EvaDav Review 2024: Is It The Best Push Ads Network?


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EvaDav specializes in native advertising, offering various ad formats such as native ads, push notifications, in-page push, and pop-unders. They provide advanced targeting options, including demographic, geographic, device, and behavioral targeting.

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  • Wide reach
  • Native advertising
  • Targeting options
  • User-friendly interface
  • Flexible budgeting
  • Easy campaign setup


  • Ad Quality Control


Price: $

Are you tired of using traditional advertising formats and looking for something new? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, I’d like to introduce you to a reliable platform called EvaDav. EvaDav is a cutting-edge tool for publishers and advertisers to monetize their websites easily through push notifications.

It is one of the best and most reliable push notification platforms available. EvaDav is a push-notification platform that primarily provides native push ads to publishers, which are known to generate more revenue and higher conversions than regular ads.

Push ads offer an advantage over regular ads and generate revenue for life, even after those ad units have been removed from your site.

You can easily take advantage of them to monetize your website. In this post, I have featured an honest and trustworthy EvaDav review that includes detailed insights into its pricing, features, functionality, and more.

EvaDav Review

EvaDav Review 2024: Is It Worth The Hype?? (Detailed Review)

EvaDav is a native advertising network that focuses on providing advanced solutions to both advertisers and publishers.

They operate through a single platform that is designed to meet the needs of their clients.

EvaDav specializes in native advertising and push notifications, ensuring that advertisers receive the best possible performance. This makes it one of the most promising advertising formats available in the market today.

EvaDav Review

EvaDav has brought push advertising to a whole new level by developing algorithms that display only the most relevant and interesting ads to their visitors.

This increases the chances of conversions, resulting in more revenue for you without requiring a lot of effort.

EvaDav offers a range of advanced features that other push-ad networks have failed to provide.

These features include a straightforward registration and approval process, high-quality interest-based ads, low minimum payments, fast payments, a self-service platform, an easy-to-use reporting system, detailed statistics, a hybrid account, a sponsorship program, and more.

EvaDav Features:

EvaDav is a push notification advertising network that offers several features to help advertisers reach their target audience effectively. Some of its key features include:

1. Global Reach:

EvaDav provides access to a vast and diverse global audience, allowing advertisers to target users from different regions and demographics.

2. Push Notifications:

Advertisers can create and send push notification ads to engage users directly on their devices, increasing visibility and engagement.

3. Smart Targeting:

EvaDav offers advanced targeting options, including geolocation, device type, browser, and more, ensuring ads reach the right audience.

4. Native and In-Page Push:

Advertisers can choose between native push and in-page push notification formats, catering to different campaign objectives and user experiences.

5. Automated Campaign Optimization:

The platform uses algorithms to optimize campaigns automatically, improving performance and ROI for advertisers.

6. Multiple Ad Formats:

EvaDav supports various ad formats, including images, videos, and rich media, allowing for creative and engaging advertisements.

7. Real-Time Analytics:

Advertisers can access real-time analytics and reporting to track the performance of their campaigns, monitor click-through rates, and make data-driven decisions.

8. Anti-Fraud Measures:

EvaDav employs anti-fraud mechanisms to ensure ad impressions and clicks are genuine, providing a transparent and trustworthy advertising environment.

EvaDav For Publishers: How To Get Start Earning As A Publisher?

EvaDav provides an easy way for publishers to increase their revenue.

It offers a new monetization format that is suitable for websites, including push notifications, seamless integration, high-quality content, and the highest eCPM rate compared to other ad formats. This makes it a highly attractive option for publishers.

EvaDav For Publishers

The best part about EvaDav is that it connects you with a global advertising exchange from the best advertisers. It doesn’t matter whether the user visited your site intentionally or by accident.

Once you sign up for the push messaging system on your website, subscribers will remain connected to your site, and you can earn revenue from their visits.

How To Get Start Earning As A Publisher With EvaDav?

The process of starting as a publisher with EvaDav is super easy and straightforward and one can easily do that.

Here, I have gone through a simple, easy step-by-step guide in order to get started with EvaDav right as a publisher. Let’s get started here.

Step 1: Register

Here, you will find a simple registration form that will help you easily create an account and move one step closer to earning money.

EvaDav Review - Register

Step 2: Setup

In this step, you have to set up your account. And the best part about EvaDav is that they have a detailed video tutorial on how to install code easily.

EvaDav Review- Create Stream

However, if you are stuck somewhere, then you can easily contact their support team in order to solve your problems.                  

Step 3: Start Making Money

In this step, you need to choose a conversion tool that is suitable for your type of traffic. Once you have selected the tool, add the code to your website and specify the payment method to start receiving payments.

EvaDav Review- Push Statistics

Advantages of EvaDav For Publishers:

  • Accepts only verified advertisers
  • It has a wide section of landing pages for any kind of traffic
  • Integration with plenty of trackers, such as Binom, Keitaro, BeMob, PeerClick
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Quick and easy registration
  • Referral program 5%
  • Minimum payout – $25
  • All verticals and GEOs worldwide

Working models: CPM, CPA, RevShare

EvaDav For Advertisers: How To Get Start Earning As An Advertiser?

Starting your advertising journey with EvaDav is simple and easy. By using EvaDav, you can make your ads more effective, and generate revenue effortlessly.

EvaDav offers various opportunities to enhance your advertising strategy, such as push notifications that have a high conversion rate, 100% brand security, and full campaign orientation.

EvaDav boasts the highest conversion rate in the market, while providing a system that is exclusive against fraud and an efficient algorithm to predict the behavior of your audience in a super easy way.

How To Get Start Earning As An Advertiser With EvaDav?

Getting started with EvADva as an advertiser is very easy and straightforward.  Just make your ads more effective right with EvaDav. Here I have listed a step by step by step process to get started with EvaDav right away. Let’s check it.

EvaDav Review- Sign Up For Advertisers

Step 1: Sign-Up

Here, you need to just sign up right with free advertisers accounts in order to get instant approval right away.

Step 2: Adding Funds

Now, in this second step, you need to just add funds to your account so that you can start your ads running easily.

Step 3: Step Up Your Campaign

In this step, you should start optimizing your campaigns, just set them up and simply launch them after moderation.

EvaDav Review- Create Campaigns

Advantages Of EvaDav For Advertiser:

  • Advertiser creatives are monitored by machine-learning algorithms and manual checks for 100% brand safety.
  • Boost the efficiency of your ad campaigns by matching the most relevant offers to the right audience.
  • Here, the platform solution automatically detects and removes any bot or suspicious activity on your ads, providing only real users and a live audience for your campaigns.
  • Advertiser provides access to premium publishers and helps you target the audience that best matches your offers.
  • Our advertising partners receive over 50 million push ads daily, ensuring a high ROI.
  • Easy moderation (can advertise gambling and dating, which is not possible with Facebook or Google)
  • Personal account manager available 24/7
  • Worldwide GEO
  • All niches are available (gambling, easy adult)

Working model: CPC

EvaDav Offers Various Ad Formats:

EvaDav Offers Various Ad Formats

1. Native Ads:

Native ads are designed to blend seamlessly with the content of the website or platform they appear on.

They are less intrusive and can lead to higher engagement rates because they match the look, feel, and function of the media format in which they appear.

Advantages: Higher engagement, less intrusive, better user experience, and often higher conversion rates as they are more relevant to the audience.

2. Push Notifications:

Push notifications are small pop-up messages that appear on a user’s device. They can be sent to users who have subscribed to receive these notifications from a website.

Advantages: Direct engagement with users, high visibility, and effectiveness in re-engaging users. They can be personalized and timed according to user behavior.

3. In-Page Ads:

In-page ads are a type of display advertising that appears within the content of a webpage, often in between paragraphs of text, or at the end of an article.

They are different from pop-ups and are embedded directly on the page.

Advantages: Less intrusive than pop-ups, can be highly targeted based on the content of the page, and offers a good balance between visibility and user experience.

4. Popunder Ads:

Popunder ads are a type of advertising that opens a new browser window under the current window.

They are less obtrusive as they do not interrupt the user’s current browsing experience and are only seen when the user closes or minimizes their main browser window.

Advantages: High visibility, once noticed, can be effective for certain types of campaigns, and does not interrupt the user immediately.

Why You Should Choose EvaDav Over Other Platforms?

Actually, there are several reasons why you should join EvaDav, and the reasons are listed below:

1. Easy Registration & Approval:

EvaDav offers easy registration and approval for publishers so that they get started right away.  Once you sign up, you can easily log in to your account and create new units hassle-free.

However, these promotional widgets require the approval of EvaDav’s review team before they can appear on your site. But don’t worry, as in general, they approve all websites from 30 minutes to 1 hour.

Once your site/ad widget has been approved by the review team, you can see your push ads and start making money from it.

2. Offers The Hybrid Accounts:

EvaDav provides users with hybrid accounts, so you do not have to register with a separate ad editor or account. An account does all the work for you. 

Simply register on this network, and you will get an account for publishers and advertisers for an account.

3. Ads Related To Interests:

All know that people do not like to click on items in which they are not interested. EvaDav, therefore, has developed advanced algorithms that allow the ad code to serve only advertisements of interest to your visitors.

This not only increases the number of conversions for advertisers but also publishers’ revenue.

4. 110% system Uptime:

This platform knows how important your traffic is, and that is why it offers your ads from a powerful server, 24×7, to optimize your traffic.

You can easily rely on this platform called EvaDav as it will never let you down.

5. All Geographic Traffic:

Without having any second thoughts, I would like to say EvaDav is a global advertising network and, therefore, it accepts global traffic. No matter what country your traffic comes from, they will be going to pay for it.

6. Offers Weekly Payments:

Unlike many other ad networks where the publisher has to wait months, here EvaDav offers weekly payments.  They pay the publishers weekly, and that’s quite impressive about it.

Each time you reach your minimum payment limit, you will be paid weekly without any single question being asked.

7. No Minimum payment:

EvaDav has a low minimum limit of $ 25, and that’s quite impressive. This low minimum deposit limit helps publishers easily reach and withdraw their income hassle-free. And this is what makes EvaDav different from other Push Notification platforms.

8. Detailed Statistical Reports:

As a modern advertising network, EvaDav offers publishers a very detailed statistical information system.

The statistical reporting system allows publishers to fully analyze their traffic and make the necessary changes to improve performance.

EvaDav: Pros and Cons


1. Multiple Ad Formats:

EvaDav offers various ad formats, including push notifications, native ads, and pop-unders, providing flexibility for advertisers.

2. Targeting Options:

The platform offers robust targeting options, including geographic, device, and browser targeting, helping advertisers reach their desired audience effectively.

3. Self-Service Platform:

EvaDav provides a user-friendly self-service platform that allows advertisers to create, manage, and optimize their campaigns independently.

4. Detailed Analytics:

Advertisers can access detailed reporting and analytics tools to monitor campaign performance and make data-driven decisions.

5. Referral Program:

EvaDav offers a referral program where users can earn commissions by referring new advertisers or publishers to the platform.


1. Quality Control:

While EvaDav offers targeting options, ensuring the quality and relevance of the traffic can be a challenge, and advertisers may need to optimize their campaigns to achieve the desired results.

What Payment Methods Does EvaDav Support?

EvaDav does not want to cause publishers the slightest inconvenience and offers them several payment options that are listed below.

What Payment Methods Does EvaDav Support

The payment options offered by EvaDav include PayPal, Skrill, Payoneer, ePayments, Webmoney, Paxum, and Swift, along with bank transfers.  

EvaDav Stats:

This is one of the best and most reliable push notification platforms. Below I have listed some of the impressive facts about this EvaDav platform.

EvaDav Stats

  • It has a 300 Million Unique audience.
  • It has 50K Advertisers
  • More than 100k verified sites and apps
  • Get more than 2 Billion impressions per day

So, these were the stats of this EvaDav Platform. I hope you can now have better insights into this platform.


💼 How does EvaDav work?

EvaDav connects advertisers with publishers who have opted in to receive push notifications. Advertisers create campaigns and target specific demographics, and EvaDav delivers these notifications to the publishers' audiences.

💰 How much does it cost to use EvaDav?

EvaDav offers different pricing models, including CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Mille). The cost depends on various factors such as targeting options, bid amounts, and campaign settings.

📈 What kind of targeting options does EvaDav offer?

EvaDav provides various targeting options, including geographic targeting, device targeting, browser targeting, and more, allowing advertisers to reach their desired audience effectively.

📱 Is EvaDav mobile-friendly?

EvaDav is optimized for mobile devices, allowing advertisers and publishers to access their accounts and manage campaigns on smartphones and tablets.

📈 Can I track the performance of my campaigns on EvaDav?

Yes, EvaDav provides detailed reporting and analytics tools, allowing advertisers to monitor the performance of their campaigns and make data-driven decisions.

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Conclusion: EvaDav Review 2024 

EvaDav is one of the best and most reliable push notification platforms, and it is one of the easy ways to monetize your website through push notifications.

No doubt, they have taken push advertising to the next level. As here EvaDav has developed their algorithms to show their visitors only the most relevant and interesting ads.

This increases the likelihood of conversions, which means more revenue for you without putting much effort.

I hope this EvaDav suits your purpose well. Feel free to drop your review of this platform, EvaDav, right in the comment section below.

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