800.com Review 2024: Is It Worth It? (Pros & Cons)

800.com Review

Overall Verdict

800.com offers local and toll-free random, bespoke, and vanity phone numbers for businesses. Subscriptions to its virtual phone number service include several companies calling capabilities, such as call recording, extensions, and voicemail.

Out of 10


  • Configure campaign crediting for call tracking
  • All plans feature call recording, generally reserved for more expensive levels.
  • simultaneous or sequential call forwarding to extensions
  • Facilitates mass text message campaigns


  • 800.com may impose an activation fee for additional numbers above the restrictions of your plan


Price: $ 25

Are you looking for 800.com Review 2024, This article is for you

You need a phone number for your business, but you don’t want to use your personal number.

Using your personal number for business can lead to a lot of problems down the road. You may miss important calls, or worse, someone could steal your identity.

800.com offers virtual business phone number solutions that are perfect for any business. With 800.com service, you can get a local or toll-free number for your business that will forward to any phone you choose. Plus, they have a wide variety of features that will help you manage your calls like a pro.

800.com Review

What Is 800.com?

800.com offers local and toll-free random, bespoke, and vanity phone numbers for businesses. Subscriptions to its virtual phone number service include several companies calling capabilities, such as call recording, extensions, and voicemail.

800.com Review

Reviews of 800.com indicate that customer service is prompt and the user interface is intuitive. Monthly plans begin at $25 with yearly billing.

800.com is ideal for sole proprietors and small organizations seeking an inexpensive, user-friendly virtual toll-free phone number with basic business calling capabilities.

800.com is one of the top virtual business phone number services for sole proprietors and small to medium-sized organizations (SMBs) desiring one or more toll-free numbers.

You may choose the Personal unlimited or metered plan for a single user and route calls to many devices. Upgrade to the Unlimited plan to have free calling minutes, or choose the Pro version to add up to 1,000 extensions, five toll-free lines, and 5,000 minutes for your team to share.

Who Is 800.com For?

  • Entrepreneurs with multiple businesses: The 800.com mobile application allows you to choose a default business and swap between numbers from a single screen effortlessly.
  • Organizations seeking inexpensive 800 numbers: If you utilize several 800 numbers for marketing campaigns or call monitoring, the Pro plan from 800.com includes five numbers, and each additional number costs less than a dollar.
  • When doing mass text messaging campaigns: Depending on your subscription, you may communicate with clients or leads by sending an SMS to 50, 2,500, or 10,000 individuals.
  • Businesses interested in number tracking for marketing campaigns: Insert a piece of code and configure your tracking numbers to determine the number of calls that came from your website’s advertising and marketing efforts.
  • Entrepreneurs that need a second telephone number: 800.com offers local business phone numbers, fax lines, and toll-free numbers with unlimited and metered rates if you wish to utilize your mobile phone to answer business calls.
  • If you want to respond by text to fundamental commonly asked questions (FAQ): You may configure keywords, such as “business hours” or a particular marketing phrase, on 800.com. When an incoming text message contains these terms, 800.com will immediately send your prewritten message.
  • Small company with few incoming calls: Unlike other VoIP services for small businesses, 800.com does not charge per user. If your company uses less than 5,000 minutes a month and you wish to connect numerous workers, your total prices may be less than those of 800. com’s competitors.
  • Charities desiring a fundraising total: If you need an 800-number for an occasional campaign but do not need a permanent voice-over-internet-protocol (VoIP) infrastructure, 800.com is an inexpensive, uncomplicated, and easy-to-implement alternative. This is one of the reasons it reached our list of the finest suppliers of virtual phone numbers.

Products Offered by 800.com

Here is the list of Products Offered by 800.com:

1. SMS Marketing –

SMS marketing provides an entirely new method for communicating with customers. With seven times the response rates of traditional email marketing, you may contact more consumers and get more feedback than conventional channels. SMS marketing makes it convenient for consumers to answer on their own time.

SMS messaging may be used throughout the sales cycle, whether attempting to expand your customer base, organize appointments, confirm purchases, encourage sales, or increase visitors. You may place your company immediately in front of clients via mobile devices.

  • Search, Archive, and Filter: Search the messages in your inbox, archive messages that are no longer relevant, and use filters to effectively locate communications.
  • Toll-Free & Local Numbers: Quickly search for and add various toll-free or local phone numbers to text messaging campaigns to increase their relevance.
  • Users: Add several users to react to consumer text messages and engage directly with them.
  • Custom Fields: To rapidly customize messages, utilize dynamic fields such as name, product reference, and phone number.
  • Scheduled Messaging: Compose your messages for billing reminders, appointments, and other procedures, and then choose a time and day for their delivery.
  • Keywords: Utilize Keywords to establish SMS opt-in lists, conduct promotions, and answer frequently asked inquiries. Create the Keyword “SALE” to trigger an automated reply with an offer whenever a consumer sends a text message containing the word “SALE.”
  • Auto Replies: Enable auto-replies to react to all customer messages automatically. Configure auto-replies to be sent during work hours, lunch breaks, or beyond business hours.
  • Track Results: Utilize analytics to assess delivery, subscription growth, and engagement promptly.
  • Personalize Messages: Utilize custom fields to make each subscriber’s text marketing campaign distinctive.
  • Lists & Segments: Utilizing list segmentation to create contact lists and improve campaigns with more relevant text messages.
  • Mass Texting: Send messages or notifications in bulk to all of your contacts.

2. Call Forwarding – 

Forwarding calls will guarantee that no calls are ever missed. No client will ever have to leave a message that may never be listened to, regardless of whether the call is transferred to a mobile device or a central location where your customer support staff is.

Additional features such as planned and weighted routing ensure that your calls are always sent to the most accessible and competent staff.

Call forwarding with your local and toll-free lines may also enhance the perception of your business’s presence.

  • Whisper Greeting:  Before connecting the call, play brief audio to the receiver to instantly identify the source of the call.
  • Extensions: Set up extensions with call forwarding policies for each department in your organization.
  • Weighted Routing: Forward incoming calls evenly to multiple phones, or give higher-performing teams more weight.
  • Scheduled Routing: Forward incoming calls depending on the time of day or week to enhance client availability.
  • Call Analytics: Use sophisticated Call Analytics to identify missed calls, unique callers, call length, and contact time to make more informed routing choices.
  • Call Transcription: Utilize call transcription of all recorded calls to efficiently search for and determine the tone of all forwarded calls.
  • Call Recording: Enable call recording for all routed calls to ensure quality
  • Voicemail: Calls are sent straight to voicemail.
  • Sequential: Forward incoming calls in order of priority or availability to multiple phones.
  • Simultaneous: Forward incoming calls to multiple phones simultaneously to guarantee that each call is answered.
  • Standard: Direct incoming calls to your cell phone or a single phone line.

3. Call Analytics – 

Call analytics enables the identification of patterns and opportunities inside consumer calls. Conversation intelligence provides a better knowledge of your conversations and may aid in identifying opportunities for product, customer service, and marketing enhancements.

Call analytics can enhance your communications and save you and your team time by automatically recording, transcribing, and analyzing call emotion.

These statistics facilitate the connection between your call data and marketing tactics

  • Values: Provide a monetary value to consumers based on call transcriptions, recordings, or keywords.
  • Scores: Determine if a call is qualified or unqualified based on a list of keywords.
  • Highlights: Develop a keyword plan for your marketing campaign.
  • Reporting: Export complete tracking number reports.
  • Call Transcriptions: Written call transcriptions provide the monitoring of keywords and significant exchanges.
  • Call Recordings:  Listening to customer calls may enhance customer service and future conversion rates.
  • By Duration:  Optimize advertising by tracking numbers with the longest call time.
  • By Geography:  Determine the location of callers based on the tracking number to redirect calls to the optimal timezone.
  • By Day & Time: Determine the day and time with the most significant call volume by monitoring the number to route calls appropriately.

4. Call Tracking – 

Call monitoring enables organizations to monitor which advertising, keywords, and campaigns generate calls securely and precisely. Call monitoring data may assist organizations in determining which initiatives need enhancements and which can be expanded for more excellent performance.

In addition to using call tracking with their commercial texting campaigns, businesses may also employ call tracking. You may continue to monitor outcomes for future improvement if you are re-engaging your existing client list or seeking to recoup lost chances.

  • Track Results: Utilize analytics to assess delivery, subscription growth, and engagement promptly.
  • Personalize Messages: Utilize custom fields to make each subscriber’s text marketing campaign distinctive.
  • Lists & Segments: Utilizing list segmentation, create contact lists and improve campaigns with more relevant text messages.
  • Mass Texting: Send messages or notifications in masse to all lost prospects or current clients.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Evaluating conversation sentiment, you may identify potential problems with consumers or agents before they occur.
  • Lost Opportunities: Determine discussions with consumers that may have led to a sale.
  • Reports: Identify the tracking numbers that have received calls by day and time, location, call length, missed calls, and unique calls in a flash.
  • Conversation Search: Improve marketing and advertising channels by analyzing all of your calls for keywords.
  • Highlights: Improve quality assurance by highlighting more significant calls using keywords.
  • Agent vs Customer Statistics: Determine quickly how much time your staff spent speaking compared to the client.
  • Tags: Tag each call as a lead, spam, or conversion to ascertain the real ROA.
  • Dynamic Number Insertion: Create and assign unique phone numbers to marketing channels with ease.

5. API –

Utilize the 800 SMS API to add messaging to your business’s local and toll-free lines and to establish new SMS marketing campaigns.

Our API enables programmatic interaction between developers and their 800.com accounts. If you want to automate business texting or create auto-reply triggers, our API strives to simplify operations for your team.

The 800.com API offers multi-channel call attribution for campaigns, allowing developers to monitor call stats and evaluate success. They need this information to enhance and optimize their current digital marketing strategy.

  • Peace of Mind: SOC 2 compliance exhibits dependable security.
  • Spam & Fraud Protection: Texts are transmitted and stored securely using anti-spam measures that are industry-leading.
  • Picture Messaging: MMS may be sent and received between carriers.
  • Delivery Confirmation: Delivery receipts with verified delivery to the device.
  • All Character Sets: They support all emojis and languages.
  • Long-Form Texts: Texts may include up to 600 characters.
  • Ease of Use: Simple API with extensive documentation for all SMS use cases.
  • High Throughput: Send 10,000 or 1,000,000 mails with ease.
  • Two-Way Texting: Receive and send text messages.

Major Features and Benefits of 800.com

Here are the features of 800.com:

1. Keyword Spotting:

Create a 600-character text reply automatically when a client sends a message containing a specific term. You may use this feature to provide information, such as your company or technical support hours.

Utilize keyword spotting in your marketing materials, for instance, by instructing your audience to text SPRING PROMO to your number and get an instantaneous reply with the discount code.

2. Call Analytics:

Call Analytics 800.com


Utilize your web portal to access information on your 800.com phone numbers, including campaign-specific tracking numbers, your business line, and forwarded phone numbers.

The related charts and data are easily readable and may be exported to Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel through a comma-separated values (CSV) file.

3. Mass Texting Campaigns:

You may use SMS text campaigns for marketing or informative reasons to distribute a message to several recipients swiftly.

All 800.com plans include texting credits: 50 for Personal, 500 for Unlimited, and 1,000 for Professional. After delivering the first text, recipients get instructions for opting out of your SMS campaign.

Send customized text messages to your contacts by retrieving their first or last names from your contact list. Text containing a picture (a multimedia message or MMS text) requires two credits.

Text messages in bulk may include 600 characters and emojis—additional credits over your plan’s maximum cost of 4 cents each.

4. Custom Auto-replies:

If you miss a text message during or after work hours, you may send the sender an automated text message. This is comparable to the rapid response function provided by Grasshopper, a leading distributor of virtual phone numbers alongside 800.com.

Your 600-character messages are auto-replies for office hours or general auto-replies. Office hour answers are sent when you miss a call during regular business hours, while general auto-replies are sent after office hours, holidays, and weekends.

5. Call Routing:

Call Routing 800.com

800.com offers call routing alternatives for individuals and groups. Each phone line and extension may be configured to route calls according to a schedule or predefined list of numbers.

In addition, 800.com enables call weighting distribution, allowing you to assign a more prominent call volume to individual staff.

6. Campaign Attribution:

Use a dynamic phone number for your website and digital marketing to monitor performance across many platforms. Configure a single campaign for each toll-free number, then watch individual users or events. 800.com tallies every phone number click associated with a particular channel, such as a Facebook advertisement.

You may also trace people and the activities they performed on your website before hitting your phone number. Utilize call analytics to identify which commercials, landing pages, or social postings generate the most calls for your sales or fundraising initiatives.

Using the second phone number and voicemail box provided by an 800.com contract, you may keep your business or fundraising calls distinct from your calls.

Screen calls using a softphone application and sends fax by adding a document (DOC or DOCX) or a portable file (PDF).

800.com Pricing

Three virtual phone number service subscriptions are offered by 800.com. Two versions are restricted to individual usage, and calls cannot be routed to numerous receivers.

800.com Pricing

The third option includes an infinite number of extensions, enabling you to link your whole workforce to the phone system. All plans offer identical functionality but differing text, minute, and bulk messaging restrictions.

They accept American Express, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover with a U.S. or Canadian billing address. Additionally, other payment ways are being developed.

800.com Pros & Cons:

800.com Pros

  • All plans feature call recording, generally reserved for more expensive levels.
  • Automatically archives call data so that call volume per toll-free number may be seen.
  • Capability to activate automated text responses depending on keywords
  • Configure campaign crediting for call tracking
  • Each additional 800 number on the Pro plan costs just 50 cents.
  • simultaneous or sequential call forwarding to extensions
  • Facilitates mass text message campaigns
  • The 800-number generating tool is user-friendly and offers a vast range.
  • Does not restrict functionality to higher-tier plans or need a large number of add-ons.

800.com Cons

  • 800.com may impose an activation fee for additional numbers above the restrictions of your plan

FAQs On 800.com Review

What are the customer service hours of operation at 800.com?

Their customer care hours are Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 12 AM (Eastern Time), and Saturday and Sunday, 10 AM to 8 PM (Eastern Time). Holiday schedules vary.

Will 800.com sell or share my information with others?

Your information will not be shared with anybody. They limit access to your sensitive information and encrypt your sensitive personal data to secure it.

Can I request a specific (vanity) number to 800.com?

Yes, vanity numbers may be requested by contacting customer support. 800-800-4321. The one-time activation price for toll-free vanity numbers is $ 35.00. Please be warned that toll-free numbers are subject to availability and that vanity numbers' ordering and configuration procedure may take between 3 and 5 days.

Can I have multiple numbers on the same 800.com account?

Yes, you may add new numbers to your 800.com account at any time by going in and buying an unknown number.

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Conclusion: 800.com Review 2024

800.com is a cost-effective option for sole proprietors, small enterprises, and nonprofits seeking one or more toll-free numbers.

While it lacks a complete set of UCaaS services, it is a dependable alternative for forwarding business calls to your PC or smartphone and supports bulk SMS campaigns.

800.com provides options to examine each tracking number, including the number of first-time callers, so that you may monitor and enhance your outreach activities. Overall, 800.com customers are pleased with the service’s adaptability.

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