5 Freelance Writer Income Reports Worth Reading : How Much Freelance Writers Make ?

68 percent of self-employed authors were freelancers in 2020, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Some still see freelance writing as a temporary replacement for a full-time job. It’s becoming increasingly common for freelance writers to earn more than their full-time counterparts.

Anyone who has ever considered working in the field of freelancing has probably wondered: “How much do freelancing writers make?”

Here, we’ll take a closer look at how well freelance writing is paid for writers across businesses, specialisations, and the world at large. To make a living as a freelance writer, we’ll also take a look at how to grow your business.

Five revenue reports from independent writers are worth reading. Want to know how much money freelance writers make? The opinions expressed here are those of five various types of freelance writers, some with more experience than others.

What does a freelance writer’s pay scale look like? 5 Freelance Writer Income Reports Worth Reading

1) 2020 Annual Income Review by Kat Boogaard

Kat Boogaard income report - how much do freelance writers make

The kat boogaard freelance income report shows how much money freelance writers make.

Kat Boogaard is an American freelance writer who has worked for seven years. Among her clients are companies like Trello and Quickbooks, for which she produces career and productivity content. Every year, Kat provides an inside look into her yearly earnings. Her average article project price is $550, which she revealed in her 2020 report. With the help of 23 different clients, she made a total of $127,000.

2) Report on the earnings of independent writers in 2020 by Paul Maplesden

Paul Maplesden, a freelance writer from the United States, has worked in the industry since 2015. For the business, technology, and financial industries, he specialises in B2B content writing and marketing. Content for supply chain/logistics, SaaS, accountancy, and business development are just few of the topics he has covered.

Maplesden has a wide range of writing experience, from articles to white papers. For an 800-1,200-word essay, he charges $395, while an hourly rate of $160 is typical for his work. Due to COVID, he made $88,000 last year, which is less than he had previously earned. He was expected to make $115,000 in 2021.

3. Jessica Pereira’s October 2021 freelance writing earnings report.

Jessica Pereira October 2021 freelance writing income report

Jessica Pereira began freelancing in 2020 with the intention of earning $10,000 per month. She writes for B2B SaaS and digital marketing companies. Pereira updates her audience on a regular basis with income reports that detail her profits and expenditures. Learning from Pereira and witnessing how his revenue fluctuates helps new freelancers get their feet wet in the industry.

4. Lindy West: Income report for December of 2020

Zuli Rane Full-time freelance income report

Lindy West is an Australian travel writer who pitches and writes articles for publications such as Travel + Leisure and National Geographic. She also has a few corporate clientele she writes for. Her monthly income report is something she’s done for years, inspiring other freelancers to do the same.

Zuli Rane is a free-lance writer who contributes to both her own Medium account and those of clients. Income records reveal how she earns money through freelance writing and other sources. Zuli claims to have earned over $6000 in her most recent monthly report. Authors wishing to diversify their income can learn a lot from this woman’s example.

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Jasper AI Reviews Online

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Jessica Clark, a freelance writer, utilises Jasper and calls it “an incredible lifesaver” for her company. It speeds up the process of outlining and creating articles for her. Taking on more customers and earning more money is now possible because of Jasper’s assistance, which she credits to her increased productivity. My favourite features of the tool are Boss Mode and Recipes. “I can create a content brief, introduction, and conclusion in a matter of minutes.”

She’s right, and we think you’ll agree. With Jasper, you can automate the tedious tasks of writing and grow your freelance business.

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