How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile 2024

In this article, we will discuss How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile & Stories 2024

Instagram is now the most popular social mediasocial media site for sharing photos and videos. Its popularity comes mostly from the great things it can do.

People love it now that Instagram is part of Facebook. If you use Instagram, you can look at any other user’s profile.

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The question of who looks at my Instagram profile and who stalks me is not uncommon.

Instagram has become the go-to platform for celebrities to interact with their fans and show them what’s happening in their lives.

Instagram also helps companies, marketers, webmasters, and bloggers build their brands.

Can I Check Who Viewed My Instagram Profile?

The most common question on the internet is, “Who stalks my Instagram profile?” A person who stalks you on Instagram can cause a lot of trouble, and some people want to know who does it without following you.

You can’t check for Instagram stalkers or find out who has seen your profile.

I don’t think you’ve ever given it any thought. If I’m wrong, please keep reading…

Some of us don’t care who has looked at our Instagram profiles. But it’s something you should know. You can make Instagram safer by using these tips.

If you know who is following you on Instagram, it can help you in many ways.


Officially, you can’t find Instagram stalkers or track who views your profile on social media sites. So, you can’t see who looked at your Instagram account.

If you want to know who looked at your Instagram account or who regularly looks at my Instagram account, I have some tips for you.

Officially, Instagram doesn’t let you see who is following you. But you have some questions: Who stalks my Instagram profile?

I also wondered about these things, so I looked into ways to find out who looked at my Instagram profile.

Now that I’ve done some research, I know who is looking at my Instagram account.

Methods To Find Out The Instagram Stalkers

Through research, I found some good ways to find out who is looking at my Instagram account online. This article shows you how to find out who has viewed your Instagram.

I’m not saying you should pay money to see who looks at your Instagram story and other posts. It’s totally free…


Know who is following you on Instagram and who has viewed your account.

Why do you want to know who is looking at and stalking your Instagram account?

People are crazy about their rank and how well they do. Even kids in high school and college want to be popular and check how popular they are.

If you can see who is following you on Instagram, you can figure out how well-known you are.

Most Instagram stalkers and followers are nice, but you shouldn’t take your safety and security for granted. Some stalkers can also be dangerous.

15 Android Apps To See Who Viewed Your Instagram

These are the best 10 ways to discover who viewed your Instagram without paying a cent.

1. Influxy

Influxy: How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

Influxy is made so you can keep track of any changes to the list of people you are following or who are following you. Social media lets you see if someone has blocked, unblocked, or stopped following you.

You can see if someone stopped following you or if they changed their name or username.

Do you want to find out who looks at your profile?

With the Influxy app, you can find out who looked at your Instagram profile and stories and when they did it. It’s easy to find out if they looked at your profile and content but didn’t do anything.

Even though it might be sad, you probably want to know who looked at your profile but didn’t like you.

With this app, you can see how popular you are, who is stalking you, and what your friends are doing on your profile, like who has liked or commented on a post.

2. Follower Analyzer 

Follower Analyzer 

It’s fun to find out who looks at your Instagram profile. I’m sure you want to know –

  • What is the best way to see who views your Instagram profile?
  • What is the best way to see who has viewed your Instagram post or photo?
  • What is the best way to see who viewed your Instagram story?
  • Which Instagram videos have been viewed by whom?

You can keep an eye out for stalkers with the “Follower Analyzer” app. It’s in the Google Play Store for Android users, and the Apple App Store for iOS users.

All you have to do to use the app is sign up for an account, and it will start looking at your Instagram profile and the people who follow you.

It’s great that the app can tell you who looked at your Instagram. It also keeps track of who likes your pictures and stories.

With this app, it’s easy to find out who looked at my Instagram page. So stop making guesses and find out everything you can about stalkers.

3. InStalker For Instagram

InStalker: How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

This app sends me regular updates about who is looking at my Instagram. Yes, knowing who is following me on Instagram is helpful.

This free Instagram stalker app will send you a push notification when someone interacts with your post, story, or video on Instagram.

Can you use this app to see who looks at your Instagram?

Yes, naturally.

This app is on our list because it is a great way to find out who is stalking your Instagram profile, post, story, or video.

4. InMyStalker 

InMyStalker – Followers, Story Analyzer for Instagram is another app you can’t miss. Your Instagram profile and stories can be tracked to see who views them.

It’s time to stop asking, “What does Instagram Stalker do?”. You’ll find out when you use it.

A simple user interface makes it easy to report who is following you on Instagram. It’s great to be able to see who checked out my Instagram profile using this app.

5. Followers Report IG 

Followers Report IG 

If you have a question, don’t worry. Can you see who looks at your Instagram story? This app, Instagram Stalker, will help you.

How to find out who has looked at your Instagram story? It is widely believed that Instagram Stalker is accurate by many Instagram users. 

The number of people who have viewed my Instagram profile and stories may be helpful to you if you are curious how many people have had a look at them. It can, as its name suggests, give you information about Instagram followers, ghosts, and stories.

6. FollowMeter for Instagram

This app lets you keep track of who follows you on Instagram and who stops following you.

An Instagram manager can be described as such. Users can manage the people who follow them on Instagram and learn a lot about their accounts.

7. IG Analyzer Followers Analysis

Whenever I want to see who has viewed my Instagram story, I use the Instagram app Who Viewed Profile. You can download this great app to find out who is following you on Instagram. This app is not hard to download, set up, or use.

My friends and I think that the results from the Stalker Reports app are always correct. It will notify you when your followers and stalkers on Instagram are viewing your photos and stories. It also lets you know who has stopped following, blocked, or never followed you back.

If you know who is following you, you can answer them. It will surprise them and make them see you as more valuable.

Last but not least, find out who is following you on Instagram.

8. IGProfile

There might be another app that can help you figure out who your Instagram followers and stalkers are. This app looks at your Instagram account every day and makes many reports about it. So, you can keep track of everything going on with your Instagram profile and account. You can look at these IG reports learning more about who is following and stalking you.

9. MyInsProfile 


MyInsProfile is another app for getting data from Instagram. You can get a lot of information about your followers, admirers, and stalkers from your Instagram profile.

iOS Apps to See Who Viewed My Instagram

10. Visitors Pro App

Visitors Pro App

The question is on my mind a lot. How to find out who is looking at your Instagram profile? Who looked at my photos on Instagram? Who took a look at my Instagram story? The answers are in the app “Visitors Pro.”

Just download this app and let it get your Instagram information. After Instagram does the math for you, you can see exactly how many stalkers have looked at your profile.

Your pictures and stories will appeal more to those interested in them. This is how this app helped me figure out who looked at my Instagram the most.

11. Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers

Analyzer Plus – Insta Followers: How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile

It is possible to receive reports about your Instagram followers who are interested in your Instagram stories and posts after you install the “Ig Analyzer: Follower Analysis” app.

With this app, seeing who looks at your Instagram account is great. It can let you know when people who follow you on Instagram are interested in and interacting with your posts.

Can I see who looks at what I post on Instagram? Yes, you can. The app is easy to run and use in every way. The app works fairly quickly. It’s easy for newbies to use. It is one of the best apps you can use to find out who is following you on Instagram.

12. Profile+ Followers Insights

Don’t let the name throw you off. It can help you with almost everything. If you want to test more, the best thing to do is to use the “Profile+ Followers Insights” app.

You can keep track of the people who regularly look at or stalk your Instagram account. If you’re still being asked, can I see who looks at my Instagram photos? Yes, that’s the answer.

The interface of this free app is easy to use. You won’t have any trouble.

13. Stats Plus for Instagram

Stats Plus for Instagram

Oh, what can I say about the Stats Plus app? It lets me see who looked at my Instagram account or profile.

This app lets you look at the people who follow your Instagram profile. You can make a report to see who follows you, unfollows you, and likes you on Instagram. You can get different reports on your media, tracking, and account metrics.

The audience report tells you about the last 2000 people who interacted with your account, including those who interacted with it the most, liked your photos and other media, and commented on your Instagram posts the most.

The best part is seeing their name, Instagram profile, and URL.

14. Followers Track for Instagram

It’s an app for analyzing your Instagram profile and account quickly and accurately. You also get a hashtag manager to help you build your profile, get more engagement, and reach as many people as possible.

This app shows detailed reports for people who follow you but don’t follow you back, people you don’t follow back, people who unfollowed you, people who blocked you, people who visited your profile, and people who watched your IG stories.

This app can be used by both people and businesses to keep track of their Instagram account stats.

15. Followers+ Unfollowers Reports

Followers+ Unfollowers Reports

With the Followers+ app, you can look at your Instagram account and make it bigger. After installing this app, you can find out everything about your profile, posts, stories, and followers.

This app lets you find people who stopped following you so you can stop following them.

You can grow your Instagram account if you know who interacts with your profiles, posts, and stories. This data helps you post more interesting content on your Instagram account to reach as many people as possible.

So, it’s important to keep track of how many people follow you, interact with your posts, and visit your profile over time.

A Better Alternative: Instagram Stories

Let’s look at another way to find out who has looked at your Instagram profile.

Instagram will tell you who has looked at your Instagram stories. If you think about it, not everyone who looks at your stories does so on purpose.

This is because some Instagram users don’t pay attention when they open the app and jump from story to story.

But you can take a look at it. What can you do?

Well, you can swipe up to see all the profiles after you’ve posted your stories, or you can click on the eyeball icon to see the list.

You should also know that the list shows you the people who don’t follow you.

This is interesting because you can block users whose stories you don’t want to see. They won’t be able to see your stories anymore.

How can I find out who viewed my Instagram posts?

Instagram hides the information about who has viewed your posts.

If you give this some thought, you’ll see that it makes sense.


This is because you wouldn’t want the person you’re stalking to know about it.

This doesn’t mean that you should trust third-party apps to give you the information you want because many of them are scams that sell fake information.

But you can always use Instagram stories to find out who has looked at your stories.

How to See Who Viewed Your Instagram Story and Video

You can find out who is looking at your Instagram stories. But you should know that stories are taken down after 24 hours.

Click on the eyeball icon before your story disappears to know who has seen it.

You also need to know that when you make story highlights, you won’t see who has seen your story. You’ll see how many people saw your story instead.

So, if your profile is public, you can see who is looking at your Instagram stories.

Can You See Who Viewed Your TikTok Profile or Video?

The same thing happens on TikTok as on Instagram. TikTok doesn’t tell you anything about the people who look at your profile. These facts are also kept secret.

Instagram Reels vs TikTok

Now, you can’t rely on third-party apps because, like Instagram, TikTok doesn’t share this information with other apps.

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Conclusion: How To See Who Views Your Instagram Profile 2024

So there you go.

You now know how to find out who is looking at your Instagram profile. Even though you can’t do this, you can still use Instagram stories to see who looks at them.

Remember, the main goal is to connect with your followers, share things you love, and build a community online.

While it might be interesting to know who’s looking at your profile, what matters most is creating a positive and engaging space for your followers to enjoy.

Lastly, you should be careful about which third-party services you trust to give you this information.

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