1Gbits Review 2024: Is 1Gbits Hosting Your Ideal Choice?

1Gbits Review

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1Gbits is a prominent player in the hosting solutions industry, and I was very impressed with their services as a reviewer. They have a strong presence in over 15 countries and operate in 20 top-tier data centers worldwide. 1Gbits offers reliable VPS hosting with fast performance and excellent customer support. It's an excellent choice for those in need of high-speed, dedicated server capabilities at a reasonable price.

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  • Real-time Analytics
  • High-Quality Components
  • Dedicated Server Hosting
  • Proven Track Record
  • High Performance


  • Customer support can be improved


Price: $ 101

Building your business website with captivating landing pages and insightful data for high ranking on the internet is no big deal anymore. Want to know the secret behind how the best websites run online? 

With the statistical analysis online, we find that 50% of consumers expect your websites to load in a jiffy; if not, 40% of them bail out within 3 seconds.

Now, the high performance, security, scalability, and ranking of your website are essentially determined by which web hosting service provider you opt for. 

Hence, here’s your chance to boost your website performance with this killer dedicated server hosting provider: 1Gbits.com. 

This platform caters to the needs of dedicated servers or remote desktops and is an ideal choice for anyone with its fantastic tech support, price plans, and features. 

1Gbits Review

This platform is your one-stop solution among the hundreds of random service providers online. 

Check out my 1Gbits Review below to find out why 1Gbits is the right choice. 

1Gbits Review: What is 1Gbits? 

If you think it is even worth finding the right host, think twice. Believe us when we say this: It’s essential to have the right web hosting services for websites that help them grow.

Originated in Lithuania, 1Gbits is a thriving platform that puts forward services like dedicated servers, VPS hosting, colocation, etc., in more than 15 nations across the globe with 20 excellent data centers, including 5+ data centers in Canada and the US, 12 in Europe, and 2 in Asia. 


Their servers are highly used by users from across the world. Among the nine dedicated server plans, some of their most popular ones are the DSCA Intel Xeon E3 1230 V2 and Intel E-2388G in Canada and the USA.

Besides this, their RDP service is popular with their customers. Along with USA-dedicated and Asia-dedicated servers, 1Gbits also offers instant dedicated servers and VPS Hosting for Windows, Cloud, Mikrotik, Bitcoin, and VPS hosting. 

What is the key highlight of this platform? Is it the best one? 1Gbits stands out among the rest in the market because of its fast-paced plans that are solely powered by enterprise SSD drives.

Walk with us to learn in-depth about their key features, services, pros and cons, and more. 

Services Offered by 1Gbits 

Here’s what you can make use of from 1Gbits: 

1Gbits services

1. Instant Dedicated Servers: 

If you’re someone who isn’t really looking for a heavy or special set-up but needs advanced features, then these instant dedicated servers are for you.

All these servers solely run on Supermicro hardware and Intel CPUs. These IDS are pre-installed in your OS systems; however, you can reinstall them after your order is placed at any moment after disposal.  

1Gbits offers more than 15 IDS plans for their customers. Yes, that’s a lot to pick from. Here’s the link to these plans with all the details you need: https://1Gbits.com/instant-dedicated-server/.  

2. VPS Hosting

A decent VPS hosting can give you a reserved amount of resources, customizations, and control. With this, you get to enjoy root access control and high performance when traffic spikes at affordable prices. 1Gbits VPS are virtualized with VMware ESXi hypervisors. 

3. Remote Desktop

Set up your Windows VPS in 15 minutes with 1Gbits Remote Desktop service. Compatible with Windows 8, 8.1, 9, 10, and servers 2012, R2, 2016, and 2018 R2. This RDS can be your perfect set-up. 

4. VMware Ready

Beat the time-consuming game of searching for the right hardware and software for your system. With 1Gbits pre-configured servers, you can solve all your virtualization issues. 

5. Colocation

Host your servers on-premises with the colocation option available on 1Gbits. This service offers a reliable and secure backup solution for your servers. Focus on your business while 1Gbits offers you professional networking options. 

6. Game Server

Offer your customers a fantastic gaming experience with the dedicated gaming servers offered by 1Gbits for both Linux-based OS types and Windows. 

What Makes 1Gbits the Excellent Choice?  

1Gbits servers

1. High-end Hardware

With the US dedicated servers 1Gbits based on advanced enterprise-grade hardware, experience smooth performance with maximized efficiency. 

2. Multiple payment gateways 

Feel free to make your purchase through various payment gateways.  1Gbits accepts bank transfers, credit cards, Bitcoin, PayPal, Webmoney, Perfectmoney, and cryptocurrencies.  

3. 24/7 Support

1Gbits has a dedicated team of professionals available 24/7 for 365 days to help their customers when needed. They can be reached through emails, live chat, or tickets. The team promptly responds to any P0 issues or tech-related issues asap. 

4. Managed dedicated hosting

From configuring servers to completing specific tasks for customers, servers on 1Gbits are managed by the team regardless of the plan opted for. Hence, you can sit back and plan your business strategy while 1Gbits takes care of your servers. 

5. Network Connectivity

Let your website witness high performance with no latency issues, as the servers on 1Gbits are connected to a gigabit network, which offers faster speed. 

6. Free Backups

As mentioned earlier, one of the standout features of  1Gbits is the colocation service it offers. 1Gbits lets you enjoy one free backup every week. This perk is available for all hosting plans. 

7. Migrate your website at no cost:

1Gbits offers easy client onboarding from another server host to their platform. Reach out to their support team, and they will help you move your data to the new host. 

1Gbits Review: Pricing Plans 

Given that 1Gbits has a lot of services to offer, here is a quick breakdown of the pricing plans for these services. 

Dedicated Server Plans 

1Gbits offers nine dedicated server plans, starting at $101 and going up to $236. All these packages are monthly-based plans with varied RAM, Storage, and BandWidth options. 

Find a detailed breakdown of these plans here:

1Gbits servers list

Instant Dedicated Servers 

1Gbits offers more than 15 pricing plans under Instant dedicated server services, starting at $113 and going up to $427.

1Gbits pricing

All these packages are monthly-based plans with varied RAM, Storage, and BandWidth options. 

1Gbits servers

VPS Web Hosting Servers 

1Gbits vps

1Gbits offers three pricing plans for VPS 

The packages are 

  1. Linux VPS 
  2. Windows VPS 
  3. RDP 

1Gbits: Pros and Cons


  • Their client service is incredible, and their team goes beyond their jobs for customer satisfaction 
  • 1Gbits offers 99.99% uptime with no failure
  • The platform provides hassle-free server migrations 
  • 1Gbits charges no set-up fees 
  • The pricing plans are incredibly affordable for the features and services this platform offers 
  • The servers are delivered within a week of the payment, which is quicker than the other online platforms. 


  • Plan details for Asia-dedicated services are unavailable on the website 

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🧐 What are the packages offered by 1Gbits?

The pricing plans on 1Gbits differ based on the storage size, RAM, and bandwidth you want to opt for.

🤔 What if the given payment options are not feasible for me to purchase a plan with?

Feel free to reach out to customer care on the live chat, and they’ll help you with your preferred option.

🙄 Is there any money-back option available on the packages?

No, there is no money-back option available.

🤨 Are there any monthly buying options or discounts available?

Yes, the plans are available for a month, 6 months, and a year. There are no certain discounts available however purchasing a long-term plan is always cost-effective.

🫤 Does the platform charge any hidden charges for server migration?

No, the server migration is free of cost. There are no hidden charges.

😅 How frequently can I back up my server data?

1Gbits offers weekly free backup for all the hosting packages.

Footnote: 1Gbits Review 2024

With this, I came to the end of our experience of 1Gbits Review. Looking at the remarkable testimonials online and my experience, 1Gbits offers stellar performance with its customer-centric approach and affordable plans.

This platform is ideal for both businesses and individuals.

With an international presence in 15-plus countries, this platform is booming online. One of its core capabilities is its advanced hardware and US-based servers. The flexibility with making payments and 24/7 support from the team solidify their dedication to their customers. 

My experience with this platform was extremely smooth and convenient. The support team takes less than an hour to get back to you with any major concerns. My websites have definitely witnessed growth, with fast performance and ranking. 

The question is, do I recommend this platform for your simple website? It’s undoubtedly a yes. 

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