Move Addons For Elementor Review 2024 | Best Move Plugin For Elementor?

Move Addons For Elementor Review


  • 80+ Widgets
  • Access to Template Library
  • Access to Premium Themes (Coming Soon)
  • On Demand Asset Loading
  • Live Copy
  • Activation on 1000 sites


  • No Discount Coupon available


Price: $ 39

Today I am going to do detailed Move Addons For Elementor Review and why it is best move plugin for Elementor.

Move Addons for WordPress is an impressive tool. It helps users customize their websites. People can use it even if they don’t have any knowledge of coding. Move Addons WordPress plugin for the Elementor page ensures smooth sailing and the growth of a WordPress website.

Move Addons For Elementor Review

Move Addons For Elementor Review: In A NutShell

Move-Add ons Review - WordPress plugin

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Features of Move Addons

Move AddOns is an open-sourced software. It has a host of both free and premium widgets that will help you build an impressive website.

Free Widgets

Move Addons feature more than forty-two free design elements. Some of the free widgets are mentioned as follows

  • Banner-A catchy banner engages the customer to a great extent.

It is a specific area where you may showcase any promotional offer. Move Addons offer eight pre-defined banner styles.

  • Brand Logo- The Brand Logo is an important section of the website. The function of this widget is to display other brands or organizations. They are your partners, sponsors, or affiliates. Rand logo increases the trustworthiness and brand value of the website. Five predefined styles of the website are present.
  • Drop cap-The initial letter of each passage may be in big letters for greater emphasis. Drop cap makes the first letter of every paragraph in the capital letters. The Drop Cap widget allows you to mark the important paragraphs. It is useful to attract the attention of the visitor. It has different drop caps attributes, such as background color, label, font, border, and size.
  • The call-to-action-This widget leads the customer to leads. It plays a vital role in completing the conversion of a website. It may be an add to cart button or an Email subscription button.
  • FAQ-FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions. The FAQ widget provides quick answers to some commonly asked questions of customers. The customers may refer to the FAQ widget to resolve their queries. They don’t need to access the live chat for it.
  • Image Box- An Image Box widget allows people to add stylish images attractively. You are free to add hover animations, choose an image, and set attributes. It allows you to add an image box on your web page. It will contain an image text, along with a headline and text.
  • Flip Box– A flip box is a widget that flips when you hover around it. It is used to make the content seem more attractive. Four defined styles are present for the flip box. Each of the styles may be customized according to the requirement from the Elementor widget settings.
  • Advanced Tab-The Advanced Tab Widget displays the tabs on a website in an innovative manner. The content in the tab may be shown vertically or horizontally. Five different layouts are available for this widget.
  • Post-List-This widget lists posts vertically or horizontally on a webpage. It uses the Elementor Page Builder for it.
  • Info Box- You may use the Info Box Widget to add important information to your website. Three predefined styles are available for the infobox. They may be customized according to requirements.
  • Category List– The Category List widget allows you to showcase your products’ different categories stylishly. User-friendly category lists attract more customers. It helps you list the products in a user-friendly manner.
  • Feature list-This widget helps you to add to the list of features to the app or software. It is helpful because the customers need to understand the features of your product. It also fastens the conversion time.
  • Image Masonry– The Image Masonry widget sets the elements in a suitable position. The position is chosen based on accessible vertical space. This widget will help you decorate your web page artistically by building a custom masonry layout.
  • Image Grid- The Image Grid widget allows you to create image grids of different styles. It lets the images be organized impressively.
  • News Ticker– The News Ticker Widget is used for displaying breaking news headlines or other announcements in a scrolling way.
  • Accordions- The Accordion widget makes the content-heavy pages appear less heavy. As a result, the website appears free of clutter. It lets people maximize usage of space.
  • Block Quote-The Block Quote widget allows you to show a few elements on the webpage from some other source. It contributes towards an interactive website.
  • Business hours-The Business hours widget lets you display the business hours of your organization. It may be designed creatively. This widget offers you the flexibility to set the timing easily. Business hours are the specific time during which the company remains open.
  • Countdown– Your website may undergo maintenance periodically. This beautiful widget allows you to make countdown or count-up timers. It helps the users keep track of the maintenance time.
  • Social media-This is a simple widget. The Social Media widget lets you input social media URLs. You can show the icons of the popular social media sites to enter the URLs. It helps to increase brand awareness and generates more traffic. This widget also generates leads and promotes sales. Followers may engage with your brand. The viewers may click on the social media icon to access the social media page from the website.
  • Dual-colour headline-The Dual Colour Headline Widget allows you to select the content style from a wide range of given layouts. This widget also lets you set background borders, apply background images, and choose text thickness. This Dual Colour headline widget attracts visitors and generates traffic.
  • Filterable Gallery-This widget allows us to add a gallery with filtering options. It allows visitors to filter the items for their desired category. Five default styles are available for this widget. The Filterable Gallery helps you to display projects, photos, and galleries.
  • Animated Headings-Animated heading widget does what the name sounds like. It helps to display animated headings of websites. This widget is eye-catching and attracts the attention of viewers. So, you can capture their interests.
  • Button-The Button widget allows you to make the content as attractive as possible. With this widget, you can add buttons in different sizes, colors, and shapes to your website. Such buttons make the website eye-catching. You may just put the buttons in different positions of your template files, site-page, and sidebars.
  • Dual Button- The Dual Button widget allows you to add two buttons side by side on your website. Five predefined styles are present for the dual button,
  • Fun Facts-This widget displays the essential key points of your website. It shows the statistical data, such as the number of customers who are using the products. The visitors help to know about the key points while they are browsing through the website. Eleven styles are available for fun facts.
  • User Login– This custom widget helps us create a custom login page. It allows the users to log in or log out of the page. It is one of the most powerful widgets. It allows you to build an attractive login page through which the users may log in. They no longer need the default WordPress page.

Premium Widgets

The premium widgets let you customize everything according to your taste. It lets you build a website according to your imagination. A few premium widgets are as follows-

  1. Comparison Table-This widget shows the relevant information in a tabular form. So, all information regarding weight, color, and size are available at a glance.
  2. One Page navigation-This widget gathers all the information. The information is available at a click of the mouse.

Move-Add ons Review - Page Building

  1. Lightweight- Move Add on has a fast loading time. The reason is its lightweight. The websites with Move Add on do not appear sluggish or slow.
  2. Awesome design-Move Add on Plugin allows you to drag and drop your way to make a beautiful website. This Plugin ensures that the website has an impressive design. The design ensures a smooth user experience, flexibility, and bursts of creativity.

Move-Add ons Review - Stunning Design

  1. Copying designs across domains– The designers find it easy to use Move Add-on to build a plugin. They copy pages, sections, and widgets from one domain to another. The Copy/Paste Design function from one domain to another is integrated within Move Addon. So, the problem of unnecessary time consumption is eliminated.

Move-Add ons Review - Across Domain

  1. Compatible- Move Addon ensures that any WordPress theme is compatible with Eliminator across all-important web browsers. It is a major solution to all the worry.
  2. Smooth Page Building experience—Move Addon is useful for developers and designers. It makes the entire process of building a website easily. Move Addon offers an advanced option to Eliminator to improve efficiency. It also saves time.

Move-Add ons Review - Building Experience

  1. Dedicated Support-The customer support team of Move Add-on is super friendly and efficient. They ensure a smooth user experience.
  2. Frequent Updates-Frequent updates ensure that you get improved service. You also have access to the latest benefits as a result of such frequent updates.
  3. Trial period-Move add on Plugin has a trial period of fourteen days. In case you are not satisfied with the service, you may cancel your order. Then, you will get your money back without any hassle.
  4. Template library- The Move add on Plugin offers a template library. However, it is available in the Pro version of the Plugin only. A few classic examples of the template library are as follows-

Move-Add ons Review - Features

  • Consulting business
  • Kids school
  • Home Plants
  • Music
  • Technology store
  • Woman Fashion

Pricing Plans of Move Addons

Move Addons plugin has three flexible pricing plans. The trial period of fourteen days applies to all of them. The pricing plans are as follows-

  • Personal
  • Developer
  • Agency

Now, let us find out a few details about the pricing plans.

Move-Add ons Review - Pricing

Personal Plan– You need to pay $39 per year for this plan. It offers the following features-

  • One Website
  • More than eighty widgets
  • Updates for a year
  • Asset loading for a year
  • 24 hours support response
  • Access to the template library
  • Activation on one site
  • Live copy

Developer Plan-You needs to pay $89 per year if you opt for this plan. The features of this plan are as follows-

  • Activation on Five Websites
  • More than eighty templates
  • Access to Template Library
  • Live Copy

Agency Plan-This plan is the most expensive. You need to pay $179 each year to avail of this plan. It offers the following features-

  • Activation on a thousand sites
  • More than eighty widgets
  • 24 hours customer support
  • Access to Template library

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FAQs Related To Move Addons For Elementor Review

Here we have prepared a list of commonly asked questions and their answers. They are as follows

👉How does the template library contribute to the website?

The template library is an important feature of Move Plugins. It helps the website in the following ways- Making schedules- The template library manages all the advertising campaigns in a place. You may fix a schedule as to when the app needs to be displayed. Connecting ideas- The advertising campaigns may be shared across multiple channels within a matter of seconds. It saves time and makes creative ideas go global. Manages time-You need to analyze your campaigns. Then, you will get actionable insights that will save time.

👉How do I install Move Add on?

The procedure of installing Move Add on for Elementor Page Builder Plugin is easy. Even people who do not possess any coding knowledge may use it. The steps for installation are as follows- Go to the WordPress Dashboard Choose the “Add New Plugin” section Search for Move Addons Please install it Please activate it

👉How do I configure Move Add On?

The steps of configuring Move Add On are as follows- Install and activate the Plugin You will receive a notice for installing Elementor Plugin. This message will not show if the Plugin is already installed. Click on the button, “Install Elementor.” A category called “Move” will arrive in the Elementor Page editor. You will be able to add Move Addons.

Conclusion: Move Addons For Elementor Review 2024

Even old-school web designers have given five-star ratings to this add on. The Move Addons plugin has provided a personal touch to the widgets, which makes this top plugin notch. It offers personalized customer service which sends personalized messages and responds to the messages punctually.

For people trying to build a website that attracts attention, Move Addons are the way to go. Activate-deactivate, enable-disable, drag, and drop are a few ways in which Move Addons allow making edits.


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