Elenco di 4 servizi di backup su cloud economici per Mac 2024

It’s important to protect your data on your Mac, as there are many potential threats, such as power surges, theft, and drive failure. If you haven’t updated your files to High Sierra, they could be at risk.

One solution is to use online backup services, which offer reliable options for safeguarding your data. Cloud backup, or online backup, involves sending copies of your data over a public network to an off-site server hosted by a third-party provider.

The cost of these services can vary based on data capacity, bandwidth, and number of users. It’s important to consider any potential hidden costs before choosing a service.

One recommendation is Backblaze, which offers customization and other benefits, but there are other cloud backup services available to consider as well.

4 Best Cheap Cloud Backup Service For Mac In 2024


It features an easy interface and unlimited storage, making it ideal for Mac users. If you’re using a Mac, this service is perfect for you. It’s the simplest online backup service, but it has limited features.

However, it might be the best option for online secondary backup with unlimited backups. It’s so simple that you can upload your data with just one click. It also allows you to select hard drives to backup.


You can choose either continuous backup or backup once a day. It provides private encryption keys, secured with 128-bit local encryption and 256-bit server-side encryption.

Additionally, it offers file backup options, even keeping deleted files for 30 days. Backblaze automates most of its functions, so you may be frustrated if you’re looking for more customization.

2. IDrive

With competitive pricing and fabulous customization, this may be the best choice for you. It offers continuous data protection, updating the backup every 15 minutes.


This service provides a wide range of features, options, and customization. It boasts incredibly fast speeds and is the only cloud backup option with file sync features, allowing you to turn any folder into a dedicated syncing folder.

This feature is like a miracle and will solve many problems for people who switch between personal and work computers. It also backs up regularly.

Upon installation, it will automatically select folders and files to be uploaded, and you can also choose specific folders to back up whenever you want.


It functions similarly to Backblaze. Once downloaded, no customization is necessary. Its iOS and Android apps can also backup photo libraries.

The service offers unlimited online backups that are suitable for both light and heavy users without any restrictions.

It resembles CrashPlan in terms of storage and pricing plans but lacks extensive customization options. Automatic backup can be selected through the application itself.

When using the service, various taskbar indications are available: a green colour indicates file uploading, yellow means files are waiting to be uploaded, and white with a green border denotes that files have been uploaded.


Overall, this cloud backup is ideal for individuals who want control over their backups.

Carbonite offers simplicity. Upon installation, it automatically scans files to upload them to its servers. Selecting automatic backup uploads all files and documents, including photos, music, and emails saved on your system.

It also employs a colour code system to indicate the status of file uploads, waits, and completed uploads.”

4. Sugarsync:

This service prioritizes your security and privacy above all else. It features a user-friendly interface that sets it apart from other similar services. It’s designed with less tech-savvy users in mind who prioritize privacy.

When you access the management tab, you may encounter some concerning information about other services, but the upside is that Sugarsync keeps a comprehensive record of everything you store.


By default, it employs zero-knowledge security, so you don’t need to worry about configuring complicated settings to ensure protection. Your data is secured with 256-bit AES encryption, and it’s transferred using TLS.

Unlike Backblaze and IDrive, SugarSync doesn’t offer a kill switch feature. However, it’s flexible with syncing and sharing capabilities.

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Conclusione: miglior servizio di backup su cloud per Mac nel 2024

Backblaze is at the top of the list, offering unlimited backup for your Mac. If you need more specifications, you can opt for IDrive. If you have a background in IT, then CloudBerry is the best choice for you. Choose one and secure your files.

I hope this information serves your needs well. In the comment section, feel free to share which cloud backup service you use to keep your photos and data safe.

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