PureVPN Review🚀2024: Is It Worth It?


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A Fast VPN, PureVPN is a fantastic VPN for media consumption because it provides robust data encryption, many secure protocols, as well as features for seamless torrenting and streaming.

Out of 10


  • 'No logs' policy audited
  • Ten users are covered by one plan
  • servers from different regions
  • starting at an absurdly low rate of $1.49 per month (for 5 years)
  • Unblocks US Disney Plus, Amazon Prime Video, iPlayer, Netflix,


  • Unusual pricing
  • Policy on privacy that is unclear


Price: $ 1.49

Exploring the vast world of virtual private networks can be overwhelming, but PureVPN stands out with its unique features and reliable service.

PureVPN is a great choice for people who are frequently on the go and for anyone who needs to hide their location because it has such a huge and widely scattered network of servers.

I was particularly pleased with its updated software, which is smarter and snazzier than ever, and its affordable range of add-ons, like port-forwarding and dedicated IP addresses.

I was puzzled by the company’s privacy practices, concerned about its pricing model, and unsatisfied that it does not provide further privacy features like multi-hop connections.

In this comprehensive PureVPN review, we delve deep into its performance, security protocols, and user experience.

Whether you’re a privacy-conscious individual or a business seeking to enhance online security, our in-depth analysis will help you determine if PureVPN is the right choice for your digital needs.

Stay tuned as we uncover the pros, cons, and everything in between about PureVPN.

PureVPN Review

🚀 Bottom Line Upfront: PureVPN allows you to regain control of your online privacy and security. Protect the information that identifies you personally and have peace of mind as you surf the web. When it comes to safety, you should never settle for less than the best. PureVPN will let you enjoy the unrestricted freedom of the internet without compromising your personal data in the process!

PureVPN excels at getting around barriers, has a ton of features and is constantly working to add more, and charges a fair price for longer-term memberships. But this service can’t compete with the finest VPNs because it lacks a kill switch, has fewer useable apps, and has a number of other flaws.

PureVPN Review🚀 2024: About PureVPN

PureVPN Review

Virtual private network (VPN) PureVPN is known for its lightning-fast performance. Because it offers strong data encryption, a wealth of secure protocols, and features that enable seamless torrenting and streaming, this Virtual Private Network (VPN) is great for watching videos.

On the other side, PureVPN’s critics point out that the service’s speed results are generally inconsistent and that its security record is dubious.

But in recent months, this VPN has advanced in a few crucial areas. For instance, it was the first VPN to introduce an Always-On Audit, indicating that, as a result, its level of security was significantly increased.

I thoroughly examined this service provider to ensure our main questions were answered. Is PureVPN a secure option? Does it keep any logs? Can it get over the limitations of Netflix?

Several factors led us to include PureVPN in our list of the best virtual private networks (VPNs). Read on to discover more about PureVPN and the attributes that make it one of the top virtual private networks (VPNs) currently on the market.

PureVPN offers a variety of locations and servers.

PureVPN Review -variety of locations and servers

Because PureVPN has over 6500 servers spread across 78 nations, it can compete in server count with even the most well-known virtual private networks (VPNs), such as NordVPN and ExpressVPN.

Users of PureVPN can access both dedicated and shared servers. They make up a sizable fraction of them in terms of physicality, proving that they are located in the country they appear to be in.

While a sizable portion of PureVPN’s servers is virtual, on the other hand. A virtual server gives the idea that it is located somewhere other than its actual location.

For instance, if you try connecting to a Bulgarian server, the real server is likely in Greece. Fortunately, a Bulgarian IP address will be given to you.

What does that exactly mean for you? A virtual server can’t possibly expect to perform as well as a real server when compared to the latter.

You can restrict the servers using one of the following four modes if you use their Android app: file sharing, internet freedom, security and privacy, and streaming. Also, you can contact support and request a server if you can’t find one in the nation you need.

In addition, PureVPN provides servers in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and the Netherlands that are immune to quantum computing. They use independently verifiable encryption keys a quantum method generates to increase security and privacy.

Users may find a detailed list of PureVPN’s servers, both virtual and physical, on the company’s official website.

PureVPN Review: Performace & Speed

PureVPN Performance

With PureVPN, I ran several speed tests to better understand how swiftly it functions in various nations. I started by utilizing the OpenVPN protocol to test the Virtual Private Network (VPN) in several locations.

The results weren’t as encouraging as those produced with the WireGuard protocol, which was, on average, able to preserve about 70% of the initial connection rates.

It offers exceptionally amazing transfer rates for the WireGuard protocol. Compared to the baseline rates of 300 Mbps, the average upload speed was 210 Mbps, and the average download speed was 200 Mbps.

On the other hand, if you select WireGuard as your security solution, you won’t be able to use features like split tunneling or the choice to use a dedicated IP address.

Regardless, PureVPN is a generally quick VPN service, even though its connection speeds aren’t nearly as fast as those provided by other top VPN providers, like NordVPN or Surfshark. Choose a server location that is geographically close to your location if you want the quickest connection possible.

I find it pretty helpful when using the Windows software that you can see the ping of each site before connecting to it.

If you utilize this strategy, you won’t have to waste time testing many servers to find which one delivers the fastest speeds. Along with the current tunneling protocol, the application shows the upload and download speeds while connected to a server.

How to Download PureVPN?

PureVPN Review - How to download


Step 1. The first step is visiting the PureVPN website for the best deal.

Step 2. The second step is to Decide which subscription plan suits you the best. Given that PureVPN offers a money-back guarantee valid for the whole 31 days, you have nothing to lose by trying it.

Step 3. The Third Step: Fill in the missing information to finish the necessary checkout information.

Step 4. The Fourth Step is to Install the PureVPN app on every device you plan to use.

Step 5. Step Five is Installing the application, which needs you to follow the on-screen instructions.

Step 6. Step Six When prompted to log in to your account, complete step 6 by entering your email address.

Step 7. Step Seven is to safely stream video, play online games, download torrents, connect to the server of your choice, and use our acclaimed VPN!

PureVPN Features:


PureVPN is probably not the correct service if you demand many complex supplementary features. On the other hand, if the key components, like a kill switch and split tunneling, have your approval, you are prepared to begin.

1. Kill Switch

A trustworthy kill switch is a requirement for every virtual private network (VPN). If you unintentionally disconnect from your virtual private network (VPN), it will quickly cut off your internet connection if it is turned on.

When you’re torrenting and don’t want your identity to be made public or when you’re using public Wi-Fi, which is more likely to be compromised by hackers, it’s extremely useful.

Although PureVPN’s kill switch is turned on by default, you can deactivate it whenever you like. Unfortunately, it is not infallible in unusual situations, even though it is mostly successful.

I attempted to join another virtual private network (VPN) while PureVPN was already active. The internet will often become unavailable when using two VPNs simultaneously, activating PureVPN’s kill switch.

On the other hand, I connected without any issues to the second VPN I attempted. It was still in use, according to PureVPN, even after I cut off my connection to it.

The worst part of it is this. Instead of discovering the IP of the server I was supposed to be logged into, when I checked my IP address, I discovered my unique IP address.

To put it another way, someone acquired my IP address. You may face many difficulties if you want to use a virtual private network (VPN) in a country with many internet restrictions.

In the first place, a typical user definitely shouldn’t even try to use two VPNs simultaneously. On the other hand, the kill switch’s failure to respond as expected indicates that it is prone to misinterpretation and might be unable to handle other odd situations.

2. Split Tunneling

Only the Windows and Android apps connected to the PureVPN service now offer the split tunneling feature. I hope they integrate it into all the apps because it is such a useful feature.

By allowing you to choose which applications (and, in certain situations, websites) will use the virtual private network connection, split tunneling allows you to conserve bandwidth.

Put another way, some of the data your applications transmit will be encrypted, and the rest of the data you communicate online will be sent via an open network.

You will see a list of the programs installed on your mobile device when you attempt to configure split tunneling on PureVPN. To get started, simply select the devices that should be able to communicate with the VPN by checking the boxes next to them.

3. Port forwarding

Port forwarding on your connection can be enabled by paying PureVPN an extra price of less than $1 per month. If the configuration is made properly, computers that are not a member of your network may be able to access some local network-connected devices.

With port forwarding, you can create game servers, host small websites, see your security camera, or just use your device remotely whenever you need.

4. Obfuscation

Users residing in nations with strict internet censorship, especially those restricting virtual private networks (VPNs), will find the obfuscation function that PureVPN implemented helpful.

However, it is not advised for consumers who want the fastest connection speed available.
The appearance that you are simply using a virtual private network (VPN) to browse the internet without hiding your VPN traffic is created via an obfuscation process.

All of the advantages a VPN offers, including unblocking geographically restricted content, avoiding ISP throttling, and remaining safe, are available while maintaining anonymity and preventing anyone from disrupting your VPN connection.

The domain fronting tool from PureVPN also gives the impression that you are connecting to the website from a different domain by using domain names from other pages on the website.

Furthermore, as the website is more challenging to ban, there is a higher likelihood that you will be able to access restricted content regardless of where you are located.

Setting it up, however, could be difficult, and depending on how quickly each domain is resolved before the page loads, it might slow down your connection or even jeopardize your online security.

PureVPN pricing:

PureVPN pricing

PureVPN is one of the Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) that provides the most value for your money when buying a membership for a lengthy period, surpassing other inexpensive VPNs like Surfshark and Windscribe.

No matter which PureVPN membership plan you choose, you will get the same advantages in addition to having access to 10 simultaneous device connections. You must remember that sharing your account with anyone else—not even close family—is against the VPN’s Terms of Service.

With PureVPN, you get the best value when you sign up for a longer-term plan. Given the options available, the 2-year plan is the most economical option because you save the most money when you sign up for it. Additionally, you can return the item for a full refund within the first 31 days of purchase if you are dissatisfied with it.

In addition, PureVPN offers a monthly subscription for $10.95. When compared to all of the other VPNs that are currently on the market, this monthly membership fee is not excessive.

PayPal, credit cards, and several other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are just a few payment options. The Bitcoin payment option is unavailable on all landing pages on the PureVPN website, which is somewhat confusing.

Best PureVPN Alternatives

1) Proton VPN:

Proton-VPN-PureVPN Alternatives

Proton VPN guarantees online anonymity with its data policy and location.

National law prohibits storing session data due to the provider’s Switzerland headquarters. Swiss privacy laws apply to the basic login information stored for diagnostic reasons.

AES 256-bit encryption, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 support enhance security. Proton VPN also unblocks tightly secured sites, according to customer reviews.

However, this VPN may fall short in streaming speed, service, and value. A 7-day free trial for Plus users and a 30-day money-back guarantee let you test its possibilities.

2) CyberGhost:

cyberghost - Proton-VPN-PureVPN Alternatives

CyberGhost’s privacy is lauded. This VPN can keep its no-logging guarantee since its headquarters are in privacy-minded Romania.

If you want to erase your digital tracks, this VPN has DNS leak protection, a kill switch, and 256-bit AES encryption. CyberGhost’s simple interface makes it easy to launch and browse material.

It has global servers and affordable memberships, especially for long-term plans. This VPN is flawless.

With a 45-day money-back guarantee, the free week-long trial for iOS and Android users (and Windows users by agreement) lets you try CyberGhost risk-free.

3) ExpressVPN:

ExpressVPN - cyberghost - Proton-VPN-PureVPN Alternatives

ExpressVPN offers top-notch privacy. Even if this VPN had nothing else, its strict no-logs data policy and high-end security measures (256-bit AES encryption, split tunneling, a kill switch, and DNS/IPv6 leak protection) would make it a good pick.

It is primarily lauded for its fast connections. This VPN unblocks global content and streams high-quality video without interruptions.

If you have any troubles, a great support team is accessible. A free 7-day trial lets mobile users test this VPN’s streaming and performance.

A 30-day money-back guarantee prevents quick commitment.

FAQs about PureVPN:

👉Is PureVPN a Chinese company?

PureVPN is a commercial virtual private network (VPN) service that is owned and operated by GZ Systems Ltd. The British Virgin Islands are home to the organization's headquarters, which were established in the year 2007.

👉Which is better NordVPN or PureVPN?

NordVPN is the winner based on the most recent test results. NordVPN provides far faster speeds than PureVPN, better apps, more security features, better dependability, and wider access to streaming channels. In this comparison, it was by far the clear winner.

👉Is PureVPN legal in USA?

Yes, PureVPN is essentially legal. In most nations worldwide, VPNs (including PureVPN) are legal. However, several nations, including Russia, China, and Turkey, have restrictions or outright bans on VPN use.

👉Is PureVPN free?

Get PureVPN's premium VPN protection for your device for free for a week. Use our iPhone VPN service. Our fast VPN will allow you to access any blocked content or service, no matter where you are in the globe.

Conclusion: PureVPN Review 2024

When it comes to performing its job, PureVPN excels. It can unblock websites and services like Netflix, BBC iPlayer, YouTube, etc. Like most top-notch VPN providers, it uses a reliable encryption technique. It should also work in China because the SSTP tunneling protocol is being used.

You can also utilize WireGuard or OpenVPN UDP, which have great speed options. You can also employ servers immune to quantum computing and a password manager add-on to increase your privacy and security.

I will try to help you with any questions or issues about PureVPN. Please feel free to leave a remark below.

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