Adsterra Social Bar: How To Work With India Using It In 2024?

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There’s something about India that I’m pretty sure we’ve all heard — it’s a great source of cheap traffic! But how true is this? Let’s check out the facts.

The overwhelming majority of India’s population (85%) uses mobile devices to access the Internet, primarily using the Android OS.

What does this mean for us? Well, Android phones often get clogged up with random trash files that need to be cleaned up. That’s why India is a great place to work with cleanup apps that help to free up space and remove junk on smartphones.

Today we will look at a 2023 India GEO test and see how it went. Let’s go!

Adsterra Social bar

Choosing The Offer

We will start with the CPI APK offer Firewall APK that we will mask as a cleanup app from Adsterra CPA.

The APK file has a utility that protects the phone from viruses and cleans up the trash. It also shows ads.

Here’s what the pretender looks like:


This offer is great for Tier-3 GEOs where the target audience is more likely to trust apps like this and may not know what “Firewall” or other similar terms mean.

Payout: IN — $0.02/CPI


We are going to test different creatives for APKs when geo-targeting India. As I have mentioned previously, we are going to mask this APK as a cleanup app, using creatives to increase the number of conversions.

First, we are going to test a few different creatives and strategies as well as two different languages for creatives. Why two different languages?

Well, India has two official languages: Hindi and English. We should try both of them during our testing period and see which one can show better results. To do this, we will split-test two different campaigns and monitor the CTR on the creatives.

When it comes to a campaign like this, you should pay special attention to your affiliate program’s targeting for the offer. This offer encourages scaling (mobile phones + tablets) but limits Android versions (4.0 to 11.0).

The latter is caused by older operating systems (as well as phones) being unable to run the APKs we’re going to be using.

We are going to run an A/B test to find the best combination.

The tests will be carried out using the Social Bar CPC, 0.001$ per bid. India GEO has a really small bid and a high amount of relevant traffic for your buck. Past experiences show that offers with a simple flow (CPI, CPL, CPR) can perform really well.

Test №1 English

First, we will test the campaign in English.

  1. Set up the targeting. Use the widest possible targets while still adhering to the offer description from your affiliate program.
  2. Use some spy tools to see what kind of creatives are typically used for your offer.
  3. In your settings, choose English as your target language.
  4. Don’t forget to ask your affiliate program manager how profitable this offer tends to be. Don’t put yourself in a situation where you’ll have a negative ROI and losses no matter what.

If you have any previous experience working with India with a similar offer, use the data you’ve collected to your advantage. If you know a placement doesn’t convert well, put it on the blacklist right away.

The faster you weed out all those non-converting placements, the quicker you’ll be able to start making profits.

Here are some examples of Social Bar ads you can use.


Please remember that images can sometimes be cut after being processed, so you should center them.

Don’t forget to check the translation, too. A bad one with lots of mistakes can hugely negatively impact your CTR and lose you a lot of traffic.

If you are too lazy to come up with your own creatives, use the ones that have already been shown to be profitable. You can find them using spy tools.

Test №2 Hindi

The only difference between this test and the previous one is the language. This time, we’re going with Hindi. I’ve used the same number of creatives with an almost identical design – all in all, I’ve changed just one targeting option.

Test Hindi


Be sure to carefully study how all your placements perform and be ready to add badly-performing ones to your blacklists.

We need to do these tests to see which sources can’t convert well and just waste your money.

Please note that some sources will convert better in Hindi, while others might perform better when paired with English. Don’t use the same blacklist for both campaigns.

Carefully examine test results and only exclude creatives/sources when you understand why they might not be performing that well.

Don’t forget to use your platform’s extra features. For example, Custom Bid, lets you make a separate whitelist that can slightly increase payouts. It lets you spend your account funds more wisely and helps to avoid making losses on non-converting creatives.

When doing your A/B tests track the performance of each creative you’re using. It’s really important to timely exclude all non-performing creatives.

It typically takes 5-7 days to see the difference. If both languages are doing well, run two campaigns with your funds divided equally between them. You can adjust your budget allocation as results start coming in.

With time, you will need to start testing new creatives using separate campaigns in order to increase your CR/CTR without losing too much on your main one.

Post Optimization

  • Mobile phones + tablets;
  • Android version 4.0 to 11.0 (exclude the versions that don’t perform well);
  • A bid of 0.001$ per click;
  • Exclude creatives that have low CTR and CR;
  • Start gathering a whitelist for launching a full-fledged campaign.


English-language creatives

A screenshot from the Adsterra CPA Network:

Results english

  • Total Spent 200$
  • Total Revenue 305.6$
  • Net Profit 105.6$
  • ROI 152%

Hindi creatives

A screenshot from the Adsterra CPA Network:

Results Hindi

  • Total Spent 200$
  • Total Revenue 368.4$
  • Net Profit 168.4$
  • ROI 184%

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Conclusion: Adsterra Social Bar 2024

Our tests have shown that both languages can perform pretty well, especially when combined with well-made creatives.

Please note that tests like this HAVE to be carried out before launching your actual full-fledged campaign.

They not only help you to figure out which language to use but also allow you to test your creatives, help to fill out black-  and whitelists and gauge the offer’s potential CR.

Hindi is the dominant language in some Indian states. I recommend learning more about your target GEO before launching a campaign to ensure it goes well.

Knowing all the ins and outs of a region can help you to make profits when you would’ve otherwise gotten a loss.

The 30% difference shows that Hindi is easier to understand for the native population that generally tends to trust ads on the Internet a lot more.

It’s better to spend 100$ on a test and learn that the offer doesn’t convert well than blow all your funds on it and lose your money. Be careful with limits, as there’s a lot of traffic and it can wipe out your account balance without you noticing.

Sign up in Adsterra and find tons of quality traffic!

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