Elastic Email Review (How To Setup) Discount Coupon 2024: Offer @$1

Elastic Email helps you communicate with your customers with reliable and cost-effective e-mail marketing tools that are both flexible and provide HTTP/ HTTPS or SMTP Relay with enough space for over 100 million emails per month. The API can be configured in minutes so you can start campaigns right away. You also get templates and reports as standard features. Read our detailed Elastic Email Review below:

We all know the e-mail list is a great way to grow your business as an internet marketer. This is a great way to turn your site visitors into customers. And it helps you build a long-term relationship with your subscribers to generate a resale. However, sitting in front of the computer and answering all the e-mails you receive is almost impossible.

The list of emails is one of the most important things, but honestly, we can not spend all the time answering all the emails we receive.

At some point, we will lose everything and all our customers. Autoresponders are useful here. They will do all the work for you in email marketing. Autoresponder is a computer program that automatically responds to all e-mails sent to you. Respondents also meet your marketing needs by providing immediate information to potential customers. It is a very popular tool among Internet marketers.

Thousands of automatic answers are available in the market. And most of them can not keep their promises. Many novices go through this and end up spending money on fake autoresponders. For this reason, today I will talk to you about one of the most famous autoresponders on the market today, Elastic email. I will inform you about the various functions of this important e-mail marketing tools and compare the performance.

In this post, we have featured Elastic Email Review With Discount Coupon 2024 that includes all the detailed insights of its pricing, features, and functionality.

Elastic Email Review

Elastic Email Review With Discount Coupon 2024: Is It Worth The Hype? 

 Elastic Email Review With Discount Coupon- Best Offers

Detailed Elastic Email Review: Elastic Email Review (How To Setup) Discount Coupon 2024: Offer @$1

Thousands of customers in more than 180 countries use Elastic Email to send their emails. The provider allows this by translating your marketing interface into eight different languages. In addition, there are a group of experts in North America and Europe who will help businesses of all units successfully send e-mails and create great e-mail experiences for their subscribers.

Elastic Email Review- Email Integration

Elastic Email has also been recognized by G2 Crowd as no. 26 on their Best Software Companies 2018 list. This platform benefits from a general appreciation of reliability, outstanding performance, high and fast delivery, and ease of use.

Creating and editing a newsletter campaign is also very easy, as Elastic Email provides an intuitive drag-and-drop editor and simple content. HTML tool that allows you to customize your templates (free or premium) to your needs. These templates can be divided into different categories to ensure that you find the best email for your emails

Click here and check out another great review of this email marketing tool. We measured every detail of SalesHandy and found this to be quite good.

Detailed Elastic Email Review

Elastic Email was founded in 2010 by Joshua Perina and Michal Bochnak to make e-mail more efficient. This company is different from other e-mail providers that use third-party e-mail platforms to send e-mails. They pay for this software and increase their margins, which leads to higher costs for the customers.

Elastic Email Review- The Reliable Email Delivery Platform

However, Elastic Email has written all the lines of its delivery platform down to the log level. This has resulted in a fast and profitable service that benefits its customers.

Features of Elastic Email 

  • Very easy to use as it contains WYSIWYG Email Editor
  • It is also connected with an unsubscribe database
  • Template Management and Survey Management options
  • Subscribe / Unsubscribe and Spam Checker tool
  • Newsletter Management suit
  • Multi-Variate Testing
  • Event-Triggered Email option
  • Easy to manage and build Mailing List
  • Image Library
  • Bounce Tracking
  • Drip Campaigns
  • Contact Database
  • Click-Through Tracking
  • CAN-SPAM Compliance
  • 24/7 support to solve any of your queries
  • An advanced campaign creation tool
  • Packed with thorough campaign statistics and delivery tracking
  • Inbound email API
  • SMTP and HTTP API access
  • Free contact storage without any limitation
  • Sub-accounts without any limitation
  • White label reseller tools

The main benefits of Elastic Email are that it provides a set of tools for managing small or large campaigns via email. E-mailing is also possible using a simple REST API or standard SMTP. The Elastic Email SMTP configuration or the code samples from your API documentation can be used to send emails with problems and high delivery capacity. In addition, users can configure an SMTP mail server or their own service. Here are more benefits:


elastic email review- marketing

Elastic Email is easy to use, reliable, efficient and offers high and fast delivery. Bulletin campaigns can be created and edited using the HTML Platform tool and the drag-and-drop editor.

Free or paid templates are also available for users who wish to customize their newsletters. It’s also easy to find an appropriate template for emails, as these templates are grouped into different categories.

Private IP addresses, segmentation, contact management tools, enabled emails, detailed activity reports, A / X testing, email, and spam client testing are also included in Elastic Email.


elastic email review- SMTP

With Elastic Email, companies can create email marketing strategies and emails that attract subscribers. A predefined template gallery is also available to ensure that the corporate brand is highlighted and the message is effectively communicated to customers and contacts.

For users who want to code their own template, a simple HTML editor is available. With Elastic Email, users can also implement anti-drop campaigns and use automatic responses. So welcome emails, confirmations, and special offers can be sent quickly and easily. Combined labels also personalize users’ emails, ensuring content is dynamic and attention-grabbing.

elastic email review- Free Support

The elastic email turned out to be a mass mailing solution on par with the industry giants alike MailChimp. It features a comprehensive HTML newsletter builder besides a quite comfortable list management engine. What I unexpectedly like about elastic is email tracking abilities which result in comprehensive analytics on every campaign we send. The tool is really fair and worth its money.

elastic email review- Email Experts

Elastic Email Integrations ( Read All Plugins Below)

Elastic Email Zapier Integration

With the Zapier integrations, you can connect Elastic Email with the best services in the world. With a powerful fingertip tool, you can do almost anything.

Mail Merge Integration

Mail Merge is an extension of Google Sheets that allows emails, newsletters, or custom forms to be sent to multiple recipients without having to write HTML for their templates.

Elastic Email Subscribe Form

The Email Subscription Form allows you to create and manage your beautiful widget for the blog or WordPress website.

Elastic Email Sender Campaign

Elastic Email Campaign SenderElastic Email Sender helps you manage all aspects of your email campaigns. You can also connect your WordPress with the powerful elastic message API.

Elastic Email Joomla

Why are you looking for a way to send transactional emails to your Joomla website? Add this module and send emails that your subscribers would like to receive.

Elastic Email Drupal

Expand your business faster than ever with the Elastic Email Drupal module, which makes it easy to send e-mail in simple cases.


You can easily deploy, monitor, and manage high-performance applications from leading cloud infrastructures.

SlmMail Integration

SlmMail is a module that integrates with multiple third-party APIs for sending e-mail. This tool is directly integrated with some Transactional Messaging Service Providers via the API.

AcyMailing Integration

AcyMailing integration is not controlled. Improve your web communication or track the results of your campaigns with the email extension of your Joomla or WordPress website.

Elastic Email Review (marketing Features)

Make Your design ideas come to life

Elastic Email Review- Marketing


You just have to bring your creativity. Our easy-to-use e-mail designer creates instant e-mail authoring or encodes your own HTML template.

Take Advantage Of Elastic e-mail Custom Email Templates

Powerful segmentation- With the elastic e-mail segmentation tool, you can carefully create groups of contacts with specific parameters.
Pick up your emails from your subscribers-  By adjusting content, personalization, etc. when using this feature. Stay connected with a personal message.
Personalize your emails with tag- combinations are easy-to-use scripts to create custom versions of templates, including presentations, subject lines, and dynamic content for each recipient.
Communicate with people anytime, anywhere-  You can send e-mail marketing campaigns without even lifting a finger. With our autoresponders or anti-drip campaigns, your contacts always feel connected.
Elastic Email Review- Web Forms

Create a compelling campaign with real-time reports.

You can generate an account to get an API key, configure it in less than 3 minutes using our standard SMTP configuration, or use our API and integrate our tools into your website or application.

Faster achievement of your engagement goals

You can use the power of A / X testing to find out what works and what does not work quickly and easily. Review different versions of templates, including themes, themes, content, and more.

Additional features

Email template gallery

You can send personalized emails that generate lots of impressions.

Secondary Accounts

You can access an unlimited number of secondary accounts. Separate your emails by type or so that your own customers get the best results.

Custom Branding Strategy

If you want to provide e-mail services to existing customers or create an e-mail marketing platform, we have a turnkey solution for you.

Sit Back And Relax!

With Elastic Email contact tools, you can be sure that every detail of your email marketing efforts will be done. Integrate Web Forms Easily create an unlimited number of web forms and increase your target audience more reliably.

Dedicated customer service

Elastic Email Review 2024 Pricing Plans:

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