How To Grow Your Instagram Followers By 300% On Your Account 2024

Do you know those once-in-a-year massive sales that happen at everyone’s favorite store? And literally, the whole city goes down there to get a piece of it? Think of Instagram like that, but only 1000 times larger and on a global scale.

Grow Your Instagram Followers- Instagram

Recent surveys show that Instagram has surpassed allsocial media platforms in terms of both active accounts and traffic. Instagram is at the top of the digital pyramid, with 1 billion followers that believe in it. And in the digital kingdom, numbers really are everything. 

So, let’s say that you’re a brand or an individual that’s looking to really boost reach and visibility of your profile – what is your immediate goal? To increase followers. The larger your follower count is, the greater are your chances of acing the numbers game on Instagram. For most people, these numbers are a sign of credibility, letting potential customers and other brands know that your profile is doing well, and shouldn’t be taken lightly.

How To Grow Your Instagram Followers By 300% On Your Account

How is Instagram different? 

As far as social media goes, Instagram is at the top of the food chain. Although Facebook and Twitter had become globally popular a lot earlier than Instagram, the photo-sharing app managed to surpass all the others and emerge as the most used social media network in the world today. Very recently, Instagram crossed a billion users, and this is a testament to the fact that Instagram cannot be taken lightly by both marketers and influencers.

Why are followers important?

While you might be the owner and admin of the page, it’s your content and your followers that actually run it. This isn’t so different from the “Customer is King” philosophy that’s been around for centuries. So a good follower count almost directly translates to better engagement, better clicks, better results for digital campaigns, and better revenue overall. If you are looking to create something substantial with your Instagram account, step number one would be to boost your followers.

Dealing with fake profiles 

In the recent past, Instagram’s algorithm has changed quite a few times. During one such phase of change, the algorithm was weeding out fake profiles, due to which many accounts saw sudden drops in their follower count, some even by a few thousand. So yes, the problem of fake accounts on Instagram is very real and has to be dealt with on priority.

Grow Your Instagram Followers- Fake Profile

Fake accounts can add face value to your profile by helping you show a higher follower count, but these accounts will not bring in any engagement or actual results. Hence, as much as possible, try to keep fake accounts at bay and build your followers on a strong foundation.

Why Does Brand Engagement Matter? 

Simply posting great content doesn’t put a brand on the map – engagement is what ensures that its popularity goes forward and builds with time. Progress can be significantly seen when engagement numbers increase because it shows that brands are taking the extra effort to create content that sparks enough interest in their audience.

Engagement includes the number of comments, likes, shares, and views under posts. In the end, it’s the engagement that acts as an accurate measure of how well a post is doing and, overall, how well a brand is able to capture its audience’s attention. It’s up to the brand to be able to get its followers involved in posts, encouraging them to take part in the process and in turn, gathering both goodwill and feedback from them.

Growing Your Instagram Account Organically

Due to the sheer size of Instagram’s 1 billion strong community, it’s only natural for brands and Influencers to be tapping into this potential market. One of the most important factors for surviving here is to have a good following that only increases with time. It’s a sign that your page is doing well, and that people are more and more motivated to follow you.

So how would you build an organic Instagram following? Let’s look at some tried and tested methods: 

Methods To Grow Your Instagram Followers Easily And Exffortlessly In 2024

  1. Get Busy with Hashtags

Creating your own hashtags is a great way to get the ball rolling for your brand. Unique hashtags are just as important as the trending hashtags, and a mix of both will give your posts the visibility that you’d want. Without hashtags, you’re not going to get enough likes on your posts and, without enough likes, Instagram’s algorithm isn’t going to be kind to your content. This means that even if your posts are great, not having enough views could stop your follower count from progressing.


And of course, relevant hashtags matter as well. Based on the content you’re posting, you need to engage in active research and find out which hashtags are pertinent to the type of content you post and aim to reach more people through effectively using these hashtags.

  1. Weekly Themes are Helpful

Themes are an interesting way for you to present your content on your profile, making it stand out from just another feed on Instagram. Aesthetics are well appreciated on this platform, and depending on the kind of content you’re posting, new and old followers are bound to take notice. Research shows that profiles which follow a theme get more clicks and scrolls than those that don’t.

And then, there’s the method of maintaining a theme through uniform filters and color schemes which give your profile/feed a fresh, new look. When potential followers visit your profile, they’re bound to be impressed by the look and feel of your profile, and would most probably hit that follow button too!

  1. Buy Genuine Followers

While buying followers might seem like a risky thing to do, the real task is to choose the right service provider that won’t con you into buying fake followers. Real accounts are an absolute plus point for your Instagram profile, and you can do so by buying packages that allow you to add on to your follower count on Instagram, and instantly! iDigic is one such trusted and credible platform that provides packages for you to buy Instagram followers, and only authentic accounts.

Grow Your Instagram Followers- Genuine Followers

Along with this, you can also buy likes from here to boost the credibility of your posts and increase the image of your profile.

  1. Managing Social Media with Tools 

Managing your social media profile, especially on Instagram, is no simple task. While manually posting and maintaining your feed isn’t a real issue, the whole thing boils down to consistency. A consistent profile is more likely to pop up on feeds and be followed by more people. Feeds that are irregular are easy to forget, and again, the algorithm doesn’t favor you.

Grow Instagram Followers- Manage Your Instagram Followers

eClincher, Buffer, HootSuite, Social Pilot, Sendible – these are just some examples of user-friendly social media management tools that will make a consistent posting that much easier. You can schedule posts, pre-add all the captions and hashtags necessary, and even if you forget or are busy with anything else, your posts will still go up on Instagram regularly. Not just posting, these sites/apps also allow you to sync all your social media accounts and post on them simultaneously!

  1. Joining an Instagram Pod

Let’s first understand what a “pod” on Instagram is. A pod is nothing but a group of individuals that are part of a chat group made for one specific reason – to increase engagement mutually. So, whenever someone from the pod makes a post, everyone else in the group comments likes and shares the post. This creates a win-win scenario for everyone who joins the pod, and because of the influx of likes, these posts are more likely to appear on followers’ feeds.

By increasing the visibility of your posts, you’re giving more people the chance to be acquainted with your profile, and also increase the probability of them becoming actual followers. Cross-promotion is at the crux of the concept of pods and has only recently become popular amongst influencers especially.

  1. Replying to Followers’ Comments 

Giving people enough opportunities to engage in your posts is essential, but what’s also essential is you yourself interacting with them by replying to comments and mentions and stories or anywhere else. As per this strategy, you should make it a point to respond to the top 30% of your comments, because that’s just how far down someone is willing to scroll through comments. What happens then is that your followers feel valued, and when other non-followers see this, they hold your profile in higher regard.

So, when they’re motivated to follow you, they will also engage with your posts and be assured of the fact that you’re going to take notice and pay heed to their comments.

  1. Geo-tagging Your Stories 

No matter when and where you upload a story, ensure that you’re tagging the people and places involved. Geo-tagging is an excellent way for people who would ordinarily not view your story to come across it, especially if your story tags a popular spot which has massive footfall. A popular restaurant, mall, travel destination, for example. Public stories are viewable even through geo-tagging, and plain stories with no tags or location stickers aren’t as effective as those that use all of these.

If your profile is public, anyone who visits it will have access to view your stories, and that’s why it needs just as much attention as your regular posts. In fact, close to 80% of active Instagram users are very much active on stories as well.

  1. Filters for Your Feed

Apart from having a weekly or monthly theme, even the filters you use on your posts need to have similarities. This helps users to distinguish your posts from other posts and also grabs their attention quicker. Again, this adds to the aesthetics of your feed and compels people to want to view your posts on the regular, which they can do easily if they follow you.

And consistency is quite important here. If you’ve chosen a specific theme for a campaign, you need to ensure that you’re following this theme in all aspects.

  1. Spice Up your Bio 

An Instagram bio can be as mundane or as interesting as you want it to be. First, you need to ask yourself this – what message am I trying to put across? Some want to create a sense of mystery by not giving away too much information with their bio. While this does make a profile unique, turning a profile viewer into a follower is harder to do.

On the other hand, informative bios tend to get better traction, because the profile seems reliable and the viewer is also quite sure of whether or not it aligns with their interests. If there are some interesting facts or even accolades you think would attract followers, the bio is the best place to insert this information.

Since a bio is the first thing someone notices and reads when they click on your profile, you want to ensure that it’s interesting enough to keep the user engaged and also curious enough to look at the rest of your feed. And the longer time a user spends scrolling through your posts, the more intention they have of actually following you.

  1. Time to Organize Contests 

The more enticing the prize of a contest or giveaway is, the more likely people are to hit the follow button. You can always partner with other brands on this and ensure that following your page (and theirs) is a mandate to enter into the contest. And no, this cannot just be click-bait. You need to genuinely ensure that a certain user is following the accounts involved.

Since contests give you the chance to reach out to more than just your followers, you should bank on the opportunity! Ensure that people who want to participate in the giveaway are tagging their friends as well. Then, the tagged friends have the incentive to tag a few more friends, and the cycle continues. This improves the number of people that are compelled to follow your brand’s page.

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Conclusion: How To Grow Your Instagram Followers By 300% On Your Account 2024

Growing your Instagram by 300% isn’t as impossible as it might seem, but it definitely is ambitious. No matter how good a strategy is, it doesn’t need to work for you just because it worked for someone else. You need to do some testing, stay as active and consistent as possible, and also gauge what exactly your audience is going to appreciate.

If all goes well, your Instagram profile will be blowing up with new followers in no time!



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