Better Leads. Faster Closings. Higher ROI.

Better Leads. Faster Closings. Higher ROI.

ByteGain delivers the power of artificial intelligence to real estate

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Close More Leads with AI Predictions & Intelligence

Predict Customer Outcomes

ByteGain’s AI engine learns from consumer behavior on your website to predict the preferences and outcomes of every visitor. Is a customer likely to purchase a home in the next 3 months? ByteGain will know before they even send a lead.
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Increase Agent Performance with AI-Powered Data

Distinguish between the browsers and the buyers. ByteGain’s technology provides agents and brokers with deep customer insight data to better qualify and close leads, ported directly into a CRM. Examples include:
  • Lead Scoring with Buyer Intent
  • Cross Sell & Upsell Potential
  • Next Action Recommendation
  • Expected Revenue Potential
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Drive Leads with Interventions

ByteGain automatically powers 1-1 nurturing and remarketing activities. Whether it’s AI-powered listing recommendations, chat, signups, or retargeting, ByteGain is fully customizable and automatic.
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Optimize Marketing ROI

Rather than marketing to every customer the same way, ByteGain drives personalized marketing based on buyer intent scores. This leads to far more conversions, on far less marketing spend.
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World-class AI Set Up in Minutes

Integrating AI into your business doesn’t have to be complex. ByteGain provides the latest technology, without the need for an in-house engineering team. Our software is set up within 15 minutes and provides results in just days.