Hola VPN Review 2024: (Features & Pricing)

Hola VPN Review


  • Free version is worth for who dont worry about privacy
  • User Experience
  • Speed is good in paid plans
  • Support for multiple devices and 10 simultaneous connections
  • Hola VPN Unblocks 10+ Streaming Platforms like Netflix
  • Unblocks some websites


  • Free version have lot of advertisements
  • Free version doesn’t use encryption
  • No torrenting


Price: $ 9

Looking for Hola VPN review? We got you covered today.

Whether you’re at work, school, or just browsing the web on your phone in the airport lounge, your connection is at risk. It’s not always clear who might be listening to what you say and watching what you do online.

You’re connected to the internet but you’re not really enjoying your freedom.

You want to feel free and have the ability to access whatever content you want, wherever you are.

Hola VPN is the solution. It’s free and easy to use. Try it today!

Hola VPN Review

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🚀Bottom Line Upfront : Is Hola VPN Unlimited?

Among the many VPN services available on the market, HolaVPN is THE one to try. The service has over 200 million users in 190 countries worldwide. Hola is a reliable VPN provider with both FREE and PAID plans. The free service is ideal for regular internet users looking to unblock websites.

Advanced users seeking greater security, privacy, and unlimited access to their favorite content, gaming and services can upgrade to the PLUS version.

The only VPN that is truly free. Provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and ultra-fast connection speed. User friendly and easy-to-use apps for all your devices: install in seconds, choose a country and start watching.

Hola VPN Trustpilot reviews

Curious to know more about Hola VPN? Is Hola VPN illegal?


In this post, We’ve featured Hola VPN Review 2024 that includes detailed insights into this amazing VPN provider. We have put Hola VPN to the test, deep dived into its privacy policy, and uncovered its past controversies to answer questions like these:

Is Hola VPN safe to use?

How fast is it?

Does Hola VPN work with Netflix?

Is it easy to set up and use?

What’s a ‘peer-to-peer’ VPN?

What are Best Hola VPN Alternatives?

What is the difference between a free and paid VPN service?

– Hola VPN User Reviews?

– Hola VPN Troubleshooting?

– Hola VPN – Pros and Cons?

– Hola VPN Customer Service?

Detailed Hola VPN Review 2024 :Top Pros & Cons of Hola VPN

In-depth Hola VPN Reviews

There are many free VPN services available in the market and Hola VPN is one of them. You should try Hola because it’s free. It uses your bandwidth and processing power to route some of it’s the traffic which means it makes available your internet connection to others as well. But it also claims that other users won’t be able to access your system and data stored in it. It only happens in the free version.

Hola VPN Review- Hola VPN
Hola is a reliable VPN provider. It offers FREE as well as PAID plans.

To access as a peer, you need to buy the premium version of Hola but before doing that you should consider other options as well because there are far more better premium VPNs available in the market than Hola.

It claims that it has over 200 million users all over the world. The main working of this VPN to unblock websites.

In its privacy policy, it already mentioned that it keeps track of all your online browsing history which is kind of annoying but what else can you expect from a free version.

It does not focuses on your security because it has a weak SSL encryption and Peer-to-tunneling and because of that, your system will be vulnerable to hacking.

Patented technology

Hola VPN reviews (5)

Hola combines standard VPN architecture with patented peer-to-peer technology to unblock websites. Hola’s free subscribers opt into a community-based VPN powered by split-routing technology. In return for a fast connection and unlimited access, users share idle routing resources only when their devices are not in use. Hola in no way gains access to devices, it only routes a negligible amount of traffic through it in order to continue offering a free service that is refreshingly free of ads.The process has no impact on a user’s browsing or computer usage.

Users that prefer to opt out of resource sharing can upgrade to the  PLUS version for a small monthly fee. The PLUS version offers additional privacy and security, and unlimited access to streaming, including Netflix, BBC, Hulu, ESPN+, Disney+, HBO, ITV, Channel4, Amazon, ABC, and RTE, entertainment, gaming, and other popular services.

What Does Wikipedia Say About Hola VPN ?

Hola VPN Reviews Features

Hola is a freemium web and mobile application which provides a form of VPN service to its users through a peer-to-peer network. It also uses peer-to-peer caching. When a user accesses certain domains that are known to use geo-blocking, the Hola application redirects the request to go through the computers and Internet connections of other users in non-blocked areas, thereby circumventing the blocking.

Users of the free service share a portion of their idle upload bandwidth to be used for serving cached data to other users. Paying users can choose to redirect all requests to peers but are themselves never used as peers.

Credits: Wikipedia 

How To Get Started With Hola VPN?

To get started with Hola VPN, you just need to download Hola VPN from the official website and start installing it.

It also shows that the commercial version of the VPN is connected to Luminati service which means it works according to Peer-to-Peer network technology. It claims to be a VPN but the free version of it is just Proxy service.

Hola Free VPN - Unblock Any Website

Proxy is not capable to provide you anonymity like a VPN does. You can even hide your IP address only through an installed browser but the rest of the apps will be unprotected.

It also uses your system and network resources which have already been mentioned on their official website. It claims that it happens only when the device is idle but that’s not completely true.

The connection between Hola and Luminati

Ofer Vilenski founded Hola VPN, Hola CDN, and Luminati. Basically, Luminati is not a VPN but instead of that, it sells network to other users.

It harnesses the computing resources to provide extra resources to the business whenever your smartphone, tablet or computer is idle and connected to Hola VPN. Read about Luminati Review here.

Luminati & Hola VPN

You can get all the information regarding Luminati on the about page of the official website of Hola. The connection between two companies shows that Hola VPN is not safe to use.

Luminati claims that it started working independently from Hola in 2016 but we know that it is not true because the connection is still there and you can see it when you install Hola VPN.

Hola VPN is  A Peer-To-Peer Network?

Hola VPN reviews (1)

The performance of any VPN fully depends on the geographical distance between the user and target server. For Hola’s VPN service, European servers deliver results between 65-82Mbps. US-based servers deliver results well over 48Mbps.

Is Hola VPN Secure? 

Hola PLUS’ top-of-the-range security is guaranteed by the top standard IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch support to safeguard against unforeseen breaches. The PLUSversion also supports other encryption protocols.

Compared to other free services where privacy may be compromised, Hola does not share its users’ personal information with anyone in the Hola community and never sells details to a third party for marketing or other purposes.

Hola VPN Stats

You should test the VPN yourself first then believe in those reviews because most of them can be fake. But apart from that, the free version of Hola VPN is extremely unhandy and unsafe.

But the premium version has quality security though you can access all the unrestricted websites of your region or country through the free version.

Hola VPN for Mac

Hola VPN reviews (2)

There are few things for Mac OS which Hola offers:

  • It does not have any app for Mac. It has only plugin and plugin is only compatible with chrome browser.
  • You can’t use the VPN for other apps.
  • For every tab, it provides individual proxy.
  • You must open the website before activating the VPN.
  • It also shows an incorrect display of the locations of regions or countries.
  • Works on P2P connection with other clients.

You can download Hola VPN for Mac from the official website.

Hola VPN for Android and iOS

Hola VPN reviews (7)

Hola is compatible with iOS (8 and later) and Android (5 and later) devices. Hola mobile subscriptions include a free 3-day trial. Simply cancel your account within the trail period to avoid any charges.

Download Hola VPN

You can only use Hola on your mobile device for 3 days for free after that you have to pay for it. You have to subscribe to it first before using it and if you don’t want to be charged then unsubscribe it before the trial period ends.

Hola VPN Privacy and logging

Hola VPN reviews (3)

Most VPNs run your traffic through their own servers, giving them the ability to log what you’re doing at the very least. Hola’s data-routing mechanism may appear to be a better approach to secure your privacy, but it’s not quite that straightforward. Hola VPN analyses the consumer network on a regular basis for signs of misuse or security breaches. Furthermore, changes to the design allow Hola VPN to see the origin of each request, which means that if a cybercriminal uses the Hola VPN network, the cybercriminal’s information could be shared with authorities.

Abusers will be turned off by Hola VPN as a result of this. Because some VPN networks do not see both sides of the connection, they are significantly more appealing for these applications.”

The corporation claims it can track back to identify the origin of any request it believes to be ‘misuse’ or part of a ‘security breach,’ and that it monitors what users do on the network to some extent. This is excellent for finding hackers, but it requires more monitoring and tracking than ordinary VPNs do.

The Privacy Policy also provides some help for this. According to the corporation, log data may contain ‘browser type, web pages you view, time spent on those pages, access times and dates,’ among other things.

Your IP address, name and email address, screen name, payment and billing information, and other information we may seek from time to time as will be required for the onboarding process and services supply are examples of personal data Hola may collect and maintain.

It also collects ‘information on programs installed on the user’s device,’ which isn’t something you’d anticipate.

If you sign up with a social media account, Hola gets access to information like “your full name, home address, email address, birth date, profile picture, friends list, personal description, and any other information you made publicly available on such account or agreed to share with us,” as well as “any other information you made publicly available on such account or agreed to share with us.”

There are a lot of logging options here, and when you consider the lack of information about other important aspects of the service, how is your data encrypted and protected? We have no idea, and this must be a source of anxiety. If you care about privacy above all else and want to eliminate the potential of being tracked, Hola is not for you.

User Experience

Hola VPN reviews (4)

We started with the Windows client. We deleted it after discovering it wasn’t an actual client, but rather a different browser window. Why waste time with a deceptive software when a browser extension would work fine?

The drop-down menu was simple to use, though not particularly logical at first. Instead of a list of countries to connect to, you start with a list of services to unblock.

We wanted to be able to choose a certain connection on our own, therefore we solved the problem by selecting a random service. Following that, we were able to readily see the countries that were offered.

The range of countries, including some that were quite inaccessible, wowed us. This is a perk of peer-to-peer networks, but let’s be honest, it’s not that useful for most users.

If the settings menu contained actual settings, we’d talk about it. All it does is open a new browser window with a list of recent websites you’ve visited. That is all there is to it.

The language selection was the only real option we discovered. Hola has been translated into almost 30 languages, so we have to give credit where credit is due!

Finally, we examined the Help menu. We anticipated it would provide greater support than the website, but it didn’t – we were simply redirected to the FAQ section.

Overall, we don’t expect Hola to be difficult for anyone — even beginners will have little trouble getting about. Another concern is whether you should actually use this service.

Customer Support

The customer support system is only for paid users of this VPN. There will be no support provided to free users. The security is not so good for free users as well. You can contact the support team via email and they will respond to you within a few hours. 

This VPN is based on Israel and some of you might think that it is not safe to use and somewhere you guys are right because there is a lot of suspicious activities this VPN does which can deviate a user.

But you can find solutions to queries regarding how to use it or activate it in the tutorial section of the official website. 

Pricing Plans Offered By Hola VPN

Hola VPN pricing discount

Hola VPN is free for every user. But to access more features of this VPN you can buy the premium plans. In the premium plans, they provide better security than the free version which is a good thing. There are basically 4 premium plans available for Hola VPN.

Hola VPN Review- Pricing

  • 1 Month- This plan is for only one month and you have to pay $11.95 once. But this is not a good option because if you want to use it for more time then you can buy better premium plans with less price.
  • 1 Year Plan- This plan is for a year and you have to pay $6.99/month which is far better than the 1-month plan but once you subscribe to this plan then you won’t be able to cancel it before the timing period ends.
  • 2 Year Plan- This plan is for 2 years and you have to pay $3.99/month which is also great but as I mentioned in the above plan you can’t cancel it before the timing period ends.
  • 3 Year Plan- This plan is for 3 years and you have to pay $2.99/month and the same features you’ll get as the above plans.

The free version does not give you access to use the VPN on multiple browsers and your IP address will be shared with other users, which is a dangerous thing. It also offers a 30-days money-back guarantee on the yearly plans.

Controversial News Against Hola VPN

Popular Chrome extension Hola sold users’ bandwidth for botnets via TheVerge 

Hola’s founder Ofer Vilenski has said that the site has “always made it clear” how this business model works, but Hola’s users seem to have been almost universally unaware that their bandwidth was being sold off.

Is Hola VPN Good?

Features: Hola VPN Premium offers many features that Hola VPN Basic does not, such as web filtering, DNS leak protection, and parental controls. Hola VPN is 100% free so you don’t have to worry about paying for bandwidth or sacrificing security.

Advantages: You don’t have to worry about spending money on apps or bandwidth or taking up too much device resources when you can use a VPN service like Hola Premium and still have access to the Internet without any issues.

Benefits: Hola VPN allows your device to connect to an unlimited number of IPs while simultaneously protecting your privacy. Without these benefits, you are limited by the speed of your Internet connection and possible throttling by large companies (like Netflix).

Is Hola VPN Good for Torrenting?

No, you better stay away from torrenting with Hola VPN.

Hola doesn’t mention anything about torrenting on their website, but it’s still not safe to use the service for this purpose.

Hola is known as one of the worst performing free VPNs out there — and that’s not just our opinion.

It’s not unusual for Hola users to notice their connection slowing down even when the VPN app is turned off.

Hola has also been accused before of selling user bandwidth , which means that you never know who might be snooping on your personal info and browsing history whenever you use this service.

So, no, it’s probably not a good idea to use Hola as a torrent VPN.

Hola VPN Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Hola VPN Trustpilot reviews
Hola VPN Trustpilot reviews

Hola Free VPN - Customer Review

Quick Links:

Pros and Cons of Hola VPN  (Hola VPN Reviews)


  • Patented technology offers outstanding unblocking capabilities.
  • Hola is free of ads.
  • Hola supports virtually all platforms, including browsers, mobile and smart devices.
  • Users can toggle between countries to set their preferred location.
  • Free users do not have to sign up to access the service.
  • A PLUS version is available for heavier users with advanced needs.
  • Hola is active in 190 countries, delivering fantastic speeds in both Europe and the US.
  • Hola PLUS complies with top security and encryption standards.


  • The free version is not compatible with iOS and offers limited support for Mac OS.
  • The free version has certain limitation for streaming certain types of content.
  • Users looking for advanced privacy and security should upgrade to the PLUS version.

FAQ’s Related to Hola Free and Paid VPN Review

🔥What is Hola VPN?

Hola VPN's mission is to make the Internet more open, faster, and less expensive to use. Hola VPN is a peer-to-peer (P2P) internet, which means it shares the bare minimum of resources among its users for the benefit of everybody.

🔥Is Hola VPN compatible with all operating systems, browsers, and devices?

On Windows and Mac computers, Hola VPN can be installed as a browser plugin for Chrome, Firefox, or Opera. Hola VPN is also accessible as a mobile app for Android and iOS, as well as a desktop version (.exe) for Windows. All downloads can be found on their own home pages (installation and use of Hola VPN is subject to their Terms of service and Privacy policy).

🔥What makes Hola VPN free?

Hola Free VPN Proxy is available for free in exchange for you to safely use some of your device's resources (WiFi and very minimal cellular data) when you are not using it. By subscribing to the Hola VPN Premium service, you can turn this off.

🔥What is their bandwidth usage?

They use less than 100MB per day for desktop users. It's roughly 3MB each day for mobile users. In exchange for providing a free VPN, they believe this is a fair deal. Please keep in mind that Hola VPN does not display advertisements or sell user information. Free users can also just instal our browser extension. They are not a part of our peer-to-peer network and do not contribute any resources in this circumstance.

🔥How is it possible for Hola VPN to provide solutions that are both free and ad-free?

Hola VPN, like any other P2P network, is a value exchange network, which means you get the service for free in exchange for a little bit of network and processing power. The average amount of bandwidth passed by a peer on Hola VPN's network each day is less than a 20-second YouTube video.

✅Is Hola VPN safe to use?

On its website, Hola states that it uses technology to detect potentially criminal uses of its network, that it keeps logs, and that any malicious use will be reported to the authorities. These safeguards are likely what make Hola the least appealing VPN for those looking to use it for malicious or illegal purposes. They would much rather use one of the many alternative VPNs that guarantee to retain no logs (winking at their view of illegal uses of their network). To the best of our knowledge, no user has been suspected (much less charged) with illegal use as a result of another user's conduct in our over 8 years of operation and over 250 million members.

✅What exactly is the Hola VPN bug bounty program?

In order to expose Hola VPN's products and networks to external examination, we occasionally run a vulnerability bounty programme in which researchers can be rewarded for exposing security flaws. This tool enables Hola VPN to identify and handle security concerns before they are made public, preventing the usage of Hola VPN networks for malicious purposes.

✅Is it possible to use Hola VPN in conjunction with another VPN service?

When you use two VPN services at the same time, you could get some strange results. If you want to utilise two VPN services at the same time, simply turn one off while using the other.

✅Is it possible for me to use my account on many devices?

Yes, indeed. Your Hola account is accessible on all platforms. You can become a Premium user on up to 10 different devices if you purchase one of our Premium plans. It is not necessary to purchase a plan for any device. All platforms are covered by a single plan.

✅Is it possible to modify the email address?

They are unable to modify your email address once you have registered. If you registered with the incorrect email address, you must re-register with the correct email address.

🔥How long will you be able to use Hola VPN?

The fact that you can only use this free VPN for three days is a major disadvantage. If you decide to keep using it, the commercial version allows you to connect to up to 5 servers at once, access servers in over 100 locations, and switch between them at will.

🔥Does Hola VPN hide my IP?

One of the more well-known names linked with VPNs is Hola. To begin with, Hola requires users to share their bandwidth. By connecting to a Hola-operated overseas server, you will not be able to hide your IP address.

🔥Is it true that Hola VPN spreads viruses?

Hola, a popular free VPN service, has been found to operate in a malware-like manner. After its founder, Ofer Vilenski, stated that the company resells the idle bandwidth of everybody who has installed the service, Hola, one of the most popular free VPN and geo-unblocking services, has been exposed as showing malware-like behaviour.

🔥Does Hola VPN steal passwords?

They claim to have received confirmation that the Hola VPN Chrome plugin has been compromised. The assault was tracking users' behaviour, including sensitive information like usernames and passwords, according to MEW's Twitter account. This isn't the first time MEW users have been targeted in this manner.

🔥How do I uninstall Hola VPN?

If you've installed the Hola VPN app on your device, simply uninstall it like any other piece of software. When it comes to browser extensions, most of the time it's only a matter of right-clicking the Hola VPN icon and selecting Remove Add-on.

Best Hola VPN Alternatives ( If You Worry About Hola VPN Privacy logs issues then you must consider these Hola VPN Alternatives)

1) Windscribe VPN

Windscribe is an interesting VPN that offers a lot of features while remaining simple to use. It offers some amazing commercial options as well as one of the most generous free plans available.

Locations are available in 110 cities throughout 63 nations, making this a decently substantial network. Windscribe claims that its servers are actually located in these regions, as opposed to some competitors who have most of their servers in the US and Europe, and merely fake the location with false IP WHOIS data to make it appear that it’s elsewhere,’ as the business indicates.

Windscribe VPN review

On Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Linux, a variety of apps keep you covered. The website has guides to help you set up the service on routers, Kodi, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and any OpenVPN-compatible software or device, and the Chrome, Firefox, and Opera extensions give you even more ways to connect and privacy-related extras, and the website has guides to help you set up the service on routers, Kodi, Amazon Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, and any OpenVPN-compatible software or device.

With strong AES-256 encryption, WireGuard, IKEv2 and OpenVPN support keeps all your tunnel traffic safe from snoopers, while stealth technologies strive to mask your VPN usage, potentially allowing you to get online even in countries that actively block VPN traffic.

windscribe vPN (1)

Windscribe is a comfortable VPN that offers fantastic value for money, with a slew of essential privacy features and one of the most liberal free VPN plans available. We have certain concerns, such as the absence of 24/7 assistance, certain performance test problems, and large gaps between updates with the Windows app, but these won’t affect everyone, therefore we recommend you try the free version first.


  • Advanced features and usefulness are crammed into this device.
  • Free data allowance of 10 GB
  • Netflix, iPlayer, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney+ are all unblocked.
  • Good value for money with a variety of plans to choose from.


  • In a few situations, the speed test results were below average.
  • There is no support available 24/7
  • There is no live chat available.
  • There are some significant periods of time between software updates.


NordVPN, which is based in Panama and has over 14 million members worldwide, is a tremendously popular VPN service. The corporation promotes its features, and there are lots to investigate.


NordVPN’s torrent support is an obvious positive, and there’s lots to like on the privacy front as well, with several innovative features to keep you safe and anonymous online. Performance is good, and this is one of the fastest VPNs we’ve ever examined, and it got us into what we required for Netflix (or other streaming content) unblocking (but sometimes only via the VPN’s browser extension).

NordVPN’s mobile apps are better than other VPN providers’, and its Windows client is typically fairly decent — while it does have a few weird quirks, they’re minor, and it’s rather user-friendly overall. There are a lot of helpful tutorials to assist you get set up with the VPN, as well as excellent customer care, which is fantastic for the less tech-savvy people out there in case they get into difficulties.

A large network of servers completes the picture, and NordVPN’s no-strings-attached 30-day money-back guarantee is also worth mentioning. If you aren’t satisfied, you can request a refund within the first month.

Consider NordVPN to be a high-end jack-of-all-trades VPN. It does everything well, and though some competitors may perform better in some areas, if you want everything done properly – and, above all, a constant service – NordVPN will not let you down.

NordVPN has apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Linux, and Android TV, as well as tutorials for setting up the service on a variety of other platforms.

NordVPN Features

NordVPN supports up to six simultaneous connections, which means you may use up to six devices at the same time. This should be more than enough for you to use all of your devices at the same time.


  • No-logging claims were subjected to a privacy audit.
  • Unblocks Netflix, Amazon, Disney+
  • Effective kill switch
  • Support via live chat is available immediately.


  • Basic browser extensions
  • Some UI issues with the client
  • Renewal fees that are above average

3) ExpressVPN

ExpressVPN is a corporation established in the British Virgin Islands that provides high-performance and fast services with industry-leading 256-bit AES encryption. It is the highest rated VPN platform, with thousands of users and review sites recommending it. They don’t provide free VPN to keep their reputation and quality, but each subscription subscription comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

ExpressVPN- VPN Provider

This Hola alternative has a Kill switch and Split tunnelling functionality to keep you safe, whilst the competition does not. When viewing specific websites from the secured network and the remainder from your usual ISP, split tunnelling comes in handy. When checking bank accounts or making transactions, for example.

Whereas Hola uses a peer-to-peer network to unblock banned content, ExpressVPN uses a true VPN with failsafe protocols, DNS and IPv6 leak protection, and hundreds of servers to deliver ultra-fast speeds. Depending on your demands, you can choose from a variety of encryption protocols such as OpenVPN, SSTP, L2TP, PPTP, TCP/UDP, and others. You are authorised to utilise three devices at once.


  • 160 locations across 94 countries
  • Great performance
  • Clients for almost everything
  • Excellent support


  • Above-average prices
  • Browser extensions require ExpressVPN app

4) IPVanish

IPVanish is one of the best options for browsing the internet privately and securely from any location, thanks to its dozens of secured servers. They have a solid security infrastructure and dependable processes in place to encrypt internet activities and prevent tracking. As soon as you connect to the VPN network, your true IP address is hidden.

This premium option allows you to download and stream videos indefinitely. There are no bandwidth restrictions and no server switching. Furthermore, with the help of user-friendly software, customers can select from a variety of protocols such as OpenVPN, L2TP or IPSec, and PPTP.

IPVanish- Best VPN For Portugal

The company has VPN servers in more than 60 locations, allowing users to virtually access blocked websites and geo-restricted material across hundreds of servers. In comparison to Hola’s peer-to-peer VPN proxy service, IPVanish features a network that is geared for speed as well as impenetrable security. Professionals endorse and promote IPVanish, however many users shun Hola because to privacy concerns. It works on Android, iOS, Windows, Linux, Chrome, and Mac, as well as additional platforms like Amazon FireTV. Premium subscriptions start at $6.49 a month and include up to five simultaneous devices as well as a seven-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish offers a lot of features, highly customizable tools, and quick live chat assistance to keep things operating smoothly. However, there are some flaws, including usability concerns and a smattering of minor bugs that prevents it from taking the top rank.


  • There are numerous features.
  • Netflix and Disney+ are unblocked on all devices at the same time.
  • Money-back guarantee for 30 days
  • There are no records of connections.


  • Apps might be difficult to use.
  • Unpredictable speeds
  • Doesn’t unlock iPlayer, and Amazon Prime Video Apps aren’t updated as frequently as they should be.

5) Cyberghost VPN 

Cyberghost was one of my favourite VPN companies, but I just noticed a significant difference in surfing performance. Despite having a paid subscription, I don’t utilise it to surf the internet anonymously very often. They have 1300 servers spread across 50 states, allowing them to serve customers in a variety of locales. All of their VPN instances are encrypted with the leading 256-bit protocol, which supports OpenVPN, PPTP, L2TP, or IPSec, as well as DNS leak prevention.

CyberGhost Vs NordVPN

The best part is that you may sign up for a free CyberGhost account without having to pay anything. The premium account, on the other hand, gives you access to additional locations, server options, and faster speeds. This VPN, like Hola VPN, can be used on all major devices and operating systems, as the company has programmes for both smart phones and computers. Paid services are inexpensive, support up to five devices (additional devices incur additional fees), and offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Furthermore, in the event of an issue, their technical assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to assist you.

CyberGhost Security Suite for Windows is a good VPN, but it doesn’t live up to the company’s reputation. Its antivirus software isn’t up to par with the finest, and the Privacy Guard and Security Updater don’t bring enough value to justify the cost.


  • Very cheap 3-year plan
  • Covers up to 7 devices
  • Quality VPN


  • Slow antivirus scans
  • Some below average results from independent test labs
  • Software Updater can’t automatically install updates

You might have questions like this for Hola VPN more : 

How do I block websites on Hola VPN?

Chrome Extensions Is Hola any good?

Why is Hola VPN bad?

Does a VPN change your IP address?

How do I use Hola VPN for free?

Is Hola VPN safe for Netflix?

Is Hola illegal?

Is Hola VPN Unlimited?

Conclusion: Detailed Hola VPN Review | 

Look, there are many other VPN Providers in the market, that you can go for. But the prices are quite high and the security and speed offered by them are quite low and disappointing. But Hola VPN, as a FREE option offers much value than other VPN providers.

Is Hola VPN Safe to use?

Hola VPN allows users to access certain websites without leaving their homes. It is an ideal solution for those who do not wish to use their real IP address or have restricted access with others on the Internet

Even the best part is that, if you’re opting for a FREE VPN then consider starting Hola, as it also comes with Chrome Extension that you can use with your Chrome Bowser. Also, they offer Android as well as iOS Apps.

A word of caution, free VPN doesn’t offer that much anonymity and security compared to the paid VPNs. So consider choosing the paid plans.

We hope this post, suits your purpose well. Feel free to share this post on all trending social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

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  1. Safeguard your online access. Hola VPN Premium offers many features that Hola VPN Basic does not, such as web filtering, DNS leak protection, and parental controls. Many of these features can be turned on for FREE with the basic subscription. Trust Hola VPN to never require subscriptions or any other payments between your device and internet connection by giving you free unlimited bandwidth through an unblocked list of IP addresses that’s entirely yours to use anytime you need it!

  2. Hola VPN was a lifesaver for me when I was traveling abroad. It helps you access sites that are blocked in your current location, but it also has many more great features such as unlimited access to 47 different languages, and video streaming with good quality. This is the best software out there for what you need it to do!

  3. Hola VPN Review allows you hassle-free browsing and streaming. It also grants access to any content anywhere, available in 47 languages too! Hola VPN provides unlimited, top quality video streaming access that’s second to none. Additionally, no one has to worry about security or encryption. After a positive review your say so, I will surely recommend using Hola VPN Review!

  4. A lot of my friends live around the world and I get to see things on their Snapchat stories that are impossible for me. With Hola VPN, it lets you access content from your favorite sites without any blocking in your way! The Hola VPN is super simple to use and they have such a diverse set of features, like adding a home location so you can bypass geo-blocking rules or even watching Netflix with an American IP.

  5. Change your IP address and stay safe with this trustworthy service.

    My new favorite VPN app, Hola VPN is the only free one in my book. I’ve been using it for a while now without any problems at all, so that’s already more than what most apps can say these days. I have to admit though, I’m not really sure how they do it (don’t ask me about technology). But either way, it works and well worth checking out!

  6. Hola VPN is a fantastic application that I’ve found, it has so many benefits and advantages. Y ou can even access the internet with HolaVPN on foreign dating websites where they don’t allow other people from outside to log in!

    I was browsing through a number of computer magazines until I came across an advertisement advertising claims about how HolaVPN would unblock content such as Netflix which US citizens are not able to see legally without buying a subscription. To tell you quite frankly, I am totally satisfied with this admission-free service because it offers peace-of-mind security while delivering speed and reliability like no one else out there.

  7. Hola VPN is a free VPN provider that uses your spare bandwidth and processing power to help other users access the internet. In turn, these users will not be able to access your system or any data you store in it, but they can use it for browsing, e-mailing and other basic tasks.

  8. I use the free version of Hola VPN for over a year now. I used it on my browsing console, social media apps and all other platforms that allow me to browse online. Even though so many people said you should never download free vpn, I’ve been extremely lucky. Besides being an easy sign-up process, it also is so fast in facilitating everything!

  9. I think Hola vpn is a really great app. It’s totally free for a limited time so there’s no reason to pass it up, even if you’re not one of the literally 5% that use its paid service. I had some speed problems with my internet before but now this app has helped me solve those challenges and get back on track again
    ‘true indeed’  —  I’ve found this product to be incredibly useful in connecting new sites that otherwise wouldn’t have been possible because previous connections didn’t meet necessary requirements or speeds. Sounds like 5 stars already! Interested? You should download it!

  10. So my friend told me about Hola VPN and I like free things, so I installed the app. It enables your PC to connect with others for increased bandwidth which helps when you’re part of a group watching a YouTube marathon or something on Netflix. The downside is that other users can access your system and data while it’s connected, but only if they download the free version. Plus, because I don’t get paid to advertise stuff to you all day long here, since it’s free it would be hard not tell people how great this is…so try Hola!

  11. Hola VPN Review is a true competitor in the market. Many people believe HolaVPN to be on of the few free, good services out there. User friendly and easy-to-use apps make it great for anyone looking to unblock websites or those who want even more protection from heightened security measures.

    Featuring unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and ultra-fast connection speeds with an ungodly customer satisfaction rate with over 30 million users worldwide, HolaVPN is currently available at a low price!

  12. After using Hola vpn I clearly liked the facts that:
    >Easy-to-use interface
    >Available on a variety of platforms
    >HD and 4K streaming
    >Simple installation process
    I recommend this to everyone as it also has a free plan, so go check it out right now!!

  13. Hola VPN is unlike your basic VPN setup, you know the one with servers and everything. It’s basically a peer-to-peer network that can help you access blocked most websites for free. The way it works is pretty simple. If you wish to use Hola VPN, you’ll have to contribute your real device’s IP.
    Hola VPN managed to unblock Netflix, BBC iPlayer, and even Youku which is a Chinese streaming website. As for speeds, Hola offered just about a good speed, but that something to expect from a VPN service that offers no servers.

  14. Among the numerous VPN administrations accessible available, HolaVPN is THE one to attempt.

    Hola is a dependable VPN supplier with both FREE and PAID plans. The free help is ideal for customary web clients hoping to unblock sites.

    The solitary VPN that is really free. Gives limitless transmission capacity, limitless traffic and super quick association speed. Easy to understand and simple to-utilize applications for every one of your gadgets: introduce right away, pick a country and begin watching.

  15. Hola is an android VPN app that provides free and unlimited VPN service on the go. You can access any website you want without worrying about geo-restrictions.
    Hola vpn review is a top VPN service provider that offers software and apps to secure your connection and make browsing more secure. You can browse securely with Hola vpn .

  16. Hola vpn is able to deliver with some great speeds. It provides with massively network of Hola nodes. It is feasible in unblocking blocked sites. It gives enough speed to stream video in 4k

  17. As a user I can’t recommend Hola enough. It’s my go-to VPN and the one that I’ve used extensively during my travels, both domestically and internationally. The app is easy to install (just one click) and it always connects with a strong signal, so there’s never any downtime in your browsing when you’re on their network.

    In addition to that they’re also ad-free because they don’t collect data for commercial marketing purposes like many other companies do these days. Last but not least, additional goodies include free VPN protection for gaming (a must), free multi-login feature so you can hook up multiple devices from different countries all at once, unlimited usage without caps or speed limits – even on their FREE plan.

  18. Hola VPN Review is a virtual private network app that safeguards a computer’s security and privacy. It has top-of the range IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption to safeguard against unforeseen breaches, 512 bit RSA for key exchange, and strict handling of authentication keys.

  19. Hola VPN Premium is a great app for downloading and utilizing an unlimited number of IPs that has parental control features. It filters websites, blocks dangerous domains, and allows you to have more security without wasting device resources. Hola VPN is the best way to protect your privacy on a network because you can use it at any time with no subscription necessary. All the greatness of being connected but without any negative repercussions from using bandwidth or storage on your device!

  20. Hola was able to deliver great speeds. Not a surprise, considering it’s a proxy tunnel without any encryption to slow it down. If you’re looking for a real VPN service that can encrypt your data will maintaining or even increasing your connection speed, HolaVPN would be your best option.
    Strongly recommended!

  21. Hola is the best VPN service around. Getting your Hola account was quick, easy and free! I have never encountered any problems with this app- it does everything you need it to do without breaking a sweat. It’s really fast too, which is awesome considering how many people are using them now- there isn’t that much lag or buffering. You can even use all of the features for free if you only want the basic service! The PLUS plan has me hooked though because not only does it give me access to more things, but also gives me peace of mind knowing my data will be secure and private when browsing online since they don’t keep or sell logs. Worth every penny in my opinion!

  22. Hola VPN has a lot of key features to it! They just work very well for me. The key features include:
    30-day money-back guarantee
    Free version
    Unblocks Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, ITV
    Affordable second-tier plan
    Very fast connections
    It’s a must try!

  23. Hola never states on its official website that it doesn’t log your information. They also never overtly state that they do. The only way to find out anything at all about their logging practices is to look at their privacy policy.

    I checked out Hola’s privacy policy, and I was shocked at the sheer volume of information they gather and store.

  24. Hola is a free VPN service that makes available your bandwidth and processing power to route some of its traffic. This means it won’t make itself inaccessible by other users, but since you need to buy the premium option for full access to use as a peer, consider Hola if you need something quick and simple in general.

  25. I’ve been using Hola for 5 months now and I didn’t find any issue. It is very convenient when you are in some region where Netflix or Hulu is not available to access the same content without VPN assistance by just defining the country that it provides. The downside of this service which needs addressing is their free version shared with other users if bogged down your system may experience issues, so only use it when needed Likewise couldn’t say no about authorities interfering in one’s operations but hey it’s all part of life nowadays!

  26. Hola VPN protects your personal and sensitive information from cyber attacks. It does not store any of its client’s data or the browsing history. So, if you are a privacy conscious individual like me then Hola is best for you because it never lets anyone know what websites you visit nor tracks user activity.
    Hola offers access to popular sites such as Facebook, YouTube etc without even using expensive restrictive proxy services. So why should I pay high prices when I can get everything at an affordable price?

  27. This is the only VPN that’s free and it does this nifty trick of using spare bandwidth to route other peoples traffic. Not just yours! It keeps your system locked away from peering eyes, but with the paid plans you get unlimited bandwidth and even better routing options for your network.

  28. 🔥Hola VPN is the best solution for bypassing blocking software. With HOLA you can stay connected to all of your favorite sites and apps from just about anywhere on earth. 🔥
    The ease at which you can move through digital borders gives me more access than what I get in my own country – if only it was this easy to cross real life boundaries…
    🔥It’s really a shame that so many people have never heard of this stellar app because they’re missing out on some really awesome content.”

  29. Hola VPN is my absolute favourite! All the features in Hola VPN Premium are top-notch, and it’s completely free. I can watch what I want when I want without buffering or slowing down–I love that the data usage never counts against me! No app is needed; all you need is your phone or computer with an internet connection to start browsing securely.
    The ad’s greatest strength is how clear it is with there being no confusion between different offerings of the product- only two packages are available for purchase, one of which is free. This means that money isn’t wasted on anything unnecessary like bandwidths or apps when the whole package comes with so many features already included in itself.

  30. Thanks to Hola VPN Premium, I am able to browse the web freely with complete privacy and security. It’s super easy to use and an affordable service that is worth recommending if not outright shouting from the rooftops about. As a mother of three small children, it bothers me when my kids are on social media platforms during school hours- I don’t want them looking at inappropriate material or saying things they shouldn’t be in front of their friends. Since subscribing to our family, we have been able to watch what we want without fear that someone will pick up on anything icky being discussed in an online forum from one of my kids posting something there.

  31. Hola is the world’s largest zero-log VPN service that provides you with a fast, secure and anonymous connection to a world without borders.
    It allows you to access geo-restricted content, browse the internet securely, and even access your home country’s content library.

  32. design with protected distributed innovation to unblock sites. Hola’s free endorsers select into a local area based VPN controlled by split-directing innovation. As a trade-off for a quick association and limitless access, clients share inactive directing assets just when their gadgets are not being used.

  33. “Hola VPN is one of the best products I have tried in a while. Hola VPN will give you hassel-free browsing and streaming, it also gives access to content anywhere and available in 47 languages.”
    “The coolest thing about Hola VPN is that you don’t need to worry about security or encryption because with their unlimited use, anything goes. It gives really good quality video streaming which is such a plus!”
    “I recommend trying this product because it’s such an awesome experience! You’ll be happy you did!”

  34. VPNs are a popular way to secure your data, hide browsing history and discover content that is unavailable outside of the country you live in. Hola VPN has an incredible million users globally with this number growing daily. We love what they do – provide people worldwide easy-to-use internet security for free by working as an Ad Blocker which blocks dangerous cyber threats without compromising speed or bandwidth. With loads of different packages ranging from basic protection to PAID packages for those who really need it, we highly recommend choosing HolaVPN today.

  35. Hola VPN is made for getting on the Internet without any of the buffering, lousy internet speeds, or security issues. With Hola VPN your device connects to an unlimited number of IPs while simultaneously protecting your privacy. The beauty about this service is that it’s 100% free so you don’t have to worry about spending money on apps or Bandwidth when you can use a VPN service like Premium and still have access to the web without any problems

    How would I describe what HolaVPN does? It protects online privacy by connecting with unlimited IP addresses at once. It also unblocks websites in regions that are censored by government policies.

  36. Hola VPN Review: as a user of this app for over a year now, I can’t recommend it enough. Initially, the free service was what appealed to me – I mean who wouldn’t be attracted by “unlimited bandwidth and traffic.” However, with an annual fee of $99 or unlimited use for a one-time payment of $129, the price really isn’t so bad. What you get is worth more than that. The PLUS version gives you blazing fast connections without compromising your security using AES 256 encryption. If you have been on the fence about signing up with HolaVPN then let me assure you that there is no better time than today!

  37. When Hola VPN PLUS’ top-of-the-range security is guaranteed by the top standard IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch support to safeguard against unforeseen breaches. The plus version also supports other encryption protocols. Compared to other free services where privacy may be compromised, Hola does not share its users’ personal information with anyone in the Hola community and never sells details to a third party for marketing or other purposes. You should test the VPN yourself first then believe in those reviews because most of them can be fake.

  38. Want to unblock content and browse anonymously? HolaVPN has an amazingly simple free service that can turbocharge your browsing. The included VPN software guards users from snooping ISPs, throttling by governments, and targeted ads. With just a click of the app, you’ll be surfing Facebook in complete privacy! Tired of competing with other internet providers for bandwidth usage? And feeling locked out from gaming sites because your IP Address is diverse? Upgrade to a PRO membership today or register our FREE plan. With us, having a reliable wifi connection is as easy as breathing air!

  39. Hola is the next evolution of VPNs. It uses your own internet connection to route some of it’s traffic which mean that you end up providing an internet connection for other users also. There are two versions, free and premium; you can use the former for as long as you want but if you ever want any more complex features, like accessing destinations blocked in your country, or having access to Hola on many devices like Windows Phone or Blackberry then it requires a payment plan (premium).

  40. All I can say is that this VPN is awesome. I found it very easy to use and everything runs as smoothly as possible. The user interface is also great, and it’s not very difficult to set up at all. I recommend Hola VPN for those who need a reliable VPN with the best protocols out there, like TLS 1.2 and 2fa security features –
    It’s been one week since we purchased your product and we LOVE IT! We would never go back now…Yo has increased my privacy on Facebook by allowing me the freedom of not giving away unnecessary information such as my last name or where I and my family lives even though they request that info when you put your profile picture up.

  41. I have been using Hola VPN for a while now and I am absolutely in love with it! Originally, I wanted to try out Hola just to see how good it was because my friend has been raving about it. And after seeing what the app does even without premium, I couldn’t believe that there could be something better than this. So here I am writing this review because if you’re looking for an unlimited free VPN service, go ahead and download Hola Premium right now-it will make your life so much easier.

  42. If you’re looking for a VPN service that’s more than just a provider, Hola offers unlimited bandwidth and some of the best security on the market. They don’t share your personal information with anyone in their community, and they never sell it to third-party marketers or advertisers. Their world-class VPN servers provide superfast access from Romania, Singapore, Russia, Vietnam – wherever you are.

  43. Hola VPN Review is a free service that you can use without any hassle. It’s not the best option on the market, but it does make your browsing more secure by encrypting what you do online. I’ve used Hola for about six months now and haven’t had any problems with them whatsoever. If you need access to certain region-restricted content (I was recently in France and couldn’t access BBC iPlayer), then this might be just what you’re looking for!

  44. Hola VPN Premium is a great choice for anyone who wants the most features and benefits when it comes to internet security. There is no risk of your identity being compromised when you choose Hola VPN, simply because Hola VPN protects against so many different threats such as malware. When you use Hola VPN product, not only is your data protected but also can access restricted content and websites from around the world

    Hola has been designed in such a way that it provides an impressive amount of bandwidth with performance that will not degrade during peak hours which meets all requirements including HD streaming and large downloads etc. It basically means with the right configuration ISP blockage will be avoided allowing unrestricted speeds without any hassle whatsoever.

  45. HolaVPN is the ultimate VPN provider for customers looking to unblock websites like Netflix, Hulu, and YouTube. The service provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and ultra-fast connection speeds for advanced users as well as a user-friendly interface that makes it easy for first-time users to download their service. Join HolaVPN today for just $7 per month!

  46. Hola VPN Premium is a quality service at an affordable price. Monthly subscriptions start as low as $5 a month and provide incredible protection for your online security and privacy, all while not costing you anything. Hola VPN provides limitless connections on unlimited IP addresses so you can hide behind encryption from governments, ISPs, advertisers – even hackers can’t get through! Watch movies from your favourite country – no more geo-blocking or content DMCA takedowns. Use Wifi with peace of mind that nobody will be listening in on personal conversations! Put kids into the right virtual education programs to shape their future success levels now! Erase hard drives securely so you don’t have to worry about sensitive company data getting leaked or corrected by malicious employees!

  47. Hola VPN is the best way to protect your identity, bypass restrictions, and have more fun on the internet. With over million people in 50+ countries worldwide using Hola for all their needs online it’s no wonder why providers are blocking our IPs. That’s why you need to use a VPN service. I’ve been using HOLA! for years now because it does everything that I want my internet experience to be while also protecting my details from prying eyes. I recently had an embarrassing moment while viewing racy content on my phone while streaming video through social media, but with unlimited bandwidth and traffic, there was nothing holding me back!
    It offers both free and paid versions of its services.

  48. I’ve used Hola VPN and I liked it because of these things:
    +It provides with a free plan.
    +Massive network of Hola nodes.
    +Can easily unblock some sites.
    +Fast enough to stream 4K video.

  49. For Hassel-free browsing and streaming, Hola VPN is the best. It also gives you access to any content anywhere and available in 47 languages.
    Best thing about Hola VPN is that it gives you unlimited VPN time which means you use it as much as you wanted however, it is limited in the free version.
    It also gives you what very good quality for video streaming. Plus you don’t have to worry about any security and encryption.
    I will surely recommend using Hola VPN!

  50. Hola is a popular free VPN service that doesn’t just want you to use its service for free. In the free version of Hola, some of the data from your device will be sent to people around the world as part of a peer-to-peer network called Hola Screen so they might also have access to your bandwidth and computing power, but it happens in a way that other users won’t be able to access any data on your system or break into it because this only occurs with peer devices. The premium edition offers better features, more robust security measures, and real customer support including chat; it’s worth paying for because many providers promise things like fast download speeds at no charge when in reality their software is inefficient.

  51. I am so happy I found a free VPN with high security. I’ve been using Hola for a few months and haven’t had any problems with it at all. They have seemed to of doing everything they can do to protect me from cybercrime because the company holds no logs on my activity including your IP address, browsing history, past transactions, email information, or passwords.

  52. “I never thought a VPN could get more convenient until I found Hola. In an area where you need some level of security and privacy to use the Internet, this app provides it while also being 100% free and easy on device resources. Easier than any other service out there including standard windows firewall and OpenVPN client software that comes with your operating system or applications for both OS X and Windows.”

  53. Security is always a priority. That’s why Hola VPN PLUS protects you with the strength of IKEv2/IPSEC 256-bit encryption for an extra measure of safety. With total anonymity, there are no middlemen who will be snooping on your browsing sessions or requesting access to your information. Your internet experience will never again be interrupted by ads, pop-ups…

  54. Hola VPN Review is the best free and paid VPN services on the market. With almost 200 million users worldwide, Hola is a reliable and trustworthy company with very affordable monthly package plans.
    Hola has both FREE and PAID packages for unlimited bandwidth, unlimited traffic and deep buffering so you’ll always have a fast connection to browse the web or stream your favorite content. The free option is perfect for those who want to unblock websites or protect their identity online by avoiding ISP tracking of activities such as visited domains, cookies, location history etc.

  55. Hola VPN PLUS is a free and unlimited VPN service with 24/7 customer service available on standby to help make a new internet experience a reality. The HolaVPN community of users also helps each other by inviting their friends and family members to the app, allowing them all to use it for free while getting faster connection speeds from others’ computers around the world! In addition, you needn’t worry about public WiFi at airports or shopping malls creating security loopholes for hackers – this company does not store IPs or browsing history on any central server that could be hacked into. Finally, anonymity is ensured through Hola’s peer-to-peer structure: they do not share personal information with anyone.

  56. Hola VPN is the one-and-only, free VPN provider with 200 million users in 190 countries. Hola gives you super-fast connection speeds for video streaming, gaming, and reliable encryption to protect your privacy. Plus it’s easy to use! You can block ads by using hola adblocker VPN.

  57. Hola VPN PLUS is perfect for people who want to be able to surf the web, speak privately on voice chat apps, and use public WiFi securely. Hola gives users total uncompromised protection with 256-bit encryption so you can feel safe online no matter where you go. Surf freely by connecting to other countries or regions around the world without being blocked or censored – plus it allows for unlimited bandwidth which means you are never stuck waiting for slow speeds.

  58. Hola PLUS is your ultimate VPN of choice. So far, the Hola business model has been doing amazing and we’re happy to see that! The Plus version supports all of your needs and wants with IKEv2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and kill switch support. It’s free to try so get on it.

  59. With a free Hola VPN, you get so much more than what a basic app can offer. Web filters protect you from malicious websites and ads while managing your browsing habits to only help the sites you want to see. Choose who sees your IP address or blocks it completely if needed for personal use. You’ll be able to connect simultaneously on multiple devices with no issues at all! It’s also one of the first VPN services available for both iOS and Android phones, as well as Google TV devices.

  60. Hola VPN Premium is an amazing way to supercharge your internet experience for free with many features that the free Hola VPN Basic does not offer, like web filtering, DNS leak protection, and parental controls. You can connect to an unlimited number of IP’s while also protecting yourself from malicious attacks all at the same time by using this service. There are no hidden fees or bandwidth usage you have to worry about because everything is included in this great service.

  61. Abracadabra! Hola VPN abraca-dabros, cloaks your IP address and provides you with private browsing. As most people like magical chants or giant spells when the magic happens so does the VPN! The best security is in the PLUSversion especially with ikev2/IPSEC with AES 256-bit encryption and its kill switch protection for our autonomous region. Unlike other free services where privacy may be compromised by sharing information with the community, Hola never shares any user data whatsoever with his friends in this public chat session nor does it let others buy personal details just to talk on Facebook, VBConnectsapp, Aloha Chat App or IMO messenger.

  62. After having tried out lots of other VPN providers, I was finally satisfied with Hola. It is the only free VPN that provides unlimited bandwidth! The app helps you to unblock websites and gives you access to different streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, etc. It has a great connection speed too so it is never laggy when playing games or videos online. Unlike other VPN service providers where you have to pay after a 3-month time limit or even have limited bandwidth usage but this free one is all yours forever once you register for an account – well worth signing up for in my opinion!

  63. For Hassel-free browsing and streaming, Hola VPN is the best. It also gives you access to any content anywhere and available in 47 languages. Not only that but it provides great value as well! You can watch high quality videos without having to worry about data limits because it has an unlimited VPN time on the free version which sets this product apart from others! The user friendly interface makes it easy for anyone to get started using Hola VPN with no problem at all. I will surely recommend using Hola VPN without a doubt!

  64. Hola VPN Review: Hola is the only free and unlimited VPN out there. It doesn’t matter whether you need a quick burst of speed to open a file from work, or access to content unavailable in your region, Hola can help. With features like automatic reconnection and shortcuts for specific apps that may ordinarily be slower with a VPN, this app has all the tools necessary to let you browse freely throughout the world. The desktop app also comes with convenient Android shortcuts make it an excellent choice even when not connected to your laptop!

    What’s unique about it: one of the only free options available gives you extras without really costing anything extra.

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