360 Training Review 2024: My Honest Experience

360 Training

Overall Verdict

360training is the world’s largest online workforce training solution with 6000+ courses! 360training is the one-stop-shop for all your on-demand and classroom career development learning. 360training has over 4 million learners in 67 countries.

Out of 10


  • Satisfied Customers
  • Everyone Can Apply
  • Variety of courses
  • Learning solutions
  • Consistent price range
  • Mathematics Course


  • Pricing plans of some course isn't flexible
  • Beginners can't relate to some courses


Price: $ 159

Looking for an unbiased 360 Training Review. I’ve got you covered.

Life is full of challenges. You need to be on top of your game to get the best career opportunities.

But with so many things to learn, you can’t keep up.

360training is here to help! It comes with 6000+ courses that cover everything from technical skills to soft skills. 360training has courses for every profession, industry, and company size.

In this post, I have shared my 60 days of personal experience with 360 Training Courses Review. 360training is the world leader in a variety of online training courses with a network of more than 3 million students worldwide. The company was founded in 1997 in Austin, Texas, as an online traffic course provider.

Today, 360training offers licensed online real estate courses to students from eleven states (Alabama, California, Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Montana, New York, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Washington).

You know, 1.2 billion children in 186 countries were affected by school closures due to the pandemic. Due to this, the overall market for online education is projected to reach $350 Billion by 2025.

Bottom Line Upfront: From my own experience, 360training has proven to be the best way to train employees online. With over 6000 courses, it is a one-stop shop for both on-demand and classroom job development learning. Its world reach is shown by the fact that more than 4 million learners use it in 67 countries. What makes 360training stand out is that it can offer training options that are approved by regulators. This makes sure that organizations can keep their whole workforce safe and in compliance. If you’re looking for a complete and trustworthy training platform, I highly suggest 360training because of its wide range of courses and dedication to excellence. Join over 4 million learners & advance your career today.

In addition to real-estate pre-licensing courses, 360training also offers courses to prepare for real estate license exams, real estate re-licensing, training requirements, assessments, and mortgage training.

360training Courses Review With Discount Coupon- Your career starts here

And the real estate industry is just one of many industries where 360training offers more than 6,000 courses for students and employees in the areas of insurance, health, and environmental protection. Food security and others.

Relatively low enrollment rates, the structure of group discounts, and occasional promotions make it a popular option for students who want to save money on pre-license enrollment, and some employers are buying wholesale courses.

Save money by training new employees and helping them get certified for their new roles. Depending on the state, 360training offers additional functions in its pre-authorized real estates packages, such as real estate mathematics courses, preparatory courses for optional state license exams, and practical exams. to help the students with the preparation. Your state exam.

360 Training Review

360 Training Review: Is 360 Training Accredited?

360training.com has reported that processes have been set up to verify that customers have received their cards.

Each delivered card now has a sticker on the front of the card with a phone number under which the receipt of the cards can be checked. If a student informs 360training.com within 30 days of submitting that he has not received his card, students

must verify that they have provided a correct address, and then if their card has not been verified, 360training .com will issue a new replacement card for free.

360 Training Courses Review With Discount Coupon-get started

If the student loses any damage or claims on his or her card after 30 days or after being reviewed under OSHA regulations, the card will be replaced once for the replacement fee by the DOL.

Regarding the technical difficulties that are specifically related to the progress on course price savings, 360training.com said it offers more than 5,000 courses, many of which are regulated.

Each regulator has its own rules for the requirements of each course. Some courses must be completed in one session, while others may be left and continued. 360training.com strives to review each program and each application of the rules and to check communication with the customer to avoid confusion with the course.

Key Features Of 360 Training

  • Academic/Education
  • Asynchronous Learning
  • Blended Learning
  • Built-in Course Authoring
  • Corporate/Business
  • eCommerce
  • eLearning Companies
  • Gamification
  • Learner Portal
  • Mobile Learning
  • SCORM Compliance
  • Synchronous Learning
  • Video Conferencing

My Honest 360 Training Experience:

I recently tried 360 Training, and I learned a lot. I was drawn to their management, compliance, and healthcare courses as an HR professional.

The entertaining films, quizzes, and exercises allow for self-paced learning. Interactive webinars, online tutorials, and printable PDFs are provided in the course’s easy-to-use interface.

The platform offers expert teacher help. They are constantly accessible to answer questions and guide learning. Completing courses earns rewards and certificates.

I loved my 360 Training course and would suggest it to anybody searching for high-quality online training. HR professionals and other professionals seeking career advancement or new skills can benefit from it. I want to take more classes!

Thank you for reading my honest review of 360 Training! 🙂

Good Things About 360 Training

Users who sent a negative comment to 360training.com have complained about customer service issues, such as: For example, lack of response and lack of help. Others mentioned that there were repetitive materials and problems.

One user, who criticized Trustpilot on 360training.com, complained that customer service took a long time to respond and had to talk to three different agents. He added that they had finally stopped responding, although their problems were still unresolved.

Pricing Plans Offered By 360 Training Business

Since this company offers a variety of courses, there is no real way to set a consistent price range for what you find there. The 360 Training course prices depend on the amount of information, the level of difficulty, and the expansion of the content, as well as the fact that the site offers an action discount for your courses at that time.

OSHA 30 Hours Training Online - 360training Courses Review

Refund Policy By 360 Training

Unfortunately, this website does not contain any legal provisions or information about the conditions for reimbursement or cancellation.

Customers who wish to receive full refund information before enrolling for a course should contact their Customer Service Department and request information on the course they are seeking as the rules may vary by course.

360 Training Pros & Cons

Contact Customer Support Customers who have questions, concerns, or complaints about customer service can do so by calling 888-318-3558 or by clicking on the appropriate link in the table. by phone on the contact page. ,


  • Authorized OSHA provider
  • Satisfied Customers
  • Everyone Can Apply
  • variety of courses
  • Learning Solutions
  • Training programs are based on you, your budget, your schedule, your career, and the needs of your business.
  • Training is supported by nationally recognized partners and educational institutions


  • Pricing is not flexible
  • Beginners can’t relate to some of the courses
  • Customer support can be improved

Why do almost all online real estate licensing rates have low ratings?

I decided to write this article because I know how you feel. It is likely that you have done a lot of online research on these real estate license courses and feel a little disappointed.

They thought you could find the biggest real estate schools online, get a rating for each, and choose the one that is considered the best. But no, life has to do some interesting things. Of all the courses you have been looking for, all seem to be terrible. How could that be?

Many complaints are valid and many others, not so much, but the combination of both creates an absolutely terrible qualification for almost all existing online real estate licensing courses. Let’s review the main complaints about these courses:

  • Overhauled Equipment: I was surprised that most of these courses contain outdated training materials, so people are wrong when they pass the real estate exam. I simply can not understand how this is allowed if these courses are to be certified by any state in which they operate, but they do it one way or the other. The main problem is that online real estate licensing courses have been available for about 10 or 15 years. Most of these courses have been created at this time, and although their courses are updated from time to time, much has been lost over the years. Right now, I’m telling you that you should expect this no matter what course you take. While studying the course on Real Estate Express, I found a few things here and there, but it was not as bad as all the negative reviews.
  • Bad Lessons: Let’s not fool ourselves, because knowing the laws, rules, and regulations around real estate is not fun and is not particularly exciting. The material to pass and pass the real estate license exam is very dry and an important reminder is necessary. For these online real estate licensing courses, it would be very useful to offer the material in several ways: video, interactive features, graphics, animation, etc. These courses certainly have not used the advances in e-learning technology over the years.
  • Lack of live training: I only attended a live training with Real Estate Express, and honestly I was not very impressed. You only have one live session per week and this is mainly a question-and-answer session. Kaplan is a place where live online courses are offered, Kaplan, but that’s what most of us are not looking for. Teaching live training by an instructor is pretty rare.
  • Bad customer service: Immediately after registering for Real Estate Express, I received a welcome message from a “personal trainer” who could answer all my questions. Honestly, I did not have to contact him throughout the course, but I’ve heard that personal instructors sometimes had trouble getting in touch with very slow reaction times. Real Estate Express is one of the only places where you can call your personal instructors. Most of them do not allow or charge extra fees. This is another reason why these schools are so poorly qualified.
  • Lack of compatible devices: Believe it or not, many online real estate licensing courses are not yet compatible with mobile devices or work very poorly. Just crazy Real Estate Express has worked very well on my iPhone. Nothing special and could be better optimized, but at least it worked.

How Does The Adp Plugin From 360training Help Employees?

You’ll be able to give your staff not only regulatory and compliance training, but also professional development tools, thanks to 360training Connector.

You may provide your product developers with design thinking training, teach your sales staff how to produce predictable income, help struggling employees how contribute to project teams and give new managers the tools they need to succeed in their new job.

They complete needed training such as respectful workplace training, HIPAA compliance, OSHA 10/30, and more all in one location.

Employees can fit learning and development into their busy schedules without compromising productivity because all 6,000 of our courses are online, mobile-friendly, and self-paced. They’re fun to watch, high-quality, and always up to date on regulatory standards.

You won’t have to assist employees set up or manage another account with a 360training connection. They’ll just go to their ADP portal and click a link to begin learning.

How Do I Install The Adp/360training Integration?

The following is the setup procedure:

  • If you don’t already have one, get a signed contract with 360training.
  • At apps.adp.com, you can sign up for the 360training Data Connector.
  • Connect your ADP and 360 LMS accounts using the unique customer identity issued by your 360training account executive.
  • Accept the terms and conditions that allow ADP and 360training Map to share data, and import users from ADP into the 360 LMS.

Your ADP profile becomes the master once the initial “map and import” process is completed, and any changes to the tracked fields will instantly update in 360training’s LMS.

What Else Does 360training Offer In The Way Of Lms Integrations?

360training also offers a number of different LMS connectors, allowing clients to seamlessly integrate 360training into their existing systems and workflows.

Businesses that already have an LMS that they prefer to use can choose from a variety of integrations based on their requirements.

The AICC interface allows a course in our LMS to be rendered in yours, however, if your security architecture is strong, this could cause firewall issues. In such a situation, our SSO integration might be the best option; employees simply click a link in their LMS to open the course in ours without having to log in separately. Your system will get the course results later.

Other systems provide LMS-to-LMS connectivity in more complicated learning contexts.

The xAPI connection not only allows the courses to be presented in your LMS, but it also allows you to deliver and record “statements of experience” in your Learning Record Store (LRS). You can keep track of a lot more information about the learners’ course activity with experience statements.

The most configurable solution is the REST API (which uses the same technology as ADP integration but is freeform). It enables communication with any system that isn’t covered by an existing integration.

Whether it’s an LMS, HR program, or something else entirely, it can use a custom-programmed API to interact with our LMS to retrieve data, render courses, manage registered learners, and even automate tasks like reporting.

360 Training Customer Reviews On Trustpilot

360training Reviews Customer Success Stories

Good program explains things well so anybody can follow it. Interactive with modules and questions helps you stay focused.

They are very profesional, take you to the whole system,they give you enough time to complete and review the test.excellent!!!

FAQs Of 360 Training Review:

Does 360 training expire?

At what point will I be required to stop to use this course? Unless otherwise specified within the course materials, your course access will expire one (1) year from the date of purchase (the day payment is submitted).

How many modules are in OSHA 30 360 training?

This OSHA 30 course has 21 lessons that focus on safety concerns unique to the building trade. Silica and lead dust are just two examples of the frequent environmental risks participants will learn about.

Is 360training real?

All of 360training's courses are state-approved and have the proper certifications. Those interested in learning the fundamentals of real estate investing may want to check out 360training, an accredited online real estate school.

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Conclusion: 360 Training Review 2024

360training seems to be a viable option for students who are completing their training in real estate with a limited budget.

These are strong, independent students who better absorb the information through reading and have the time and flexibility to be patient. You may have a long response time when contacting customer service.  Course prices are competitive in many countries. This can be a deciding factor for students who do not have much money for their education.

On the other hand, it is helpful to think about the assessments that describe the difficulties of logging into classes, contacting customer service, and solving problems.

Based on this information, students who can spend more for their convenience, students who have little time to study, and students who have a fixed date to complete their course may want to compare 360​​training opportunities with other students. other licenses.

Course options before making a decision. For these students, it may be better to invest more in another course to avoid potential problems or to choose a course with a higher average success rate.

Persons who mainly want to learn visually / auditorily and read videos, as well as students who plan to do most of their studies on a smartphone, may consider others.

Options in addition to 360 training because delivery is largely in the form of printable PDF files, Students who prefer to learn by reading and those who want to print and present their course materials may prefer the 360-format training format.

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9 User Reviews on 360 Training

  1. The most user-friendly training program I’ve ever found.

    I find that the 360training courses are easy to navigate and they’re very straightforward. There is no clutter, no extra fluff – it’s simply what you need to know! Every employee in my office has taken one of these courses now and their knowledge is unquestionably better. They also seem more confident with handling security regulations because the final exam was pretty tough; it makes you feel like this course isn’t meant for amateurs. All in all, if your company needs regulatory-approved job training that’s hassle free then look no further than 360training !”

  2. When I was pregnant with my first child, building up a good work history ahead of time seemed like the best way to get on my feet after giving birth. It turned out that finishing school wasn’t an option — or so I thought! Even though it’s online, the content is super comprehensive without being too complicated so you feel confident learning new skills.”

  3. My name is Kevin, and I’m an avid learner of everything under the sun. And that includes my skills in the computer world.

    I’ve taken over 6,000 courses on 360training so far, and every single one has helped me grow my effectiveness at work with better analytical skills to analyze different data sets – even ones generated by unknown computers!

  4. Earth has reached its expiration date but fortunately for us, there are other planets waiting to be explored in style – take a trip without ever leaving home by checking out 360training’s space tourism orbit lane package offers! you can check back often as new locations will open soon

  5. I’m Devin, I was surfing for work training courses and came across the 360Training website. It’s clean, simple interface has made it so easy to find what I need. The course outlines are very detailed with plenty of self assessments to boot! My favourite feature is the progress tracker which allows me to measure my own success as well as specific individual’s success on a project.

  6. I cannot rave about 360training enough! I’ve been doing a few course modules on my own, but I really wanted to get a comprehensive overview of their content. Well, this was the perfect opportunity to do so at work and have access to things otherwise not possible. The courses are interactive and engaging with instructors that truly care about you getting results! My only regret is waiting so long to take advantage of their courses – enrol now or your dreams will pass you by!

  7. THIS IS AMAZING! I’m not even exaggerating. If you are looking for a great online class, this is literally the one to take! It’s so much better than school because not only do they work with YOU to help you improve, but after all of your hard work, everything is set up for you in an entire community where everyone helps each other out. This place has literally done it all. They’ve got tons of classes covering literally anything that could ever be on your radar- literally ANYTHING- and then some. You’ll never have any problems finding what you need here again if 360training isn’t enough already!!!

  8. I attended the training for Gasoline dispensing equipment. I learned so much in this one class! They offer regulatory-approved training solutions for your entire workforce, so your organization stays safe and compliant. It’s affordable with the course only costing $49 that includes refreshers too! You can choose which to take when you want it. I loved how user friendly all their features were. It was easy to access my courses 24/7 on any device with automatically saved progress.”

  9. If you have a growing company and need to keep your employees content while at the same time meeting training and compliance goals for a wide range of topics, 360training is something worth looking into. Their course suite has been designed with that exact need in mind! They’ve got courses on just about anything from marketing to customer service or production, all excellent quality and nicely organized right within the platform. I found it insanely easy to get started since there was really no setup required other than signing up. And their team is outright awesome – they gave me help upfront to find what would work best for my company’s needs and were always available if I had questions along the way which made everything seamless. Highly recommend!

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