Webinarjam Pricing Plans 2024: How Much Does Webinar Jam Cost?

If you’re looking for comprehensive information about Webinarjam’s pricing plans, you’ve come to the right place.

Webinarjam offers a range of pricing options tailored to suit different business needs. In this article, I will compare the three available plans and provide insights on hidden charges, hosting evergreen webinars, and how Webinarjam stacks up against Zoom.

By the end of this article, you’ll have a clear understanding of whether Webinarjam’s pricing plan is worth the investment for your business.

It’s important to note that many reviews mention outdated prices when discussing Webinarjam’s cost structure. However, the prices mentioned in this article are up-to-date as they have been recently updated for 2024.

On their website, you can take advantage of a special offer to try Webinarjam for just $1 for a 30-day trial. It’s worth noting that this offer is not directly available on the Webinarjam homepage.

So, let’s dive into the details and explore Webinarjam’s pricing plans to help you make an informed decision for your business.

WebinarJam Pricing overview

Webinarjam Pricing Plans

webinarjam pricing

These Webinarjam plans are quite simple. The tiers differ only slightly. Selecting the right plan for your company is easier when there are fewer moving parts.

No matter what plan you choose, you can host an unlimited number of webinars.

1. Starter Plan- $39/mo

WebinarJam’s Starter Plan is designed for those starting out with webinars.

Priced at $39 per month (billed annually), it accommodates 100 attendees with unlimited webinars.

The plan includes features like live chat, replica replay, flexible scheduling, fully customizable pages, an email & SMS system, and live offer displays.

With one host allowed and a maximum duration of one hour per session, it’s a comprehensive package for hosting engaging webinars.

2. Basic Plan- $79/mo

The Basic plan limits the number of attendees to 500. For small businesses just getting started, this is plenty.

The professional plan is very easy to upgrade to as soon as you reach 500 registrations.

For the Basic Plan, you are limited to two hosts/panelists, which shouldn’t pose a problem for entrepreneurs. It’s useful to have multiple hosts for roundtable discussions of experts, but they aren’t essential.Β 

With this plan, webinars can last up to two hours, which should be sufficient for a productive seminar.

Most webinars consume most of their time in Q&A, so managing this section effectively will keep you within the time limit.

All plan levels, including Basic, include the following features-

  • Paid Webinars: Webinarjam can integrate with payment gateways such as PayPal and Kartra, so you can charge attendees to view
  • Live Chat: Real-time group conversations and private comments can prove vital in securing a sale
  • Email Reminders: Email reminders for pre- and post-webinars can be sent automatically by Webinarjam’s servers. You will appear as the sender of these emails
  • Automatic Recording: By using Webinarjam’s Replica Replay feature, everything that happens in the ‘Live Room’ is accurately recorded and mirrored
  • Handouts: Provide your audience with downloadable files like PDF bonuses during the live webinar

3. Professional Plan at $299/moΒ 

Your attendance will increase from 500 to 2000 with an additional $200 per year.

The webinar has been extended to 3 hours with four panelists and hosts.Β 

At the Professional level, there are two additional unique features.Β 

You can use the ‘Panic Button‘ feature to avoid being stuck in a bad webinar. The Panic Button on Webinarjam can help you get out of trouble if the page is having technical problems during a live webinar.Β 

By clicking this button, you will automatically create a new live webinar room and transfer your audience to it.

Also available is a feature known as ‘Always On Room.’ Having your own branded URL link that never changes is the best way to keep your own webinar room open 24/7 if you conduct live webinars regularly.

You won’t have to change the link each time you publish, so it’s more shareable.

4. Webinarjam Enterprise Plan at $379/mo

The Webinarjam Enterprise plan tier gets a number of self-explanatory features.Β 

Instead of 2,000 attendees, 4,000 attended.

The number of hosts allowed for roundtable discussions has been limited to six, and the webinar has been extended to four hours.

I doubt any audience would want to sit through 4 hours, so hopefully, you won’t need the full 4 hours!

One of the unique features of the Enterprise plan is the Control Center.

Webinarjam Pricing FAQ

πŸ€” Is there a monthly fee for Webinarjam?

They don't offer monthly pricing at Webinarjam. For the Basic plan, there is an annual fee of $499.

βœ… Can You Run An Automated /Evergreen Webinar With Webinarjam?

Recurring webinars cannot be automated. Webinarjam offers live webinars. The EverWebinar product, on the other hand, automates webinars. Webinarjam can be used for live seminars, which can then be converted to work automatically with Everwebinar.

πŸ’° What Kind of Payment Do Webinarjam Accept?

There are three major credit card providers: Mastercard, VISA, and American Express.

πŸ€” Can You Receive A Full Refund From Webinarjam?

They will give you a full refund if you request it within 30 days of your purchase.

❓ Can I worry about Sneaky Charges With Webinarjam?

Chargeback fees are the only charges you may be surprised by in the Ts and Cs. A $50 processing fee may be charged if you request a refund after paying for Webinarjam in the first month.

βœ” Which Is Better, Zoom vs Webinarjam?

Larger businesses with larger budgets can host online events with Zoom Webinar. Despite the fact that they can accommodate 10,000 attendees and 100 panelists, their pricing tiers are significantly higher. Using Zoom, you would need to pay over $2720 per year to host 1,000 attendees, while hosting 2000 people with Webinarjam will only cost you $699 per year. Webinarjam also offers more features specifically designed to drive marketing conversions, while Zoom Webinar offers less marketing functionality. The discussion here is primarily about size and budget; solopreneurs and small businesses should use Webinarjam, and larger companies should use Zoom Webinar.

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