MailCleanup Review 2024: Is the Best Email Cleaning Service?


Overall Verdict

MailCleanup is a cost-effective email list cleaning service. Features like real-time SMTP validation, domain verification, and deduplication ensure high-quality email deliverability. Users benefit from one-time payment plans and hassle-free usage, all while their data remains protected with SSL security and military-grade encryption.

Out of 10


  • Pay just once with flexible, one-time payment options.
  • Hassle-free experience; no need for account management.
  • SSL security ensures robust protection for email lists.
  • Military-grade encryption shields against potential breaches.
  • Cost-effective service; significant savings over competitors.
  • Detects and removes duplicate and invalid emails efficiently.


  • There are no monthly payment options for those who prefer it.


Price: $ 5

Welcome to my MailCleanup Review 2024

Effective communication is essential for any successful business strategy. Emails, a means of modern-day communication, offer a direct line to our audience, whether it’s customers, partners, or stakeholders. 

But like any tool, they’re only as efficient as their maintenance allows. Clean, organized email lists can significantly enhance engagement rates, ensuring that your carefully crafted messages don’t end up in cyberspace. 

Hence comes MailCleanup. It is a dynamic tool designed to streamline and optimize these email lists. 

Let me explain in detail to you about MailCleanup.

What is MailCleanup?

MailCleanup Review


MailCleanup is the freshest, most budget-friendly email list cleaner for all email senders, whether big businesses or small.

The MailCleanup team, having been in the email world for about 10 years, saw that cleaning and checking emails cost too much. Typical email cleaning bills stack up from checking emails, using online space, and handling user accounts. This makes cleaning emails quite tricky.

MailCleanup cleans and checks emails for a very affordable amount. With MailCleanup, you pay just for cleaning the email list. No extra charges for user handling or online space.

Even with the low cost, MailCleanup gives you a super accurate check-up to 99%. That’s one of the top rates in the business, and it comes at quite an affordable price. Also, MailCleanup is relatively safe. 

How Does MailCleanup Work?

MailCleanup is super simple but does a great job of cleaning emails. Here’s how you get it rolling – 

  • Count Your Emails: First, see how many email addresses you’ve got on your list.
  • Look at the Prices: Check out MailCleanup’s cost list. Pick the cost that matches your email count.
  • Fill Them Up: You’ll get a form next. Here, drop in your contact info, add your email list, and pay up.
  • Wait: Once your coins are in, your email list goes to them for cleanup.
  • Check Your Inbox: You’ll get your fresh email list when it’s clean. 

Significant Features and Benefits of MailCleanup

Features MailCleanup


Spot-on Email Checks:

MailCleanup is excellent at spotting tricky emails. Whether it’s emails that bounce back hard or softly or even emails that are stuffed full, MailCleanup sees them all.

Smart Ways to Ensure Deliverability:

Not just relying on the old MX record trick, MailCleanup digs deeper. It also spots those greylisted domains, ensuring fewer emails miss the mark.

Real-Time Feedback:

MailCleanup works with ISPs in real-time to see if an email is good. Once they’re done, they’ll tell you why an email didn’t work right from the ISP.

No Discrepancies of Fluffs:

MailCleanup chucks out any double emails from your list. Plus, any email that’s written all wrong is also checked.

A+ Cleaning:

They check out every email’s domain to ensure it’s active and legitimate. Emails with dodgy domains or throwaway email addresses will all be caught. 

Easy on the Wallet:

MailCleanup is all about cleaning and nothing else. They are the most affordable as compared to their competitors. 

No Fluff, Just Clean:

MailCleanup keeps it simple. They don’t ask you for a user account or make you wait because of server issues. Send them your email list, and they will clean it up without asking anything. 

MailCleanup Pricing

MailCleanup Pricing

MailCleanup’s prices are meager and easy-going. So you can check them out without spending too much. If you want to try, just message them and ask for a 100 free trial. They might give it to you. It worked for me.

MailCleanup is quite affordable for cleaning email lists. They’ll sort your emails for much less than most, and you just pay once. Their flexible pricing makes it easy to find the right fit for you.

Brief For MailCleanup Pricing Plans – 

No. of Emails To Cleanup Amount
1,000 $ 5
5,000 $ 10
10,000 $ 15
15,000 $ 20
20,000 $ 25
25,000 $ 30
50,000 $ 50
1,00,000 $ 90
5,00,000 $ 300
10,00,000 $ 500

MailCleanup – How To Buy Guide

Step – 1: Go to the official website of MailCleanup and click ‘Pricing’.

Step – 2: Choose the plan most suitable for you.

Step 3: Fill in the details asked for and choose your payment method.

Complete the payment, and that is it. You are good to go. 

Why Do I Recommend Using MailCleanup?

mailcleaup review - choose why

Pay Just Once:

No one is a fan of pricey monthly tags. That is why MailCleanup goes with the ‘‘Pay Just Once’ model. You pick a plan one time explicitly based on your needs. No wastage. 

Stress-Free Use:

There are no issues with user accounts and all. Hand over your email list; they will clean it for you at the best time possible. 

Very Safe:

When it comes to emails, they are very particular about their security. With SSL and top-tier data locks, they make sure your data stays private. 

Easy on the Wallet:

I have stressed this again and again. But this last time, I will repeat it. MailCleanup is one of the most affordable solutions for cleaning up the mail. 

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In my professional opinion, MailCleanup is an excellent choice for cleaning up email lists. Its easy-to-use features and decisive safety steps are essential for any business wanting great email chats. It will make your work relatively easy and save you much time at relatively affordable prices. 

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