FlexCard: Virtual Card Service | Benefits, Overview & Key Capablities!

What virtual cards to choose from? All partners want to know the answer to this question.

While widely known services become impudent, charge huge commissions, and drive traffic with them bringing only losses (let alone the fact that these services are unavailable for beginners), new virtual cards enter the market.

This overview is dedicated to them. Meet FlexCard, these payment methods will outmatch many other ones!


FlexCard is a virtual card with reliable BINs and no issue limits for FB, TikTok, Google, and other popular traffic sources. They can’t be linked to VK, МТ, or Yandex. Read the article and get a present from FlexCard 🎁

You have to use many virtual cards when you drive traffic from Facebook, TikTok, Google, or any other platform massively. Both their price and quality matter.

FlexCard took the best from its competitors and released a perfect payment service for solo affiliates and teams.  

Benefits Of FlexCard:

✅ Card price – from 2 EUR;

✅ Reliable BINs, at the moment, the service offers three BINs, new ones appear every 4 months;   

✅ No issue limits, cards are issued fast;

✅ 3,5%+ commission for replenishment;    

✅ 50 EUR – the sum of replenishment;

✅ Features for teams;

✅ Quick support;

✅ Get 10 free cards for every new user you invite. 

How To Work With FlexCard?

FlexCard payment method is suitable for advertising in the most popular sources: Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, Snapchat, Twitter, and other platforms, as well as for paying for affiliate services. 

Quick registration and an opportunity to start using the service quickly, with no card issue limits – these are what the creators should be thanked for.

Also, card issues and replenishment are cheap, that’s why FlexCard is one of the best services for affiliates today.  

The card issue price varies between 2-4 EUR. No commissions for card maintenance. Cards are recognized as Visa Business debit cards. At the moment, FlexCard offers 3 BINs.

The company claims it’ll add new BINs once in 3–4 months. Sophia BIN is recognized as Spain, Barcelona BIN is recognized as Brazil, and Edinburgh BIN is recognized as Estonia.

Barcelona BIN is better for Google, both BINs are good for FB and ТТ and Edinburgh BIN is perfect for FB\Google.

How to work with flexcard

All cards have a common balance. It’s very convenient: when BIN is charged (not a card), you don’t have to transfer funds from an account to a card. All you have to do is to set a daily/monthly debiting limit.

How to create flex card

Replenishment Methods and Commissions 

You can replenish a card in any convenient way, and commissions are low:  

  • USDT (no extra commissions);
  • Bank transfer (no extra commissions);
  • Capitalist (extra commission – 2,5%);
  • Cards, including cards of Russian banks (extra commission – 2,5%);
  • Transfer from the balance of an affiliate program (no extra commissions).

If you use USDT or affiliate program accounts to replenish a card, the minimum replenishment amount is 50 EUR, if you use a bank transfer, the minimum replenishment amount is 100 EUR. 

Every BIN has its own replenishment commissions. Sophia and Barcelona BINs charge 3,5%, and Edinburgh BIN charges 4%.

Flexcard Registration


Flexcard commision

There’re two stages. Go to the website, sign up, confirm your e-mail, contact the support team, and confirm your account. No SMS messages, your passport data isn’t needed. But you can’t get into the system without a manager.

The support team will help you to create a “Team”, even if you work alone. Why should you create a team? First, it isn’t a problem, secondly, you can invite a friend.

If your friend signs up and tells the support team about you, he or she and you will receive 10 cards for free if your friend transfers just 100 EUR to their account.  

FlexCard has a very good support team. The team is available from 10:00 to 22:00 (GMT +3). They will help you with any issues and provide guides and recommendations!

Once your account is activated, replenish your account, get cards, and link them to an ad account. Barcelona BIN is better for Google, both Barcelona and Sophia are good for FB and TT, and Edinburgh BIN is perfect for FB\Google. 

How Does It Work?

The personal account of FlexCard is very user-friendly. There are no useless features, everything is designed for card issue and maintenance, as well as for the distribution of cards between the team members or agency employees.

This is exactly what an affiliate needs.   

In your personal account, you’ll find the following roles for a team:

  • Owner — a leader of the team
  • Manager — manager/TeamLead of a team
  • Teammate — the buyer. A teammate may obey an owner or a manager – that’s how you can create departments in your team.   

Features for a team allow issuing cards for yourself and other team members. Only owners and team leads can use this option, buyers can only use cards.  

The service also works with 3D-Secure. You receive a code in your personal account, thus, all your cards are protected.  

There are detailed expenditures, available balances, and active and banned card statistics for every team member. 

If you drive traffic alone, you’ll be the only person on the list.  

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Conclusion: FlexCard Virtual Card Service

  • FlexCard is really cool, it’s reliable and convenient;  
  • Payment methods can be quickly linked to ad accounts without fails; 
  • Quick and unlimited card issue;  
  • One of the best support teams;
  • No payment for card maintenance;   
  • Low issue price (from 2 EUR to 4 EUR);
  • New BINs every 3–4 months;  
  • You have 3 free cards to test: use the Bloggersideas promo code.

Website: https://hi.flexcard.cards/

Telegram channel: https://t.me/flexcard_channel – subscribe to this channel -you’ll find a lot of discounts on essential services from partners  

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