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Jitendra Vaswani is a professional blogger, speaker and an influential digital marketer. He is the founder of Internet Marketing blog & Product Founder  He has worked with leading companies like Zopper, Firstcry and Payoneer and have helped them establish a formidable online reach. He started his entrepreneurial journey with his famous blog: BloggersIdeas which is about Blogging, Digital Media and Technology.

The blog became an instant success and Jitendra went on to establish his own Digital Marketing Agency called DigiExe. Based on Jitendra’s core principles of living on his own terms, working on what he loves and making the maximum effort every time, DigiExe has leaped forward and helped major online brands generate increased worth. Check out detailed portfolio :

Jitendra vaswani Bloggersideas

He is currently the Brand Ambassador of Payoneer( International Payment Solution Company) and a strong online influence over popular social media channels. He also takes initiative to share his experience with young aspirants and budding entrepreneurs at blogging and start-up events.

Through his first book : Inside A Hustler’s Brain : In Pursuit of Financial Freedom he wants to help people to take actions in their life and bring change in people’s mindset. To have an entrepreneur mindset is everything.


I’m doing this because our mission at BloggersIdeas is very simple:

We want to help 10,000 people over the next 5 years to make their first $1,000 monthly through the power of building and growing powerful content websites (learn more about BloggersIdeas and the man behind the site here).

Big goal?

You bet.

But we love big challenges always.

And so, over the years we’ve shared a lot of information and helped thousands of BloggersIdeas readers achieve incredible success – allowing them to escape the dreaded 9-5 rat race and finally live the life they dreamed about.

Now we want to help you do the same.

We know it can be overwhelming and very much confusing to have to learn everything you need, to create a successful website. And so, we want to make your life easier. We will try to list out best posts here to give you lot of value.

That’s why we’ve put together this page – use it as your starting point in your journey to build and grow your own make money online business.

It’s broken down into simple and easy steps that literally anyone can follow.

Here we do share lot of case studies, interviews with experts and do lot of product reviews to  show you how to hack your way into them, and provide all kinds of information for more traffic, growth and results.

There’s a lot of information here, you definitely do not need to consume it all at once but here’s the order we recommend for beginners.

Start with the first small steps, find something you can see yourself working on as your passion and take your time to learn. You can only learn so much at a time, so we don’t expect you to learn everything A-Z.

We suggest that you only learn what you need at the moment so you can take action in a right way. Without actions you will not learn anything and trust me you will never get success if you never take actions. No actions=No money $$$$$$.

Find a niche which interests you and plan to work hard on it. There is no shortcut to rank your website on Google, it takes lot of efforts before site starts ranking on Google.  So patience is priceless here and you need to keep working in order to maintain your site rankings.

So here we will list down some best posts for you to start with blogging and make money online.


Start A Website

The most popular platform for blogs on the internet and Google loves this platform, is WordPress. We recommend that you buy your own domain and website so you can be in full control of your business.

How To START A Blog in 15 Mins Step By Step Newbie Guide

Top 25 Best Rated Web Hosting Services  {Updated}

How to Create a Website In 15 Mins : Beginners Step By Step Guide

How to Start a Successful Fashion Blog – Process and Tips

Advises on Starting a Finance Blog : How to Build It


Here’s what you need to get started…

  • A trustworthy web-host from  Bluehost 
  • A brandable domain from NameCheap
  • A premium theme from GeneratePress
  • Image & graphics from ShutterStock (don’t take images from Google you’ll end up in legal trouble)
  • An auto-responder to build your email list and contact your customers – Aweber is just $1
  • The number #1 email capture tool on the internet by Shane Melaugh  – ThriveThemes, so you can grow your list fast.

HOT NICHE TIP: Do not try to make a domain like “”. Make it brandable or you may appear like a generic website. Also it does not matter which “.com, .net,” you choose, but “.com” is more mainstream and memorable. All you need is that you need to make your site user friendly. If you don’t provide value in your content then forget it you will not make any penny.

Pick A Business Model

Most of the niches we ‘hack’ are the ones that do well with authority websites. Authority websites do not mean you need to be an expert, but you need to be the ‘go-to’ person for that field.

So if you are into yoga, you don’t need to know everything from A-Z about yoga, but you need to know where to find that information and what information to share with your readers.

In the end, it does not matter what business model you choose, it only matters that you help your potential readers solve their problems / desires with whatever you can.

That can be done through having your own info-products / services (eBooks, kindle, etc) or through affiliate marketing.

It does help having your own website so people can feel they have somewhere to go when they have questions or want to learn more about how you can help them.


Choosing a reliable wordpress themes is also very important. We have listed above Studiopress and there are few other best wordpress themes in the market which you can try for your business site.

Check Themes:

Affiliate Marketing : What is Affiliate Marketing

After you picked your website niche, you should know how to generate income from your website.

First you should know that you’re investing your hard earned money into your blog/site. You should be proud to announce affiliate products and services that your website visitors may need.

People are always spending money to solve their hard issues. They search on Google for solution for their problem.  This shouldn’t stop you from providing them with some free information but there should be a balance as you’re using your time and money to help them.


Getting Started With Affiliate Marketing:

Interview with Luke Kling from Lukepeerfly: Answering Affiliate Marketing Questions

Affiliate Marketing – What do you want to Know

Make Money With Best High Paying Hosting Affiliate Programs

How I Made $ 1400 with ShareAsale Affiliate Program

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 Top 10 Best Affiliate Marketing Tracking Software Platforms

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Interview of Super Affiliate Charles NGO Sharing Secrets of Affiliate Marketing

Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs/Networks



Case Studies & Guides

Shopify Affiliate Review: Make Up To $2,400 Per Sale? LEGIT ?

How to Make Money With Fiverr With Step By Step Guide

How to Make Money With Amazon Affiliate Program: Step By Step Guide



Best Marketing Experts Interviews On BloggersIdeas

Interviews have been core part of BloggersIdeas, we have a lot of marketing experts who share knowledge on SEO, affiliate marketing, make money online, shopify and lot of digital content. Check out these video & text based interviews which can help you kick start your journey.

Ekaterina Matveeva CEO of Amolingua | Hottest Startup of 2015 By CNBC

TIM Addays CEO Shares His Journey How He Started His Brand Addays

Ella From Adcombo : How She Got Huge Success In Affiliate Marketing

Interview With Fernando Javier Digón Kickass Affiliate Marketer From BKK

David Braun Interview TemplateMonster CEO : How He Made $15M Company

Interview of NamesCon & Founder Richard Lau Domain Expert

Interview of Mobidea CEO Antoine: How Mobile Industry is Changing in 2017

Avijit Singh Arya Founder of Internet Moguls: How to Build Relationships

Yogesh Chabria On How to Achieve Financial Freedom The Happionaire Way

Jon Yau Who Bought $250k Domain Against His Wife Consent

Domainer Deepak Ramani & Aishwin Vikhona on How to Make Money With Domains

Zak Muscovitch Canadian Intellectual Property Lawyer Talking About Domain Industry


Content & SEO ( Freelancing)

Content is what makes the blogging world go round.

Without it, you won’t be able to help your website readers, solve their problems, and allow them to read your views and have them their own opinions.

If you are not good at writing then you can hire content writers from sites like or

At BloggersIdeas, we have a team of writers and researchers who do excellent work and we have a very huge budget for this because the quality is up-to-par.


Some Detailed Posts

5 Practical Tips on How to Make a Living As a Paid Travel Blogger

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11 Best 100% Legit Ways to Make Money Online in India [Updated 2017]

{Updated} Best 9 Trusted Websites to Make Money Online from Home


Writing Eye-Pulling Headlines:

How to Become a Self Taught Digital Marketing Expert in Easy Steps


Ultimate Guides

AmaSuite 5 Review :Powerful Amazon Tools 100$ Discount

Clickbank Affiliates: How to Make Huge Money with Clickbank

How to Make More Money with your Affiliate Links

Top 20 Best Survey Sites That Pay Money : JOIN FREE


SEO Tools

Best SEO Software Reviews: SEO Software Tools

SEO PowerSuite Review & Tutorial: The Best SEO Tool

14 Best Content Creation Tools For Marketers

Backlink Building Tools: Best Link Building Software



There’s no such thing as free traffic but since you really have the time and not the money, you’ll find 2 different sections here. One section is for traffic where you can put time and efforts into it and paid traffic will need much less time and a little more money.


Free Traffic (Only time and effort is required):

SEO Checklist : 75+ Killer Steps To Make Your Site SEO Friendly

How Best to Use Forums for SEO {Link Building}

6 Best Latest SEO White Hat Link Building Strategies for 2017

17 Steps To Supercharge Social Media Marketing Strategies

The Art of Storytelling for Blogs: Anatomy of a Great Story


HOT TRAFFIC TIP: Free traffic isn’t free; it always requires time and effort. It’s recommended that you focus your energy on what you’re good at. Don’t try to look for shortcuts because they are not gonna work for long time.


Paid Traffic (Planning and money is required)

3 Secrets The Pros Use To Create Facebook Ads And Get More Clients

Which Is Better For You – Facebook Ads Or Promoted Posts?


Experience & Lessons

Yevhenii CEO at TerraLeads Shares His Success Secrets in Affiliate Business

Olga Havrylyuk From TerraLeads Sharing Actionable Blueprint To Be Affiliate Marketer


PBN Hosting :

PBN hosting is very detailed and advanced concept for lot of newbies so we have detailed post on how to use PBN’s for your blogs and which are best PBN hosting services:

Best CHEAP PBN Hosting Reviews 2017: How To Host Your PBN


Email Marketing

You’re making a huge mistake if you’re not collecting emails. Because email marketing is one of the hottest way to make money online from your blog traffic.

Despite the popularity and rise of social media, there are still more people who check their email daily.

By collecting and connecting through emails, you’ll be able to control the traffic of your blog and can make money anytime very quickly.

So here is the list of best email strategies and tips from BloggersIdeas:

Before you do anything, you’ll need a reliable email service that won’t land into spam boxes which you’ll find here:

List of Top 11 Best Email Marketing Service Providers


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