Lightkey Review 2024: Want To Boost Your Typing Speed?

Lightkey Review

Overall Verdict

Lightkey offers predictive typing through AI, improving typing speed and efficiency across various applications like Microsoft Office and browsers. It supports multiple languages, customizable features, and prioritizes privacy by processing data locally. The tool is beneficial for those seeking to enhance their typing experience.

Out of 10


  • Real-time spelling correction
  • Easy installation process
  • Offers a free version for basic use
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Typing Speed


  • Subscription cost for premium features


Price: $ 49.95

While technology has significantly transformed our lives, especially with the internet and smartphones, the way we type has remained largely unchanged for a century.

LightKey is breaking new ground by offering predictive text software for Windows, aiming to revolutionize typing by making it faster and more intuitive.

So, let me tell you more about Lightkey in detail in my detailed Lightkey review. 

Lightkey Review 2024: About Lightkey

Lightkey is a smart typing software that makes writing faster and more accurate by predicting what you’ll type next. It learns from your typing habits to offer better suggestions over time.

Lightkey Review

Compatible with macOS and Windows, it supports multiple languages. Features include quick text shortcuts, automatic spelling corrections, and formatting options.

It’s great for anyone who writes a lot on the computer, like content creators or customer service reps.

Specifications of Lightkey

For Lightkey to work on a Mac, it needs macOS 13 or newer, an Apple or Intel chip, 8GB RAM, 780MB free space, and a 1200×700 screen. DMX output and certain USB/network interfaces are required.

Optional: Philips Hue (v2 bridge, compatible lights) and Ableton Live 9+ for live triggers. Older macOS versions have a separate Lightkey version.

How to Download Lightkey?

To get started with Lightkey, you’ll need a Mac computer that meets the system requirements, a compatible DMX interface for connectivity, and your DMX-enabled lighting fixtures.

AI-powered writing assistant- Lightkey Review

This setup allows you to fully utilize Lightkey’s features for lighting control. For more details and to download Lightkey, visit their website.

LightKey for Windows PC

Lightkey is a software that predicts text as you type, learning from your habits to offer personalized suggestions. Users report saving up to 40% in typing time.

It works with Microsoft Office, Gmail, WhatsApp Web, Yahoo! Mail, and Outlook Mail on Windows and has extensions for Chrome and Edge, supporting many websites.

Initially seen as just a key expander, Lightkey offers much more, enhancing typing efficiency across various platforms.

AI Powered Predictive Keyboard

Setting up Lightkey is easy. After downloading, it guides you through customizing your settings. Interestingly, it asks about your interests to personalize its service.

At first, I doubted its usefulness, but after getting used to it, my typing speed improved significantly from 50-60 words per minute to 80-100 words per minute, thanks to Lightkey’s tailored assistance.

The Learning Curve

As a technology writer with a naturally fast typing speed, I initially found Lightkey less helpful.

However, after exploring its settings and adjusting them to offer suggestions only for highly probable matches, I noticed a significant time saving with fewer, more accurate suggestions.

Lightkey uses the Tab key for selecting suggestions to reduce errors and not interrupt typing flow, a choice based on minimizing mistakes and user disruption.

Lightkey: Privacy and Security

Lightkey App takes security seriously and provides a wide range of security features to protect its users’ privacy.

The app has a built-in autocorrect and grammar checker that detects and corrects spelling and grammatical errors in real time. This ensures that your written communication is always polished and professional.

Lightkey User Review

Additionally, the app features a password manager that securely stores all your passwords in one place.

You can seamlessly access and manage all your passwords using Lightkey App, eliminating the need for multiple passwords and the risk of forgetting them.

Furthermore, Lightkey App prioritizes user privacy and does not collect any sensitive data without the user’s consent. All communication between the app and the server is encrypted using industry-standard protocols.

This ensures that your data remains secure and private, allowing you to use the app with confidence.

Features Of Lightkey

Lightkey improves your typing by learning your writing style and predicting text, saving time and keystrokes. It customizes predictions for frequently used phrases, including technical terms.

Turbocharge your typing and gain more time with Lightkey

Lightkey tracks your typing speed, time saved, and other metrics to help you work more efficiently. This feedback can guide you to boost your productivity and success at work.

1. Easy Integration

Lightkey offers a quick way to analyze your writing by letting you easily add your documents all at once, improving how well it predicts your words.

It works with many platforms and apps, like Microsoft Office, Gmail, and WhatsApp, to suggest words as you type without needing to type in Lightkey itself. This makes your writing sound more natural and saves time.

2. Accessibility Features

One of the standout features of the Lightkey App is its support for multiple languages. Whether you are using English, Spanish, French, or any other language, Lightkey App has you covered.

The app automatically detects the language you are using and adapts the keyboard accordingly.

This ensures that you can type effortlessly in any language without the need to switch between different keyboards or learn new key combinations.

Moreover, the Lightkey App offers extensive keyboard customization options. You can choose the color scheme, key layout, and font style to match your personal preferences.

This personalization feature enhances the typing experience and makes it more comfortable to use. Additionally, the app provides text-to-speech and voice typing functionalities, making it more accessible to individuals with visual impairments or disabilities.

With these features, users can listen to their typed text read aloud or dictate their messages using their voices.

3. Security and Privacy

Lightkey prioritizes your privacy and security, ensuring your information stays private.

It doesn’t send your personal data or typed content to the internet, making it trusted by individuals and large companies for keeping their data secure.

4. Free Edition for Life

When you buy Lightkey, you get a one-year license key for your Mac, with free updates and support. You can transfer the license to different computers.

Before purchasing, try the free version or request a one-week trial for more DMX channels. Renew by buying a new license online; there is no need for the old key.

Upgrades to higher editions are possible with a discount. For tax-exempt organizations, tax can be refunded or excluded with proper documentation.

Lightkey: Flexible Pricing and Discounts

Lightkey offers various licenses for DMX channels, each with a complete feature set, free updates, and support for one year.

Prices range based on the number of channels, starting at $79 for 256 channels and going up to $379 for 4096 channels. You can choose based on your needs and upgrade anytime for more channels.

Lightkey Flexible Pricing

Lightkey offers a Free Edition with a lifetime license for Mac users. This license includes free updates and support and can be transferred to different computers.

Before purchasing, you can try the free version or request a one-week trial for more DMX channels. When it’s time to renew, simply buy a new license online, and there’s no need to use the old key.

Users can upgrade to higher editions with a discount. Tax-exempt organizations can receive a refund or exclusion of tax with proper documentation.

Lightkey: Pros and Cons


  • Enhances typing speed with predictive text
  • Supports multiple languages
  • Integrates with popular applications
  • Customizable user experience
  • Local data processing for privacy


  • The learning curve for optimization
  • Limited compatibility with non-supported software


⚙️ How does Lightkey work?

Lightkey uses AI to learn your typing patterns and predict up to 12 words ahead, allowing faster typing and reduced spelling errors.

💻 Is Lightkey compatible with my computer?

Lightkey is compatible with Windows and integrates with popular applications like Microsoft Office and browsers for enhanced typing efficiency.

📊 Can Lightkey improve my typing speed?

Yes, by predicting text and correcting spelling in real-time, Lightkey can significantly increase typing speed and productivity.

🚀 Which applications does Lightkey integrate with?

Lightkey integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Office applications, various browsers, and other desktop applications, enhancing your typing experience across different platforms.

🔒 Is my data safe with Lightkey?

Lightkey prioritizes user privacy and data security, processing your typing predictions locally on your device without sending sensitive information to the cloud.

🌍 Does Lightkey support multiple languages?

Yes, Lightkey supports multiple languages, offering predictive text and spelling correction for a diverse user base around the globe.

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Conclusion: Lightkey Review 2024

LightKey is a cutting-edge typing tool that can learn and adapt to your typing style over time, which ultimately makes typing faster.

In addition to its learning capabilities, it also comes with a spell-checker feature that reduces errors.

Although it may not be perfect, it’s an excellent tool for average typists as it saves time and becomes increasingly enjoyable to use as you get accustomed to it.

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