Free Important WordPress Plugins- 15 Best Picks

In This Post, We’ll Look At Free Important WordPress Plugins:

Important WordPress Plugins, we will know about 15+ important WordPress plugins, which we can use for free. Which will make WordPress blogs powerful in other factors including SEO.

15+ Important WordPress Plugins:

WordPress is considered to be the most popular software in the field of blogging. This is open-source software, to make it more powerful, there are many plugins available in the market.

Best Useful Free WordPress Plugins

WordPress we create our blog but to make it more powerful Search Engine Friendly and User Friendly we need Plugins.

But New Blogger does not understand which plugins we should use? To get more information, read the information of plugins given on different websites and install many plugins on your WordPress blog.

Due to which the loading time of your site increases, the site becomes slow and many types of errors also come due to which your blog is not able to rank and you fail in the blogging field.

we know the important WordPress Plugins that make our blog powerful, using which we will be able to  rank our blog on the first page of Google Search Engine as soon as possible.

15+ Free Important WordPress Plugins:

 Yoast SEO Plugin 

 Yoast SEO Plugin

Plugin 1 »   Friends, after installing WordPress, you should first activate the  Yoast SEO  plugin by installing it. Yoast Plugin is  considered to be the best among all  SEO Plugins . So far more than 5+ Million users are using this plugin.

This plug-in helps a lot in SEO your post so that new bloggers can use it  to rank their post in  Google Search Engine and get traffic to their website.

Yoast plug-in provides you both Free Version and Paid Version facility, from where you can use its Free Version and you can also use Paid Version. We can also get our posts ranked in Google by using Yoast for free.

In this, by counting your post’s  Focus Keyword, Meta Description,  Tag, URL, Title, and Word of the post, it helps you a lot in making your post-On-Page SEO or SEO Friendly, so that you can do Full SEO of your post. Could.

 Rank Math Plugin

Free Important WordPress Plugins Rank Math Plugin

Plugin 2 »   Rank Math Plugin is  considered to be the most beneficial plugin from the factor of SEO , in which we get many features.

So that New Bloggers can  easily rank on their Focus Keyword by using  it,

In this plugin, you  can add 1 or 2 keywords along with your  Focus Keyword , which  increases the chances of your  ranking even more.

This plugin  Additional, Title Readability,  and  Content Readability  can also Optimize This Plugin is still new just in case Yoast Plugin Yet overall this plugin so far  4 + Lakh  has been used for more User from.

Note: –  Rank Math Plugin or you can use any one of Yoast SEO’s Plugin, both are available to you for free.
 Want to know in detail about Yoast SEO’s plugin and also want to know how it is setup? So read our post given below and learn

 TinyMCE Advanced 

 TinyMCE Advanced 

Plugin 3 »  When we install our blog or website, we get Block Editor in it, in which you only get a limited feature.

If you  install TinyMCE Advanced’s Plugin  then you get Classic Editor which can design your article well and make your article unique.

Till now a total of 2+ Million  Users are using this plugin  by installing it. In this you can set the design of your heading, and add a table to your post.

In this you can also add Bullet Text to your post, many similar functions are provided in it. Which makes your article not only Unique but also User Friendly.



Plugin 4 »   Wp-Optimize Plugin  This is a Best Plugin to clean your WordPress Data Base, this Plugin removes all the unnecessary things like:-


Removes things so that the loading speed of your website becomes faster. And are visible soon. It optimizes your website and traffic starts increasing on your blog or website.



Plugin 5 »  Jetpack Plugin is considered to be the best plugin of  WordPress, this plugin tracks your site so that you can know the view of your site.

When you publish your blog and share it on social media , this plug-in collects View data from each of your sources and shows it on your Admin page.

Jetpack Plugin Free and Paid Features are available. Beginners can use it for free. So far  more than 5+ Millions users are using this plugin  .

Note: – Jetpack Plugin is considered important for WordPress blog, which we must use.

 Bj Lazy Load 

 Bj Lazy Load 

Plugin 6 »  You  can optimize the images used in your article by installing Lazy Load on your website  .

By  using Lazy Load , we get this advantage, whenever a user opens your article, then at that time your blog does not simultaneously load the images given in your article, but this plugin as if the user opens your website. Your image loads in the same way by scrolling down the page.

Due to which the loading time of your blog is less and your blog opens faster. This plugin improves the performance  of your website  to a great extent.

More than 60,000  users are using Lazy Load Plugin till now  , Lazy Load Plugin is available in both Free and Paid Version.



Plugin 7 »  Redirection Plugin  is considered important for WordPress. Because with the help of this plugin, you can easily redirect your old URL to any other URL.

Redirection plugin  also tracks your  404 Page Not Found URL , in which you   can set 301 Redirect .

With the help of Redirection Plugin, you can easily redirect your old URL to your own URL and it does not matter on your Google Search Ranking and Authority of your Domain, this plugin is completely Secure.

 Overall   , more than 1+ Million users are using this Redirection  Plugin . This Plugin is really the Best Plugin for Redirection.



Plugin 8 » Backup Plugin is used to collect the data of our website because the data of our website is collected with the hosting company.

But sometimes there  is a fear of losing the data of the website due to an error or website hack in the website, to avoid this, we should use the WordPress Backup Plugin.

UpdraftPlus Plugin keeps on taking backup of our website from time to time so that there is no fear of losing the data of our website, and we can easily recover our website from its backup.

So far, more than 3+ Million users are using the UpdraftPlus Plugin. Overall, by activating this plugin, the data of your website remains secure , so that no problem is created on your website.

 Table Of Contents Plus 

 Table Of Contents Plus 

Plugin 9 »  Table of Content in WordPress is   also important from the factor of SEO, with the help of this it becomes very easy for your user to read your biggest post,

It is like a form, in which you can add your headings. And you can make your article User Friendly.

In Table Of Contents Plus plugin, you can show your  H2, H3, H4, H5, H6,  at one place. So that the type of headings that the user wants to read, then he  can easily reach that heading directly through this table  .

According to you, you can put it anywhere in your post or in Header or Footer. Overall, more than 3 lakh users are using this plugin so far, this plugin is important for your post.

Broken Link Checker 

Plugin 10 »  Broken Link Those links are called in which the visitor has an error in opening that link or shows  404 Page Not Found  .

In WordPress, we can easily control Broken Link. In this, we get a Plugin of  Broken Link Checker, with the help of which we can find out all the Broken Links of the website.

This plugin checks the links of all the URLs of your website, it also takes some time to check all the links, this time  depends on your site Broken Links in your website.

So far  , more than 7 Lakh users are using the Broken Link Checker Plugin  . Rating of this plugin is  4 stars out of  5 stars , it is really the   best plugin to check Broken Link.

 Contact Form 7 

Plugin 11 »  Contact Form 7 Plugin is included in the Important Plugin in WordPress  because this plugin helps us to create Contact Us Page.

With which we can create a Contact Us page for our website so that it can be easy for our visitors or viewers to contact us.

Contact Form 7 Plugin is available to us in both Free and Paid Version. We can also use it for free and we can use it even by paying some money.

 So far  more than  1+ Lakh users are using the Contact Form 7  plugin.

WP Smush 

Plugin 12 »  We keep posting on the website every day and we keep uploading many images in the post, so that the load of our website increases,

Due to which our website speed slows down and our ranking starts falling, due to which we are not able to get post rank.

With the help of WP Smush Plugin, we  can optimize, compress  our images so that the speed of our website becomes faster and the chances of ranking of our posts increase.

 So far  , more than 1+ Million users are using WP Smush Plugin in total  . This Plugin provides us with both Free and Paid Services.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Plugin 13 » There  are many plugins available on WordPress, with the help of which you can make your website  fast, secure, backup , when you install your WordPress, this plugin gets installed automatically,

Akismet Anti-Spam Plugin deletes the Spam Comments of your website   or simply filters it, so that your  website can be secured from Spamming .

To activate it, we have to do some settings including its API Key, till now  more than 5 million users are using this plugin in total  .

 Add Inserter

Plugin 14 » In  the field of  blogging , most bloggers make add show of Google Adsense on their blog  , but they find it very difficult to show their add. Which add is to be shown where.

To avoid this difficulty, we can install Add Inserter Plugin in WordPress. So that we  can easily setup or manage our  Google Add , this makes us very easy.

Add Inserter  Plugin  is considered as the best plugin to easily show Google’s Ads, so far  more than 2 Lakh users are using this plugin  .

Google Kit 

Plugin 15 » Google Site Kit  is a popular plugin of Google itself, by using this plugin, you can open your  Google Adsense, Google Analytics, Google Search Cansole  at one place. For which you do not need to go to different Google website and open it.

So far, more than  6+ Lakh WordPress  users are using Google Kit plugin  , overall it provides all the information on your WordPress related products like Google Adsince, Google Analytics, Google Search Cansole etc.

Final Word:-

I hope you liked this article on Important WordPress Plugin. And   all the questions related to the best WordPress plugin will have to be answered. And this post must have proved useful for you.

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