Advanced Ads Review 2024: WordPress Ad Management Plugin

Advanced Ads

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Advanced Ads is a WordPress plugin that provides sophisticated ad management tools. It allowed you to add code from ad networks like AdSense or banner advertisements to WordPress. One has powerful control over the page that the advertisement should appear on.

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  • Targeted Advertising: Advance Ads allows you to target users based on their preferences and interests, allowing you to reach the right people with the right message at the right time.
  • Flexibility & Control: You can customize your ads settings to best fit your budget, goals, and objectives so you get the most bang for your buck.
  • Easily Manageable: You can easily manage and optimize your campaigns, making it easy to tweak settings that aren’t performing as expected or adjust the budget of a successful campaign.


  • Complex Setup: Setting up an effective and profitable campaign can be quite complex, requiring more technical knowledge than other advertising options.


Price: $

Looking for Advanced Ads Review, you are at the right place.

To fund their initiatives and pay for operating expenses, many website owners attempt to monetize their platforms. Banner and display advertising are among the most well-liked methods of generating income from websites. When you establish a blog, there are numerous ways to make money.

However, displaying advertisements on your website is one of the most tried-and-true tactics.

Advanced Ads Review

When you initially start out, organizing and displaying ads on your website is rather straightforward. But when more people visit your site and become potential advertisers, you’ll surely need a tool to help you better manage your advertising, including where it’s placed.

Although integrating advertisements into a website first seems quite simple, generating cash is difficult. The ad management plugin from Advanced Ads is useful in this situation. It offers strong options to integrate advertising into your website and automatically improve its performance.

About Advanced Ads

Advanced Ads Review


Advanced Ads is a WordPress plugin that provides sophisticated ad management tools. It allowed you to add code from ad networks like AdSense or banner advertisements to WordPress. One has powerful control over the page that the advertisement should appear on.

You can find the plugin for free on Advanced Ads as well as a number of commercial extensions that offer more features.

All of the main ad networks, such as AdSense and Amazon, are compatible with it. It can also be used to manage your own advertisements, whether you are posting affiliate offers or even direct ad sales.

What Can You Do With Advanced Ads?

Advanced Ads is one of the most recommended WordPress plugins for effective ad management. It has garnered a prestigious 4.9-star rating on the WordPress store with more than 1300 votes being actively used on more than 100,000 WordPress sites.

The fee version of the plugin allows you to perform the following functions:

  • Create unlimited ads and display them on your website
  • Place ads into particular areas automatically on your WordPress website
  • Display a variety of offers by rotating ads
  • Schedule ads
  • Set expiration dates for ads 
  • Target ads to specific types of users

If you subscribe to the All Access license of Advance Ads, then you can also perform some additional tasks like:

  • Embed sticky and popup ads 
  • Use geolocation to target ads
  • Insert ads to Google AMP pages
  • Access to valuable stats to analyze the performance of your ads
  • Click Fraud Protection
  • AdBlocker Features
  • Smooth integration of Google Ad Manager 
  • And much more!

Basically, Advanced Ads could help you improve the efficiency of your ad display strategy.

Advanced Ads Key Features & Functions

Advanced Ads Key features: Advanced Ads Review


There is a lot going on with the Advanced Ads plugin. However, some of the most interesting content is hidden behind a paywall. However, the free edition has a good number of features that will probably make the plugin useful.

Free features

AdSense integration

Your AdSense account can easily be linked to Advanced Ads. You can also see your AdSense revenues in the backend and let Advanced Ads create an ads.txt with your AdSense entry. AdSense Auto ads and Auto AMP ads can be integrated with one click.

They are a recognized partner of Google. This means that through the Advanced Ads interface, you can just pick the AdSense ad you want to use.

Display ads based on browser language

You can choose that the advertisement only appears for visitors who can comprehend a specific language or you can design your own greeting.

NOTE: If you want to limit it to specific people, only use this option. Add “Browser Language” to the Visitor Conditions meta box by clicking there. Select the language that the visitor’s browser must support in order for the advertisement to appear.

Inject Ads on web pages 

The free version of the Advance Ads plugin allows you to insert ads into your web pages. If you wish to insert the ads in between random paragraphs of the web page, then you will have to upgrade to the Pro Version.

Responsive Ads

Making sure that on-site ads are serving in a manner that “fits” the user’s screen is one of the most important aspects of ad optimization. You can choose the browser width for which your ad is eligible to serve using this functionality. This feature is available in the All Access Plan.

Automatic Placement

What happens if you’ve never posted advertisements on your website and are unsure of where to put them? With the automatic technique that Advanced Adverts offers, you can customize how those ads are shown. In the plugin’s commercial edition, there are more choices accessible.

However, you get access to some of the most popular destinations with the free version.

Premium features

The Advanced Ads free version is already a very useful tool for bloggers. However, you can gain access to even more beneficial features with the pro-add-ons.

Sticky Ads

You have the option to place sticky or anchor ad units in the header, footer, left or right sidebar, or left or right bar. Go to Advanced Ads > Placements > Create a new placement, then select the placement type, to configure this.

Reread the terms of service before attempting this because anchor advertisements are not permitted by all ad networks.

Creating ad grids

Particularly effective for content recommendation units is this capability. You are in complete control of the settings. When the size is adjusted to 4 columns by 2 rows, eight adverts will be seen.

Depending on your site’s layout, you can change the Inner Margin in%, which is the distance between the borders and the adverts.

The minimum column width prevents columns from being too narrow for smaller devices. On smaller devices, Full Width enables you to display the grid in a single column rather than several columns crammed next to one another.

View Ads Statistics 

You may track clicks and impressions using the Tracking add-on to find out how well your advertising is truly doing. With the help of this add-on for Advanced Ads, you can monitor the Google Analytics impressions and clicks on your ads.

This not only greatly improves server performance but also makes it possible for you to compare those figures to any other metrics in Analytics.

Access to multiple placement options

You have a ton of new placement possibilities with Advanced Ads Pro. Using the plugin, you can insert ads in the following ways:

  • As a background of your website
  • In between paragraphs of your content (Only in the Pro Ve
  • Above the title of the post 
  • On archive pages
  • On external websites as a simple ad server

Sell Ad Spots Directly Via WooCommerce

The Selling Ads add-on enables customers to buy advertisements from the front of your website if you wish to sell ads directly to third-party advertisers without the need for a middleman like BuySellAds (via a WooCommerce integration).

Visitor Targeting Conditions

If you’d want additional control over which advertisements appear for which visitors, you can target using the Geo Targeting add-on and/or Advanced Ads Pro.

How Does Advanced Ads Work?

First of all, you need to begin by installing the Advance Ads plugin. You only need to do this by going to Plugins > Add new in your WordPress dashboard. When you type “Advanced Ads” into the search bar, it comes up first. After clicking “Install Now,” turn it on.

With Advanced Adverts, you can automatically embed ads at certain points in your posts and assign them to specified placements. You could, for instance, place an advertisement every third paragraph. Single ads may also be added to groups in order to implement ad rotations.

Placements make it simple to display a single banner in a number of different locations. To accurately target particular user groups or content kinds, you can also use very intricate ad configurations.

You get a new Advanced Ads tab when you initially install the plugin, where you can control your:

  • Ads
  • Placements
  • Rotations

Creating A New Ad

New ads can be easily made. You simply click on Advanced Ads → Ads. You can first decide what kind of advertisement to make. You may build advertising using Advanced Ads by Creating a new ad is simple.

  • Plain Text and Code
  • AdSense Ad
  • Rich Content
  • Image Ad
  • Ad Group

Once you are through with Creating the Ad, Then, you set your Display Conditions. These let you choose which pages to place your adverts on. The advertisement might be displayed on all pages or just on a selected subset of pages. I’ve configured it to only display like the example below on genuine blog post pages.

Then, you can also configure the Visitor Conditions to prevent particular visitors from seeing your advertisement. You can, among other things, prevent mobile users from visiting your website.

How Much Does Advanced Ads Pro Cost?


On, the free basic version of Advanced Ads is available. There are also some other free add-ons available, such as sticky widgets, AdSense in-feed adverts, and interaction with WP Bakery and Genesis themes.

The majority of the add-ons are separate purchases. The All Access license, which comes with all accessible add-ons and Advanced Ads Pro, is what we advise. There is also a four-year long-term deal available for this license. The terms of all other plans are yearly.

Advanced Ads Free Vs Pro – Which one to choose?

If you want to monetize your blog or website, the plugin’s free version offers a ton of useful capabilities. Having said that, the premium edition also has a ton of fantastic features. Consider upgrading if you want tracking, geo-targeting, to sell ad space, popup and layer advertisements, and caching support.

I myself intend to upgrade as soon as I can. It’s a reasonable expenditure for what I want to achieve with a few of my websites given the simplicity of use and extra capabilities of the paid version.

However, from the standpoint of a newbie, Advanced Ads’ free version provides you with everything you need to get going right away.

Does Advanced Ads adhere to industry privacy standards?

You, as a webmaster, have recently had to cope with a plethora of new rules and legislation pertaining to data protection. There are several regulations in many locations, such as GDPR, CCPA, and DSGVO, that you must take into account while integrating advertisements.

Website owners have faced the challenge of acquiring the necessary consent from their users ever since Google AdSense announced the launch of the new industry standard for online advertising, the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF 2.0), not too long ago.

Ads that load information from third parties may only appear after receiving this permission.

With the touch of a button, Advanced Ads provides easy integration. Which cookie or consent plugin is utilized on a website is irrelevant. Advanced Advertising can manage the ads in accordance with the provided consent as long as this consent solution is TCF 2.0 compatible.

Why Do We Like Advanced Ads?

There is a reason why Advance Ads is one of the most trusted and recommended ad management tools in the market right now.

The tool, as you must have figured by now is loaded with useful advanced features that enable website owners to seamlessly manage all the ads on their websites. Here are some of the key reasons why we like Advance Ads and would recommend you try it out.

Google Ad Manager Integration

When it comes to more exact ad targeting or ad rotation, Advanced Ads’ Google Ad Manager add-on can support you properly. You may instantly import the ads created in your GAM account and utilize them on your WordPress site after installing this add-on and establishing a connection with it.

The two-part header and body codes immediately become one-part codes as a result. As a result, managing and handling these advertising becomes much simpler because you no longer have to worry about matching the proper header and body codes.

Key-value targeting and responsive advertisements are both supported by this integration. Naturally, these GAM advertisements also function on your website’s AMP version.

Click Fraud Protection

Click Fraud Protection, a function provided by Advanced Ads Pro, stops click bombing and unwanted clicks from bots or unpopular users. You can specify how many times a person may click on an ad in a given period of time for Click Fraud Protection.

All advertising is immediately hidden for a set amount of time if a user goes over this cap. By doing this, you can drastically cut down on unwanted traffic.

Dedicated integrations with other plugins

The list of plugins that Advanced Ads is compatible with has been continuously growing over time. The result is that there are specific integrations for membership plugins like BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, BBPress, or Paid Memberships Pro in addition to native support for WPML and Polylang and support for caching plugins.

In essence, you may carefully target your adverts based on the preferences and traits of your consumers to receive the best results.

Powerful ad tracking

If you’re serious about website optimization, you need to track and evaluate the effectiveness of your advertising. Without this information, how can you know which spots on your website are effective for ads and which ones are not?

Two local monitoring options provided by Advanced Ads give you a chance to evaluate the effectiveness of your advertisements while maintaining your privacy. Additionally, you may integrate ad tracking with Google Analytics to have each ad impression and click appear as an event in your reporting.

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Conclusion: Advanced Ads Review 2024

Perhaps the simplest way to monetize a website is to run adverts. Additionally, depending on the adverts, it might make you a sizable sum of money. Both the Advanced Ads’ free and Pro editions are effective in helping you manage your ads perfectly and generate revenue from blogs.

Never before have ad management and optimization been this effective. Advanced Ads offers solutions for a number of publisher problems. Because this plugin will handle everything for you, you can let your developer take a holiday.

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