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Freshsales is an online customer relationship management system designed for high-speed sales teams that provides features such as integrated phone, integrated email, behavior monitoring, bid management, reporting, and more.

Freshsales is the fourth addition to the Freshdesk product line and a quality CRM for high-speed devices that helps people find solutions to their problems. Honored with the Great User Experience Award 2017. Satisfied sales teams describe it as a single contact management center, giving them control over thousands of potential customers while providing a simple and easy-to-navigate interface.

Freshsales responded to the company’s need to manage different aspects of the sales process and eliminate the need to search the programs to get the job done. Freshsales has essentially brought together all the functionality of existing CRM systems but has found its own way to optimize sales and prioritize channel opportunities.

As President Dilawar Syed explains, Freshsales is even a dynamic analytical worker who not only shows great sales opportunities but also gives companies suggestions to take advantage of them. Freshsales has acquired all of the important business performance capabilities and is being used globally by active users of Freshdesk in particular.

But why would anyone choose an innovative CRM in such a competitive market? The truth is that most customers trust the uncompromising reputation of Freshdesk and discover the true power of this system.

With Freshsales, there are no large and complex configuration operations, many integrations are operational, and all operations are executed and stored in the cloud. The core of his performance describes where the potential customers come from. No small or medium enterprise in the market would reject it for a fraction of the price.

However, we need to deepen this system to understand what it really is. In addition to capturing potential customers, Freshsales can distribute, feed, qualify, share and verify potential customers across multiple communication channels.

Users have a number of advanced features, including automatic dialing, call recording, call forwarding and affiliate management. What distinguishes Freshsales from similar programs in the report.

The reason why this relatively new distribution center leads the way in reporting lies above all in the earnings analysis, in which all relevant source and storage measures are extracted and combined into an attractive report. and exactly.

Unlike most small business reporting tools, Freshsales uses different filters to aggregate their data and group and organize the results in their own way. If you want, you can create summaries, create tables and tables, or master the art of matrix reporting very quickly.

One of the main advantages of this system is the low price. Small teams can use the service for free, and mid-sized companies and businesses can easily switch to a paid plan. This Package costs only $ 12 per month, followed by the Garden Plan ($ 25 / month) and the Highest Estate Plan ($ 49 / month). It’s also good to know that there are no recurring costs or unplanned foods: With Freshsales, you get what you paid for and nothing else.

FreshSales Review

Overview of Freshsales Benefits

Freshsales has been the subject of many constructive words, but what really makes this CRM different? To answer that question, we looked at the benefits you brought to its current users. Here are the positive signs that you can expect:

  • Track emails

Salespeople and agents value the opportunity to see who opened their emails and who ignored them. As simple as it may seem, it is always the best practice to know who is interested in a product. Therefore, priority must be given to age.

Another interesting feature is that Freshsales allows your team to send mass emails to custom templates, schedule them and sync with their calendars, and automatically associate them with their contact records to export all the relevant information.

The system is particularly selective when it comes to rendering metrics. This means that all relevant details are recognized in the email without activating a single action.

  • Direct calls

Freshsales is one of the few systems that allow direct call forwarding and does not require any hardware or software installation. Users do not lose money or time migrating data to this system to track the conversation, assign numbers or notes to their contacts, or automatically call them. Best of all, they can use an automatic dialer, forward calls, create personalized greetings, identify callers, and track the performance of agents receiving those calls.

  • Event tracking

Essential for a Customer Relationship Management system, which is often overlooked, is the ability to track past conversations about a point and use that to plan communications. With Freshsales, it’s easy enough to get the most out of their contact history as you communicate with them and find out what has sparked their interest and how they interact with your product.

It goes without saying that this is the easiest way to sign contracts with potential customers and relevant contacts. You’ll probably like the look of this feature: Once you’ve started the system, you’ll find an ordered timeline where contacts are segmented by their behavior and listed with all the emails and connection information you can easily evaluate.

  • Leadership management

As mentioned before, a good CRM not only means attracting potential customers and finding out where they come from but also managing them properly so they can become loyal users.

Freshsales does a very good job of managing contact, mainly because of the 360-degree view of all conversations and relevant details, as well as the advanced differentiation between outstanding, won and lost offers. The system is full of notifications that make sure they never forget a meeting or task. The newbie then writes notes and comments.

  • Sales management

Freshsales is first and foremost a sales CRM. It is therefore interesting to know that it provides complete transparency at all stages of the sales process. With the increasing number of offers, Freshsales will facilitate the ordering and filtering of closing dates, the distinction of top sellers, and sudden changes in all inventory levels.

Here, the practice of drag-and-drop navigation makes more sense: Within seconds and in a few steps you can adjust the tracking, analyze profits and losses, detect trends or detect bottlenecks slows down your performance.

The same system can be used to track agreements on-the-go and from mobile devices, search locations, schedule custom meetings with customers and employees, and track the age of the business to be changed easy scenario.

  • Analysis and reporting

The most important thing about Freshsales is not just the way information is received, but also the many ways that users can manage that information as it becomes available. With the standard reporting set (channels, channels, email reports, etc.), Freshsales lets you create custom reports for each contact, transaction, or opportunity.

In addition, all reports can be generated at any time so that the user can summarize the information by changing the history of its campaigns. Recently, developers have enhanced their state-of-the-art Analytics suite with sales and trend reports, giving users even more insight into the progress of their sales strategies. An interesting innovation is the phone activity reports, which are mainly used to control and compare the performance of field staff.

  • Excellent customer service

As experienced users of Freshdesk, we already know we can trust this company and have a trained technical team to answer all our questions. The same customer service logic applies to Freshsales, where support is not limited to a particular package. Instead, all users have access to a comprehensive knowledge base to learn how the system works, or to track suggestions for managing tracks, tasks, appointments, chords, and various configurations.

Technical Management Many of his expert articles are dedicated to reporting and allow the user to learn complex matrix scans and import/export data to and from the system. If the solution you need is not already in the database (this is not common), you can communicate with professionals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, using chat, live, on the phone, or by email.

  • Seamless integrations

Naturally, Freshsales will support your Freshdesk tickets with all the details and interviews of the responsible agents listed in the complete list. This integration helps you understand what customers think about your product and make accurate predictions about renewals and potential purchases.

In addition, you can use the same platform to resolve your CRM tickets because you can easily update all field properties and keep all team members on the same page.

Freshsales integrates seamlessly with Google Calendar and Segment. This allows you to fully control your events and reduce the risk of missing a meeting or a client’s appointment. In fact, you can sync all scheduled events and demos and track them from your mobile device wherever you are.

Overview of Freshsales Features

  • Advanced Lead Scoring
  • Email Tracking
  • Interactive Pipeline Management
  • Personalize Templates
  • Integrated Phone & Email.
  • Sales Campaigns
  • Sales First Inbox
  • Insightful Email Metrics
  • Team Inbox
  • Calendar Sync
  • Open & Click Notifications
  • Email Scheduling
  • In-depth Customer
  • 2 – way Email Sync
  • Email-to-Lead, Forward Emails
  • Assign Phone Numbers
  • Tasks & Appointments
  • Click to Call
  • Entire Conversation History
  • Automated and manual Log Calls
  • Personalized Welcome and Voicemail Messages
  • Record Calls
  • Forward Call
  • Caller Display
  • Call History
  • Phone Activity reports

Pros and Cons of Freshsales


  • Freshsales is ideal for gathering and organizing detailed information about potential customers and contacts.
  • The software integrates well with other applications in the cloud.
  • The software is scalable.
  • Hopper offers.
  • Sales campaigns and emails in bulk.
  • Possibility to fully customize platform, fields, and workflows.
  • Freshsales allows the complete separation of potential customers, accounts, and offers.
  • Its user interface is much better than most CRMs on the market.
  • Calendar/reminder system.
  • Document storage.
  • Integration of the internal chat.
  • Integration of marketing automation.
  • Territory management.
  • Segmentation.


  • Learning curve: It seems to target users with a little more technical knowledge. This could work well for sales teams or SaaS sales engineers, but less for users in other industries. Our non-technical staff found this confusing.
  • Expand integrations to other software.

Freshsales CRM Pricing:

Freshsales has five price levels: Sprout, Blossom, Garden, Estate, and Forest. The Sprout Plan is free and includes an integrated phone, messaging integration, basic reporting, mobile apps and integration with Freshdesk, Google G Suite and Zapier. The Blossom Plan ($ 12 per user per month) complements channel management, workflows, e-mail synchronization, templates, MailChimp integration, and more.

Then the garden plan ($ 25 per user per month) adds advanced forecasts and reports, territories and more. The status plan ($ 49 per user per month) includes report windows, multiple channels, customer reviews, and other advanced features. The Forestry Plan ($ 79 per user per month) adds an end user data center (EUC) and an IP whitelist. All packages include 24/7 email support and 24-hour telephone support on weekdays.

FreshSales review

Users can take advantage of the free 30-day trial (credit card information is not required) by clicking the “Save” button in the top right corner of the screen or “Register for Free” in the middle. Enter your name, email address, company, and phone number and create a custom domain (

This field will automatically be filled with the name of your company. You can change it however you like. After you submit this information, Freshsales will start with a tour of the software that describes the key features.

After the visit, you will be invited to invite your team. Finally, you need to activate your account via email and create a password. Remember your domain name because you need to log in to your account.

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CONCLUSION: FreshSales Review

If you are looking for a simple and easy CRM, Freshsales is a good option. New CRM companies are facing a steep learning curve, and the sales team will appreciate the time savings and the avoidance of boredom. Small businesses that need a very simple solution can take advantage of the free plan.

If you need software with multiple third-party integrations or an open API, you should consider Zoho CRM, one of our Choice Publishers products in this category, which is also affordable. Or consider using Salesforce Sales Cloud Lightning Professional, which is more expensive but highly customizable.

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