marketing is one such technique that basically means you pay someone else to bring in visitors to your place through the referral links that have been provided in the first place. However, it’s not an easy task to manage each and every affiliate program day by day therefore to ease the pain there are many affiliate management programs available out there.

So, Let’s get started with Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms.

Best Affiliate Tracking Software to Boost Your Sales

How to choose the best Affiliate Tracking Software

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The primary function of any affiliate software is to report & track the results from the associated affiliate Network, you would expect your affiliate tracking software to easily monitor results in your preferred reporting dashboard like Databox, Google data studio, etc, you would also prefer to share your conversion data with your PPC channels which will lead campaign optimization.

The Best Affiliate Tracking Software should also help in building a custom audience from your conversion data in Google Analytics and Facebook, User-friendly software is a must if you are just starting with affiliate marketing, the best affiliate marketing software should have a user-friendly dashboard and other easy-to-use features.

If the learning process of how to use the software is rugged then the user will end up wasting time on how to properly navigate the software Nowadays if you want to become a successful entrepreneur wasting time is proportional to wasting money.

In order to drive your marketing smoothly, Integration is of utmost importance. Your affiliate tracking software should seamlessly work with the different on-site bot and email marketing applications to help you boost your marketing strategies.

Postback capability is of big importance and very beneficial. it helps you track conversion, you don’t need to use any tracking pixels on the merchant page, cookies are also important nowadays as browsing tracking protection is increasing & widely used by many affiliate marketers.

And last but not least it should be affordable & suits your pocket.

Though, a lot to ask from tracking software but it’s in need of the hour in this cutthroat competition.

The 20 Best Affiliate Tracking Software to Boost Your Sales in 2024

1) Voluum

Voluum is one of the 2nd fastest-growing companies in Europe and the 3rd fastest growing company across all of EMEA. Voluum Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software is one of the best to control track, assess and even optimize your affiliate marketing techniques.



It comes with four different plans; Pro which costs around $99 per month, it includes 1,000,000 events with $0.04/1000 events. Agency, about $399 per month which includes 10,000,000 with $0.036/1000 events. Enterprise, $999 per month with 30,000,000 included events and an average of $0.03/1000 and the final one is the custom which contains epic and legendary included events.

This software is a must-have for any marketer who wants to increase their conversions and generate more revenue.

It helps you manage campaigns, track the performance of each individual ad campaign or affiliate link within it using Voluum’s proprietary tracking codes that are automatically inserted into your website content by the system (and no coding required), follow up with potential customers via email messages based on what they’ve clicked through from one of these ads – all while monitoring everything in real-time!

The best thing about this tool? You can use it on both desktop computers as well as smartphones so there’ll never be an excuse not to make some extra cash coming out… err I mean money again if we’re talking strictly finances here:).

Voluum Features

  • Easy deployment and instant setup within minutes.
  • You can start tracking as soon as you sign up.
  • Infinite scalability is present.
  • There is no data limit and a repeatable campaign setup is present.
  • Extensive reporting is provided
  • Results are real-time and granular.
  • One-click optimization is present.
  • Redirects are much faster than compared to traditional software.
  • Available as a mobile app too.
  • It can be accessed anytime, anywhere

Voluum Reviews by Marketing Experts

I Always come back to voluum Voluum-Anti-fraud kit gave me better insights Voluum Contributed Massively to my business growth

Voluum-Customer Reviews

Voluum is the leading marketing tracking software,  you can check the detailed Voluum Review 2024 and Click Here to check out the best Voluum alternative before taking your decision.

2) Affise

Affise - affiliate tracking software

Affise is an affiliate marketing or more conveniently performance marketing software that is specifically designed for advertising keeping in mind the higher conversions and greater returns. With all the tools that are beneficial for the CPA, Affise only charges you for the conversions.

The intuitive interface and most importantly, the simple pricing plan make it the perfect choice for advertising networks. It helps you create advertising networks with affiliates and advertisers giving you more returns and generating higher revenue.


  • The SmartLink machine-based technology helps you pull more offers and also chooses the offer on its own thus maximizing the profits.
  • Affise pulls the offer automatically according to your traffic and also these offers comprise of different advertisers.
  • The highly automated tools which are purely machine-based help you generate more traffic and reduce the chance of human error and maximize the KPI.
  • Use the self-customized advanced caps option. This helps you limit your spending by creating the budget for the ads and setting the conversions as well as the commissions for your affiliates. Thus, you can make sure that the traffic is not affected even after setting the budget.
  • To limit or streamline your campaign, you can choose the device accordingly such as the carrier, OS, or browser including over 15 devices or smart points that help you choose the target market accordingly and boosts your Conversion rate.
  • When you are running an ad network, it is clear that some fraudulent traffic would always become part of it thus using your resources and converting nothing. The secured software tools in Affise such as FraudScore, 24metrics, and Forensiq keep check off fraudulent traffic.
  • Real-time stats of your data are divided into almost 50 slices to give you a clear picture of your data.
  • The 24/7/365 technical support team of Affise makes sure that your campaigns keep online and that you don’t face any difficulty while boarding the ad network.
  • You can save up to 90% or even increase your ROI marginally by only paying for the conversions and not for the clicks. This means that you don’t need to worry about the fraud traffic exhausting your budget as you are not charged for the clicks.
  • Easy API integration


  • The lowest pricing plan called the Professional plan starts at just $299 per month. It includes features such as
    • 10,000 tracking conversions,
    • 1,000,000 impressions/month,
    • 24/7 support,
    • $0.02 per conversion
    • $0.005/1000 impressions which are quite reasonable.
  • An enterprise plan would cost you $499 per month. Including the features such as;
    • 40,000 tracking conversions
    • 15,000,000 impressions
    • Intercom support
    • $0.016 per conversion
    • $0.005 per 1000 impressions
    • API support
  • The VIP Plan can be customized according to the features
  •  Unlimited Tracking conversions
  • Premium Support
  • Dedicated team support
  • Special price/conversion
  • Special price/1000 impression

Affise pricing

3) Solid Affiliate


Solid Affiliate is a WordPress plugin that gives you everything needed to start, manage and grow your affiliate program from within the dashboard. The new product comes free of bloat with some features designed for growth rather than being stifled by legacy options like other products have been known to do in recent years.

It’s fully compatible with WooCommerce out of the box but also has plans on integrating more prominent plugins or SaaS platforms such as PayPal so there are no limits when it comes time to expand this platform further – SolidAffiliates developers work hard behind the scenes every day adding new integrations based off user feedback!

Solid Affiliate Features

Solid Affiliate is one of the best affiliate marketing plugins in the market. It has lots of features and functionalities, which are listed below:

  • Affiliate Link Tracking is a system where you can give your affiliates links to track visitors and earn commissions.
  • Affiliate Coupon Tracking allows people to earn commissions by sharing coupons with other people.
  • You can log into an affiliate portal where you can see your data. You get to manage your own account, which will help you be more successful. This saves the company time.
  • Email notifications can tell your team when someone signs up and when you get commissions.
  • Creatives are a system for managing and sharing marketing assets, such as banner advertising and promotional videos, with your affiliates.

For just $139, All features are included, you will get a lifetime license that gives you the features to start an affiliate program from your WordPress dashboard.

4) Binom

Binom is a reputable and self-hosted tracking platform used by affiliate marketers around the world. It is designed and optimized to manage more page clicks, CPA campaigns, sales reports, costs, revenues, traffic, etc. to track and optimize all the complications of your marketing plans.

Binom is a tool that effectively increases your profit margin and facilitates affiliate marketing for you without any effort. It is also an advanced solution, and the exceptional performance with which it works is the reason why Binom is built to the fierce competition of other tracking platforms right in the market.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms- Binom

Binom’s approach is so advanced that it offers the most tracking tools at an affordable price and that’s quite interesting. In order to determine which destination pages are not recognized and converted a lot, a detailed investigation is carried out. This gives them more attention to increasing frequency limits.

Binom has a surprising feature that allows the user to access fully integrated landing pages without being redirected. Registers when a user has reached their landing page and provides their output for a better report. Binom has attributes of city tracking and also verifies the conversion rates of the viewers. You can use any number of domains and track the activity in days.

Binom Tracker is a great tool,  you can check the detailed Binom Tracker Review or Click Here to check out the best Binom alternative before taking your decision.

Binom Features

  • 14-day free trial
  • Unlimited number of clicks and domains
  • Intelligent and multistage filter system.
  • One-click updates for life
  • Rotation of traffic distribution in each campaign.
  • Direct traffic through LP pixels
  • Manage millions of clicks per day.
  • The click time is 5 ms regardless of the server load.
  • The fastest reporting speed in the market.
  • Campaign reporting group
  • Large-scale automated updates every few months.
  • The fastest and most comfortable user interface.
  • A flexible multi-user system with different access rights.

5) OSI Affiliate 

OSI Affiliate allows you to easily create and manage an affiliate program for your business. OSI Affiliate has been ranked among the top affiliate software. Most of the reviewing sites have reviewed this software more than 4 stars.

OSI Affiliate - best affiliate tracking software

It is easily deployed and takes a max of 10 minutes. OSI Affiliate offers five options which range from $48 to $300 per month. It totally depends on your need. At last, this can be integrated with every payment and cart out there.


  • Sharing has never been this easy, OSI social share widget allows customers and visitors to start promoting your business; including promoting via Google, Facebook, and even by sending emails.
  • Rewards can be issued using coupons, discounts, commissions, or even gift cards.
  • Users can be promoted to a customizable thank you page so that when a user lands on the thank you page can promote you.
  • Lots of pre-written email templates are present which can be used by the partners to send to their clients, family, and friends.
  • Every new customer can be turned into a brand with the auto sign-up feature that comes with this software.
  • Built-in live chat is present and 24/7 customer support is there to help.
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6) Link Trust

Link trust is the management and tracking SaaS affiliate solution that includes ad network management and lead management. It was founded in 2002 and its headquarter resides in the United States. It’s almost integral to every leading marketing site out there such as Google, PayPal, etc.


It provides three pricing options; Advertiser (setup costs around $600 and $570 monthly), Network (setup costs around $2000 and $1750 monthly), and Lead Gen (setup around $500 and $1250 monthly). Link trust has shown 14% positive growth and generates 106707 pageviews. This software can be obtained from ““.


  • Simple and elegant to use. Everything is present in one dashboard.
  • Provides a successful management affiliate program while tracking affiliates marketing efforts and performance.
  • Allows tracking and managing of the performance of the calls, leads, and sales across all of the marketing channels.
  • Lead management allows you to capture, validate and manage your online leads. Allows you to track your leads and their sources. Furthermore, they can be optimized.
  • Fraud detection allows you to detect and prevent any fraudulent activity from happening.
  • Mobile tracking lets track user engagement with the unparalleled server-sided technology and powerful real-time mobile reporting
  • Different geolocation users can be routed to specific landing pages to improve the customer experience.
  • Easily installed with shopping carts to provide a real-time performance report to everyone.
  • Separate client/affiliate portals can be made to provide them access to monitor and analyze performance.

7) AdsBridge

AdsBridge was started in 2013 as a cloud-based affiliate marketing tracking software. The tracker was designed to track your traffic, create landing pages, and split-test your landing pages. With scads of templates in its collection ranging widely in different categories, you can get coupons as well as discounts which is a big plus for affiliate marketers.

You can also ask for a free demo to test your marketing campaigns. It gives you the opportunity to split-test your ads and optimize them using the stats creating the reports.


AdsBridge Features

  • Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder
  • A more defined dashboard shows the summary of all the stats such as active campaigns, CPC, number of clicks, or revenue generated.
  • Mobile-Friendly: Ads Bridge supports all the mobile OS systems and thus it has all the features which are the same as the laptop or desktop.
  • It also creates split testing for you to check out the more successful landing page for you.
  • Smart link tools that create your own links
  • Set up your targeting and the traffic flow for each campaign accordingly.
  • With 100+ integrated networks on different platforms, you can reach them with just one click.
  • By adding the tracking pixel on your website, you can track the track and also the conversion rate for your campaigns.
  • Premium Support: The customer support team for Ads Bridge is readily available for help. You can reach them out at any point in time and manage your campaigns or ad networks without hassle.
  • Multi-Access: You can use this feature to create multiple users for the account. The best part is that you can limit the access of the secondary users of this account.
  • Ads Bridge calculator calculates your profits in different currencies and shows you the one which you want. It can calculate the cost per visit too similarly.


After registration, each user gets a 14-day free trial and 50,000 visits with no over limit. Plus, you can test a landing page editor and create 3 landing pages for your campaigns. After 14 days, you can choose anyone out of the three plans you wish to choose.

A professional plan starts at just $89 per month

  • 1,000,000 visits per month plus the over limit.
  • Over the limit will be charged an extra $0.04 per 1k visitors.
  • Also, you will get free clicks and conversions.

The business plan costs $379 per month;

  • 10,000,000 visits per month + over limit
  • $0.036 per 1k visitors.
  • Free Clicks and Conversions

The enterprise plan costs $799 per month;

  • 25,000,000 per month
  • $0.029 over limit 1k visits
  • Free clicks and Conversions


8) IDevAffiliate

It has been in the market for the last 15 years and has been one of the leading affiliate tracking software out there. To achieve more sales, it can be added to your corresponding websites which increases traffic and increases more search engine ranking. It can be deployed in mere minutes and through the built-in frontend templating easily integrated into the existing website.

iDevAffiliate - Affiliate Tracking Software

It is available for $150 but there are other flavors available too; Gold which costs around $250, platinum a bit more I.e. around $350, and the last one is the costliest one, a black edition which costs around $400.You can even lease it by paying monthly fees.

IdevAffiliate Features

  • It lets you design your own payout structure.
  • Tons of options are present there such as email templates; these are prewritten email templates that can be sent by admin to its client, family, or even friends.
  • Social media plugins, QR codes, and banners are available too
  • It can be customized and edited to your own will.
  • Html/CSS templated, language packs, color schemes, and logos are present too.
  • Many built-in securities are present which prevent any fraudulent activity and alerts when one happens.
  • Real-time reporting is present which involves the export of reports in PDF, CSV, and Excel sheets.

9) LeadDyno

On the formation of the new account on their website, it provides a subdomain for you in This subdomain then can be further customized with your website/company logo and colors. iframe mode present with these allows you to even embed it in your sites. New people can be recruited with the email invitation feature.


It comes up with different plans such as starter, accelerator, builder, boss, rainmaker, baller, and VIP. These plans vary according to the no of visitors and the prices.

LeadDyno Features

  • Emails can be sent to welcome new affiliates.
  • Easy deployment which can be done in mere minutes.
  • PayPal affiliate tracking
  • Google ads click costs are always creeping up, it provides more comprehensive commission-based clicks which always provide a reasonable price.
  • Easy integration into websites.
  • Multiple revenue models including CPC, CPV, CPS, CPA, CPM, CPL, CPI and more.
  • Easily integrate with a number of platforms such as Shopify, stride, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Paypal, Re-charge, and Recurly.
  • A customer support team is assigned to help you create campaigns and integrate your account.



  • $49 per month
  • 3000 Unique Visitors Per Month
  • Email Installation Support
  • Live chat
  • Free Affiliate network access

Biz Builder

  • $59 per month
  • 4500 unique visitors
  • Guest, lead, and conversion tracking
  • Free Affiliate network access
  • Other features of the starter pack


  • 7500 Unique visitors per month
  • Boundless Affiliates
  • 1 on 1 phone support for installation
  • Free Affiliate network access


10) Affiliate WP

This is one of the best products when it comes to WordPress sites or blogs. It not only promotes products and services but integrates with the most popular plugins and provides real-time reporting for your corresponding affiliates. It tracks any kind of referrals via caching as well as coupon tracking.

AffiliateWP - Affiliate Plugin for WordPress

There are three kinds of pricing plans available on the affiliate WP; Personal which costs around $40, Business which costs about $99 and the last one are for developers known as a developer which is for $199.

  • Accurate tracking and results
  • It allows complete integration with different websites, mainly with WordPress websites and blogs
  • Real-time reporting is also there which reports without any delays.
  • You can have unlimited numbers of affiliates which can help to actively participate and promote your business.
  • Different coupons can be connected together and can be linked to different affiliate accounts.
  • Easy affiliate management is possible such as viewing of the top and underworking affiliates.
  • It also provides a feature with which you can allow a new account creation for the ones who register with a WordPress account on your website.
  • All in one dashboard is present for easy access of the affiliates.
  • Different rate types can be selected depending on the choice; global, per-affiliate, and per-product basis.
  • Customized URLs can be allowed to be used by the affiliates; either they can use their own or can use their WordPress username in URLs.
  • The expiration date can be set on the cookie.
  • Customized emails are already present which can be modified to their use.
  • Data can be stored in external CSVs.
  • Detailed logging can be done.
  • Provides quality assistance and world-class support.

11) Hitpath Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Hitpath is one of the affiliate tracking programs that assist companies in the online marketing space. The main aim of the company is to provide a proper affiliate network. This software is one of the SaaS products.


The company was founded in 2005 and their headquarter location is in the US. One of the differences while considering other affiliate software’s you can sign up for a free demo before getting into contact with a sales representative.


  • User-friendly and easy to use.
  • Multiple affiliate APIs
  • Suppression data management
  • Provides unlimited storage capacity
  • Flexible in nature.
  • Allows third-party installations and management.
  • Built-in security to prevent frauds that include fraud screening, reporting, and third-party protection.
  • Multiple currencies are present depending on the need and the place.
  • Report settings can be customized
  • Training and tutorials are available for noobs.
  • Mobile tracking is present
  • Real-time call tracking is also there.

12) Mobidea: Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Mobidea affiliate trackers

Mobidea is all about allowing affiliates to be independent. Independently managing their affiliate work and eventually being financially independent.

And recently they have released their Mobidea platform with Integrated affiliate tracker capabilities.

There are some features that are worth mentioning here.

Features of Mobidea Tracker

  • You can start directly using it, just after completing the registration process.
  • Rates of Mobidea are competitive. Mobidea has fast payments, which helps affiliates who struggle with cash flow issues.
  • They have over 2500 offers to share with their users. And the affiliates have complete freedom to choose their offers.
  • The Mobidea tracker is also reliable in the segregation of the traffic sources and hence the user saves time for manually doing it.
  • Superb support of 24*7 throughout the week via Chat, Email, Skype.
  • The beginners will not face any hassle. The interface is user-friendly and easy to decipher.
  • No limits to data or events.

13) Has offers

With the idea of making a reliable, scalable, and flexible system, twin brothers Lucas and Lee Brown founded the Hasofffers in 2009. This affiliate tracking software has gained worldwide popularity due to its ease of use. Besides using it as a network this can be used as an ad agency to advertise your store.

HasOffers by TUNE -The Leading Performance Marketing Software

They provide a 30-day free trial which includes every feature that is present in the actual product. There are three plans that are available for Has offers, the first one being the pro which costs around $279/month, an enterprise which costs around $799/month, and the custom plan which lets you customize your plan on your need.


  • Provides complete 2 way API
  • 24/7 email, chat, and phone support
  • Maintains activity fraud score.
  • Multiple currencies are present.
  • Different languages are present; non-English.
  • All in one dashboard.
  • Reports can be exported to CSVs.
  • Ad server logging can be done.
  • Batch upload conversions.
  • Pre-generated reports are available.
  • User can be customized and their roles can be modified to the need
  • Captcha signup verification
  • Attach creatives to ad campaigns
  • Optimize ad campaigns based on performance.
  • Optimize offer URLs based on performance.
  • Allow affiliate access to each campaign.
  • Advertiser access to stats, ability to create offers, and import data via CSV.
  • Download any data in CSV format.
  • Multiple offer links
  • 5 sub IDs tracking
  • Tiny and encrypted URLs
  • SEO friendly tracking links
  • Auto-generated creative Code

14) Impact Radius

Impact radius was founded in 2008 by experts who previously founded commission junction,, and lead point. They are transforming the way advertisers handle media and marketing partnerships.Impact Radius - The Smarter Way to Manage Your Digital Marketing

Their suite of products enables digital brands and agencies to maximize their return on global ad spend by providing a single trusted view into the consumer journey from ad impression through acquisition across all devices and channels.


  • It allows the tracking of promotion codes and linking of those codes to certain affiliates.
  • The results and the tracking are 100% accurate.
  • It provides SEO-friendly links; these links can be used and cached by SEOs.
  • It allows call tracking.
  • Ad hosting has never been this easy.
  • Simple, elegant, and flexible.
  • All in one dashboard.
  • Results are displayed in graphs and views which provide a comprehensive view of the result.
  • Involves real-time integration
  • Real-time analytics are present.
  • Flexible tracking methods are available.

15) ClickInc

ClickInc provides a nice GUI for the user with no programming background knowledge to set up and manage their entire affiliate tracking and lead management system.Affiliate Program Software - ClickInc

It provides friendly SEO links that directly link to the sales page instead of the coded links. Basic plans include $25 a month and it could be increased to either $69 or $149 monthly plan.


  • Merchant is now able to create and manage coupons and can even assign them to certain affiliates.
  • Allows you to make performance affiliates group
  • N-number of tier commissions can be set now
  • Email to affiliates can be sent now.
  • Cookie expiration dates can be set for each affiliate individually or common for all.
  • WSWYG editors are available for email/message affiliates, basically used for formatting texts.
  • Merchants and affiliates can now exchange messages.
  • The lifetime of the cookies can be set for the tracking cookies
  • SubIDs can be created to individually track campaigns and traffic sources
  • Dashboard displays manually or automatically approved affiliates.
  • Traffic status is present which allows for real-time comparison of traffic in past and present.
  • The search option is there for an in-depth search.
  • Graphs have been provided for visualization.
  • Fraud detection is present for preventing and capturing fraudulent activity.


Everflow - Smart Tool For Marketers

Everflow is one of the best affiliate marketing platforms in the market. Everflow has built and scaled advertising and affiliate networks to billions of clicks and generated hundreds of millions of dollars of revenue. Plans start at $200 per month.


  • Actionable insights via big data.
  • Secure, private partitioning of all your data and traffic.
  • Cloud-based pivot tables.
  • Hyper-fast response time.
  • Rich visual interaction.
  • Live data, graphs, and reports.
  • Eliminate cap overruns for good.
  • Advanced alerting system
  • Multidimensional analytics
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Real-time network

17) Afftrack

Afftrack is the only enterprise to provide unlimited count clicks which can save up to $87000 a year. It is one of the best SaaS solutions founded in 2009 and since then it has been used in numerous networks.Afftrack - Track Every Click

It provides the necessary tools to evolve a company and taking It to next level. It provides a very mobile-friendly interface Other solutions lack. One of the leading options available on the Go.


  • 100 % real-time analytics
  • Provides free proxy detection service which detects fake IP addresses. Useful in fraud detection.
  • Fully 24/7 phone and email assistance is available.
  • Invoice and billing options are available too. These can be generated on the go.
  • The inbuilt file manager is available to manage and modify files.
  • Provides unlimited offers, affiliates, and advertisers.
  • Client-side tracking
  • Cookie-less tracking is a plus point.
  • Prospect management CRM
  • Geo-targeting
  • Global unsubscribe lists.
  • Frequency caps
  • Server to server tracking is present.

18) Post Affiliate Pro

It’s a very powerful affiliate tracking software that provides many multiple unique tracing features. It has been founded in 2004 and ever since it has been one of the most used software in affiliate marketing.

Affiliate Tracking - Affiliate Program Software Post Affiliate Pro

Three plans are available; pro, ultimate, and network.  Pro costs around $97 per month while network costs around $477 per month.


  • Supports all kinds of affiliate links depending on the need.
  • Allows multiple currencies.
  • Direct link tracking allows you to directly trackback to the corresponding link.
  • Private campaigns can be formed which allows only certain affiliates to view and manage. By default, all campaigns are public; allows everyone to see and promote them.
  • Protect against fraudulent transactions.
  • Multilevel marketing is a marketing strategy that is defined on their website which states “It compensates affiliates not only for product sales they personally generate but also for the sales of sub-affiliates they introduced to the affiliate program.” With forced matrix feature allows you to define the tree and this can positively influence your MLM scheme.
  • The split commission is one new feature that has been added to it, which allows you to reward all the affiliates who have participated in the sale.
  • Depending on the sale, high-selling affiliates can be awarded high commissions with a performance rewards feature.
  • Text link banners, HTML banners, and image banners are some new additions.
  • Discount coupons are provided which allows the customers to buy your products at a cheap price.
  • One of the best features is the site replication feature which allows you to replicate your site for every affiliate.
  • Themes are provided for a better User interface.
  • Multilingual support.

Are you looking to get started with your affiliate marketing journey? there are so many affiliate networks out there to help you start your affiliate marketing business. Here in the list, I have compiled the best affiliate marketing software and top affiliate tracking software.


19) Clickmeter: Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software

Click meter is one of the elegant affiliate programs out there which provides scalability and efficient management. It works by converting a link to a smaller URL which is used by the affiliate which when clicked gets redirected to the main site.ClickMeter - affiliate tracking

While this phase the info of the clicking user is fetched by the click meter. Four plans are available for use; small, medium, large and x-large. Small is free to use, medium costs about $29/ mo, large around $99/mo, and x-large for $349/mo.


  • Clicks composition bar
  • Email and audio notifications
  • Fast sharing
  • Private/public share
  • Sharing notifications via mail
  • Allows you to monitor latency, 500 and 404 errors.
  • It can be integrated with many platforms such as word press etc.

20) LinkConnector

Founded In 2004, LinkConnector is another affiliate marketing tool that gives marketers and affiliates to boost their online sales and revenue. It does so by connecting you with the affiliates that you wish to work with or that are profitable to your online business.

With certain features that others do not guarantee, Link Connector has got the robust features for its customers. Also, the tool is easy to use and offers the best-dedicated team for support. It is currently the 6th most popular affiliate tool in the industry.

linkconnector review for affiliate markeing tracking software


  • They provide all the tools that make your campaign worthwhile. These tools are simple to use and won’t cost you much.
  • It also gives you real-time data and all the stats and analytics for your campaign.
  • Free Sign up for affiliates and they would only charge for the advertising. After paying, you are ready to connect with the affiliate.
  • A merchant gets the list of affiliates with who they want to connect. They can always choose the affiliates of their business model.
  • Also, the merchants can choose that what kind of ad they want to run; PPC or Click-through.
  • Besides, the merchant can also choose where to link those ads. For example, the merchant can link it to either their website or a specific product page.
  • You can smoothly integrate your marketing campaigns with LC’s technologies.
  • The LC comes up with the fraud filter technology which may even remove the affiliate if found fraud. The fraud affiliate is removed from the whole networking level and not even the merchant level.
  • Its technologies and support team also takes care of the fraudulent coupon and promotional codes. Thus, even the unauthorized coupons are prevented from leaking into the affiliate channel.
  • The coupon and promo code principles are quite robust and flexible. Only those assigned affiliates who have got the particular coupon code receive the commission.

SEO & SEM  Integration

Link Connector gives the option for SEO & SEM integration too. This would help you grow better and rank higher in the Google rankings.

  • The affiliate partners link directly to the merchant’s landing page without making it much clumsy.
  • The merchants can also get the inbound link credit from the affiliates.
  • Affiliates may get benefit from the referring too.
  • To make it more SEO-friendly, the bloggers, as well as the social media influencers, are equipped with direct and clean links too.


You can choose pricing according to your need or usability:

  • Self-Managed Account- The self-managed accounts will give you complete access to your account. There are no yearly renewal charges for this account as well. With this, you won’t be charged anything extra besides the serving ads.  Also, you won’t be charged for any email fees or setup or no product adding fees.
  • The plan starts at just $500 with the setup fees. This fee is non-refundable. Above this, the transactional fee for each sale is charged which is 20% of each sale. Thus, you must have minimum of $100 fees to start as a campaign.
  • Co-Managed Account- Including all the features of the Self-managed account, the co-managed account will have unlocked features in the form of the naked link technology and the source checker.
  • It costs you $2,000 as the network accessing fee. With this plan, you can have your own account manager where you can get various creative ideas and tools together with the weekly report and review.
  • The $2,000 credit gives you the opportunity to launch unlimited campaigns for the first 60 days. This means that you will only be charged for the transactional fee which is 25% of the sales. You need to have a minimum balance of $1000 if you want to keep your affiliate program going.
  • Fully Managed Hosting: Everyone cannot get access to this type of account as it is being setup by the invitation only. The most demanding merchants get to use this account. The setup fee for this account is $3000. You need to have a minimum monthly balance of $2000 to keep going.

21) Tapfiliate

One of the most robust marketing tools, Tapfiliate enables you to launch your own affiliate. You can easily create, track and optimize your Affiliate marketing programs. With the easy procedure, even newbies can make use of this tool to launch their affiliate program.

On signing up, you will get the affiliate invite URL, which you can share to invite the affiliate via websites or personal invites. Then, you can create some engaging content such as links, tweets, banners, and videos to engage your affiliate so that they can find it good enough to share it with their audience.

tapfiliate review


  • Create and Launch: The tools and almost all the products come pre-installed in the software. Certain plug-ins such as WordPress are also accessible, though it is not seemingly easy for the newbies. Once, it is done you can use the tracking URL and share it with your affiliates in the form of banners, videos, and tweets.
  • Easy Integration: Tapfiliate integrates easily with your most famous platform. You can install various apps such as Shopify, Weebly, stripe, Woo-commerce, paddle, Miva, and others and links to your Tapfiliate account. Affiliates who join the program search for items that they like and which they like advancement to their intended interest group (their site, blog, and so on). In the event that affiliates don’t create any business, vendors don’t have to pay anything.
  • Multi-Language: To make it available to affiliates all around the globe, it is available In different languages.
  • Sharing: Tapifiliate gives you the feature of social sharing using which you can share all your created links In the form of banners, images texts, or embedded codes. You can even pre-create social posts which means you can add these posts in the upcoming posts.
  • White Labeling: To create trust, you can use the self-customized affiliate link. Also, you can replace the affiliate logo with your own logo to give the branding experience. In this, the domain aliasing feature lets you change the name of the sub-domain with your own name. Also, it keeps your area secure by giving SSL support.
  • Custom Commission: To attract more affiliates, you can actually customize the commission for your campaign. This way, you can motivate your affiliate to help you grow brands. You can use commissions based on the sign-ups, target based on the conversions, or membership-based items.


Tapfiliate has three pricing plans with the lowest one costing around $69 per month.

  • Value plans start at just $49 per month. This plan includes certain features such as fundamental highlights, white-label branding, 1,000,000 tracking events.
  • Pro plan costs $79 per month with all the features of the Value plan. Besides this, it has the feature of tracking 2,000,000 events, multiple domain tracking, and you can also use your own particular domain.
  • The third plan; the Volume plan starts at $79 per month including the features such as 7, 500,000 tracking events, automatic tracking of the affiliate projects, one-click affiliate payouts, premium support, and various other features.

tapfiliate review pricing

22) ThriveTracker

ThriveTracker is somewhat the same in features as the Voluum. It is an affiliate tracking software that is most widely used after the Voluum. Thus, it can be used for all the traffics including the ad networks, Facebook, Twitter, and all other traffic sources.

Though it was founded in 2014, it has improved constantly in its features. With an intuitive interface and a 30-day free trial, this tool comes up at a fairly low cost. You can create campaigns in bulk here with ease.

ThriveTracker affiliate tracker


  • Using the globally distributed AWS, you do not need to worry about losing your clicks on slower traffic. Thus, the traffic is redirected quickly at the target point. It can also differ between the desktop and mobile traffic thus optimizing your campaigns accordingly.
  • Integrate over 50 traffic sources with your ad using the Thrive tracker integration. If your traffic source doesn’t exist here, you can get it added by contacting the customer support team.
  • Use  A/B split testing for the same brand
  • URL cloaking (affiliate link cloaking)
  • Extensive customer support team to keep a check on the latest campaigns and integrations.
  • It also offers Funnel support where you can create multiple landing pages and split test each landing page. Using this support, you can also add upsells with offers and also swap offers without changing the landing page.
  • Multi-user access
  • Create your own custom domain in the brand’s name so that no traffic is funneled. Also, creating the custom domain can actually improve the ROI and help you get more profits.
  • It creates the filtered stats on the basis of geography, device, and other multiple variables which helps you in figuring out which parameters give better returns.
  • 30-day free trial


Cloud Basic

  • $79 per month
  • Offer 1 million clicks
  • 1 custom domain
  • AWS infrastructure
  • LP Pixel

Self-Hosted Pro

  • $99 per month
  • Unlimited Clicks
  • 1 custom domain
  • Bot filter @ $59 per month
  • Multi-user access
  • Additional custom domains ($39 per month)
  • Full control

Cloud Pro

  • $249 per month
  • 5,000,000 clicks
  • 5 custom domains
  • Premium Support

 Cloud Entrepreneur

  • $375 per month
  • 10,000,000 clicks
  • 10 custom domains

 Cloud Enterprise

  • $799 per month
  • 30,000,000 clicks
  • Unlimited Domains
  • LP Pixel

ThriveTracker prices

23) CPV Lab

It hasn’t been many days since its release, but CPV lab has proved itself as one of the best CPA marketing software. It is actually recommended for the PPV (Pay per view) type of marketing. The best part about the CPV lab is that you can turn any of your domains into a tracking URL.

Affiliate marketing tracker CPV lab


  • Easy tracking and optimization of the campaigns. You have got the full control over the resources.
  • It has got secured servers that keep your data private by using the self-hosted platforms
  • Unresponsive links are removed quickly.
  • Mobile responsive tracking: It has over 30 mobile tracking points that automatically updates
  • Real-time stats and detailed report of various metrics and track profit
  • Rotate and split test your landing pages accordingly.
  • Change offers without changing the landing pages
  • Easy Setup and Integration: You can just paste your affiliate link or the landing page URL and kick off your campaign with ease. Once the landing page has been created, you can use the rotation feature to split test your campaign.
  • Faster redirects to generate more revenue during the Peak Usage.
  • You can enable or disable cookie tracking. Also, you can track the visitors with the cookies disabled.
  • Mobile-friendly: The campaigns are set up mobile-friendly. As a vendor, you can easily track the activities of mobile audiences such as video support, screen resolutions, and the mobile OS. Also, you can look up the content that your visitors have actually tracked.

CPV lab features


It has only one pricing plan which costs around $297 per month. It includes all the features that your affiliate tracking software needs to have. With 1 full version license, it includes 100 custom tracking domains. You can get an update with another year for $147 more. Besides this, you will get 1-year free software updates and detailed video guides. The customer support team here is beyond expectations.

24) CAKE

The first one on the list is the CAKE software that can be obtained from “”. CAKE enables companies to track, attribute, and optimize digital marketing return on ad spend in real-time. It comes in three flavors one is for brands, the second, is for networks and the third one is for lead distribution.

Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software - Cake

It’s a simple and easy-to-use tool. The versatile dashboard provides a complete view of the overall performance of your networks, managing contacts and analyzing results as well.


  • It provides multi-channel tracking which involves tracking from different channels simultaneously and thus reducing the hassle to track every channel separately.
  • One of the cool features of CAKE is its multi-touch attribution which supports models including time decay, linear, engagement, customized as well as first and last touch.
  • Reporting and data visualization has never been this easy, see the top and underperforming channels as well as manage them. Other features that come under this category is the customization of the user and sharing your views across the organization.
  • Lead Generation and distribution include automated collection, validation, and distribution of leads in real-time with the topmost industry tools.
  • Going beyond revenue-generating conversations to see what is actually driving conversations comes under event tracking.
  • Real-time reporting is present there to ease the pain of reporting. Real-time reporting includes exporting data to a CSV file, accessing data via API, and scheduling specific reports in real-time.
  • Mobile tracking using available SDK and helper files has never been this easy.
  • Reports can be customized and shared across your organization.
  • Account control access and roles can be assigned to every user and what kind of permissions they have.
  • Coupons can be tracked by source using advanced attribution options.
  • API support is available and changes can be made using those APIs.
  • Actions can be taken when a revenue-impacting fraud is recognized and custom alerts can be set that recognize abnormal campaign behavior.

FAQs: Best Affiliate Marketing Software

🤔How do I track an affiliate link?

Once you set up the complete process, you can now set up affiliate tracking, Move over to navigate then setting within your WordPress dashboard, click on the tracking tab at the top side of the page, an affiliate link is the utmost important part of affiliate marketing and commission management.

👉How do you keep track of affiliate programs?

When it comes to affiliate marketing, There are many software platforms to keep track of affiliate programs namely is among the best affiliate tracking platforms, Link trust is another great digital marketing & affiliate tracking platform to track sales conversion, leads & more. Voluum, Binom & Ads Bridge are among the top affiliate tracking software for affiliate marketing.

🤔Which platform is best for affiliate marketing?

There are many big names in the list of Network for affiliate marketing that are ShareAsale, Awin, CJ Affiliate, Avantage affiliate network, FlexOffers, ClickBank, Awin, and the list goes on, affiliate marketing is a booming industry and there are many affiliate network that are joining the list with every day passing.

✅What are the highest paying affiliate programs?

There are many names in the list of affiliate programs when it comes to paying a high commission on the sales, some of the big names in the affiliate marketing industry are Leadpages, ShareAsale, SEMRush, ConverKit, Aweber, Teachable, and more.

✅What is the best affiliate tracking software?

Elementor Pro provides one of the greatest affiliate programmes for WordPress, paying out 50 perrcent on each sale. Having stated that the program is only available to premium and reliable affiliates. Elementor is a WordPress page builder that uses the same building blocks concept as most other page builders. They put a premium on ease of usage. But it's Elementor's concentration on making their product genuinely easy to use while simultaneously being extremely adaptable that sets them apart.

✅How do I track affiliate links?

There are two common ways to track, which allow you to assess how successful your affiliate campaigns are. Client-based tracking Client-based link monitoring for affiliates means that when a website visitor clicks on a link that takes them to a landing page, the Affiliate ID is saved in a text file called a cookie on their browser. The advertiser determines the cookie lifespan length; some cookies are immediately destroyed when a user closes the browser or after a period of inactivity, while others expire after 30 or 60 days, for example. A little piece of code known as a conversion pixel loads up and reads the cookie information when a customer completes the required action on the merchant's page (transaction ID). The data is then sent to the system for conversion tracking, and the conversion is assigned to the appropriate affiliate. The affiliate is eventually paid the price. Server-to-server tracking This type of tracking is also known as cookieless tracking because it does not rely on cookies to keep information and does not require anything to be installed on the user's computer. Instead, the information about the user and the affiliate is saved on the merchant's server and given a unique identifier known as the transaction ID. When a user completes a conversion after clicking on a unique tracking link, the system sends a postback to the conversion tracking system with the transaction ID. Because no conversions are lost when the user's browser's cookies are disabled, and the advertiser is responsible for maintaining the unique identification, this tracking kind is frequently considered more accurate and reliable. However, in order to use this tracking type, the advertiser must support it on their backend, which is more technically challenging than client-based tracking.

What companies offer the best affiliate programs?

Affiliate marketing is an example of such a practice, in which you pay someone else to send traffic to your site using referral links that were provided in the first place. However, managing each and every affiliate program on a daily basis is a difficult chore, hence there are several affiliate management systems available to help. You may find various applications on the internet that claim to be the finest Affiliate tracking software. Voluum, Binom, and AdsBridge are the most dependable among them, in our opinion.

👉How do I manage affiliate links?

Use the tools given by affiliate networks to properly manage affiliate links across multiple websites, and combine your links using easy scripts. By joining an affiliate network like ShareASale, Commission Junction, or LinkShare, you may decrease the number of distinct affiliate programs you need to track. An affiliate network lets you see at a glance the affiliate programs you've signed up for and how much money each of your websites is making.

✅What is the best affiliate plugin for WordPress?

The most popular website builder among affiliate marketers and bloggers is WordPress. Specifically, it provides you with access to the greatest plugins and tools for promoting your partners while increasing traffic to your website. Pretty Links, MonsterInsights, ThirstyAffiliates, OptionMonster, RafflePress, and others are some of the most trusted affiliate plugins for WordPress.

👉 Can I use affiliate links on WordPress?

Yes, you certainly can! Affiliate links are permitted on as long as your blog's primary goal is to produce unique content. Sites that operate just to send traffic to affiliate links are not permitted on WordPress. Affiliate links should be related to the content of your site in some way.

👉 Is WordPress good for affiliate marketing?

Absolutely! The most popular website builder among affiliate marketers and bloggers is WordPress. Specifically, it provides you with access to the greatest plugins and tools for promoting your partners while increasing traffic to your website.

✅ Which theme is best for affiliate marketing?

Zeen is one of the best review WordPress themes, with a simple style, built-in layout builder, and many monetization options. Affiliate marketers may use Zeen to build profitable blogs, magazines, news sites, and WooCommerce stores with reviews. Zeen is unique in that it comes pre-installed with the Let's Review plugin. This plugin allows you to create reviews using a variety of design themes and include infinite affiliate buttons as well as pros and cons. You may monetize your blog with advertisements, sponsored posts, marketing boxes, and more in addition to affiliate links.

👉What is the best free WordPress theme for affiliate marketing?

If you have affiliate deals, coupon codes, and/or products on your site, ThemeShopy's Advance Ecommerce Store is a wonderful choice. Because the theme has a conventional e-commerce feel, you may categorize your featured items, post discount codes at the top of the site, and highlight hot bargains in the single-image slider above the fold. You can set up your hottest bargains or bestsellers in the sidebar, as well as testimonials and your most recent entries. Advance E-commerce Store is SEO-friendly, quick to load, and mobile-friendly. You can link up to four social networking accounts in the free version. Unlimited social network links, greater customization possibilities, WooCommerce compatibility, and third-party plugin support are all included in the Premium edition ($39).

👉 Can I do affiliate marketing on free WordPress?

Not at all, You are not permitted to utilize your free blog as an affiliate marketing blog. An affiliate marketing blog, according to WordPress, is one whose major purpose is to deliver traffic to affiliate sites, particularly multilevel marketing and get-rich-quick sites.

✅What are the Best Affiliate Software in 2023?

  • Voluum
  • Binom
  • Solid Affiliate
  • OSI Affiliate
  • Link Trust
  • AdsBridge
  • IDevAffiliate
  • LeadDyno
  • Affiliate WP

✅ How do I become an affiliate?

The 5 steps of affiliate marketing are as follows:

1. Find a product you want to promote

2. Do a search for the “product name” affiliate program

3. Sign up for their affiliate program and get your special link that allows the merchant to track people who clicked on your links

4.) Promote yourself! Share with friends about how awesome this is and what they’ll miss out on if they don’t make moves now because it’s not going anywhere anytime soon (aka just start promoting) so stop waiting around like an idiot when there’re opportunities all over town right in front of you-go find them before someone else does.

And finally, step 5 – Make money while doing something easily online by clicking share buttons or buying

Conclusion: Which Is Your Favorite Best Affiliate Tracking Software 2024

Affiliate marketing is one of the useful marketing techniques which helps in revenue generation by promoting your products. Hence, the demand for the right kind of affiliate software is a must, which allows you to manage and track your events efficiently. It is important to follow the best practices in order to gain maximum output.

Voluum is a great alternative to all your affiliate marketing tracking needs. It has a pretty intuitive user interface and allows you to track specific data points like devices, conversions, operating systems, etc. I found it easier than any other affiliate tracking software listed above in terms of set-up and reviewing data.

Now, Track affiliate marketing revenue from your own website, Tracking affiliate revenue is easy and keeps your eyes on the boat, just like tracking traffic.  This list of affiliate software allows you to track affiliate links with no problems. For us, Voluum wins in most aspects.

Affiliate tracking software gives you insights into which products are being promoted by which affiliates. Get on your hands on the best affiliate tracking software as per your need and niche.

Please share your thoughts in the comment section below & please share them with your social media network on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.




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  1. Solid Affiliate is the most user-friendly affiliate marketing tracking software on the market. It’s easy to get started, and you can grow your business with ease. With all of its great features, Solid Affiliate is perfect for any online Marketers.

  2. This affiliate tracking program OSI is a must have for any company looking to grow their reach and/or revenue. Though it comes with a hefty price tag, chances are your investment will be worth it as you watch your email list expand. Finally, you can stop making an extra effort to keep track of how many people opt into the affiliate program!

  3. OSI Affiliate is an excellent software that helps you create and manage your affiliate program in just a few clicks. With it, you can get alerts when visitors register through your affiliate links so no leads get through without being registered/authenticated by you first! This way, there’s no risk whatsoever from hackers or spammers giving away freebies without any verification. It also integrates tightly with Google Analytics to give marketers even better control over how their marketing campaigns work.

  4. For anyone looking to grow their affiliate business, Voluum is the best tool for tracking it all. Complete with real-time reporting and an easy setup process, this tracker does it all – even A/B testing your campaigns so you know what’s working! Grow your business today with Voluum!

  5. I was a little bit worried that with self-hosted Binom, I would need to be my own IT person in order for this to work. That means about 100+ hours of yearly maintenance and servicing on this software. Who has the time? Why not just pay some company who’s professionals can maintain it for me?

  6. If you’re ready to take control of your affiliate networks then Affise is the best software for you. Out good results are nothing but great because, not only have we made Affise completely customizable with your needs in mind. Indeed, our software will enable you to become hugely successful by owning and running this business on your own. You can see all its features by going ahead a free trial.

  7. Voluum makes this process way more manageable by giving every campaign an exact space so you know exactly what’s going on with each project from start-to-finish without any guesswork involved. We were rolling out new products so we needed information about what was working when there wasn’t time for market research or trial and error, Voluum solved that problem immediately – tracking

  8. Affise will provide you with all the features that you need for growing your affiliate networks. You can trust in Affise to bring results without wasting time worrying about bugs and glitches. Give Affise a shot today!

  9. Voluum is the only tool I use to track my campaigns. Voluum has an optimized design and its three main features make it easy for me to target the cities, time of day, and devices of potential customer.

  10. Voluum is the hidden gem of marketing platforms. With nearly any metric you want, including user feedback and conversion rates, Voluum has it covered – so much so that I barely even use my email anymore!

  11. I couldn’t be happier with the Omnistar Affiliate Software. My sales have tripled in less than a year since I switched, and my conversion rates are more healthy thanks to Omnistar’s user-friendly interface that doesn’t take longer than five minutes to set up.

  12. I love the idea of an easy-to-use self-hosted solution, but in order for me to deploy my own server rather than paying a monthly fee elsewhere, I would need something that was quick and reliable. Binom didn’t do either when things went wrong.

  13. For years, every other platform (OK, maybe this is just me) has failed to offer a truly trusted affiliate marketing experience. I’ve been through the gamut of platforms – networks like Commission Junction, TradeDoubler, and various boutiques that popped up on the outskirts of Google AdWords and just clamored for clicks but didn’t take action based on relevance.

  14. There are a lot of platforms for performance marketing, but LINKTRUST is by far the most trusted. I don’t trust it as much as some other programs because they go down for days at a time and all my money’s stuck in there, but if you want to stick with one platform this seems to be the company that does things right. Marketing can only work when people believe in you–believe in your integrity, believe in your product–so make sure you’re plugged into one of the best companies out there!

  15. Voluum is an all-in-one marketing software engineered to make digital marketers’ lives exponentially more efficient by maximizing the time and resources they have. This high-quality tool cuts down on tracking, organization, and monitoring while also improving performance with its three high qualities. Users are now able to engage in discussions that lead them into serious consideration of making a purchase since their need has been fully identified.

  16. LINKTRUST is the only ecosystem that allows marketers to run referral marketing, partner marketing and influencer marketing campaigns on one platform. I have always been skeptical about referral links from bloggers because of how easy they are to get and abuse. Well, I found a skeptic converting product- LINKTRUST! I love this tool so much! My readers will tell me what products interest them best by entering their email for promotions or online articles. As an affiliate marketer, it feels awesome knowing you can trust the blogs posting your links because advertisers know they aren’t fake followers—they’re blog subscribers who want more freebies! This tracking system keeps my inbox frustration-free and helps rebuild reader trust in bloggers linking out to other sites.

  17. I never considered myself an expert at SEO, but with Voluum I get to spend more of my time on the things I care about. With its help, I’ve been able to attract new affiliates and even make some changes in my affiliate offer for better revenue.

  18. When you spend hours researching and trying to determine the best affiliate software for your business, it’s tough to know who you can really trust. I’ve been there numerous times – is this product too expensive? Do they offer a free trial? What exactly will the product be doing on my website while I’m not looking? but after my full fledged 1 month research, I found Voluum, a go to platform for all your affiliate tracking need..

  19. Trust is everything. Breaks down nicely: “link” is an old english word for trust and “trust” derives from the Old Norse word for faith. With such a powerful backstory, it’s no wonder this platform has become one of the most popular ways to generate traffic and leads on the web with its proprietary algorithm that prevents fraud by linking social media profiles across platforms (alas, still not foolproof). Give LINKTRUST a try today- you can’t go wrong!

  20. I love how this software gives you up to the second updates on your sales and conversion rates. This has allowed us to avoid situations where we may have oversold a certain product, or one that would not be as profitable in some markets. We now know exactly what to expect when we’re trying something new or changing features on our site.

  21. I don’t like Binom at all. It is only self-hosted and I find that very difficult to deal with because it can be very cumbersome when you want flexibility. You also need a separate email address for this product which will make sense if you know anything about the functionality of the tracking system

  22. So you think affiliate marketing is just linking lots of banners? WRONG! So what are you waiting for, get Voluum Affiliate Tracking Software today and watch your site’s popularity soar! Revolutionary optimization tools will help with uploading new content. On-screen tracking and intuitive user interface offer lifetime access to the leading Professional Toolkit which offers updates at no additional cost when they’re available. You can customize ideas for saving time (comes standard) or use a built-in suggestion generator for popular search terms with “Voluum Ranker.”

  23. Affise is great software that will allow you to build and run your affiliate networks on your own. The adaptability and flexibility it offers make it standout.

  24. I had been struggling with managing my campaigns on various platforms and recognizing their key metrics. And while it’s great for some data, I couldn’t get a feasible overview of where I am going. After migrating all my campaigns to Voluum, the transition was easy! With a couple quick clicks I can see at a glance how each channel is performing and if there are any discrepancies between them that need to be addressed within the next campaign cycle. The dashboard makes campaign tracking so much simpler than before-I highly recommend it!

  25. OSI Affiliate is super easy to set-up and once it’s up there are so many features for ongoing management tasks like generating reports, sending affiliate information timely updates that keep them engaged with your brand constantly, optimize content to help affiliates convert better, create custom offers for different groups or individuals based off-site habits/interests/history – the list goes on really!

  26. LINKTRUST is one of the most trusted platforms for performance marketing. With access to many different networks, it can be a powerful tool while remaining user-friendly. It’s also simple enough for even noobs to use and without any difficult programming or tracking codes!

  27. OSI Affiliate is the next best thing when it comes to affiliate tracking programs. Creating and managing your affiliates just got much easier, with OSI Affiliates doing all the hard work for you. The software will notify you when new affiliates are added, make payments on time (or send reminders if they fall behind), and streamline account management for both you and your affiliate partners. This system gets 5 stars in our book–thanks OSI!

  28. I used to be a terrible affiliate, only tracking my stats with Excel. Then I found Voluum and it’s everything I never knew I wanted in a tracking software – easy to use, fast performance, comprehensive analytics. Worth every penny too because of the awesome customer service when things don’t work! A++ Would recommenced to anyone looking for affiliate software.

  29. The web provides the greatest opportunity for reaching people of any age, profile, or interest. Unfortunately most marketing tools are either too difficult or too expensive to use. I have recently discovered a great new tool though! Voluum has made my life so much easier and cheaper by being one of the few tools on the market that is easy to use but powerful enough to track any campaign through every device or browser that an internet user might be using. Now it’s even better because I found out they have discounted their prices just last week! One minute you’re head down in spreadsheets listing your ROI, two minutes later you’re looking at Google Analytics with beautiful charts telling you exactly how many visitors bought from you– marvelous voluum!

  30. I’ve never had an issue with the linktrust support team. Reaching out to them has always been easy. I find that they are quite committed in getting back to me quickly which is essential when taking up any type of software or app.

  31. It’s a relief to know you have LinkTrust. I make a lot of important decisions and don’t want anyone influencing my choices or affecting having access to the right information. With LinkTrust, I can get the help I need from an instant response team without ever compromising on security. Everybody has been courteous and professional!

  32. Most affiliate marketers struggle with finding the data they need to make decisions that ultimately impact their bottom line, and tracking down important information can be nearly impossible. That’s where Binom comes in. Binom is easy-to-use software designed for expert affiliates who want expedient access to crucial details on any device type or connection speed, anywhere – even from mobile! It doesn’t matter if you’re a seasoned veteran like me or this is your first venture into online marketing; visiting my old blog posts has never been easier.

  33. OSI Affiliate is one of the most affordable affiliate software programs out there. I’ve been using it for a few months now and have seen my sales grow! Get started with your own business today, you won’t regret it!

  34. I’ve been tracking my website’s traffic for years. Every week I would be staring at a bunch of Excel sheets all night trying to make sense out of them – it was overwhelming! Then one day, Voluum happened. This tracker comes with really helpful features, like automatic optimization and A/B testing which made things way easier.

  35. I’ve been a user of LinkTrust for over two years now. I had never before seen such an effective approach to affiliate marketing – especially when the payouts are so high and there is so little fraud! The customer service is awesome as well. They have really set themselves apart from the other platforms out there in this niche.

  36. Binom is the most up-to-date affiliate marketing tool on the market, and I’m pretty darn excited to have it in my arsenal.
    The new Binom has been revamped with a fresh and modern interface that anyone can use without a steep learning curve. Reducing distractions away from what really counts, your data! Namely an improved analytics features allowing you to strategically extract exactly what matters and uncover insights about how consumers interact with your ads so you can increase conversions. Boom!

  37. I was looking for an affiliate platform and started considering all the options. But I decided to give OSI Affiliate a try because it just makes sense! The UI is very simple, straightforward, and it doesn’t take too much time to figure out how you can use this tool. What’s even better? They have great customer service, which means no waiting hours on hold if something goes wrong! All in all, I’m glad that I found out about OSI Affiliate–they’ve already helped me boost sales by having my brand advertised through their easy-to-use platform!

  38. Omnistar Affiliate Software is the simplest, cheapest, and easiest way to grow your online business. Try it now and you’ll see how easy it can be!

  39. Why not join their cool club with Tapfiliate. It’s affiliate tracking software that supports multiple languages and currencies so you can run a global campaign! You’ll have everyone drooling over what they’re saying about your affiliate program.

  40. I was looking for a better way to track my ads and I found it in Voluum. Now, I can see upcoming promotions and read reviews on how other companies are using this amazing software. It’s the most powerful tool of tracking!

  41. Omnistar Affiliate is giving me the flexibility I need. They are very stable and this makes it easier to scale my business without too much worry that, one day, it’ll just stop working. This reliability has helped me grow my sales considerably with no extra effort on my end!

  42. Reporting and tracking campaign performance is a breeze with the Voluum platform. From automating necessary email follow-ups, to keeping track of all your campaigns, our team couldn’t be more satisfied with the services this company provides. We have seen significant increases in KPIs thanks to its robust reporting and automation APIs – we can sleep easier knowing we’re finally on top of things!

  43. You may be considering an investment in Omnistar Affiliate Software to grow your business and generate healthy sales revenue. Join the 14,000+ companies that have signed up for this software. You won’t regret it!

  44. it’s amazing because you can track all of your affiliate clicks on the one dashboard. I would recommend this to anyone who is serious about their business, and wants to be the best at what they do. You won’t regret it!

  45. Loved it. Wish I had used Tapfiliate years ago. I’ve been an affiliate marketer for 12 years and have seen the evolution of affiliate programs firsthand. Now, instead of giving someone your URL to make a sale, you can take advantage of all these other outlets that offer commissions to people who are willing to refer you shoppers or visits.

  46. Voluum has been an awesome tool for us, with their easy to use dashboard and list of tools to track your campaigns. We have seen a big improvement in our KPIs since we started using it. I highly recommend Voluum!

  47. I researched a lot of different options before deciding on Tapfiliate. So far, I have not been disappointed. It’s so easy to use. One thing I really enjoy about it is the interface design – the access panels are sleek and trendy looking which makes me want to stay logged in. User-friendly software with lots of features for affiliates.

  48. I’ve tried the other affiliate tracking software, but I always come back to Binom. It’s easy to use and has a sleek design that makes my work go faster. Plus it has really helpful customer support!

  49. This product is outstanding. I’ve been through a lot of trackers and Voluum remains the best by far! It has an easy installation process, great reporting interface, and around-the-clock customer support that will keep you on your toes – we love it because not only can we see how well our campaigns are doing right away with all the graphs and data points but they also fix any errors super fast like magic!

  50. Binom is an absolute game-changer for your online marketing efforts. It’s not very often that you see such innovative and fresh technology like this, let alone at a price of only $69/month or less!

  51. Voluum is the biggest advancement I’ve seen for tracking campaigns. Previous methods pretty much only allowed you to know who clicked on what and when. With Voluum, we’re able to control where our ads appear at all, as well as how they’re displayed and what browser or OS our targets use. It’s given us a distinct edge against competitors that just blindly put their products in front of people without knowing which people will be most responsive to them!

  52. With LinkTrust’s help, I can tell you what to trust with your clicks. It doesn’t care about the lengths of my links, the diversity of sources on my site, or any other spam-y factors that are often used as excuses for fake Google results.

  53. The best software. It gives me everything that I need to know about my traffic and social media performance, including how much money I’ve made on every campaign.
    This program is still really young, but it does a lot of stuff and has already brought in more revenue than anything else we’ve tried for our affiliate campaigns.
    With more resources being allocated to the development of this product over time by the company owners themselves, they’re definitely on the right track to making it the most valuable tool around for affiliates interested in running a profitable business online!
    I can honestly say this is one of those few programs that just ‘works’. No hassle with intermittent data connections or complex UTM codes or tracking pixel sizes. Works like a charm!

  54. LINKTRUST has been an awesome platform for me. I set it up and started to get results without too much effort or complicated instructions to follow! It’s intuitive, simple, and the customer service is so supportive–even if you have a question about your account in the middle of the night. The ability to automate everything–especially including that email drip campaign idea I just read in my inbox!–makes this experience very positive.

  55. Affise is an affiliate manager that makes it possible for you to operate your networks on your own without paying over the top. The many features and capabilities offered by Affise always stand out, and these factors give you confidence in making a purchase decision.

  56. I’ve struggled to find the right link management service since I started my company. I’m pleased to say that LinkTrust has changed up my game for the better. There’s no more guessing when it comes to different ranking signals, tools for outreach, and other tasks related to social media marketing. LinkTrust is here with all of your link-building needs covered!

  57. Voluum will give you the ability to keep up with everything your marketing account is doing, so that nothing falls through the cracks. I trust Voluum because it has become a pillar for our business, an essential part of how we plan and evaluate all of our campaigns. Unlike other tools on the market, Voluum breaks down your data in an easy-to-interpret way while providing comprehensive analytical insights about your performance.

  58. Tapfiliate is–hands down–the best affiliate software I’ve ever seen or used. It’s versatile and capable: offering real-time notifications and analytics, one of a kind tracking options and international reach at the touch of a button—not to mention lessening the work burden on marketers coordinating global campaigns. That’s not all: it also comes with 30+ integrations including Zapier, Shopify, WooCommerce, Squarespace, Wix, Stripe and more.

  59. I’m not responsible enough to have my own affiliate program. But with Tapfiliate, I can run one without any of the hassle! I was sick and tired of sending so many emails to all my affiliates. After finding Tapfiliate, I never had to email an affiliate again – it’s awesome!

  60. I’m a part of many e-commerce businesses and I find Voluum’s tracking too helpful to not recommend. It has the power and flexibility to track all of my affiliate networks and everything is set up in an easy to use dashboard, with full offline capability when needed. The interface is really straightforward for both beginners or advanced users. Plus it’s very reasonably priced!

  61. Voluum is a sophisticated tool that enables you to track all of the information about your advertising campaigns. Through Voluum, marketers can track multiple interval timeframes including days of week and hours of the day, location perks such as exact city and country, device data like browser or operating system used by individual users for browsing purposes.

  62. As a marketing professional, I find OSI Affiliate to be an excellent choice. The software is affordable and easy to use even on mobile devices and the online support team is dedicated in helping you grow your revenue through affiliate programs.

    What sets this product apart from competitors: OSI Affiliate helps small business owners avoid expensive contracts by providing them with simple solutions for their web promotion needs.

  63. OSI Affiliate is a great plugin, Setup takes less than 5 minutes, and then it’s all about getting people on board! You can even customize banners for each of your affiliate promotions, which really personalizes the experience. It’s so easy to get started-you’ll be making sales before you know it.

  64. Think of it as affiliate tracking made very easy! OSI Affiliate is simple to understand and use. It’s straightforward, fast, and efficient. You can always be sure that your work will not go unnoticed with this effective tool on your side! Get the ultimate power for your affiliates by signing up now. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself later!

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  66. Binom is a marketing software that was easy to set-up and use. I get all my data in real time, which allows me to manage my campaigns with no delay whatsoever.

  67. Voluum has never let me down. The tools it comes with are perfect for building a winning strategy, and the interface is very user-friendly.

  68. Tapfiliate has been a great way for me to start up my own business and keep track of the affiliate program. It is very easy to use! I’ve found partners who want to work with me and they can navigate and pay their commission fees with this software too, which has saved us both time. The dashboard lets you see how your affiliates are doing, what they’re promoting, and it feels like we have one big team that we all care about each other’s success. Tapfiliate makes running an affiliate campaign as easy as ordering takeout!

  69. I use OSI Affiliate and I love it. It pays for itself through increased sales volume, making my workload easier. And the best thing? OSI’s affiliate tracking software has saved me time and money by handling all of my orders on autopilot!

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  71. I’ve been a Voluum affiliate user for about 2 months now, and I gotta say I’m really happy with the results. Having an established account in Google analytics is super useful and time-saving! With all of its features, it’s perfect for everyone – especially new affiliates who are just joining the game.

  72. Let me tell you, I don’t lie. I’ve worked in marketing for the last decade and when it comes to Tapfiliate? It’s pretty much the best affiliate software there is. The customer support team has always been ready to lend an ear or lend a hand; their response time has never made this feel like anything less than top notch service. Not only that but they’re all built for up-to-date technology so if something goes wrong on your end, not theirs!

  73. OSI Affiliate is an easy-to-use software that can be beneficial for companies who want to track and manage their affiliates. OSI Affiliates has a user-friendly interface and provides helpful tips on how to get the most out of this software and what mistakes not to make in marketing affiliate products through your website. This software offers a solution when it comes to tracking commissions, one of the hardest things about managing an affiliate program.

  74. I love this product. Tapfiliate is perfect for affiliate programs because it’s simple and easy-to-use while powerful features, live events, education courses, community building tools, industry expertise and 24/7 customer service ensure that your affiliate program can be successful. I’ve had so many problems with other software in the past – you guys solved them all!

  75. Binom is the best affiliate marketing tracker out there – hands down. I used to have issues with tracking my commissions and defining specific conversion phases, but now that’s all so much easier. It’s also on-point in terms of tackling campaign management, providing great insights into individual customer behavior.

  76. Voluum is a powerful tool in tracking and it provides you with three qualities: the first one would be the control of the targeted space. You can reach any country or city; secondly, controlling when to display your campaign in which time frame; and thirdly, what type of devices and software the user will use to surf the web. I personally found this product very effective because Voluum focused on specific languages that covers 96% of all Internet users.

  77. I’ve tried a few of these, but it’s Binom that always keeps me coming back. It just works! Extremely accurate data and all the tracking I need to know exactly where my traffic is coming from. Accurate stats found in at-a-glance benchmarks for every campaign I’m running. Like what you see? Try the most popular marketing software on the market now!

  78. With Voluum, you’ll be able to grow and manage your affiliate marketing business all the way from understanding what’s driving traffic, to discovering what type of ads people are clicking on. This nifty tool allows you to track and analyse your campaigns across different browsers and devices; it even lets you do A/B testing for conversion progress! What’s more, the system is designed with robust infrastructure for fast data processing and an easy setup procedure. The best part? Your traffic tracking will never again run into any trouble – there won’t be a moment when wait times or bugs will stand in your way. If we haven’t convinced you yet that Voluum has everything covered.

  79. Voluum has been my favourite affiliate tracking software for over a year now. My fingers are waaay faster than any other software on the market, and I can see data no one else can – including trends in user performance!

  80. Affise can be the best software if you want to build and run your affiliate networks on your own. The adaptability and flexibility it offers are what make it stand out. You can put your trust in Affise when implementing them so that they may bring you real benefits.

  81. The support team at LinkTrust is helpful and aims to reply quickly so your business can stay running. No more long waits for customer service

  82. Track your marketing as it works for you. Know what’s working and tweak until it blows up so fast you can feel those bragging rights begin to dish the dirt down on all those who made fun of you for not being able to track their ads. You’re a quad-combo-burrito overlord with a throne that just keeps getting more comfortable – then again, why should I talk about how this feels? Do Try Voluum!

  83. OSIAffiliate is an incredible software with many cool features. Not only does it have the ability to monitor the successful actions of affiliates, but it also has a vast amount of reports that give you great insight into any success your business may be seeing – on all devices! It even sends you notifications when new events happen in your account, like someone making their first commission or reaching a milestone payment threshold. OSIAffociate is engineered for ultimate convenience and ease of use. Once you purchase the software, set up only takes minutes! Setting up automatic payouts takes less than five minutes as well.

  84. Tapfiliate has literally changed my life! I know how to run affiliate campaigns like the back of me hand, and it’s all thanks to this software. It is easy enough for someone who doesn’t speak ‘tech’, but also offers features that only an expert would know existed. If you’re trying to either start your own affiliate program or improve one that already exists, Tapfiliate is essential.

  85. This is the best affiliate tracking software I have ever used. A few features that stood out are: it is global, so you can track mobile phones and find what carrier they are on; it could detect my internet connection type which has never been an issue for any other tracker; and finally, its performance marketing feature allowed me to increase my conversion rate.

  86. voluum is the best tool out there for tracking campaigns, even including browser and operating system. No more missing targets with volumum’s special targeted space!

  87. Voluum is the easy way to track your campaigns. Previously, determining how much has been spent on each campaign was tedious and time-consuming work for busy marketers. Voluum solves that problem by letting you monitor budgets, see when goals are reached, measure ROI, toggle between analytics reports in real time to make strategic decisions before it’s too late. One of the best features is the ability to export reports in multiple formats – it will change it forever!

  88. I’m surprised it took me this long to find out about Voluum. It’s the only tracker worth buying, and know that I’ve tried them all.

  89. If you’re considering upgrading your analytics data tracking, look no further than Voluum. It’s the most powerful platform on the market to get comprehensive insights into which marketing channels are best for your business. You can track campaigns by reaching any city in any country, ensuring that you’ll never miss out on potential customers – no matter how remote they may be. Moreover, you can control intervals of time during which target audiences are within range of your campaigns; whether it’s every day during different times of the day or what devices they use to surf the web (it even tracks users specific browser preferences!). There is literally no detail left unaccounted for with this data tracker!

  90. I’ve tried many of the most popular tracking tools on the market. Voluum is by far my favorite. If you’re sick of constant calculation errors, buggy software, or poor customer service then this tool is for you! Most importantly- it’s user-friendly and saves me money 🙂

  91. It is a challenge to be in business these days. With the increased competition, it becomes more and more difficult for any company to stand out in a crowd – unless they have VOLUM! That’s why I love HOW VOLUM FOR WHAT YOU DO ONLINE in this day and age when everyone is trying their hand at online marketing. It saves me from all the headache of SEO, provide detailed data on my campaigns’ effectiveness, and optimize my campaigns automatically. Heaven help us if we didn’t have it!

    VOLUM is an amazing 2018-edition product promoting the latest technology fusion with cutting edge AI engine that uncovers hidden details about your ROI web traffic statistics without you having to lift another finger!

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