True 1:1 personalization powered by AI

True 1:1 personalization powered by AI

Drive revenue with more engaged users. AI can do the heavy lifting automatically.

Discover why ByteGain is the easiest and most powerful way to personalize across all of your customer touchpoints.

Omnichannel personalization
Automated Optimization
Customer Segmentation
Setup in 15 min
No coding required

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Personalization drives 3x higher revenue per user

World-class AI, set up in minutes

Integrating AI into your business doesn’t have to be complex. ByteGain provides the latest deep learning and neural network capabilities, without the need for an in-house engineering team. Our software is easily set up within 15 minutes and provides dramatic results in just days.

Revenue gains with zero risk

ByteGain’s AI software operates completely in the background of a website, capturing data points automatically without interruption to your business. All channels remain the same — the software is hard-working, but invisible.
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Solutions for every challenge

Every business is unique. ByteGain’s class-leading technology can be applied to every area of your business, all without the need for technical integration.
  • Omnichannel Personalization
  • Content Recommendations
  • AI-powered Advertising
  • Predictive Modeling
  • Dynamic Pricing