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  • For Unlimited Websites
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  • For personal & client websites
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Price: $ 59

In this post, we have shared  HashBar Review that includes all details into HashBar. So let’s dive in.

Without any codes and manuals, WordPress allows you to create your website without any limit. Here I have brought to you the review of HashBar. With the help of any template and any layout, create your beautiful site. Use infinite combinations and limitless possibilities to create your paradise. 

Bottom Line Upfront: Hashbar is a WordPress notification plugin that lets you create as many notifications as you want and send it to your customers. With this plugin, you can also see the email subscription form of your website along with that you will also get offers and buttons to promote your products. You can grab a special discount to get 40% off on HashBar.

Notification bars are one of the integral parts of our online activities. But have you wondered that this feature can be improvised and can be more idealized according to our requirements? Worry no more, various platforms can be used to tweak up your notification bar so that you get the desired notification bar. 

HashBar Review

About HashBar Review: In A Nutshell

One of such great WordPress notification bar plugins is HashBar. HashBar is a platform that allows you to customize your notification bar so that you notify your customers. This enables a business to run much more smoothly since there won’t be a huge chance of missing important emails and notifications concerning the business.

WordPress-Notification-Bar-Plugin Hashbar

The main function of HashBar is to provide people in the business domain to set up their own notification bar. The unique feature of HashBar is that you can create an unlimited number of notification bars. In this article, you’ll be getting to know how to set up the notification bar using HashBar, the pricing, and the sales statistics.

Features Of HashBar

Common Features

  1. HashBar plugin provides you with the option to show/hide on All Page/ Only Pages/ Only Posts/ the Only Homepage.
  2. The site helps you to change your content’s background image/colour and also the text colour for your content.
  3. You have the option to position your notification left/right/top/bottom; and also to enable or disable your notifications on the mobile devices.
  4. The plugin notification features enable you to close/open button text and also change button color/background to improve and decorate your notification page.

Unique and New Features

HashBar has offered some new and unique features to you all which would enhance your experience while building a notification template: 

  1. You can now decorate your template with the WPBakery Page Builder. You can download your favorite template and design to build your page in the most satisfactory way.
  2. Create your art with the KingComposer page builder. This feature added onto the HashBar plugin allows you to work on any page or post of any possible theme.
  3. In collaboration with Elementor page building plugin, offers you to create a perfect design for your page, making it a mind-blowing website.
  4. The plugin offers you with enabling and setting up of the number of times a notification can be produced and be visible to you.
  5. You can now set up an URL parameter that would help you show your notification on the URL site.

Pro version Features

  1. You can now plan and select your schedule timing on the Pro version of the plugin site and the notification would only remain till that time and would get deleted afterwards.
  2. The plugin now gives you the feature of a button enabling a shortcode generator on the WordPress editor.
  3. As a Pro version user, you can now choose where your notification could be posted – individual posts or individual pages – anywhere. 
  4. Remember, how you used sticky notes to memorize your notes. A similar kind of sticky/transparent header is provided by the plugin. 
  5. Responding to the mobile device width, the HashBar plugin now enables you to see the best layout possible through the Mobile device breakpoint.

How to install, activate, and Create?

If you wish to make notification creation a mind-blowing process, do join HashBar and enjoy the notification building game. You are alllowed to create notifications to help to keep the customer alert, the HashBar WordPress plugin gives you the ability to add notification bars professionally on your website. Now, how to do it is the question. Your WordPress dashboard shows you the plugins page option. You need to search for the HashBar plugin at the search field where it lets you install and activate the site directly.

HashBar - Installtion

 Once it is activated, settings to access the plugin is available – HashBar > HashBar Options. HashBar options are now available on the left menu of the dashboard. This particular plugin has no options available while if you opt for the Pro version of the plugin, some options are available. 

The dashboard now shows the HashBar option, which when clicked, shows – ‘Add New Notification’ and ‘All Notifications’. Move on to clicking “Add New Notification”:

HashBar -Add New Notifications

 to add your new notification which would lead you to the WordPress editor pop-up. It looks like the following: 

You would notice that the page looks as if you are writing a post or a blog. After filling in the title and content blank, scroll down a little. You see the option “Notification Bar Options” which gives you options to choose the location of the notifications created with the width and positioning of the notification as well. Apart from these, there are some Pro options available for Pro users which are greyed out on the non-Pro page.

 Scrolling down a little, you see some “Display Options” which gives you the options to discuss the display and enabling/disabling of notifications on mobile and desktop while Pause time can only be scheduled in the Pro version. 

There are a few other options left to be chosen from at the end of the whole scrolling fiasco – Content Width, Number of Notification appearances, Content background color/image.

 Imagine getting to choose the color of your notification button. Why to just imagine, when you can build one on HashBar. 

So much work makes the notification look worth it. Go click the “Publish” button and if you wish to make readjustments to your notifications, redo all these processes and continue happily. 

Now that you have learned how to make this work, continue making more notifications.


Apart from the themes provided by the site, the plugin also has services like – 

1. WordPress Services – This platform has three services to offer:

HashBar - Notification bar

  • A very cost-effective service, it provides premium plugins and themes for $350 while the number of pages and its content determines the increase in the cost.

HashBar - Gutenberg Block

  • Installation of WordPress lets you set up a theme for $62 in 24 hours.
  • If you have any theme, other than those set up by the plugin, you can customize it according to your wish.

HashBar -Simple Notification

2. Shopify Services – This platform offers you so many themes at two types of memberships:

  •  Yearly – Available for $249/ year 
  •  Lifetime – Available for $699/ lifetime

           The themes are diversified into fashion, shopping, furniture, and much more. 

3. HTML Services – Available at $100, this platform provides services to convert XD/PSD/Sketch file to HTML.

HashBar -Dashboard

4. Graphic Design Services  – This service provides you with the ability to create a logo for your business and brand. 

HashBar - Customization Bar

HashBar Pricing | How Much Does HashBar Cost?

To find something good with minimal pricing is always a great challenge. It’s always a tough choice when it comes to choosing between the best price and the best feature, but HashBar comes with a lot of prices offering the best features along with it.

HashBar has two basic pricing packages aimed for usage on a timely basis; they are one year and lifetime packages. Let us look at the pricing of both packages individually.

HashBar - Pricing Plan

The yearly plans come with the same incentives as that of life plans but the printing is seen to be comparatively lower in life plans. Depending upon the work you want the platform for and depending upon how often you are joining to avail the features you can choose a suitable plan for yourself.

There is also a discount available of up to 40% on both the yearly as well as on the lifetime pricing plan for a certain period.  The below list gives both the original and the discounted price for your convenience.

To avail of the discounted price, you need to check the platform as soon as possible before the offer period ends so that you are eligible for a more efficient and affordable price range.

One year:


  • For 1 website (yearly)
  • Price: 49 USD
  • Discounted price: 29 USD
  • Features: 1 website, 1-year update, and support, used for personal and client websites.


  • 5 websites (yearly)
  • Price: 149 USD
  • Discounted price: 89 USD
  • Features: 5 websites, 1-year update, and support, used for personal and client websites.


  • Unlimited websites (yearly)
  • Price: 249 USD
  • Discounted price: 149 USD
  • Features: Unlimited websites, 1-year update, and support, used for personal and client websites, the inclusion of 5 premium themes, access to all of the software plugins.



  • 1 website 
  • Price: 99 USD
  • Discounted price: 59 USD
  • Features: 1 website, lifetime update and support, for personal and client use.


  • 5 websites
  • Price: 399 USD
  • Discounted price: 239 USD
  • Features: 5 websites, lifetime updates, and support, for personal and client use.


  • Unlimited websites.
  • Price: 581 USD.
  • Discounted price: 349 USD
  • Features: Unlimited websites, lifetime update, and support, used for personal and client websites, the inclusion of 5 premium themes, access to all of the software plugins.

Now that you know the prices you can choose from the various plans mentioned above the platform is very comprehensive in its way of providing features and also has a 100% cashback guaranteed within 30 days for its customers who do not find their service up to the notch. But by looking at the perks provided by them I would doubt that you would ever be wanting to use this service.

The platform has quite extensive sets of plugins that will enhance your user experience and skyrocket the benefits you would receive.

Sales Data

Sales data is defined as the statistical analysis of your performance in the market. It is extremely useful to understand the trend of the market surrounding your niche and to plan the future steps regarding investment, sales, and marketing strategies so that more customers are attracted to the offers provided. Where many platforms hide this kind of data from their customers HashBar has it out in the broad daylight giving its customers transparency regarding their work this building trust among its users.

According to the sales data mentioned by HashBar on their official website, we can easily understand that the platform has an average daily sale of 55 times. This tells us that on a daily basis almost 55 and more clients are ready to invest in the platform to gain more insights to plugins and apply them in their daily work.

Their last year’s sales were also significantly shown to be 21040 times which by the number you know is extremely huge. This lets us know that almost more than 20000 plus customers are already using the platform and are happy with the features provided by the same.

The platform is popularly used by many countries in the world like Europe, Australia, Canada, and so on while their top three users in the world are the USA, India, and the UK. 

They are even growing and reaching a large audience and the sales are growing significantly high as well.

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FAQs On HashBar Review

👉Does the HashBar plugin work with WordPress 5.2.4 and PHP 7.2.1 version?

Yes, the HashBar plugin has a comprehensive environment and is supported by any WordPress environment with version 5.0 and above also with PHP version of 6.4 and above.

👉 What are the different supports that are provided by the platform?

The platform provides supports from Elementor, Visual Composer and King composer.

👉How to configure the HashBar after installation?

Once you have installed the platform you will be notified by a message asking you to install a CMB2 plugin. Install the above-mentioned plugin, this will activate all the functionality of the platform and then click on new HashBar.

Conclusion: HashBar Review 2024: Best WordPress Notification Bar Plugin

HashBar  is open-source software that enables its users to customize the notification bar up to their requirements. This ensures that the important information gets notified at the right time to the customer and we all know how important it is to stay updated always. This results in fewer misunderstandings and delays in the work. As the articles describe further, this software is filled with perks and only the positives; so much so that the negatives can be foreseen.

The pricing is affordable as well, giving this a notch over the other software. Also, one can try this platform and check for themselves if this suits them or not. The software also provides ample time to check and get used to this software without changes so that you get to know whether an investment in this platform is worth it or not.

It is very much popular in India, America and also the UK. The ever-growing need for plugins is taken care of by this platform very carefully. The installing method is hassle-free and is also beginner-friendly. I am sure that you will enjoy using this software to tweak up your own notification bar with mind-blowing features.

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