Machine Learning Engineer


We’re looking for a machine learning expert to work in a fast-paced startup environment to advance Bytegain technology. In particular we are looking for a machine learning engineer with strong fundamentals in machine learning algorithms (i.e. neural networks, dimensionality reduction, feature utilization and extraction, gradient boosted trees), programming (i.e. Python), statistical mechanics, mathematics, statistics.

Specific duties include:

  • Researching and developing big data and machine learning algorithms including traditional machine learning (e.g. gradient boosted trees) and deep learning (e.g. RNN, CNN, multilayer perceptrons).
  • Building mathematical predictive models to improve the ability of computer systems and software to “learn” and improve performance on a specific task without being explicitly programmed.
  • Designing and developing analytics, processes, and tools for data extraction pipelines and performing theoretical analyses to solve complex problems and develop and/or confirm hypotheses.
  • Applying theoretical expertise and technology such as Apache Beam, Spark, or Hadoop to design and develop highly scalable big data pipelines for huge volumes of data (billions of records).
  • Incorporating real-world challenges such as sparsity and incompleteness of data into mathematical predictive models.
  • Conducting regular detailed analysis of the performance of machine learning models
  • Developing recommendations for how to best incorporate machine learning models in a production environment.
  • Testing new and existing machine learning models through research and experimentation, using programming tools such as Python and TensorFlow/Scikit-learn frameworks to design new and optimize existing machine learning algorithms.


  • MS/Ph.D. degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics or Physics
  • Solid foundation in data structures, computer arithmetic, algorithms and software design with strong analytical and debugging skills
  • Good understanding of common families of Machine Learning models and Machine Learning infrastructure
  • Experience with internals of Tensorflow
  • Experience with Python


Please email your LinkedIn profile and a copy of your resume to