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In this article, we will discuss the Top 6 360 Training Courses 2024

360 Training offers a wide range of online courses that can help you to build your knowledge and advance your career. From web development and coding to project management, marketing, accounting, and healthcare, they have courses in various disciplines that provide professional instruction from industry experts.

Their courses are designed to help you learn the skills needed for success in today’s competitive job market.

With comprehensive, engaging content and interactive features, 360 Training’s courses are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve. Whether you’re looking for a new career or just brushing up on your current skills, their courses can provide the knowledge and information needed to help you reach your goals.

There are various sorts of 360 Training courses available, depending on your personal or professional choices.

Content for a variety of industries is available, including:

  • Drinks and food
  • Investing in real estate
  • Environmental protection and health
  • Additional areas for training

You can choose which talent to improve based on your personal or professional objectives.

Top 6 360 Training Courses 2024

1. Food and Beverage(773 courses)

360 Training Food and Beverage(773 courses)

Working with food in any industry can be delicate at times. Dealing with food entails a tremendous deal of responsibility, as it often involves people’s health. This is where 360 Training for food handlers may help, as it’s obvious that store and restaurant operators need to treat their customers’ items with extra care.

This strategy will not only protect product quality, which is important in terms of money, but it will also have an impact on the company’s reputation. Having your employees thoroughly equipped and qualified is a smart idea (and often required) whether you’re a business owner or a worker in this field.

According to a 360 Training review, this company offers a variety of courses, with food handler training being one of the most beneficial. Additionally, 360 Training offers a wide range of courses and certificates.

Because of this variety, you may ensure that your employees (or yourself) are comfortable dealing with a variety of foods, beverages, and even cannabis.

The following are just a few of the courses available in this area:

  • Food handler education
  • ANSI food allergy training
  • Food safety managers’ training
  • Cannabis merchant education

Please refer to any of the 360 Training food safety reviews for further information on the courses mentioned above or other courses offered by the company.

There are various Spanish-language courses accessible if you find it difficult to take English-language courses for any reason, or if you have a multilingual workforce. Alternatively, you can save money on English training for your employees before that.

2. Real Estate(436 courses)

360 Training Real Estate(436 courses)

If you work in the real estate industry, you want your staff to be knowledgeable. The 360 Training program can help your employees develop their abilities and expand your organization. This course might assist you in learning the fundamentals of this industry if you are just starting out.

Many prior customers have noted in 360 Training real estate reviews that this course has aided them in learning the basics and supplied the materials required for the learning process.

Previous users have also stated that using this method resulted in greater comprehension of several areas of the profession. As a result, these users stated that improving their basic knowledge in this area made it easier for them to get work.

Additional reviews on this particular course are accessible online if you require more information. Simply type “360 Training pre-license real estate reviews” into your search engine.

3. Environmental Health & Safety(593 courses)

This initiative is primarily aimed at construction firms. While this course won’t magically make buildings appear out of nowhere like mushrooms, it will make you and your employees far safer in the process.

You can learn how to maximize your safety, comply with the 385 handbooks, and operate safely on construction sites and other places by enrolling in the OSHA campus. These courses are for both businesses and people, and the 360 Training rates vary depending on your preferences and financial resources.

Several course participants reported that the OSHA training increased their confidence and efficiency. This curriculum, however, is not solely focused on construction.

Other, more delicate occupations are included in this program:

  • OSHA’s 30-hour general industrial training program
  • MSHA new miner training, 
  • ISO 9001:2015 transition training and other similar programs are available.

It’s wonderful to know that there are training courses that can help your business thrive, whether you work on a construction site or in a mine. According to 360 Training OSHA reviews, they help you feel more comfortable and safe.

4. Additional Training Areas (257 courses)

This section provides assistance with industrial training to help you develop your personal or professional skills.

The former include:

  • Industrial skills – Training for workers and operations in a variety of industries, including energy, power plants, and petroleum refineries, among others.
  • Power and Utilities — Approved training for utilities and system operators in the areas of generating, transmission, and distribution.
  • Trades and Engineering – An online library with everything you need to know about green building, HVAC, engineering Ph. D.s, and more.

The latter is about:

  • Insurance education can help you get started in the insurance industry as a salesperson or as an adjuster. This particular course, according to 360 Training insurance reviews, is one of the most popular, and it provides a continuing insurance course at a reasonable price.
  • Business skills – Improving your leadership, communication, and project management abilities can help you improve your career and achieve your personal and professional goals.

HR, ethics, and compliance– Many courses on HR compliance, ethics, code of conduct, and workplace violence prevention are available.

5. Environmental Health & Safety has been the leading provider of environmental, health, and safety training for more than 15 years. The company has developed a comprehensive program and online library of hundreds of training programs designed to educate industry professionals. EHS.

Our comprehensive catalog of online security training and certification courses is aimed at security managers, security trainers, construction workers, employees at risk, and employees at your own pace. the general workforce. 

Environmental Health and Safety Training - 360training Courses Review

Our courses are developed by experts in the field, who are certified professionals in the field of health and environmental safety and who comply with the latest compliance standards. For businesses that need security training, we offer flexible subscription solutions for every budget.

We are an authorized OSHA provider for our most popular interactive online courses. 10 to 30 hours and 30 hours of OSHA training for the construction and industrial sectors in general, focusing on OSHA industry standards. Top-selling products include 40-hour, 24-hour, and 8-hour HAZWOPER upgrade training for employees involved in hazardous waste and emergency response.

Course Features

  • Authorized OSHA provider
  • Training programs are based on you, your budget, your schedule, your career, and the needs of your business.
  • Training is supported by nationally recognized partners and educational institutions
  • Strong experience with the topic behind every training module
  • 100% online training with online customer support
  • Personalized training with instant access.
  • Training programs comply with the latest OSHA standards
  • Certificate of completion and DOL card with OSHA broadcasting course
  • OSHA Disclosure Coach available to employees
  • “Pay per view” price, company billing, and discounts for groups
  • Bilingual security course in English and Spanish.
  • Includes a DOL plastic card
  • DOL card sent within 2 weeks

6. Financial Services Education

As an accountant, you commit to continuing your education for the duration of your career. CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses are essential tools to keep CPAs up to date in the industry and to provide customers with the best possible service.

Most states require a certain number of hours of CPE to be CPA certified, and many states require courses to be approved by NASBA.

CPA training does not have to be difficult or strenuous. With our convenient online offerings and the unlimited CPE savings plan, as well as customized courses, you can track your CPE needs. Do not waste time on courses that will not help you improve your CPA training.

We allow you to choose which courses you would like to attend and when. With instant access, you know if you’ve passed the exam once it’s completed. In addition, you have the option of printing out your certificates as soon as you pass an exam.

Insurance Education Online- 360training Courses Review

At 360training, we offer a wide range of online CPE courses to give you the fastest, most cost-effective way to complete the courses you need. is registered with the National Association of State Accounting Boards (NASBA) as a sponsor of Continuing Professional Development in the CPE National Register of Sponsors. The State Accounting Councils have final authority over the adoption of individual courses for UEY credits.

Customers Reviews

Alabama Mold and the Insurance Industry- Reviews

What does your registration include?

24×7 access to your classes.

Unlimited access to online courses until the end.

The certificate of completion is official and printable.

Course Objectives

  • Accounting and auditing
  • Communication and sales
  • ethics
  • finances
  • administration
  • expertise
  • Control
  • Technology and operation

360training offers more than 6,000 regulated and unregulated courses for your professional development. Not surprisingly, more than 4 million students in 67 countries participate in 360 training sessions as a one-stop shop for on-demand learning and professional development in the classroom.

Businesses choose 360 ​​° training through our free and easy-to-use learning management system. A solid set of SAAS tools are created to customize the learning experience of your company. 360training offers powerful solutions to more than 4,000 companies worldwide.

Resellers opt for 360 training as a growth platform. I offer private brands a fully customized and hosted eCommerce storefront with benefits such as digital marketing support, monthly payments, and dedicated account management.

Detailed Key Features Of 360 Training:

  • Highest Performance Rating: Of all the online real estate license courses I’ve searched for, Real Estate Express received the highest rating. It is not uncommon for online real estate licensing rates to have a 50% or less approval rate.
  • Real Estate Express has a student enrollment rate of 68%, which is very good for the industry. By contrast, Kaplan had a registration rate of 67%, and Career Web School, another course he considered, had an admission rate of 64%.
  • Nice for cell phones: I’m sure things will (well) change, but when I signed up, Real Estate Express was the only way to work with my iPhone. The other courses had no functionality. Learning without my computer was very important to me, so it was a very important factor for me. I would not say that the mobile version of Real Estate Express was perfect, but it was good enough to do what I had to do.
  • Price: While most prices for online real estate licensing prices are about the same, I’ve opted for a higher Real Estate Express rate, including manual formats for all online documents. Sometimes I like learning with a good old book, where I can really highlight and take notes.
  • I usually use books for my online training. After all, Real Estate Express is ultimately the cheapest option, although the student approval rate is higher. I was pretty sold at that time.
  • Gut: To be 100% honest, much of my final decision came only from my instincts. In the end, I was really split between Real Estate Express and Kaplan, and I could have started a bit, but eventually decided on some of the reasons for Real Estate Express I mentioned earlier.

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Conclusion: 360 Training Courses 2024

In conclusion, 360 Training Courses offer a comprehensive range of courses to suit a variety of needs. Whether it is professional development, continuing education credits or personal enrichment, their versatile selection of topics make it easy for learners to find the perfect course. With flexible learning paths and student support services, you can take your studies to the next level with 360 Training Courses. This reliable platform is dedicated to helping its learners succeed in their goals.

The end result? Knowledgeable and confident professionals ready to tackle any challenge in today’s competitive environment. With hundreds of courses at an affordable price point, there’s never been a better time to get started on reaching your career potential – with the help of 360 Training Courses.

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