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VPN Unlimited

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VPN Unlimited offers great holiday discounts because of which it can offer striking prices. Through their lifetime subscription plan, which is priced

PureVPN is available in a number of locations and enjoys one of the highest location lists. It can connect you to 141 different states in the world. A

  • Easy to use
  • Clean and personal IP Addresses
  • Extended access to any wished content
  • Comes with a Robust VPN Kill Switch
  • It has Port Forwarding Add-on
  • 256-Bit AES Encryption
  • Fast speeds
  • Easy access to streaming sites
  • Servers for P2P torrenting
  • Easy set-up on all major platforms
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Compatible with Android TV
  • 31-day money-back guarantee
  • Supports port forwarding
  • Based in New York (US jurisdiction)
  • Some features don’t work with WireGuard
Ease of Use

VPN Unlimited is a reliable and easy to use VPN. If you're someone looking for a reliable and easy to use VPN, you should give VPN Unlimited a try.

PureVPN is a top-notch VPN provider that offers easy to use VPN services. This VPN is easy to use and best suited to beginners and intermediate users out there.

Value For Money

One of the best and cheapest plans available

PureVPN is slightly expensive and has fewer pricing options when compared to VPN unlimited.

Customer Support

The customer support offered by VPN Unlimited isn't that reliable compared to PurveVPN. The customer team of VPN Unlimited needs improvement.

PureVPN offers reliable customer support which makes it super easy to solve any issues or queries on the go.

Welcome to my VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN Comparison.

Both VPNs are not complete substitutes for each other as they are good in their capacity. We will focus on the different aspects of these VPNs to draw your attention to the connections between each other and the differences.

It will help you understand how these VPNs concentrate on various aspects of the services, thus putting you in a better position to make an informed decision. 

Earlier, corporate companies were mainly using the services of Virtual Private Network companies to protect their data. However, VPNs have become necessary for everyone with an internet connection. A reliable VPN company must offer privacy and security to all networks, including public networks.

Bottom Line: 

VPN Unlimited and PureVPN offer products with several features to protect their customer’s data. These VPN providers offer 256 Bit encryption and reliable online security to their users. The data protection by these VPNs VPN Unlimited and PurVPN is ensured by establishing robust protocols to encrypt the data. Try VPN Unlimited and PureVPN here. 

The two VPNs enjoy specific strengths; for instance, VPN Unlimited is reliable in terms of features and pricing, while PureVPN makes a difference in its quality services and the reach, that is, the number of locations they are servicing.

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN- An Overview

VPN Unlimited

VPN Unlimited offers great holiday discounts because of which it can offer striking prices.  Through their lifetime subscription plan, which is priced at around $500, you can endlessly enjoy their services.

The same plan will cost you much lesser during the holidays, sometimes as discounted as around $39, a price that you usually pay for a year’s subscription in most VPNs. Probably, it is the best offer you can get for a lifetime subscription plan.

With this plan, you can get unlimited bandwidth as well as five devices that can be used simultaneously. It also enables you to get auto-connected to the best server.

VPN Unlimited Overview


PureVPN is available in a number of locations and enjoys one of the highest location lists. It can connect you to 141 different states in the world. Once you change over to the IP address of any of these locations, you will be allowed to unblock every online content of that IP address, giving you access to that content forever.

PureVPN offers different software programs to its customers, including clients and applications. In addition, as a customer, you would be happy with the speed and stability of their services.

PureVPN overview

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN – Apps Compatibility

Here is the comparison of the two VPNs – VPN Unlimited and PureVPN to ensure you are well versed with the strengths of each VPN before making your decision.

We have done it extensively by taking into consideration different points such as App compatibility, IP type, speed and performance, pricing options, ease of use, privacy and security, protocols, etc. 

VPN Unlimited:

It is compatible with most operating systems and platforms, including Windows, Android, Mac, iOS, and Linux. It supports the usage on up to 5 devices, or you could purchase a not-so-expensive extension to use it on up to 15 devices. However, it does not support Xbox and routers.     


Like VPN Unlimited, it also supports a number of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Apple TV, Linux, etc. It also enables you to connect with five different devices from your single account.

Additionally, unlike the former, it also supports Xbox and routers. Another advantage of PureVPN is that it provides a virtual router that allows your Windows PC to connect to up to 10 other devices.

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN – IP Type

VPN Unlimited:

You can get shared or dynamic IP addresses in VPN Unlimited. However, it allows you to purchase a static, personal IP address. You can also buy a personal server if you want.


VPN Unlimited IP Types


With PureVPN, you can get around 80000 shared or dynamic IP addresses while also opting for a static IP address if you need it.

Speed, Performance, and Reliability

VPN Unlimited:

It is currently operating in around 70 locations across the world, including South Africa, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, etc. with more than 1000 servers. You can get unlimited bandwidth and great speed, though not as good as PureVPN.

You need not worry about IP or DNS leaks are only for legal purposes P2P is allowed, too, with the specialized servers only.


PureVPN stands out with 2000 plus servers worldwide. It has servers in more than 141 countries, including Asian subcontinents, Africa, North America, Australia, and other countries. It impresses you not only with the number of locations but also with its speed and smooth performance.

When you subscribe to PureVPN, you can enjoy easy switching of the servers, a great speed, and unlimited bandwidth. It also supports P2P sharing.      

Pricing Battle: VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN 

VPN Unlimited:

VPN Unlimited offers you different pricing options with varied subscription periods. You can opt for any of the plans – a monthly plan at $9.99, a three-month plan at $18.99, a yearly plan at $59.99, and a five-year plan at $119.40.

The company promises you a 7-day money-back guarantee on its five-year plan. It also offers you a lifetime subscription plan that you can get at a discounted price of around $150 with a promise to serve you for the next 100 years. It is one of the best and cheapest plans available for you in a VPN Service

VPN Unlimited Pricing


If you want to subscribe to PureVPN, you get three pricing options that include a one-month plan at $10.95/month, a one-year plan at $5.82/month, and a two-year plan that will cost you $3.33 per month.

With the two-year plan, you also get the provision of a 31-day money-back guarantee. PureVPN is slightly expensive and has fewer pricing options when compared to VPN unlimited.     

PureVPN Pricing


VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN- Security and Protection

VPN Unlimited:

VPN Unlimited has an impressive set of features to provide security and protection to your data. It provides data encryption, protection against malware, an ad-block feature, prevention of tracking with an extra encryption layer, etc.

You can also buy add-ons if you want increased protection. You could pay via BitCoin and ensure your activity log is not kept. However, your connection logs will be maintained.

VPN Unlimited Secure


It comes with one of the best security features with powerful encryption and a NAT firewall. In addition, it brings you a Wi-Fi protection feature, split tunneling, and a VPN kill switch.

Just like VPN Unlimited, it supports BitCoin payment, thus allowing you to avoid sharing your sensitive data during the subscription purchase.

Also, your activity log will not be maintained, though connection logs are kept. Pure VPN, just like VPN Unlimited, boasts 256-bit data encryption, one of the best encryptions, which is used by government agencies across the globe, generally.  

PureVPN Security

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN

1. Privacy

VPN Unlimited:

It has a VPN kill switch in place to provide you the much-needed privacy and maintain your anonymity. It comes with an easy-to-understand privacy policy, mentioning that the network will not maintain your IP addresses, DNS requests, and the activity log.


Similar to VPN Unlimited, PureVPN also ensures your privacy is maintained via a VPN kill switch. A clearly indicating privacy policy will help you understand the privacy features offered by them.   

2. Ease of use and Support

VPN Unlimited:

Apart from an impressive and easy-to-navigate website, VPN Unlimited has developed a FAQ section to help you get an answer to your queries. The FAQ section comes with a search option along with categorization to make your browsing convenient.

You could also contact the well-trained customer support staff via the contact form, email, or live chat option. It is known to provide great customer support, which is an advantage. 


It has a straightforward, informative website that is easy to understand and navigate. It also brings you a vast knowledge base and a convenient FAQ section. The company’s friendly and professional customer support staff will answer your queries via live chat or email.

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN- Protocols

VPN Unlimited:

This VPN company provides two protocols that include OpenVPN protocol for Windows and Andriod OS, and IPSec IKEv1 for iOS and Mac.


PureVPN clearly stands out by proving almost all the necessary protocols, including OpenVPN, SSTP, PPTP, IKEv2, and L2TP/IPSec.

PureVPN Protocols

VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN-

1. Use of Netflix and Torrenting

VPN Unlimited:

If you are using VPN Unlimited, you cannot stream the Netflix content even though the company’s server the US-based. Even the other entertainment sites also prevent VPN Unlimited users from using it. In addition, as a VPN Unlimited customer, you can torrent from five of their servers, which are US-California, Romania, Luxembourg, France, and Canada-Ontario.    


It can unblock the Netflix library in the US and can allow you to stream foreign content. However, the streaming speed may get affected. Additionally, as a PureVPN customer, you can torrent on their all P2P servers.

2. Usability in China and Restricted Countries 

VPN Unlimited:

It can be accessed in China, thus allowing the users to enjoy YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and alike. The Chinese users can access six locations of VPN Unlimited, including the US, Hong Kong, Singapore, Canada, and Germany. It is also accessible in certain restricted countries like Morocco, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.


It is based out of Hong Kong; thus, it is much easier to sidestep the Chinese government surveillance with secret IP addresses. The Chinese users of PureVPN can access all of their servers without any restrictions. Just like VPN Unlimited, even PureVPN is accessible from the other restricted countries.

Customer Reviews

Here are the customer reviews of both:

VPN Unlimited Reviews

VPN Unlimited Customer Reviews

PureVPN Reviews

PureVPN Customer Reviews

FAQ On VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN

Can VPN Unlimited be trusted?

The majority of the time, using VPN Unlimited is a risk-free activity. Few questions can be raised about the reliability of their AES-256 encryption and tunnelling technologies. On the other hand, this service provider isn't the best when it comes to protecting users' privacy.

Is PureVPN a good VPN?

PureVPN is a virtual private network (VPN) that offers lightning-fast connections and has overwhelmingly favourable user evaluations. Because it provides robust data encryption, an abundance of safe protocols, and capabilities for smooth torrenting and streaming, it is an excellent virtual private network (VPN) option for video watching.

How fast is VPN Unlimited?

VPN Unlimited Netflix The biggest disadvantage, on the other hand, is that the speeds were rather modest, as was mentioned before (around 4 Mbps download speed). There seems to be just one server that is compatible with Netflix, which is another disadvantage of the service.

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Conclusion: VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN 2024

Both the VPNs are great in terms of performance, protection, and reliability. While PureVPN stands out in its number of locations and servers, VPN Unlimited enjoys a great subscription plan with a lifetime subscription provision. In addition, VPN Unlimited has an edge over the competitor in the ease of use and customer support.

When you subscribe to PureVPN and install the file after agreeing to the terms and conditions, you can choose either connect or stream. However, VPN Unlimited will allow you to choose the server location by providing you a list of recommended servers.

With increased user support, better pricing options, and at par protection and security features, VPN Unlimited is our recommendation.

Hopefully, this Comparison Between VPN Unlimited Vs PureVPN 2024 helped you in choosing the right VPN service provider as per your location and requirements.

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