SupportCandy Review 2024: How to Revolutionize Customer Support?

With SupportCandy Workflows everything changes for the better

When it comes to customer support and providing the best customer support, you need to be sure that you are the one that is providing the best support to your customers. 

Are you the one who is going to really care for your customers? Or are you the one who just doesn’t care about your customers?

We have read and experienced in thousands of ways why treating your customers and finding solutions to the challenges they are facing can be helpful as well as financially beneficial for the company in the long run.

SupportCandy Review

The customer support plugin can really work in that aspect to improve customer treatment. 

Therefore, SupportCandy recently introduced a new feature to revolutionize customer support even more and it’s “Workflows”.

So, let’s look at what Workflows is and why it will revolutionize customer support. Let’s start. 

Why is Customer Support important? 

Before we understand the basic nature of SupportCandy Workflow, we have to understand why it was built and why customer support is so beneficial for any business to stay successful and retain new customers, or even grow the business.

These are the reasons Customer support is extremely beneficial for any business, organization, or website owner. Let’s look at it:

  • Customer retention: Most of the customers have reported that, if the customer support is good, they stay loyal to the brand. It was also shown that with only one negative experience, around 70% of the customers switched to another brand. 
  • Increase Sales: Around 50% of the customers have stated that they would buy the product from a brand that offers great customer support. 
  • Product or service improvement: Through constant customer support, you can get feedback for the improvement of products and services. 
  • Great brand reputation: A great reputation can help you attract new visitors and thus increases brand loyalty as well. These new customers can bring in better sales and even suggest the brand to other people as well. 

So, how does SupportCandy have something special in it? And what is the SupportCandy Customer Support plugin? Let’s talk

What is a Customer Support plugin?

Let’s look at what exactly a customer support Plugin is and how it can help you to really understand the new Workflows feature of the SupportCandy plugin. 

So, what is a customer support plugin? 

The SupportCandy Customer Support plugin is a highly versatile plugin specifically designed to care for your customers, whether you own a business or an organization.

The SupportCandy plugin easily integrates into your websites like e-commerce or others depending upon the situation and can provide great customer support solutions with the highest efficiency and efficacy.

The customer support plugin has been designed with the utmost care for the customers and can easily handle the concerns and queries of the customers with full efficiency and efficacy.

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The Top features of SupportCandy: 

Before knowing the “Workflows” feature you should know the core features of SupportCandy.

As SupportCandy in itself has many advantages that make it a great customer support plugin for WordPress. Here are some of the top features of Support Candy: 

1. Self Hosted and No restrictions 

SupportCandy Self Hosted

You don’t have to worry about the per-agent per-month cost as the team grows. With support Candy, you are not restricted to the agents or tickets you can host. You can easily control all your data on the database of WordPress. 

2. More flexibility in information 

SupportCandy fields

SupportCandy provides around 15 fields that are designed for custom use cases like Textfield and dropdowns and date, etc. All these can be used for information on the default fields if needed. 

3. The Power of Private Notes 

SupportCandy Private Notes

With Support Candy your team has the ability to share private notes inside the tickets that can only be seen be accessible by support agents. 

4. Custom ticket Filtering 

Custom ticket Filtering

You have the option of filtering the tickets the way you want along with the default ticket options like unresolved, All, deleted and etc. that can be used for later use scenarios. 

5. Real-Time email notifications

Real-Time email notifications

Support Candy allows for the creation of different types of email templates for triggers like the generation of new tickets, status changes, ticket replies, and more. You can also specify the conditions under which these notifications can be triggered. 



Be with the best as per the industry standard with REST API that’s top of a line solution for connectivity. This process is designed with the highest level of data security. That means your data is protected and safe. 

Support Candy’s “Workflows”: A True game changer in Customer Support 

The latest addition to the support candy portal is the feature of “Workflows”. It is a true revolution in how the business handles customer support through productivity maximization and process streamlining.

This groundbreaking feature brought by the best customer support plugin in WordPress is a true piece of technology that introduces actions that are predefined and fully customizable based on certain events or certain conditions.

This is really optimizing the workflow to the next level. 

Support Candy Workflow

How Workflow can change the way of Customer Support

Let’s look at some of the ways through which Workflows can change Customer Support: 

  • Customer Interactions that are personalized : 

With “Workflows” businesses can create responses based on different characteristics of the customer, the customer’s preferences, and the history with the customer, creating an environment of personalized experience with the customer. 

  • Smart Ticket Routing: 

The Workflows can now assign tickets based on the expertise of the agent and this can help with the lower levels of ticket escalations. 

  • Prioritization and escalation: 

Workflows help with the advanced automatic escalation if the issues are critical, ensuring that they receive immediate solutions on it. 

  • Follow-ups plus customer satisfaction: 

The feature helps with the follow-ups and it can do follow-ups automatically, seeking better customer feedback and help increasing customer loyalty. 

What are the benefits of using Workflows:

  • Enhanced Efficiency: By complete automation, can lead to less workload on agents and can help them focus on higher-level critical issues.
  • Consistency in Support: Through Workflows, the approach is truly consistent and the tone is consistent too. This can help in brand identity as well.
  • Cost and Time Savings: Workflows directly reduce the time it spends on each ticket and can direct;y lower operational costs.
  • Scalability: The workflows are extremely scalable and can help with the scalability of business, no matter how much your business grows.
  • Decision-making based on Data structures: The workflow can create data-driven reports. This can help you with knowing all the analytics and insights of the customers and other aspects.

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Conclusion: SupportCandy Review

The Workflows feature in the Support Candy Customer Support Plugin is revolutionary and can transform the way customers interact. Get it today as the Workflows feature is incredible.   

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