Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review 2024: Good Or Bad?? [TRUTH]

Looking for Grant Cardone Sales Training University review, which is related to Grant Cardone University. Grant Cardone University is the Best Sales Training Platform in the world.

Salespeople are always looking for new and innovative ways to increase their sales. However, the process of learning how to sell can be difficult and expensive.

Many people believe that you have to go to a prestigious business school in order to learn how to sell effectively. This is not only untrue, but it can also be very expensive.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University offers an extensive curriculum of video content that will teach you how to sell like a pro. With the help of Cardone and his team, you can overcome your limits and start making money like Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone, the founder of Grant Cardone University, is a famous entrepreneur, salesman, and 9-figure earner. Grant Cardone got the ability to turn words into money.

He worked at several places but got fired from every single one of them until he found himself in drug rehab.

After recovering from rehab he became a car salesman and he was in the top 1% of the car salesman in the country in just 2 years.

He started saving money and bought his first property in Houston, Texas after being fired from there. His single-family residence was running a loss because of tenants left after a while.

After that, he got into real estates and bought a 38-unit apartment complex in San Diego at the age of 34.

Cardone Acquisitions, his real estate company holds over $566 million of multifamily properties throughout the country. Now his net worth is above $300 million.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review 2024: Must Read Review

As I mentioned before that Grant Cardone Sales Training University is the #1 Sales Training Platform in the world. It offers Cardone’s most extensive sales training curriculum on the web today. It has over 1500 Segments of fully interactive video content. With the help of Cardone and team, you can get past to your limits. His paychecks show that if you can train your skills then you can make money like Grant Cardone.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review

Benefits of Grant Cardone Sales Training:

  • Unlimited Access
  • Over 1,500 Video Courses
  • World Class Technology
  • Truly On-Demand

Grant Cradone Sales Training University Review- Benefits

Grant Cardone provides a dynamic sales training tool for use in almost any sales situation for teams and individuals alike with over 30 years of real-world sales experience.

The core sales training within the curriculum includes

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Modules Available

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Modules Available 2

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Modules Available 3

  • Selling Basics: This course is modified to help sales leaders install a consistent foundation of how to be successful in sales. Then build on with company-specific product and sales process training because one of the most common mistakes that companies make when developing their sales is they focus mainly on training your sales staff specifically on how to easily sell a product or service.
  • Understanding the buyer: Better understanding your customer and how effectively guide them through the sales process can be one of the hardest tasks in selling. This is why this course is one of the most requested online sales training courses from Grant Cardone.
  • Sales Process: Increasing and closing sales throughout the sales process requires more than just following a small number of sales tips. This course will show you how to get motivated to create the perfect sales process for both you and your customers. This course includes negotiating, sales presentation, and how to close a sale with a winning proposal that gets the deal done.
  • Theory of Closing: This course will develop a deeper understanding of what is truly happening in the close of the deal because without the close there is no transfer or exchange of goods, service, or money. The theory of what the close really is, why people fail in the close, and some of the most advanced tips required for anyone looking to become lethal in this step of the deal.
  • Closing Strategies: Most peoples fail in the close because they simply do not have the words to say to handle buyer objections. If you want to learn how easily hike your income right as a salesperson then you must learn to master the close. With this particular course you’re going to learn a lot of things as a salesperson and really it will be going to help you throughout your salesperson journey.
  • Incoming Calls: Internet is a true game-changer for collecting data and information. 92% of the transactions take over the phone and 85% of customers report that they are not satisfied with their experience with a salesman on the phone. It is a big problem but also a tremendous opportunity. This course was designed to make your team true pros on the phone. It goes over the structure and format of an incoming call and digs down to uncover the most critical points in the call that must be hit in order to easily an appointment or we can say even a sale right on an incoming phone call effectively.
  • Internet Lead Response: Digital customer shopping online used to be classified within businesses as the lowest probability lead within a bit likelihood of converting. This course will be going to help your team in simply understanding the online customer, like how they are different from others and how to convert them as a potential customer along with increasing opportunity to a sale. Your team must know what mistakes to avoid on this lead that will immediately turn off the customer and move you further from the sale.
  • Prospecting: Sales Prospecting is one of the most valuable and most difficult skills salespeople can have. A salesperson who has mastered prospecting can pull business out of obscurity and begin to increase sales without any help. The ability to create and increase sales opportunities is the most impactful cost-saving activity you can have within your business.
  • Follow-Up: I can say that Follow-Up is responsible for the majority of the success that you can create in your life. Most of the salespeople never follow-up with a prospect and 80% of transactions are made on the 15th or 12th contact. This course will design a follow-up plan guaranteed to increase your paycheck.
  • 100 Ways to Stay Motivated: US economy loses over $500 BILLION per year just because of disengaged workers. Motivation is the secret thing that can drive company profits through the heights. One of the biggest difficulties that leaders face is how they can get their team motivated and then keep them there. Motivation is like a muscle that must be built and developed. This was built to be a step by step checklist of things you and your team can do to be more motivated on a daily basis. The heights of motivation that your team operates with are not determined solely by what happens from 9-5 in the office. This course is a guarantee to wake up the dead!
  • Top traits of Great Salespeople: You can easily find the difference between average and great as top salespeople produce 2 times more than average producers and 5 times more than bottom producers. Most businesses accept the fact that ⅕ of their team will produce 80% of the results, but what if that wasn’t the case. What if you could actually begin moving more of your bottom performers to the middle and middle to the top? In the Top Traits of Great Salespeople, the mystery of traits and habits of the most successful people are uncovered and mapped out for the copy. Ask any player or top athlete and you will find out that their success does not show up on game day or in the boardroom. The Top Traits of Great Salespeople spread out the roadmap for a professional at any stage of their career to escalate their game to a whole new level.

I can understand that each client is unique and their business presents different challenges. 

Industries Experts of Cardone University

Daymond on Demand by Daymond John

If you are looking to start a business or make sure that current business is running like a well-oiled machine, you should take a deeper look at my interactive, digital curriculum called Daymond on Demand. I’ve had everyone from entrepreneurs with just an idea to CEO’s running multi-million dollar business use the success formula I provide in this curriculum to bring their company to new heights.

Daymond John - Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review

What will you get from it:

  • Branding your product or company
  • Finding capital to fund your business
  • Validating your product or service
  • Protecting your business
  • Identifying your target market
  • Creating a sales plan
  • And much more

Daymond John Reviews - Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review

If you are really serious about entrepreneurship and taking your business to the next level, you’ll inherently understand the value that Daymond on Demand holds.

Sales Mastery with Victor Antonio

These courses target increasing your Sales rate through methods established by expertise and analysis. once building a productive 20-year career as a prime sales government and changing into President of world Sales and promoting for a $420M company, Victor Antonio became a globally wanted sales speaker and trainer.

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Victor Antonio

Sales Mastery Includes:

  • Value-Centric Selling
  • Creating Powerful Sales Presentations
  • Influencing Change
  • Predictable Prospecting
  • Speaking the Language of Business
  • Closing the Credibility Gap
  • Sales Conversations
  • Inside Customer’s Brain
  • Blocking Objections
  • Selling More & Faster
  • Sales Presence
  • High-Tech Selling
  • Inbound Selling
  • How to Sell
  • Upselling
  • Sales Reset
  • Getting Referrals
  • Cold Calling Success

You can get started with Sales Mastery access in $997 for 12-month access.

Hiring Academy

Hire the proper person the first time, and each time. Save time and cash by coaching your workers to form higher hires. Personnel is probably going your biggest expense. Virtual coaching gets everybody on the same-page with foreseeable results; whether or New York or New Delhi or anyplace within the world, each space can currently build an equivalent high-quality hires.

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- David Jensen

You will learn with Hiring Academy:

  • Hiring Fundamentals
  • Pre-Interview Essentials
  • Interviewing Mastery
  • Post-Interview Process
  • Bonus Material: Naked Interview Ebook
  • Bonus Material: Live Events & Webinar

You can get access to Hiring Academy for 12 months in just $997.

Personality Assessment Academy

An undeniable fact is individuals opt to purchase from individuals they like and trust. the power to make rapport may be a basic ability in sales and daily life. The goal of the DISC on-line Interactive Assessment is to assist you to perceive what drives individuals and acknowledge your choices for effectively marketing to them.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Tony Alessandra
Created by Dr. Tony Alessandra, The DISC Assessment asks you a series of queries which can assess your activity sort, then walk you thru that analysis and show you specifically what it means that to you. The DISC Interactive Virtual educational program & Interactive Communications Coach may be a full-motion program with last coaching technology that trains, tracks, monitors & measures each user in real time. The Communications Coach may be a reusable tool to use 24/7 with any and everyone shows you the way to treat them properly in business and private things.

What will you get from it:

  • DISC Online Interactive Assessment
  • DISC Interactive Virtual Training Program
  • DISC Interactive Communication Coach

Get the 12-month access to Personality Assessment Academy in just $997.

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Social Selling Mastery

The modern client is online, digital and social in nature. However, can your sales team notice, educate and have interaction them? We’ve designed Social Selling Mastery™ as a prescriptive training program to assist sales professionals to bridge this gap. The program is continuous and targeted on reinforcement to drive activity modification at scale.

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Jamie Shanks
The result? A learning program that resonates with sales with a keen specializes in building leads, pipeline, and revenue. Don’t build a native program from scratch. Use Social Selling Mastery® and head to market quicker to spice up revenue!

With Jamie Shank’s Social Selling Program you will get:

  • Move your sales process from analog to digital in 6 weeks – the largest Social Selling certification in the world.
  • 300+ global companies, 75,000+ sales, marketing, and business leaders have been certified.
  • Learn how to master the fundamentals of finding, engaging and educating buyers using platforms like LinkedIn.

Buy Social Selling Mastery in $997 for 12-month access.

Dave Anderson’s Leadership Academy

Dave Anderson’s mission is to supply the tools and inspiration our purchasers ought to reach their personal and company potential – and to continually explore for a chance to do one thing further for them throughout the method. With this content, you may notice sales and leadership training to assist you to grow yourself, your team, and your organization. this technique covers each conceivable and important leadership topic: recruiting, interviewing, setting expectations, responsibleness, building sturdy cultures, rising your leadership style, making vision, strategy and additional.

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Dave Anderson

What will you get from it:

  • Manager’s QnA, Coaching Clips, Management, and Team Meetings
  • 40-Day Super Leadership Training Camp
  • Sales QnA, Coaching Clips, 40-Day Super Sales Bootcamp
  • Live Presentations, Motivational Minutes

Get access to Leadership Academy for $997 for 12 months.

Monster Producer Academy

A Monster Producer is a “Famous Creature that merges multiple skill sets to dominate a market.” Monster Producer was formed by Coach Michael Burt, the Super Coach to some of the peak performing individuals and companies in the world. Coach Burt combines his unique experience as an earlier championship coach with his entrepreneurial mindset to help you build the systems, structures, and deals to make you bigger than you. He is fierce but positive.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University- Michael Burt

Monster Producer is a step by step proven operation and system to grow your business by as much as 43% in one year cycle that outfits:

  1. How to easily explain your services in an extraordinary and easy way
  2. How to sell through a system to drive up leads, probability, and networks
  3. How to create a MILLION DOLLAR FOLLOW UP with seven great touches
  4. How to extract 5,7 referrals from every transaction

The ultimate objective is to get every Monster Producer to earn $250K in personal income yearly.

With Monster Producer you’ll get:

  • Scale your business at a hyper rate
  • Market and position your business as differentiated in a saturated world
  • Hire, build, and grow your team to free you up to play in your unique money area
  • Articulate your explanation of services in a world-class manner
  • Build a million dollar follow-up
  • Create an experience that drives 5.7 referrals
  • Get more attention to your business through attraction marketing

You can get the access of Monster Producer Academy for 12 months in $997

Star Power with Hank Norman

Your message deserves to be detected. The quickest free advertising on the world is word of mouth and nobody gets a lot of “word of mouth” exposure than a star.

Hank Norman has worked with a number of the foremost known stars within the world, including, Steve Harvey, Billy Bob Thornton, and Grant Cardone. Not solely is Hank the quiet force behind their celebrity, however, he’s additionally worked with Disney, The View, ABC’s and a lot of. when a variety of years obtaining world category exposure for his purchasers, for the primary time ever, Hank is sharing his step by step method with you.

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University- Hank Norman
Star Power, is your secret weapon to urge your message detected so you’ll sell a lot of your products and services. Hank distills the process of becoming famous and obtaining media attention for you and your business into a process anyone will follow. Most businesses can kill for the amount of exposure you may be able to bring home the bacon with Star Power. Get your business ahead of a lot of prospects, create more cash, use your Star Power to not solely 10x your business however your entire life.

Being known is the associated obligation. Star Power puts you up shut and private with the industry’s best-unbroken secret and his signature method thus you’ll produce your celebrity, create more cash, and alter your world.

Star Power will give you:

  • The ability to take good and make it great in two seconds
  • Increase your exposure
  • The Confidence to become a Celebrity

Get access to Star Power in $1495 for 12 months.

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Pricing:

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Lifetime Access

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Case Studies | See How It Helped Businesses

1. The Sign Chef

Grant Cardone Sales Training University- Sign Manufacturing Case Study The Sign Chef

2. Remax Titanium

Grant Cardone Sales Training University- Real Estate Remax Titanium Case Study

Grant Cardone Sales Training University- Real Estate Remax Titanium Case Study 2

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Check Out What Others Are Saying About Grant Cardone Sales Training University:

 Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review- Testimonials


Within the first week of signing up with Cardone University my mentality changed and I was able to see results exponentially. I recruited more people in that time frame then I had in a long time. In addition, the training has been instrumental in the way I handle phone calls from the moment I pick up to the moment I hang up. It’s amazing material.

Jovan Payne

I am currently 3/4 of the way through these courses and they’re fantastic. Grant guides you through the fundamentals in a clear and concise way to show you how to sell any product or service. I particularly enjoyed “The most important sale” where he talks about how you need to fully believe and use the product/service you are selling. If you don’t see value in the item, others won’t see the value either. You need to sell yourself on the product 100% before you can successfully sell it to others day in and day out. Great advice!

Josh Gladstone

Hey GC you rock thanks for doing this. Feels great to go from Amateur To a Professional. I am still no pro, but I am making my way there. Almost a quarter thru the segments and I have learned so much. I have been in Sales for over 10 years (long Time) and this is the first time I’ve trained, but surely it’s not my last. Thank you once again!

Jason Sales

Become a Master of Sales by Learning from the Master of Selling! If you’re not convinced that Grant Cardone, is the best of the best on this planet, to teach you about selling and teaching sales, just Google his name — and verify his results and stature in the world! I’ve been in sales my entire life, sold thousands of items and trained dozens of people in sales — just to learn that I was an amateur at it when compared to Grant Cardone! He is the best — and I consider it the greatest opportunity that I’ve found so far to be able to learn directly from Grant. I first discovered Grant Cardone, while researching copywriting for the web. You see, online marketing, advertising and website content is a transfer of the skills of personal selling applied to print, web copy, and online video sales letters. Everything in this course can be applied to Online Business and Online Marketing. (I know, I’ve helped over 800 businesses go online) and I can assure you that if you do not put these lessons into practice in your online business — you will most likely join the ranks of millions of online failures. I would like to thank Grant Cardone for providing me the opportunity to shine and be my best and to become better!

Dallas Bowman

Grant Cardone! One of the greats! This is high-quality sales training and the value is outstanding! Grant Cardone is one of the best sales trainers out there and for the price you get complete and comprehensive training full of applicable content that anyone can benefit from! I would highly recommend these courses!

Mike Wellings

Outstanding, Hard Hitting and Insightful! Grant is a true sales pro.

Vaughn Taylor

Sales Strategy Unleashed! Do you want to be a pro and live the life you desire? Take these courses and learn some effective strategies that will help you master the art of selling. Your customers deserve the experience of you at your best. Grant Cardone’s training has given me the edge to understand the selling process and focus on the most important part of the sale, and that is “The Close.” Make this course part of your sales cycle and be prepared to reap some major benefits in gaining new clients and repeat business. You will also be motivated with the passion in which the course material is presented.

Stefan du Plooy

Conclusion: Grant Cardone Sales Training University 2024 | Should You Go For It??

Grant Cardone Sales Training University is a complete sales coaching in my opinion. What’s cool regarding this is often you’ll additionally get certificates as you complete the assorted coaching modules that you’ll drag them to your potential leader, it ought to speak volumes.

No doubt, Grant Cardone Sales Training University is a complete and powerful sales coaching all over the world. The best part about enrolling for Grant Cardone Sales Training University is that you will get a certificate when you will complete the assorted coaching modules.

This course will definitely train you in order to simply create that killer strategies in sales so that you can easily grow your business easily and exponentially. Business Owners from all over the world is getting started with Grant Cardone Sales Training University in order to grow their business. 

Grant Cardone Sales Training University Review - Best University

The materials and courses offered by this course are legitimate and the resources they are providing is superb. Grant Cardone Sales Training University is a legitimate platform, you don’t have to worry about that. We highly recommend Grant Cardone Sales Training University to all business owners out there in the market.

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