6 Amazing WordPress Plugins For Designers

The widest popular content management system is WordPress and the most popular blogging platform too.  The reason for its huge  popularity is that it allows easy templating and plugins, making it flexible for customization to meet various ranges of website requirements. Now WordPress have come up with expandious list of plugins for bloggers and designers to make their work look great with personalised customization.

But on the flip side you are spoilt with so much choices that as a designer you might just install plugins which may not give you your desired results. So in this post I have tried to pick the best possible designer plugins to suit your blog functioning needs.

1) Google Analyticator

Google Analyticator

Promotion is almost indispensable to popularise your WordPress blog. For that find out the most searched keywords and use them in your content. The Google Analyticator plugin adds the Javascript code to enable Google Analytics on your WordPress dashboard.  Once the enabling process is done, go to the settings page, type your Google Analyticator UID and then click to authenticate and synchronise your  Google  Analyticator account with Google Analyticator.

Download here

2) Shareaholic 


Another option  to  share your blog post is to install the shareaholic plugin in your  WordPress. The Shareaholic WordPress menu enables to install social bookmarking menu to your content. Along with that related content widget is also attached to your blog  post , index or pages. This enhances the promotional aspect of your blog post.

Download here

3) nrelated  Content Related  Links


If you can insert a valuable related link  at the end of your content, it should add credibility to your  name as a blogger. There are numerous plugins to  functionise the automatic inclusion of  related links. But the plugin nrelate comes to my mind as it does the automatic inclusion as well as you can use short codes to include links manually. That gives a look of personal touch to your post.

Download here

4) Viper’s Video Quicktags

Vipers Video Quicktags

You know what an effect it creates when you insert a video tag to make your blog post more explainable. But the task isn’t easy as you still have to  copy and paste the embed code from the platform where you choose to pick the video.  This plugin makes your job relatively easier as  you just need to copy paste the URL of  the video you want to insert. The embeding process for the video upload is done automatically by the plugin Viper’s Video Quicktags . Now that saves a lot of hassle on your side.

Download here

5) WordPress Call to Action

Calls to Action for your WordPress site

As an entrepreneur you would wish to turn visitors to your blog into customers. Now this particular plugin helps to prepare a mailing list, or just draw  viewers’ attention to your content or may simply highlight a special offer. This plugin does an excellent job of helping you to visually create impressive call to action pop up and track conversion rates.

Download here

6) Instagram Image Gallery

Instagram image gallery plugin

With social networking growing leaps and bound in popularity,  to integrate social media feed to your blog post has become increasingly necessary.  You can comfortably integrate Instagram service to your website.  You just need to choose from where you want to import images, whether from a particular user or a specific hashtag. The plugin will take care of the rest. You can even choose how you want to display the images , as in thumbnails or slide show.

You can choose the background colour, border themes and slide show pacing. Easy configuration and personalised customization makes Instagram service plugin a desirable one.

Download here

To wrap up I have highlighted my six favourites in designer plugins,  which would definitely take your blog to another level in looks and functionality. I do value your suggetions and recommendations.  Please do come back with your opinions.

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