Vimmy Push Ad Network Review 2024: Should You Trust This Ad Network? Pros & Cons In Detail

Looking for promoting and doing advertisements for your business?

Weel, You are lucky because I’m in the field of marketing for the past 7 years and have used various only platforms for advertisements. Now, after analyzing many platforms I’m going to give my review on Vimmy because I was very fond of it with its super cool features.

Not many people know about Vimmy, which is a Push notification launched recently. It is a super revenue-generating platform, established by a company in the Netherlands.

It is a newcomer in the field of digital marketing and advertising. It has a team of skilled and proficient professionals who have a strong work experience of around eight years in this sphere. Vimmy is gaining a lot of popularity because of its high-quality push notifications.

These notifications are used by the advertisers to convey their product messages to the user device directly, at any location.

Vimmy Push Ad Network Review

Vimmy Push Ad Network Review

Vimmy Push Ad Network Review 2024

Vimmy is gradually growing day by day and already has more than 250 million subscribers. Their progress so far has been extraordinary in the digital marketing world and is here to stay for long. It will give a run for life to its competitors.

The main USP of Vimmy is that it is very safe and consists of an anti-fraud system that collaborates with legal traffic suppliers across the world. Their technology solutions are time-tested and very efficient in designing powerful and profitable campaigns for clients. All the affiliates, agencies, and advertisers will benefit a lot from Vimmy.

This article will discuss all the important aspects of this amazing platform.

This information will be useful for you and will enlighten you about Vimmy.

Push Notifications

Look-wise Push notifications are like SMS but they are contrasting. This is because you can click on the push notification messages that pop up on the user’s screen at any time and anywhere. Irrespective of the browser or sites you are using, push notifications are an efficient way to engross with the users.


Vimmy ad neetwork dashboards

Advantages of Push Notification

Push notifications have the following benefits:

  • They deliver high conversion rates
  • They have a maximum opening rate, i.e. 90%
  • Their approach is highly targeted
  • Improve and stimulate user engagement
  • They can be sent at any time, as desired

Unique Features of Vimmy

There are several advertising networks in the market today, but not every network can provide for all the user concerns. This amazing advertising platform has multiple modern and unique features which are ideal for marketers and advertisers.

Vimmy’s development process is ongoing and it helps the advertisers in growing their business faster.

Vimmy advertisers features review

Here are some of its features that make it unique and different:

Anti-Fraud Technology

As said earlier, Vimmy is a very secure platform that is free of fraud and spam. Your personal information remains safe and it gives you full access to your info. You can change or remove it any time you want to.

The tools of Vimmy are smartly designed such that they avoid suspicious traffic from reaching the campaigns, thus averting deceitful transactions.


Vimmy uses Artificial Intelligence, which is a machine learning technique. This technique makes use of statistics to make sure your ad campaigns are visible only to the desired users on their requested devices at the chosen time.

Thus, Vimmy ensures that your campaigns are powerful and successful and that your ads reach the recipients on time.

Self-Serve Platform

A self-serve platform is also called a demand-side platform (DSP) and Vimmy is a DSP. Such platforms operate by getting the appropriate media buyers or advertisers to the genuine publishers who include the matching content and traffic.

Vimmy, the DSP, does not involve a third party, i.e. it makes sure that the marketers are given the proper ad spaces. It also ensures that the maximum value of spaces is given to the publishers.

High-Load Projects

The proficient and expert team at Vimmy has years of experience in successfully developing and implementing high-load projects. They have the capability to handle thousands of connections at the same time to their users.

They are proficient in averting problems like customer losses, slow page loading, and random errors.


Data is an important concern in any business and when there is big data in question, the challenges become hard. But, Vimmy makes use of the modern approach and techniques for handling this big data effectively. This feature helps the marketers and the advertisers to acquire essential awareness pertaining to business strategies.

For digital marketers to aim at the users with more personalized ads, big data is very helpful.

Advantages of Vimmy for Advertisers

Vimmy is the best choice for advertisers and digital marketers because it caters to all their needs and requirements of getting the maximum ROI via targeted campaigns. The push notifications by Vimmy are different from other push notifications owing to the advanced and unique features of the former.

Vimmy traffic countries - vimmy ad network review

These features stamp on the fact that the marketing campaign will be highly successful. As a Vimmy advertiser, you are sure to enjoy high traffic and a superb rate of conversion to enhance your business faster, online.

Here are the benefits of Vimmy for the advertisers:

  • Dashboard is full-fledged

The dashboard is full-fledged when it is fully equipped and has all the essential information and statistics at one place. It has everything that you will require to control your campaigns. A complete dashboard is important for any user and Vimmy provides you with the best.

  • Approach is targeted

The approach of Vimmy is extremely targeted and makes sure your campaigns reach the right audience and at the right time. Its self-serve feature enables the advertisers to come in contact with the correct publishers. These publishers have the traffic and content as per your needs.

  • Fast and simple Campaigns

Any advertiser will want easy launching of the campaign and this is what Vimmy is best at. It is the best advertising solution for running profitable campaigns. The campaigns through Vimmy are smooth and super-fast because it uses advanced techniques.

  • 24×7 Customer Support

Whichever platform or software you purchase, customer support is critical and should never be compromised upon. Vimmy offers fantastic customer support through their dedicated team of professionals whom you can contact via messages or emails. Their response time is very quick and you will find your queries being solved within minutes.

  • Detailed graphs and statistics

Vimmy has the capability to offer transparent and complete data pertaining to sales graphs, campaigns, etc.

This information helps you in tracking your campaign and gives you details about the impact of your campaign, its sales, status of the campaign, etc. The traffic charts they provide are helpful in understanding the worldwide impact of your campaign.

  • Low budget test campaigns

You can also test your campaigns with a lesser budget and the minimum budget required is around $50.

  • Personal Account Manager

All the advertisers on Vimmy are provided with a Personal Account Manager for the efficient running of the campaigns. They can also optimize their campaigns and offer you help and tips to attract more sales with the help of targeted Push notifications.

Mistakes to Avoid with Push Notifications

Not using a Tracking software

A majority of the beginner affiliates do not use tracking software, which is a huge mistake because affiliate marketing is all about examining your data and searching for the best segments which enable traffic conversions.

And, this is not possible without using a tracker. So, always keep a tracking solution or set up a postback URL to speed up conversions.

Not segmenting by subscription age

Segmenting the user groups by age is extremely important for targeting. This is because a user gets numerous push notifications and not all are relevant to his age. So, as an affiliate marketer, you must launch several campaigns as per the push subscription age.

Like, age 0 is advised for the newest subscribers, age 1-3 for users who are still new but their bid is not high, and age 3+ should set the bid of the recommendation.

Not enough testing

Putting your efforts into testing is essential in order to make correct conclusions.

You must collect enough data for analysis, like the amount of money you must spend on a single offer, what volumes of traffic you should run before disabling a particular zone, etc. So, do not make the mistake of carrying out insufficient testing, otherwise, you will lag behind in the competition.

Using copycat campaigns

In order to earn a good income, you must consider the creatives, like using spy tools for research, A/B testing, and analysing landing pages. You must avoid using copycat campaigns and come up with innovative angles to stay ahead in the competition.

Lacking in analytics

Another mistake that affiliates make with push notifications is that they do not follow a systematic approach to analysis. After gathering enough data you must analyze it very carefully and look for the flow of traffic that worked the best with your offer and creativity.

Proper analysis will help you find the poorly-performing segments which you can then disable. Vimmy proffers all kinds of targeting settings so that you get the appropriate traffic only.

Targeting Options with

The targeting options offered by Vimmy are:

  • ISP
  • Whitelist IP
  • Blacklist IP
  • Region
  • Usage Type
  • Device Resolution
  • Browser
  • Platform
  • Country
  • White list site
  • Black list site

Pros of Vimmy

  • The platform is 100% safe and secure
  • It is easy to launch targeted  campaigns
  • It offers numerous targeting options
  • The statistics are offered in detail
  • The advertisers enjoy a very high ROI
  • The customer support is quick and responsive
  • It uses anti-fraudulent software
  • The interface is user-friendly and has a complete dashboard

Cons of Vimmy

  • It does not contain multiple ad formats

Conclusion: Vimmy Push Ad Network Review | Should You Try This Network? YES

I recommend Vimmy as it is amazing in Ad networks and is one of the fastest-growing Push notification Ad networks. It is the best choice for Advertisers, agencies, and affiliates and helps them in launching fast and profitable ad campaigns.

It helps in bringing the appropriate traffic and offering higher conversion rates.

It gives you full control over your campaigns because it is a self-serve platform. Vimmy is undoubtedly the safest and profitable ad networks platform in the market.

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