Codes de réduction Media Temple 2024: 75% de réduction forfaitaire


Media Temple is US-based web hosting company which was founded back in the year 1998 and it has now completed 17 years of its service. The company has got more than 1,25,000 satisfied customers who are running more than 1.5 million websites! Huge companies like StarBucks, Adidas, and even Toyota are using hosting services of Media Temple. Also check Media Temple review here. In this post, we are also going to share Media Temple Coupon Codes 2024 that will let you save few dollars right to your pocket.

Codes de réduction du Temple des médias

Best Media Temple Coupon Codes Promo Codes May 2024


10% Off Monthly & Yearly WordPress Plans (Personal, Studio, Agency) – Use Code 10WP

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10% Off VPS Monthly & Yearly Plans (DV Level 1 – 6) – Use Code VPS10

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10% Off Grid Monthly & Yearly Plans (Pro, Agency, Agency+) – Use Code GRID10

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10% Off CloudTech Annual Plans (Essential, Advanced, Premium, Executive) – Use Code CT100

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10% Off Google Apps for Work Monthly and Yearly Plans – Use Code GAFW10

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10% Off Domains – Use Code DOMAIN10

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Most Popular Summer May 2024 Offers:                                                                                                                                  

Grid Shared Hosting – 20% off Annual Shared hosting plan with code: GRID20AFF.

*Media Temple built the Grid Shared Hosting platform to handle any traffic spike. From hundreds of visitors to hundreds of thousands, MT will keep your site online.

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Managed WordPress Hosting – 20% off Annual Personal, Studio and Agency plans with code: WPAFF20.

*Media Temple WordPress hosting service is built on a blazing-fast managed WordPress hosting platform, optimized to the exacting standards of WordPress pros.

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VPS/DV Hosting – 20% off Annual VPS Level 1 and Level 2 plans with code: VPSAFF20.

*From fully managed hosting to pure, raw Linux, Media Temple has a VPS plan for every size and type of project.

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How to use Media Temple Coupon codes?

1.Cliquez sur le code promo : -

Tout d’abord, cliquez sur Cliquez pour obtenir une réduction, puis vous serez redirigé vers une page où vous obtenez le coupon, copiez-le et accédez au site Web.

2.Sélectionnez votre plan: -

Il existe de nombreux plans disponibles, veuillez vérifier le plan dont vous avez besoin, puis continuez.

3. Résumé de la commande: -

order summary - Media Temple Coupon Codes

Maintenant à la place du code coupon, entrez votre coupon et obtenez des rabais impressionnants, profitez-en!

Media temple hosting plan free themes- Media Temple Coupon Codes

Different types of Hosting Plans which Media Temple offers:-

1. WordPress Hosting:-

WordPress hosting is specially made for those people who use Outils de gestion platform, it is designed and developed by wordpress designers and developers. The hosting is really fast, and their customer support is the best part! They work round the clock to provide you with the best experience possible. The best part is they also give you free premium Themes

WordPress hosting starts from only $20 per month which also provides you with 30Gb of SSD storage along with 2 sites which can handle upto 400,000 monthly visitors!

Media Temples offre à ses clients un hébergement WordPress géré défini et flexible.

  • Créer un site here is breeze. Media temple WP Easy does the entire task for you. All you need to do is enter some basic information for your site and it will suggest you some themes and designs related to it.
  • Si vous souhaitez migrer votre site WordPress de votre hôte vers Media Temples, asseyez-vous et détendez-vous !! Media temple utilise son outil de migration pour migrer l'ensemble de votre site en un clic.
  • Regular Updates of your site with improved security and updated plugins and databases keeps your site optimized and fast.
  • Keep your site secured with DDoS and intrusion protection with malware and bot scanning.
  • Vous obtiendrez un certain nombre de thèmes personnalisables et Images avec le plan WP Easy.


La tarification de Media Temple WordPress comprend deux parties: Personal et Pro.

media temple coupon- wordpress hosting

It becomes quite cheaper when you will apply the coupon for Media Temple

2. Shared Hosting:-

Media Temple Coupon Codes- Promo Code

Media Temple has only one policy, that your shouldn’t slow down or shut down! In this plan, you can easily host upto 100 websites, and you also get 1,000 comptes de messagerie. You’ll get a bandwidth of monthly 1TB and also 100Gb storage! You also get the features of one click app installer by using which, you can install any platform such as WordPress, Joomla etc.,. You also get advanced security and protection along with this hosting!


La grille comprend:

 Media temple hosting plan shared hosting- Media Temple Coupon Codes

100 Go de prime storage

1 To de bande passante court-chemin

100 sites uniques / domaines alternatifs

2,000 GPU

100 bases de données

Adresses électroniques 1,000

Panneau de configuration personnalisé du centre de compte

Logiciels pré-installés:

PHP 5.5 avec FastCGI

Perl v5.10.1

python v2.6.6

Apache 2.2.22

MySQL 5.1



discount coupon for media temple- grid

Ce plan commence à partir de 20 $ par mois!

media temple proo code- shared hosting

3. VPS Hosting:-

Media Temple Coupon Codes - hosting plan VPS Hosting

They have got the capacity to provide you with VPS plan from no matter what size and capacity you’re in need of. They guarantee you with 99.999% uptime and also High power SSD servers! Real, live engineers are waiting to solve your problems by chat, tweet, or phone call. VPS plans start from as low as $30 per month!

. VPS plans start from as low as $30 per month with Media temples discount promo code!

Caractéristiques :

  • Les serveurs SSD en font l'un des plus rapides Fournisseur VPSs dans l'industrie.
  • Évolutivité instantanée grâce à une serveurs
  • Installation de scripts en 1 clic
  • 30GB - SSD 600GB
  • 99.99% de disponibilité garantie

Media Temple VPS hosting costs you as low as $30 per month going as high as $254 per month. There is a choice between the self-managed and managed VPS hosting. They differ broadly in their features.

Self- Managed VPS hosting

You can choose between Level 1 to Level 6. Level 1 is the cheapest starting with $30 per month to Level 6 costing $1,000 per month. In this pack, you have the flexibility to choose between three Linux/Unix OS (ubuntu, debian and CentOS). You can look for the coupons of Media temple to get at a cheaper price.

With self managed VPS hosting, you can get your VPS hosting with a number of features:

  • Mise à disposition instantanée de votre serveur
  • Matériel efficace et premium avec le stockage SSD
  • Disponibilité garantie de 99.99%
  • Évolutivité instantanée et mise à niveau des serveurs et de la RAM en un seul clic.
  • Panneau d'alimentation qui améliore les performances de votre site et creates backup, reboot or repair your site with 10x faster speed

media temple promo codes- self managed hosting

Hébergement VPS géré

In managed VPS hosting, highly efficient DV servers come up with every features that you need. It includes pre installed software with the flexibility of choosing between the different CentOS

  • La garantie de disponibilité de 99% de son matériel, de ses performances et de ses serveurs en fait un hébergement VPS fiable. En cas d'indisponibilité, vous serez remboursé.
  • A highly optimized LAMP stack is assigned for the task of automatic backups, improved performance and faster servers, top-notch security and automatic Suppression des logiciels malveillants
  • You can install over 100’s of applications right from the image, galleries, e- commerce store or anything.
  • Pre-installed versions of PHP, MYSQL, Ruby, Python and rail with the option to customize your server with Linux based applications.
  • Managed VPS hosting gives you the best web mangers in the industry; Plesk and cPanel. With both of them, you can easily mange files, install scripts and applications, view stats or emails.

You can also profit from your VPS by starting your own hosting company with the option to resell your server. You can ease your reselling by using the Cpanel and Plesk. Besides the sere, you can also make profit by selling other resources.

media temple codes- managed vps hosting

Hébergement VPS entièrement géré

If you wish t make profit while the entire task is done by the experts, go for the fully managed VPS. Thought it costs you $254 per month but it will be worth your cost. However, you can use the media temple coupons to avail discount Everything right from setting up the site to migrating site or content from any host is a breeze and will be handed by the team of experts.

  • Configuration facile du serveur
  • 2 Go à 128 Go de RAM
  • 30 Go - 1 To de stockage Premium
  • 2 To à 10 To de bande passante
  • Automatique Sauvegardes cloud
  • 99% Uptime garanti

media coupon code- full managed vps hosting

How Secured is Media Temple?

With plethora of choices in the web host industry, Media Temple has one of the most secured and reliable services in the world. Media temple works in association with the CloudTech Security. Cloudtech Security has a number of security features in addition to encryption.

Il scanne régulièrement votre site avec des injections SQL et tout SEO spam. It further scans your databases as well as the any scripts for malware. You can be notified for any threats or view the latest scan. An automated web application firewall blocks all the corrupted files and differentiates easily between the human and bots.

De plus, global CAN (Content Delivery Network) makes your site secured as well as faster. It caches your site containing any content. Your site gets free Les certificats SSL installed with every pack. You can purchase either of the two security packs; Security and Premium Security pack. What I liked most about the media temple is that it you will get the Media Temple security pack coupon for heavy discount.

media coupon code- full managed vps hosting


About Media Temple Support:

Media Temple customer support staff is friendly and is available 24/7/365. They give assistance via phone, Discussion en temps réelet une réseaux sociaux or through a support request. The average response time of customer support in live chat was 5-10 seconds which is quite decent.

De plus, vous pouvez obtenir de l'aide dans divers articles tels que le Blogging community and articles for assistance. In the statement of support section, you can read about the services which are supported and the list of services which aren’t.  The best part about it is the Media Temple web hosting coupons.

get discount on media temple- support


Vous pouvez également vérifier l'état de votre système. pour vérifier les erreurs.

media temple coupons- system status

Media Temple Videos:

Media Temple – Installing WordPress in cPanel

Media Temple – Creating a Database in cPanel



  • Prix ​​avantageux: comme tout autre fournisseur de services Web, Media Temple Hosting vous donnera également une excellente liste de prix. Pour Media Temple, les prix d'hébergement varient de la plupart des autres services d'hébergement. Ici, cela dépend essentiellement du plan avec lequel vous allez. Media Temple Hosting a trois plans en fonction des besoins des clients. Cela comprend Pro, celui de base qui permettra à un utilisateur d'utiliser 10 sites, qui disposeront de 20 Go de stockage SSD. Le package Pro est livré avec 1 To de bande passante et juste pour 30 $ par mois. De même, si nous voyons le prochain prix qui est pour l'agence et l'agence plus, comprend le stockage jusqu'à 100 Go et 5 To par mois. Cela coûtera environ 150 $ et 350 $ respectivement.

  • 99.99% Uptime: as many other web hosting services gives you 99% uptime. But Media Temple Hosting guarantees you for this. From guarantee, it really means that if you face any problem, during running your website, It will return your money. This is one of the main benefits as it makes the speed of website very good and also it will never fall short. And if it does Media Temple Hosting returns your money. This benefit is only with Media Temple Hosting and other web service provider cannot guarantee its uptime.

  • User-Friendly interface: Media Temple Hosting is very interactive, and its user interface is very easy to use. Even a non-technical person can understand about its working. The user interface comes with many pre-installed tools. Not only user-friendly but its pre-installed tools can also give you speed, security, and reliability. These three are very important qualities when it comes to run your business online and Media Temple Hosting offers you all these with a guarantee, which other web service provider do not.

  • Groupes d'experts: similar to other service providers Media Temple Hosting do consists of the responsive expert panel. Instead of the automated one, it gives you assurance to assist you with any difficulties you face. You can get in touch with the customer service through call, text, emails, or live chats. Your queries will never be unattended here, and it promises the best solution.

  • Service complet de connaissances: Media Temple Hosting propose un service complet de connaissances interactives. Il ne nécessite aucune connaissance approfondie des informations techniques pour diriger un site Web. Media Temple Hosting dispose d'une vaste base de données de connaissances à explorer. Media Temple Hosting peut vous donner les connaissances d'hébergement par vidéo et assistant vocal. Cette aide est automatisée et peut être reprise encore et encore. Par exemple, s'il y a un utilisateur WordPress, il peut utiliser le sidekick préinstallé plugin. Où il trouvera un assistant vidéo ou un assistant vocal pour obtenir de l'aide. il aide les débutants comme aucun autre fournisseur de services Web, à part un panel d'experts, Media Temple Hosting a sa version automatisée.


  • Serveurs Windows: Media Temple Hosting does not have any windows based servers like other web service providers do. But they are having their VPS and dedicated servers. the only problem with this is that this can be more expensive when it is compared from another web service providers.

  • Des choses très moins gratuites: Media Temple Hosting coûte presque tout, il ne dispose pas de crédits Google AdWords gratuits. Media Temple Hosting coûte également noms de domaine and upgradation of software. So this becomes a mess. Also, there is no free and automatic malware scanning to protect your database from virus comme tout autre fournisseur de services Web.

  • Moins d'espace et de bande passante: If you are having a small website, then it is good for you to choose Media Temple Hosting, but the problem arises if you are having a large database, as it offers limited storage. Other service providers, probably come up with the unlimited storage disk space. But this one comes with 30 GB to 3 TB of bandwidth.

Why Choose Media Temple?

Right since Media Temple  Inception in 1998 in Los Angeles, they are indulging in helping web developers, web designers along with digital les entrepreneurs and innovators in order to bring their ideas online and grab the opportunity of showcasing their work in an extraordinary way. Media Temple has seen a lot of technology trends come and go but still, they are occupied with the latest technology and innovations and also one thing has never changed their commitment towards their customer success. And that is why they are offering the best and reliable web hosting service anytime and anywhere.

Web Hosting Plans Media Temple- Media Temple Coupon Codes

Currently,  Media Temple is one of the premium web hosting and Cloud Service that mainly powers 1.5 millions de sites Web in more than hundred different countries.  Basically more than 100,000 people and business mainly rely on their simple tools for the web hosting. The tools they basically provide a installation WordPress en un clic, serveurs virtuels, enregistrement de nom de domaine along with the business application and also many other cloud services.

As we have already told almost everything about this reliable web hosting provider. And i think we should also tell you the reasons why you should this amazing web hosting provider. Media Temple is for web designers, developers and also the digital entrepreneurs and the best part is that the service is reliable and provide high-performance and the scalable servers right at a competitive price.

Media Temple Coupon Codes- Reliable Hosting Services Media Temple

You will also get 24/7 customer support who is eager to help you in numerous in a friendly way. So here are the reasons why you should choose. The best part is that it is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands basically trust their sites to Media Temple.

  • Service Client :

The best of all Media Temple also provides the stellar and end-to-end service and support. As they are having US-based support teams that will be there for your 24/7/365. You can reach out to them by chat, Twitter and also via phone and also the support request. Their staffs mainly spend their 90% of their time by answering your queries.

  • Les produits

As they are having the simplest and the personal project right to the biggest business site and they are having the best and the reliable web hosting solution that will fit you perfectly. Few of the web hosting provider basically provides the world-class shared hosting right with the 1 clic sur l'installation de WordPress et aussi la Linux-based VPS hostings et les terres parsemées de private-cloud service.

  • Le rapport qualité prix:

Here when you will compare the hidden cost you will find out that Media Temple will provide you services more than your money. Media Temple is having the faster hardware, smarter software and also the top-notch support that basically costs few dollars.

  • Innovation:

Media Temple has really acquired and the new ideas and technology since their inception. Basically, they are providing the free infrastructure right for the open source products and also the events along with investing in creative innovators from all over the world. Media Temple team puts their and money and hearts in getting updated with the latest technology. That is why they have developed their own products and also they are having the world’s original public clouds.

  • Technologie:

Here your data is basically secured with Media Temple and all of the hosting servers is right under their direct control all the times as they are having Centres de données de la côte est et ouest. And the best part is that both of the data centers is basically certified with Tier 3+ that truly indicates that they are having 99.99% des réseau et Stabilité. They are also connected with each one directly by redundant and also the low-latency private fiber connection. They have 24/7/365 customer support and also the HP-certified technicians along with the armed security. At, last you will never find web hosting like Media Temple in order to keep your valuable data safe.

Est-il fiable?

When it comes to reliability about the speed of the website, Media Temple Hosting is reliable. It has never gone through a bad phase, also it can guarantee 99.99% uptime. It’s verified, tried and tested. In case of speed, it can guarantee user with the money back. If a user does not find anything correct the money will be refunded.

Since 18 years of the Media Temple Hosting services, they have always been one of the trusted, fast, and reliable web hosting platform. It is also versatile. Now it has become easier to use Media Temple Hosting services, with their full time supportive and responsive expert panel.

So it can be a great experience to use Media Temple Hosting as a web service provider for its speed reliability and the ease of using this. Media Temple Hosting will help your business to grow up hazel free.

Conclusion: Media Temple Coupon Codes May 2024

Media Temple is an underdog in the web host industry with all the features similar to their counterparts. The only problem that persists with Media temple is its expensive price. We have resolved that problem for you by giving away the Media Temple discounts. Besides this, I loved its VPS hosting the most with secured and highly optimized servers that gives excellent uptime.

J'espère que tu aimes ça Media Temple hosting coupons promo codes for your hosting plans. Use Media Temple coupons and save your money while buying from Media Temple.  Do bookmark this page as we will keep updating Media Temple coupons.

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