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The All-in-One WordPress Membership Plugin will help you create astounding membership websites with easy, fast & secure payment gateway setup.

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  • Convenient and friendly set up
  • Excellent personalized membership
  • Availability of customized content dripping
  • Highly personalized coupons with add-on features.
  • Integration with various email retailing services


  • Problems arise in personalizing the forms of registration and login


Price: $ 179.50

A membership website powered by the MemberPress WordPress plugin can be up and running in as little as five minutes, charging customers for access.

How long it takes depends on the configuration of your computer. Compared to other membership plugins, MemberPress’s setup is a breeze. This will leave you speechless.

If you don’t want to deal with intricate page flow settings, just copy and paste an actual API key into the webhook URL.

As a bonus, MemberPress will keep in sync with the payment gateway you’ve selected once it has been set up. A user’s current standing can be gauged by whether or not they have made a payment (or not).

So you won’t have to waste time and effort syncing your gateway and website manually anymore. Without paying for premium content, users will be unable to see it after the change takes place.

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What is MemberPress?

MemberPress Lifetime Deal

MemberPress is a popular WordPress plugin that allows website owners to create and manage membership sites easily. It enables you to restrict access to content on your website, such as pages, posts, and files, based on membership levels.

With MemberPress, you can set up various membership plans, control the content that each membership level can access, and handle payments and subscriptions.

If you want to focus on creating valuable content for your audience without worrying about the day-to-day operations of your website, MemberPress can be a great solution.

With its advanced tools for creating and distributing roles and capabilities, you can easily group users based on their skills and roles.

MemberPress offers a user-friendly interface for WordPress’s sophisticated functionality and capabilities system, making it easy to restrict access to content on your website to only those who have appropriate permissions.

Key MemberPress Features

MemberPress is an amazing membership site. Let’s have a look at its features, which you must know in advance before making a decision. Following are the features given below:

1) Convenient set-up

MemberPress believes that running a WordPress site should not require worrying about the technical aspects of computing. All you need to do is make your payment and install the necessary products.

Convenient set-up

By doing so, you can easily set up a membership site without the hassle of complicated setups or requiring advanced knowledge about computers and coding. It’s a simple and excellent way to get started with your membership website.

2) Accessibility

MemberPress provides you powerful control over every content that must be visualized to your customers depending upon their membership plan or the products they’ve bought.

MemberPress itself may have made updates to improve the accessibility of its user interface. There are WordPress plugins dedicated to improving website accessibility.

These may include tools for adding accessibility features, such as text-to-speech, keyboard navigation enhancements, or color contrast adjustments.

3) Building and selling courses

MemberPress works in both ways, as a membership website and also as an LMS plugin. Isn’t it interesting? It has an add-on of courses, in which you get to use the features easily and also use the MemberPress combined with robust LMS services styled to create an online course very simple.

Building and selling courses

These add-on features convert all the complex services into basic, and you are good to go with the click-and-go process. The best thing I found in this feature is that you don’t have to download the courses separately; the courses are built right in there with the MemberPress. 

4) Coupons ­

Don’t you think coupons are underrated yet very useful for giveaways and promoting products? In any online business, coupons are found to be a very critical element.

MemberPress permits you to create your own coupons, and with the freedom of no limit, you can create as many coupons as you require, and you can have control over their expiration dates and the number of users. You can also personalize your own coupon codes simply and in the very easiest way. 

5) Documentation or community forums

When you install and use your WordPress-based forums, MemberPress gives you the freedom to create your own password-protected community. It collaborates easily with BBpress and various WordPress plugin forums or documents. 

MemberPress Features

6) Theme and layouts

MemberPress allows you to work with any theme of WordPress, whether it is from StudioPress, WooThemes, or any other organization; it doesn’t have any boundaries. Even if you can utilize personal themes, MemberPress runs great with you. 

7) Dripping

MemberPress always considers this amazing feature of content times released, which is also called content dripping and accessibility of content expiration. It works great with any features for your comfort. 

8) Stability and security

MemberPress is created to fulfill their users’ needs, which is why it has a feature of WordPress integration, which also follows PHP and WordPress organization for excellent practices of coding for stability and security.

I’ve been stuck onto MemberPress, and trust me, I never doubted its security and stability when it comes to my personal data and for my clients for many years. I feel it’s the safest software that fits everyone who is looking for a membership site. 

WordPress Plugin Integration: MemberPress gets great scores from many WordPress designers and developers. There are a lot of current plugins that utilize the core plugin’s functionality right away. Thus, these pre-existing plug-ins are directly contributing to the overall functionality of the site.

MemberPress Lifetime Membership

MemberPress Pricing

Elite Subscription

This Elite subscription comes at the cost of $999 per year.

Pro Subscription

This pro subscription comes at the cost of $799 per year.

Plus Subscription

The Plus subscription is one of the most popular memberships of this software in the market. It costs about $599 per year. 

Basic Subscription

This subscription is best for beginners on this membership site; it costs up to $359 per year. 

MemberPress Pros & Cons


  • Convenient and friendly setup
  • Excellent personalized membership levels are available
  • Allows users to make as many numbers of membership levels as required
  • Availability of customized content dripping that is a time-release feature and services
  • Availability of personalized content expiration
  • Integration is possible with various email retailing services and other devices
  • Highly personalized coupons with add-on features
  • Accessibility of segmenting the levels of membership in the group
  • Reporting
  • Good and flexible customer service
  • 100% money-back guarantee in customer dissatisfaction


  • Problems arise in personalizing the forms of registration and login
  • Sometimes, creating plugins is expensive, and there is no option for lifetime purchasing
  • Improvement is needed in built-in forum technology
  • Inconvenience in billing techniques


✅ Can you sell physical goods on MemberPress?

MemberPress is not a shopping-related plugin and does not allow you to sell physical goods. It caters to selling membership subscriptions and plans for digital content.

🤷‍♀️ Does the MemberPress offer refunds?

Yes, MemberPress has a 14-day money-back guarantee.

🤔 Which type of payment gateways MemberPress works?

It combines PayPal standard, PayPal express checkout, AIM AND ARB, and even stripe. These are the gateways that are secure and have full ability to charge for credit cards and also allow for PCI-compliant.

👉 Is it possible to secure videos with MemberPress?

You can secure your videos with the Add-on known as MemberPress AWS. Some of the users of MemberPress are utilizing MemberPress with some conjunction such as Vimeo, Brightcove, Wistia, Viddler, and various video hosting features and services.

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Conclusion: MemberPress Lifetime Deal

A WordPress website can be used in various ways to generate revenue. However, membership subscriptions are becoming increasingly popular due to their ability to generate recurring revenue and provide flexibility in how you offer and present your services.

With the help of a plugin, you can easily turn your WordPress site into a fully-featured membership site.

If you’re interested in using MemberPress to create a membership site, you should definitely check it out. MemberPress is a WordPress plugin that allows you to build a site that only has to pay members.

You can also consider getting a lifetime membership in MemberPress for long-term benefits.

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