The Experience of Hundreds Of Accounts or How to Run Facebook Traffic

I’ve seen a million case studies on running Gambling with Facebook, they all miss small and important details which can simplify the workflow and improve campaign results. I’m planning to cover the topic more extensively and share my experience with Facebook traffic.

It’s not the ROI 500% case study at all. You won’t read here about secret funnels or Facebook bugs. But this article can help you to improve affiliate daily routine and save some money on tests.

It’s one the most important steps for an affiliate in terms of future profit to choose the right vertical and the offer. Everyone knows it’s hard to reach high profit running White Hat way only, on Black Hat or adult verticals you non-stop registering millions of FB accounts to scale a profit.

It’s not that I’m telling you to change your vertical. It’s possible to earn in any niche – your income depends on approaches, on how you face difficulties and how good you are in finding the best solution.

Why I work with gambling:

  1. High payouts
  2. Facebook account lifetime allow to spend around $1,5-5K
  3. Simple angles
  4. Same creatives for different offers
  5. My good karma (I’m an in-house media buyer in gambling advertiser)

There is my advices on how to choose gambling network

Experienced affiliates are well aware that payouts it’s not the most important thing when it comes to choosing an offer. Different factors affect your profit.

Things you should pay attention when choosing a gambling offer:

  1. Product Appearance (nice design, mobile adopted, fast loading interface, tips for newbies)
  2. Simple and clear registration form
  3. Reliable payment system (if a deposits don’t come through, your CR and profit will decrease)
  4. Payment methods (the more different payment methods are available the better. All common payment methods in a certain GEO must be in place)
  5. Good bonus system for gamblers
  6. Strong retention department (frequent push-notification, email and SMS lists, personal account notifications, in-house call centre)

Try to pay attention to all these things, it can save you a good amount of money.

If one of these points is done badly it will affect your profit. For example, gamblers can forget where they are registered and never return to the game because of the poor performance of a retention department.

All these little things directly affect the company payback. Advertisers can stop an offer due to the unprofitable traffic. Communicate to a support team before you start a campaign to find out all needed information about an offer. Good deal if you can to go through a funnel as a user yourself: pass a registration, make a deposit, play slots and bet to learn more about a product.

Working with Facebook Account

You need a good number of Facebook accounts if you want to scale. I use anti detect browser Multilogin for multi accounts. But you should pay attention to a few things.

For those who work in a team and login into the same Facebook accounts (login from different desktops to the same Facebook account using Multilogin) there is a risk to be asked for face photo, SMS code verification or be banned due to account hacking attempts.

It took ages for our team to find out what the problem is. We blamed proxies and account sellers.

The Multilogin technology is not able to create a 100% virtual copy of your device. In fact, Multilogin creates a copy with device specifications. If you open the same Facebook account on different devices the virtual copy of the devices will be different. Due to that reason, in our team, one Facebook account is used only by one media buyer.

The best is to create a new account on Macbook or remove device specification if using an anti detect browser.

Another method is VPS purchase and remote account usage. It makes you look equally to a real person and can extend Facebook account lifetime. The average monthly fee for a service is $15.

Getting back to account campaigns.

I stand for long-term FB account lifetime. I do not run Facebook campaigns aggressively because I try to reach a maximum total spend from each account. Let me explain why I do so.

One of the reasons – I trust in Facebook optimization and it really works. It happens that you just launched a campaign and you get cheap leads at first. But the next day the results are getting worse. If you wait 1-2 days without switching to a new campaign you will back to the first day results or even better. The longer campaign is running the better it’s optimized. Especially if you optimize them according to in-app actions.

The other reason – the total cost of accounts, bank cards, domains, proxies can reach up to a few thousand USD a month.

Choosing Facebook accounts

We tested everything – accounts from different sellers, farmed, brute-force and self-registered accounts and we found the optimal ones.

We buy farmed FB accounts and Business Managers with 5 different ad accounts. This way we get 7 ad accounts in total with a $350 limit each. In general, we pay $30-40 for one farmed account and spend minimum $1500/day.

There’s also a way to add 30 accounts in one Business Manager.

How to open a FB Business Manager with high trust.

Go to the Security Center in the FB Business Manager Settings and check if the button “Start Verification” is active.


I presume it’s not. To activate the button do the following:

  • Open a FB Developer Account and register your App using the App Dashboard.
  • Then go to Settings -> Basic and confirm your business details

To complete the Verification process you are required to provide your business information. Ask someone to scan their business documents (ex. company registration confirmation) or find another way to provide it. Business documents are checked by a real person so do not make up any abusive name for your company. It’s normally verified within 2-3 business days. Quite long but worth it.

Launching a gambling FB campaign

We use WebView for our Android and IOS apps.

According to our experience, it extends FB accounts life for 2-3 weeks. WebView Apps often pass FB automated moderation and perform high retention rates due to built-in push notifications.

We’ve noticed also that the iOS traffic is more profitable – users are not used to gamblings apps and their deposits are higher. In Russia, IOS users deposit 10% more than Android users. If you are an affiliate you can choose the higher bid, because your traffic will pay off for an advertiser.

Ad campaign settings

  1. Ad goal – app install, Bid Amount – automatic.
  2. Choose an app from a drop list.

I suggest running traffic to apps that support in-app events. This way Facebook optimises campaigns according to people who make registrations and deposits (not installs). Conversion Rate and profit will be higher. The difference in CR, according to our estimation, is around 20%.

  1. Setting a target audience. We choose people who live in this location (to exclude tourists), male, 24-48, reach broadly.
  2. Very important setting – Connections, you can exclude people who ever used your app. It will save a bit of your budget.

  1. We use Automatic Placement only for our campaigns.

Quite often Audience Network brings people who play a lot and use apps. These are cheap and quality leads.

Our campaign gained 450 installs from rewarded video ad placement, $1,75 each.

Install price from Facebook and Instagram is $2,43, scaling makes the price cheaper. The same we got on other BM accounts.

  1. Target by devices. If you run traffic on Android I suggest you choose OS system 8 and above. Do not choose earliest versions, these devices are 2-3 years older, they do not work well and the audience is less solvent.
  2. Creatives. 2 types of creatives are available for gambling offers: News (like success stories) and emotional videos with slots.

As a rule, Facebook bans news criatives less often, accounts live longer, convert well but they don’t bring quality traffic. People often leave negative comments under news creatives. you need to look after comments – hide or delete them, order fake positive comments. Here’s an example of our quality success story creative which performs at an average install price of about $2-3 in Russia.

Emotion slots creatives. The install price is much lower (around $1-2) and the conversion rate is lower. But the traffic quality is better, these people are gamblers who want to gamble for emotions, not to make money. Emotional video example.

  1. Do not forget to add a deep link and set tracking before launching campaigns. Tracker usage helps you to understand what account, ad set and creative leads came from. We also use tracker to optimise campaigns by devices, regions, OS versions.
  2. 24 hours after you launched you can 2-3 times duplicate an ad set. Create new ads not duplicate them to avoid Facebook verification.
  3. Use Facebook automated rules to minimize spends and increase profit.

There are different ways to run traffic on gambling offers. I decided to share my own case study. I hope you enjoy my writing and find it useful. It’s time to say Goodbye. I wish you good luck, good leads and height ROI, colleagues! Chears.

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    Do you have general tips on where to find accounts / how to warm them up properly?

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