Egrow Review 2024 Features & Pricing (45% Discount Coupon)

Egrow Review

Overall Verdict

Egrow is an all-in-one software for Amazon sellers. Every day, it analyzes millions of products on the Amazon marketplace and aggregates sales data into easy-to-understand charts and panels.

Out of 10


  • Access to 100% of products.
  • Upto 300 Tracked products
  • More than 200 Tracked keywords
  • 300 Live researches per day
  • 90 Days of product history
  • Helps in Discover Organic Search Keywords


  • They should add more products
  • Some users complained about bad support


Price: $ 29

In this Egrow Review, I look at one of the most popular amazon product research tool available and provide a complete overview of its key pros and cons. Is it right for your business? Let’s find out.

Do you own an Amazon Business? Are you looking for advanced tools to help you dominate your Amazon Marketplace?

Solution: Egrow is the industry’s most comprehensive platform that helps you analyze and visualize your sales data, track your orders, receive notifications of product restocks, and much more.

Bottom Line Upfront:

To Amazon merchants like myself, Egrow is a treasure. It’s fantastic how it constantly evaluates millions of things, letting me easily zero in on the most profitable options.

Thanks to Egrow, I no longer have to devote many hours to conducting market research, freeing me up to concentrate on expanding my company.

Egrow’s unique selling point is the abundance of useful information and insights it provides. The site has let me see the big picture about product interest, rivalry, and price. With this knowledge, I can quickly find lucrative niches while remaining ahead of my competition.

Despite my lack of technological expertise, I had no trouble learning how to use Egrow. The platform’s user-friendliness and streamlined design make it a pleasure to use. Egrow is suitable for both seasoned businesspeople and novices alike.

Egrow’s strength is in its ability to boost sales and improve inventory management. By monitoring stock levels and looking for patterns, I can prevent stockouts and save money on unnecessary inventory. An absolute must-have!

I have a special discount coupon which can save up 45% on yearly plans so grab your special coupon of Egrow.

Egrow tool review

Egrow Review

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Egrow Review

What Is Egrow? 

The key to success for any business is understanding what your customers want and need. With Egrow, you can measure customer demand for products online, show how they perform, sell more products with price discounts, or offer free shipping.

Using Egrow helps you manage every online store aspect, from product management to inventory tracking and shipping. By learning about what your customers want and need, you’ll be able to better customize your service to the needs of each individual shopper.

Egrow calculates the profit potential for your products by comparing the sales volume against the listing price, and based on that, it suggests the right list price. It takes away all your time from reading Amazon sales data and displays it in a friendly chart format.

You can compare data easier to find out which products are selling well. Egrow is an easy-to-use tool for sellers to help them improve their business.

Egrow amazon tool reviews

What Egrow Offers You? 

Clear User-Friendly Dashboard

Amazon Product Research Made Easy.

You don’t require instructional recordings or tutorials to start utilizing this. You’ll discover three tabs at the highest point of your dashboard:

  • Product Tracker
  • Database Research
  • Live Amazon Scanner

Egrow Product Tracker Tab

Egrow dashboard

Just enter an Amazon ASIN and the tool will show a column of data for this ASIN. If the ASIN has never been tracked before, you should sit tight for 24 hours for the information to show up. You can enter your own particular ASINs, contenders ASINs, or ASINs you wish to investigate for future buys and track them after some time.

Egrow ASIN Tracker

I extremely like that I can enter every one of my ASINs, and at a brisk glance, I know how the entirety of my items are getting along.

I can enter books I composed, items sourced from China, or custom Print on Demand items. This is substantially simpler than pulling my information from QuickBooks or whatever bookkeeping programming one may utilize.

Egrow UAE amazon product research tool

A business can utilize this to check the general development of your business and the pattern of offers for every item. Are deals going up or down? If you are running a showcasing campaign, what effect is it having on sales, so on?  There are heaps of information here, merged in one place.

Egrow can save you time and money in two ways: by identifying the most profitable products and your product prices. You can then price your products to match the best possible buyer’s ability to buy at that price.

Stimulate: By allowing you to analyze data on your products sold on the Amazon marketplace, Egrow will also help you get more sales from your top-selling items.

Amazon Database Research Tab

You can pick your research category down to SUB-CATEGORY level, channel by least value, most extreme value, surveys, deals, income, BSR, weight, number of sellers, and the significant number of pictures.

You can likewise pick whether the dealer is Amazon, FBA, or Merchant Fulfilled, and obviously include your Keywords yet in addition, enter negative Keywords.

With all these approaches to cutting up data, you ought to effectively discover an item that fits your deal criteria. (Some go wide and some dive deep. Everything relies upon your plan of action.)

You can likewise utilize this tool to look at who is positioning and view their postings for thoughts on the most proficient method to better set up the copyright for your own.

You can likewise enter your own or rival watchwords for a particular ASIN, and the instrument will track where this ASIN positions for that catchphrase. Indeed! The apparatus will indicate where you rank in Amazon query items.

Live Amazon Scanner

Egrow live scanner

This last tab does exactly what it shows. It will pull live outcomes from Amazon.

This product was formally propelled in October 2017.

At the very least, you should agree to accept their FREE choice. If you are a genuine Amazon seller, pick the PLUS PLAN. There is an extraordinary rate for the initial 100 information exchanges. This arrangement incorporates:

  • 1000 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 300 Tracked items.
  • Unlimited live inquiries.
  • 90 Days of item history

I’ve excluded particular item cases in this post because your data is the best test. Enter your ASINs and perceive that it is so natural to track your business patterns. Attempt the research tool and view the outcomes to perceive how simple is to utilize.

Contrast the highlights and other more costly Amazon dealer tools like Jungle Scout, ASIN Inspector, and so on, which appears to give more to your dollars spent. Exceedingly prescribed, particularly for fledgling Amazon sellers on a low-spending plan. You can simply begin with the FREE version.

Advanced Filters

Utilize adjustable filters to play out your own one-of-a-kind Amazon product research with our database

Amazon FBA Tool

  • Egrow programming
  • More than Millions of Daily Updated Products
  • Break down your outcomes utilizing our simple to-utilize dashboard, which shows great item experiences for a more quick-witted and quicker basic leadership.

Historical Changes In Data

Track each change on Amazon in blockbuster rankings, deals, costs and substantially more every day for up to 90 days.

  • Research Amazon
  • FBA seller tool
  • Classification and Keyword Rankings

Look into changes in item rankings for different classifications and watchwords of your decision without leaving Egrow.

Organize and Compare Data

Egrow ascertains the minimum, most extreme, and normal measurements for blockbuster rankings, costs, surveys, deals, and income. You can undoubtedly spot brilliant item openings by applying these numbers to various catchphrases.

What Makes Egrow Different?

Egrow audience

  • A large number of Products are Scanned Daily.

Egrow’s product database from the Amazon commercial center is stuffed with many pre-examined items with the everyday history of changes in the number of offers, value, surveys, and watchwords, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg – all refreshed once a day. Include another item and Egrow will begin gathering its information in only 24 hours.

  • Quick and Intuitive Fast and Intuitive User Experience

Notwithstanding giving the best quality information, their software is centered on a consistent and proficient client encounter. A quick and intense across-the-board instrument, Egrow will spare you long research periods, furnishing you with key data for your business in seconds.

  • Precise Sales Accurate Estimated Sales Data

For over three years, Egrow has been building a unique algorithm to calculate assessed deals for products on the Amazon marketplace. Also, it’s just improving each day.

  • 90 Days of Product History

Pre-examined items in the database have up to 90 long stretches of history detailing item changes. This component will give you superior knowledge and help you recognize fleeting patterns and items with steady, long-haul deals.

  • Discover Organic Search Keywords

With Egrow, you can rapidly distinguish the keywords and which rank items in Amazon’s naturally indexed lists. Including more keywords for everyday tracking is made much less demanding from the item subtle elements page.

 Egrow Review- Amazon Keyword Rankings

  • They Work Together with Clients

All the highlights in Egrow are created with user feedback in mind. From beginners hoping to dispatch their first item to internet business veterans, they generally endeavor to address their customers’ issues.

  • Secure Data

Egrow plan of action depends on programming as a service. They don’t sell on Amazon. Their benefit is created by helping their customers to grow their e-commerce business. They won’t utilize your data or offer it to other outsiders.

 Egrow Review- Secure Data

  • Affordable

They will probably give chances to everybody inspired by beginning on the web business and accomplishing monetary flexibility far from the 9-to-5 crush. This is why their Egrow free bundle is the perfect decision for sprouting business visionaries, while the Standard and Plus bundles are priced well below the business standard for this kind of administration.

Some of the Great Features of Egrow:

  • It gives the best database of day-by-day filtered products from Amazon.
  • It offers exactly assessed deal data.
  • It incorporates preloaded watchwords and positions in regular Amazon Google look.
  • Egrow’s end-client programming is easy to understand and additionally basic.
  • It is super-quick.
  • There is no prerequisite for extra internet browser augmentations or even devices, all the work process happens inside solitary programming.
  • You may acquire around three months of item or administration history adjustments (deals, cost, appraisal, watchwords).

Chrome Extension

 Egrow Review- Downlaod The Chrome Extension

How is Egrow different or better than similar Amazon market research tools?

  • It gives exceedingly accurate assessed sales information
  • It offers the greatest database of day-by-day checked items from Amazon.
  • It is super-quick.
  • It has preloaded keywords and positions in natural Amazon query items.
  • Egrow’s user interface is natural and simple to utilize.
  • All the work process occurs inside one application – no requirement for other program augmentations or devices.
  • You can access up to 90 long stretches of item history changes (deals, value, audit, watchwords…)

Powerful Tools of Egrow

1) Product Database

Explore Egrow’s extensive database of Amazon products scanned daily to discover lucrative opportunities. The platform’s sophisticated classifications, which include Category, Product Price, Rating, Reviews, Rank, Weight, Revenue, Sales, and Sellers, provide a nuanced view of the competitive landscape and market demand potential.


 Egrow Review- Product Database


2) Live Amazon Scanners

Track high-performing keywords using real-time data with the Live Amazon Scanner. Egrow presents a comprehensive picture by computing average metrics for factors such as price, weight, reviews, sales, and income.


 Egrow Review- LIve Product Scanner

3) Saved Searches

Saved Searches Save and document your search searches to compare data across product groupings. Use this information to make educated selections based on criteria such as entered keywords and sales figures.

 Egrow Review- Product Details

4) Product Trackers

The Product Tracker refreshes information hourly and organizes all of your stored goods. This tool allows you to keep a close eye on product trends, seasonality, and consumer feedback.

 Egrow Review- Product Tracker

Rapidity and effectiveness

Experience the tool’s rapid action capabilities, which ensure that you obtain the data you need, when you need it, saving you time.

Insights into Keywords

You may get a competitive advantage with preloaded keywords and real-time organic rankings.

User Interface That Is Simple

Navigate via an easy and user-friendly dashboard intended for efficiency, with no browser addons required.

Tools for Keyword and Niche Research

Optimize your listings by strategically including keywords in picture titles, product names, and descriptions. Conduct comprehensive Amazon keyword research to uncover search keywords used by potential consumers, increasing your SEO ranks.

ASIN Reverse Search

With the Reverse ASIN Research tool, you may get a competitive advantage. Enter the product URL or ASIN to learn about your rivals’ sales techniques and market demand.

Rank Monitor

With Egrow’s Rank Tracker, you can track how your keywords—and those of your competitors—perform. The program delivers daily updates and graphs to display data, providing meaningful insights into your Amazon SEO approach.

Egrow provides the resources you need to flourish on Amazon, providing you with data, insights, and a spectrum of capabilities to help you thrive.

Egrow Pricing Plans

 Egrow Review- Pricing

1. Basic


  • Access to half of the items.
  • 5 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 5 Tracked items.
  • 20 Live inquiries about every day.
  • 7 Days of item history.

2. Standard  ($12/month)

Charged Yearly

  • Restricted to the Next 100 Members
  • Access to 100% of items.
  • 200 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 100 Tracked items.
  • 100 Live inquiries about every day.
  • 30 Days of item history.

3. Plus ($16/month)

Charged Yearly

  • Restricted to the Next 100 Members
  • Access to 100% of items.
  • 1000 Tracked catchphrases.
  • 300 Tracked items.
  • Boundless live inquires about.
  • 90 Days of item history.

Egrow Testimonials

Egrow reviews amazon research tool Egrow reviews Amazon product research tool

Best Egrow Alternatives 2024 :

1) JungleScout

When it comes to Amazon research, there’s no better tool than Jungle Scout’s easy-to-use dashboard for finding winning products, estimating sales, researching keywords, and spying on competitors.

It tells you right away which goods will be the most profitable for your company and the easiest to expand with.

Greg Mercer launched it in 2014, a year that marked the beginning of the modern “Renaissance” in Amazon research.

Pre-JungleScout items, believe it or not, were being sold as far back as the Paleolithic age.

In those days, Amazon geeks like myself had to dig for products, analyze rivals, and create spreadsheet libraries with the limited data we had to compete with enormous reptiles for land and food.

Because Jungle Scout performs everything for you instantaneously, you don’t have to put in the time or rely on your intuition (which I still enjoy).

With increased competition, product research is the key to success, and it’s becoming more difficult. If you buy a rubbish product, no matter how bright you are, you will fail, no matter what. These days, the competition is hysterical.

Last year alone, over 1 million NEW SELLERS joined. A lot of people are competing. Without an original, profitable, and in-demand product, you have NO CHANCE.

Last year, Amazon sold more than 238 billion dollars in merchandise. That’s more than the entire GDP of Portugal!.

If you are curious to know more about Jungle Scout, check out our in-depth Jungle Scout review here.

JungleScout Review- Helium 10 Alternatives

Pricing Of JungleScout

Web App Pricing Plans

JungleScout Review - Web App Pricing
JungleScout- Web App Pricing
  • Start-Up ($39/month)
  • Standard ($69/month)
  • Business ($30/month)

The Chrome Extension Pricing Plans

JungleScout Review- Extension Pricing
JungleScout- Extension Pricing
  • Pro ($197/one-time-fee)
  • Lite ($97/one-time-fee)

2) Sellics

For Amazon vendors and sellers, Sellics is an all-in-one PPC management and optimization platform incorporating seven essential features that help customers scale their Amazon businesses.

Tracking and measuring profit in real-time is possible as is optimizing Amazon PPC, improving product keyword rankings, managing reviews with real-time notifications, researching new and profitable products in the database, monitoring rivals’ sales and keyword rankings, and managing inventory.

Through fully automated computations, users may keep tabs on their real-time profits made through Amazon using the profit dashboard. Selling on Amazon can be expensive; thus, Sellics calculates the true profit margins by subtracting all of the associated costs such as Amazon fees, shipping (such as FBA), PPC charges, promotions, taxes, and the cost of items.

For maximum return on advertising budgets, PPC managers help advertisers increase Amazon ad income and automate their PPC campaigns. The software features include campaign performance metrics, bid histories for keywords, and more.

Users can also look for high-volume keywords to improve their keyword ranks and refine their product descriptions. Sellers may follow their competitors’ daily sales volume and top items and prices with Sellics’ support and receive quick alerts when a product is hijacked by a competitor.

In addition, Sellics alerts you to any new customer reviews on Amazon so that you can respond to them immediately. It is possible to sort reviews based on their impact on the overall star rating and the response rate.

As an added bonus, customers of Sellics have access to a product database that allows them to browse through the top 10,000 best-sellers in various product categories. The lead time for each product is specified, and users are alerted when inventory is low so they know when they’ll run out of stock.

Sellics Review - Helium 10 Alternatives
Sellics- Helium 10 Alternatives

Sellics Pricing

Sellics vs Helium 10 - Pricing Plan
Sellics Pricing
  • Monthly: $67/month
  • Biannual: $57/month
  • Annual: $47/month

FAQs On Egrow Review

✅How can Egrow help me as an Amazon seller?

Egrow is a web-based software which offers features like product tracker, Amazon database research, live Amazon scanner, Amazon FBA tool which can help you become an Amazon seller.

✅Does Egrow offer any free trial?

Yes, Egriw offers a free trial. You can get started with the free account and try all the features of Egrow for 7 days after that you will have to pay according to whatever plan you choose.

✅Does the Free Plan have any hidden costs or limits?

No, the free plan does not have any hidden costs. You will get to try Egrow for 7 days and along with that you will get information on half of their products. Within 7 days you will get to learn a lot about selling on Amazon.

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Conclusion: Egrow Review With Discount Coupon 45% Off 2024

Finally, Egrow has established itself as a trustworthy and helpful partner for Amazon sellers who wish to succeed in the modern business world. Egrow simplifies product research and market analysis for Amazon sellers by providing in-depth sales insights, a straightforward interface, and the ability to save significant amounts of time.

Egrow might be the answer for Amazon sellers looking for a robust tool to turbocharge their operations. Give it a go, and see your success on Amazon soar to new heights.

The potential is limitless when you have Egrow on your side.

I hope this post-Egrow Detailed Review With Discount Coupon suits your purpose well.  Have you tried Egrow in the past? How was your experience? Share it in the comments below.

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  1. One thing i like about Egrow is that Egrow provides opportunities for everyone interested in starting an online business and achieving financial freedom away from the 9-to-5 grind. All features in Egrow are built with user feedback in mind. From newbies looking to launch their first product to ecommerce business veterans, they always strive to meet their clients’ needs and are continuously asking for feedback on the tools that are needed and working well.

  2. It’s such a beneficial tool for me!
    Egrow has built a tool that breaks down millions of items throughout the Amazon commercial center, then aggregates that data into straightforward, readable charts and boards.
    It’s designed to save you time with your market investigation and help you discover the best items to put up for sale.

  3. Egrow is a popular software made exclusively for Amazon sellers to boost their business. The tool includes features that are essential for growth, and it is updated frequently.Egrow aggregates specific data, including charts and boards, for their users to get detailed information. Hence, with Egrow, many users have saved a lot due to its ability to investigate markets thoroughly. Users can discover items without digging deep down and save their valuable time. The database provided by Egrow includes products from Amazon that are filtered daily.
    All together, a great thing invented!!

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