5 Actual Purposes Of Starting A Blog In 2024– How To Earn Passive Income With Blogging?

Starting a blog can be difficult, but with these 5 actual purposes of starting a blog, it’s easier to get your bearings. You’ll never know what you might find if you start blogging!

Blogging can serve a variety of purposes, including fun hobbies, money-making endeavors, and boosting an existing business.

In this article, you will find out why you should blog, as well as what it can do for your business. Among marketers polled by HubSpot, 53% ranked blogging as their top priority in content marketing.

What Makes Blogging so Important?

As we all know, blogging is a channel for inbound marketing. Your website will attract highly targeted traffic already interested in your industry. There’s no guesswork involved. You contact prospects proactively and hope that they will be interested.

Actual Purposes Of Starting A Blog

That’s what makes us powerful.

What are the Purposes of Having a Blog?

1. The use of a blog as a means of spreading your message is extremely beneficial.

Initially, I began blogging primarily for personal reasons. It was a means to express my creativity.

For the most part, blogs have been used as online journals in which to record personal experiences, lessons, and reflections. For some, blogging is simply a hobby they enjoy.

Over time, as people realized that blogging can drive targeted traffic using search engines, they began to treat it as a business.

The result was the emergence of a new breed of professional bloggers who started their businesses from blogging.

2. Blogging as a business

By using contextual ad networks such as Google AdSense and promoting your own affiliate products, you can effectively monetize your blog through blogging.

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I am involved in professional blogging on a full-time basis. This involves running several blogs with the assistance of a small hybrid team.

I write about everything to do with blogging and digital marketing on this blog.

As a result, my blog would appear at the top of search results when people search for content related to blogging on Google.

Demand and supply are the keys to blogging success. You should be in a niche and write about topics where there is a lot of demand but relatively little supply.

I try to educate my blog audience about the benefits of products that are highly useful for them and only promote them.

Due to the fact that I own multiple websites, I also sometimes sell my websites once the ROI has plateaued and the ROI is declining – for a minimum of 20x the monthly earnings.

The blogging revolution has also led to the development of digital nomads, who operate a virtual team and blog from anywhere in the world. Many travel bloggers are simply travelers who blog about their experiences.

Consider these things when running your blog as a business:

  • You should publish relevant, high-quality content
  • Your income and traffic shouldn’t be dependent on one source
  • Build your social media profiles, YouTube channel, and other digital assets.
  • Blogs are macro games – you need purpose, passion, and persistence to succeed.
Actual Purposes of Starting a Blog - blog
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3. Blogging to grow your business and brand

Blogs and content marketing are also used by businesses to generate high-quality leads on a consistent basis.

There is a good chance that you do not have a blog for your brand if you have a website for it.

You can attract a highly targeted audience to your website by providing free content on your blog.

By getting these people to read the brand’s blog content, the brand is strategically increasing its brand awareness. As a result, when faced with a choice, they may choose your business over your competitors. It is easy to make your competitors irrelevant.

Furthermore, you might also consider creating a lead generation form that offers free ebooks, a course, a webinar, or a free consultation in exchange for e-mail addresses. This type of lead generation strategy could increase your lead generation.

The following is an example of the lead generation strategy employed by Cindy Joseph, who is an expert in skincare for women.

These audiences were specifically searching for a particular thing on Google, so they likely convert well as they are highly targeted.

Many successful brands, including Drift, Zendesk, Buffer, Evernote, Leadpages, and others, attribute their success to the blogs. 

I’m sure if your lead generation strategy is appropriate or even a sales funnel is hitting the right spot then by leveraging blogging to drive qualified leads to the top of your sales funnel or pipeline, you can reduce your marketing budget and see amazing results.

Your blog should have 2-3 high-quality posts every week. You can outsource your blog content or hire a content team to do this.

4. Develop a portfolio

create a portfolio- Actual Purposes of Starting a Blog
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You should think about creating a portfolio website for showcasing your work, whether you are a freelance writer, programmer, designer, or do any online work.

People are more likely to hire you for their next project if they see you have a real website and proven work.

Also, your blog content should demonstrate your passion for the field you are working in.

You can have content that helps other writers, for instance, if you are a freelance writer. Because you are also a freelance writer, prospects will be more likely to hire you when they realize you are actually guiding other freelancers!

You should have a website and a blog rather than a resume.

5. Personal branding

Online Branding Logo
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Personal branding is undoubtedly the most important reason for blogging.

As we move forward in this information age, it’s becoming increasingly important to build your brand around yourself when it comes to landing a lucrative job, landing more clients, and getting recognition.

Professional training, as well as marketing agencies, are becoming more focused on personal branding.

Having a personal website with your own blog is important, even if you can build your brand on social media, YouTube, and other channels.

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Bottomline – Actual Purposes of Starting a Blog 2024 

I hope you found this article helpful in determining how to align blogging with your professional and personal goals.

Blogging as part of your business can really make a difference if your audience is internet users.

Here are a few reasons to blog. What are your reasons for blogging?

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