We are bringing back the personal touch lost when businesses migrated to the internet.

We all have our favorite brands. But it breaks our heart when they try to engage us with generic experiences, canned messages, and random pop-ups. And we know the future is not just remembering a visitor’s first name — it’s about delivering a personal experience optimized for each person.
We are using the power of AI to help online businesses create personalized and delightful experiences for their users.

We saw the amazing potential of machine learning while working at Google years ago. But instead of developing it for the big companies, we want to make it accessible for every business. That’s our mission at ByteGain.
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Things we love

- Ping-pong
- Spikeball
- Basketball
- Ultimate frisbee
- Soccer
- Volleyball
- Philosophical discussions
- Home-made dishes
- Really hard puzzles
- Bacon
- Team lunches
- Dogs and cats
(We are all very competitive)

Our team

Mike Chu
Mike provides adult supervision when he isn't playing with the office puppy or ping pong. He also enjoys a good workout, rooting for his kids, and eating delicious home cooking.
Josh Sacks
Josh likes complex problems with satisfying solutions, static types and the Oxford comma. Also properly smoked meat, cats, Ultimate Frisbee and CrossFit.
Dragos Harabor
Software architect
Dragos loves building infrastructure software and tools that help people get things done better, faster, smarter. He has been spotted playing soccer with his kids, tinkering with tech toys, or watching a good movie.
Mark Vandevoorde
Principal engineer
Mark enjoys building software that gets used by many people, processes big data, and/or requires high performance, such as prior work on Xterm or Google's Borgmaster. When not on the computer, he's a foodie that also likes to cook and listen to music.
Yuri Chervonyi
Machine learning engineer
Yuri is obsessed with equations and likes to design and implement complex algorithms. In his spare time, Yuri learns how the Universe works, plays volleyball, basketball or does other sports.
Brian Zhang
Software engineer
Brian is a jack-of-all-trades who's experienced in software, hardware, marketing, and design — but mostly frontend. He's obsessed with educational games, contemporary art, classical music and unconventional cooking.


Our office

166 Main St, Los Altos, CA
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Your health comes first
Medical care
Dental care
Getting to the office
Commuting perks
Taking time off
Flexible vacation
Enjoying the office
Free snacks and drinks
Ping pong
Office dog
Nap rooms
Having fun together
Hockey games
Home-cooked meals
Escape room
Growing with the company
Cutting edge technology
Growing responsibilities