Mr.Insta Vs Kicksta 2024: The Ultimate Comparison (Pro & Cons)

Are you confused between Mr. Insta and Kicksta? Don’t worry In this post I will do an in-depth comparison of Mr.Insta Vs Kicksta.

In today’s era, when the social media platforms are becoming prominent day by day, many organizations and companies are investing in these platforms; people are making money through advertising, marketing, and promoting their business through these platforms.

If you are among those people who try to boost their Insta followers and increase their likes on Insta posts, the chances are that you most likely have come across Mr.Insta. They provide services like increasing Instagram followers and promotion of posts. They make your Insta engagement suitable through paid services.

If you are thinking of increasing Instagram followers or likes on your Insta posts, you must differentiate between various available options. So let’s collate between Mr.Insta and Kicksta through multiple facts. I will be providing all the information you need to know before buying online followers for your Instagram account.

I will also discuss the pricing of Mr.Insta and Kicksta, along with the ratings and reviews given by their users.

For Satisfactory service quality, customer services are most important, people always choose the ones providing excellent after-sales service to its customers and 24*7 customer support. So I will be comparing all these factors so that you may come to a conclusion which app is best for you and suits your purpose.

Ease of Use: Mr.Insta vs Kicksta

Working Procedure of Mr.Insta

Mr.Insta is a popular app to increase followers on Instagram. It is effortless and easy to use. Anyone operating a smartphone can use it for their purposes. To increase your followers on Instagram through Mr. Insta, all you need to do is register your Insta account first after that. If you are looking for free service, you need to follow other considerations to gain points on Mr.Insta.

Mr.Insta Working Steps -Mr. Insta and Kicksta

Later you can use that points to increase your followers, similar is the case with likes you need to like the posts given by Mr. Insta to gain points and use them for Increasing likes on your posts.

In short, you have to follow other people so that you will also get a follow back through Mr.Insta.

If you are willing to pay for the followers, then you don’t need to follow targeted accounts or like the posts by Mr. Insta, the followers will start increasing automatically after you make payment.

Mr.Insta doesn’t depict the procedure for finding followers for you.

Working Procedure of Kicksta

Kicksta app works on real followers, so the operating procedure is different from that of Mr.Insta. It provides organic followers and helps to select the targeted audience and competitors.

Kicksta works differently from Mr.Insta, after signing your Instagram account on Kicksta you need to find reports having followers similar to what you want. In other words, you need to choose reports having your target audience following them. These accounts would be competitors of your business organizations or having similar goals like you.

Kicksta Working Steps- Mr. Insta and KIcksta

After that, the high Ai technology of Kicksta starts to go in these accounts like their posts and keep your account engaging with your competitors so that their followers must see your account always, and then those followers will choose whether to follow you or not. Kicksta does not guarantee a particular number of followers because they promise real followers, so it is upto you to maintain your account and provide your target audience what they are looking for. It increases your followers organically, so there is no risk of your account being blocked by Instagram.

Attributes: Mr.Insta vs Kicksta


Mr. Insta has several qualities that other applications do not provide. It is both for those who want free followers and for those who wish to have a large number of followers on a particular payment for the services.

When you pay for the plan you choose on Mr.Insta, you will get 40-50 followers every day for a month or more; it depends upon the validity of the method you choose.

Mr.Insta Overview

You must make your account public to increase your followers on Mr.Insta. If you decide to purchase round sum followers at a time, you will get many followers within three days. These followers come with a refill guarantee. So if a follower decides to unfollow later, that follower will be provided by Mr.Insta.


Kicksta has a lot of benefits as compared to that of Mr.Insta it provides all the information online about how your followers are increasing. They also offer you samples of the Successful accounts and help you to be active on Instagram.

They grow your engagement organically, so there is no risk of your account being blocked by Instagram. There are many merits of obtaining followers through Kicksta when you buy a plan from Kicksta. You can reach your targeted audience efficiently.

Kicksta Overview

If you are not sure about your targeted audience Kicksta can also help you in suggesting the age group of the audience etc.

Apart from that Kicksta will like 10,000 photos monthly. The biggest benefit of Kicksta is that it provides you the followers you would like to be your followers, and also, you can blacklist those who you don’t want to be your followers.

So, in short, Kicksta provides you the followers of your choice.

Dashboard And Analytics: Mr.Insta vs Kicksta


After you got registered on Mr, Insta, you don’t have to do anything. You will only have to choose your plans suitable and affordable for you depending upon the plan validity you will receive benefits for the time being described in the plan.

You can select any plan under your budget or according to your need. These plans have different price ranges to keep in view the needs of different customers.

You have to select the program and make online payments through debit or credit cards you can also make payments through Phone Pe and Google pay. Customers’ card details or any security information are not saved by the site, and they provide a guarantee for safe payments.

So you don’t have to worry about your privacy while making payment. Their website is risk-free and secure. There is not a dash on this site to track and see your follower growth.

To verify your follower’s growth, you need to use Instagram or any third-party app.

You will get followers either in a lump sum or on a daily basis.


After you get registered on Kicksta, you don’t have to worry about performance and growth verification. Kicksta provides all kinds of information, whether it is about follower growth or post liking.

Other than -that,, you can also see on Kicksta which target accounts are giving excellent results in terms of followers. You can change your target accounts anytime if they are not performing well to increase your followers.

Simply alter your preferences on Kicksta whenever you also like for the tracking of followers and engagement of your Insta account.

You don’t have to take the support of any third party app because Kicksta organic followers app provides all the solutions at their dashboard.

Kicksta can also offer you the important tips and information to attract you more followers and increase your engagement on Instagram.

Pricing Plan Comaprison

Mr.Insta Pricing

As we have already mentioned that Mr.Insta provides free services in which you have to follow other accounts and earn points then use them for your follower growth.

Mr.Insta Pricing

But here the issue is this process becomes toughen you need substantial engagement on Instagram. So the better option for that provided by Mr. Insta is to buy plans and receive followers in a lump sum.

They have different ideas like $20,30$,40 $, as well as 80$, and many more. These are monthly subscriptions in which you receive followers each day, and these premium plans come with a refill guarantee.

You can cancel these subscriptions anytime.

Kicksta Pricing

Kicksta gives you the choice of two monthly subscription plan one is of $49, and another is of $99, and you are also allowed to cancel at any time.

When you register for the first time, you will be provided with the choice of a 14 day cash back guarantee, and no one can question you for doing this.

Kicksta Pricing


Both plans allow you to take benefit and analyze growth. Through premium, you can use filters also, and you will also obtain fifteen additional accessing support, and you will also be able to include 40 targeted accounts, giving more information to the system furnish you with more future followers possible and even with the growth.

All the payments made on their site are safe and secure, so you don’t have to think about your privacy or any other risk.

They provide full surety for safe and secret payments and don’t save account details of customers. They make sure that the payment channel is 100% smooth.

Customer Services

Mr Insta Customer Support

All the issues and concerns of customers are adequately addressed. Their technical team is always there to support its customers. They provide solutions and suggestions to their subscribers.

Some queries of nonsubscribers are also addressed. They provide support to customers and claim that we care about every honest member.

The Insta Customer Support gives a response to all questions within 24-48 hours after they get a message from a member, and sometimes they often give answers before that.

They say that please send us a message if you have any comments or queries. They also have a messenger app that is available on their official web site where one can visit and can post questions and get proper support from the customer executives.

Thus they provide full support to their customers.

Kicksta Customer Support

When someone visits on Kicksta ‘s website, then they will get access to a contact page that will allow them to deliver their message, comment to the people to whom they are required to send their message, for those who made regular payments.

Kicksta enables them with 24×7 VIP service, and also they go for live chat if they have many problems. Kicksta holders had also provided a vast number of FAQs, blogs, and case studies on their website where one can go and get solutions to their questions.

They try their best to satisfy their customers; they also collect data from their customers about the quality of service provided by their customers.

Customers can also rate their service on their site so that in the future, if there is any service problem they can fix it.

Ratings And Reviews

Mr. Insta Ratings

Comprehensive studies reveal that Mr. Insta had good and positive responses from the customers. On the site IG reviews, Mr. Insta has scored a 3-star rating. Most of the customer reviews are positive. And reply and suggestions are given for each negative review if any.

Most of the studies lead us to the fact that 80% of customers are satisfied through their service. On this site, the customers had posted positive as well as negative comments.

Some comments say that Mr. Insta delivers orders on time and has a healthy number of followers but some complaints about delays and disruptions. So the ratings are good but not best.

But if we talk about providing followers without charging any money. Insta is the best application compared to Kicksta because Kicksta does not offer free services.

Some people are also questioning the problem as already stated above, i.e, tracking down of followers, in Mr.Insta one cannot see the progress of his account or cannot check the engagement of his or her account.

He or she needs to use any third-party app. So this feature is not fixed till now due to this problem Mr.Insta is getting many negative ratings from its customers. But they have released a notification to fix this issue very soon in the next update.

Kicksta Rating

Kicksta has got excellent ratings as compared with Mr.Insta. The customers of Kicksta are delighted as compared with Mr.Insta.

A large number of customers are happy with the service that Kicksta provides to them. They usually say that they love the services that Kicksta offers to them.

On-site review site IG2 Kicksta has got a 4.5-star rating, and also customers have posted positive comments regarding the service that Kicksta renders.

The Kicksta provides easy access to customers to interact with the system that the customers love. They are also happy with the good number of followers they have.


How does Kicksta Work?

It provides organic followers and helps to select the targeted audience and competitors.

How is the customer support of Kicksta?

Kicksta enables them with 24×7 VIP service, and also they go for live chat if they have many problems. Kicksta holders had also provided a vast number of FAQs, blogs, and case studies on their website where one can go and get solutions to their questions.

For whom Mr. Insta is best suited?

It is both for those who want free followers and for those who wish to have a large number of followers on particular payment for the services. When you pay for the plan you choose on Mr.Insta, you will get 40-50 followers every day for a month or more; it depends upon the validity of the method you choose.

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Conclusion: Mr Insta vs Kicsta Comparison 2024

Most of the customers are satisfied with the services they get from MrInsta, but the problem is that people fail to know how you are getting followers.

Or in Other words, they are not able to track down their followers’ growth.

They didn’t show the procedure openly, whereas Kicksta openly reveals how you get more followers, and it is difficult to guarantee a number of followers because they are real and non-bot accounts.

Real people can exist on their choice, and if you want to foster your Instagram account, Kicksta is the best choice and reliable one.

But depending on your choice and budget, both are suitable for follower growth.

The category of followers is also a factor that differentiates between the two service provider apps.

Mr. Insta involves using a third-party app for tracking followers, whereas Kicksta provides all services on their dashboard.

According to reviews and ratings, both ate satisfying customers, but Mr. Insta does not provide any information or facts on how they increase your followers, or are your followers real, or are they bot accounts.

But Kicksta provides all information related to followers. They make clear the process of increasing followers on your account.

They also suggest you about your targeted audience so that reach becomes wider through the Kicksta app.

If you are looking for real and organic followers Kicksta is the best among the two.

One person trying to promote his business or any service or any organization, whether it is non-profit or public organization, needs real followers for promotion.

While anyone only interested in name and fame can use inorganic followers as well to build his /her image on that particular social platform.

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