11 Useful Free WordPress Plugins for Internet Marketers

Hi all, Today I am going to discuss WordPress plugins that are much needed by  every successful blogger. We tend to look plugins that make our blog more user friendly and also search engine friendly. So there are many WordPress plugins used by successful bloggers in their niche. Free WordPress Plugins

 11 Free WordPress Plugins for Successful Internet Marketers

#1 Amazon Affiliate Link Localizer Plugin

 This plugin is very important to get hold of, if you are an affiliate marketer then you must read this one. The Amazon Link localizer is simply changes any Amazon link within your site to use you affiliate ID. So if you have amazon related link on your site this plugin will be useful to you very much. This plugin also helps district wise selection of links.

Click here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/amazon-affiliate-link-localizer/

#2 Gravity Forms Plugin

This plugin is perfect for your site if you have website related with forums.  Now just forget all boring coding stuffs and use this clean plugin and create forums in minutes. It is very simple tool. You can choose your own color, design and you are sure to go with this. It is superfast and way to create professional looking forums. This will surely give your website look more pleasing.

Click here: http://www.gravityforms.com/

#3 Google XML Sitemaps Plugin

This one is pretty known tool to all marketers, this tool is for those who don’t want to do any specific coding related to sitemap. It allows you to create and XML sitemap which can add to your site or blog. This will help to increase indexing your links in SERP. It is time saver tool for bloggers.

 Click here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/google-sitemap-generator/

#4 Podcasting Plugin

 This tool is for those enjoy recording audio files for their blog or site. Many internet marketers do search for this kind of tool. So podcast plugin is great for uploading your audio files to website from your desktop. It also has fantastic player included so your audiences can listen right on page without having redirecting to itunes or some other websites. So it is trouble free tool for audio files. Get this plugin and make drumming on your site.

Click here: http://podcastingplugin.com/

#5 W3 Total Cache Plugin

This tool is for those who want to run their website or blog smoother, crispier & much more faster. W3 Total cache greatly improves the performance of your blog or site by caching from databases, this increase your server run your site content & speed up your loading time for your valuable readers. This is very well known tool among bloggers. This tool is used by best websites on the web.

Click here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/w3-total-cache/

#6 Studiopress Simple URL Plugin

If you are having affiliate programs, also if you don’t like filthy long URL’s on your website then this plugin is best and gold nugget for you. It will simply shortens the Url’s  which are ugly. It also allows you to track your each link independently, so you can also cross check how many times your link has been clicked. I am sure you gonna adore this plugin if you are into statistics.

Click here:  http://www.studiopress.com/plugins/

#7 Shrimptest Plugin

You must be scratching your head what type of plugin is that. It allows you to A/B testing of your website. ShrimpTest is an A/B testing solution for WordPress under development at Automatic. It helps you to decide some basic things like : design, layout and also the content of your site by testing alternative variations.

Click herehttp://shrimptest.com/

#8 SEO Friendly Images Plugin

 SEO is important for websites to get highly ranked on search engines results, but if you don’t have search engines friendly images then you can’t survive in SEO world. This plugin will help you to create alt tags, title tags for your images automatically. This will be great time saver. After having SEO friendly images you can definitely rank higher above your competitor. So this is crucial tool for SEO webmasters.

Click here:  http://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-image/

 #9 SEO Smart Links Plugin

 This is another great plugin from WordPress which will help you to boost your site SEO to a extent. It can automatically link phrases and keyword within your own blog posts and also comments to all corresponding content within your website. It is great time saving tool.I use this on my blog and I am pretty happy with it.

Click here:  http://wordpress.org/plugins/seo-automatic-links/screenshots/

#10 Feedburner Plugin

Feeds are important to any blog or website, and sometimes the jargon can get in the way of creating an effective feed stream for your site; your savior: Feedburner. Feedburner is a web management plugin which provides custom RSS feeds for your blog/website as well as some very handy tools for creating effective feed campaigns. It’s easy to use and a very well recognized plugin.

You must be knowing that feeds are very important for any blog or websites. Feedburner is web management plugin which provide custom RSS feeds of your website/blogs. It is very easy to use and one of the recognized plugin used by many successful bloggers. So use this tool and increase your feeds streams.

Click herehttp://wordpress.org/plugins/feedburner-plugin/

#11 YARPP Plugin

This tool is best tool which I am using on my blog. YARPP or Yet Another Related Post Plugin, this plugin is choice of many professional bloggers who wants posts which are related to one another. This plugin works very well with wordpress blogs. Many bloggers found this plugin to be very effective. This will definitely increase your blog readership and folks will be finding useful content in your blog/website. It is really amazing to have this tool on your site.

Click here: http://wordpress.org/plugins/yet-another-related-posts-plugin

I hope these plugins will be helpful for every successful internet marketer or blogger, although there are many WordPress plugins available online but these are my favorites.  If You have more useful plugins then drop in the comments below I would be happy to know that !!!! 

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