How To Nail E-commerce Marketing Automation With Omnisend In 2024


E-commerce is a new and exciting area in which to work. As technology and modes of communication continue to change and improve, the importance of e-commerce continues to build.

As exciting as it is, it is also quite difficult and filled with an ever-increasing number of competitors both large and small. Even with all of the competition, there is a way for you to win.

Omnisend Review- Ecommerce Marketing Automation for Smart Marketers

With email marketing automation tools and strategies, your company can compete with anyone else no matter how large or how small. The key is to have both the tools for success and the strategy to make those tools work.

Here are some of the most effective email automation strategies that you can use.

Advanced E-commerce Marketing Automation Strategies In 2024

While tools are important, the strategy is what really allows your business to succeed. These are some of the strategies that every business should be using in their email automation.

  • Segmentation

Every customer and subscriber is different. Therefore, the way you approach your customers and subscribers should be tailored to their needs and wants.

For instance, if you have a subscriber who has been actively communicating and asking for more information on all of your products, you do not want to send him an email asking him if he is interested in learning about something that he has already expressed interest in. You want to send those emails to your fringe customers that you believe will benefit but they do not know it yet.

E-commerce Marketing Automation With Omnisend- Subscribers

You can use Omnished’s segmentation to find out who has actively been communicating and showing interest in your products and those who have not.

As you can see, there are numerous applications to segmenting your customers, but the key is to use automated email marketing as a strategy to reach different customers. Not to assume all of your customers are the same.

  • Web Tracking and Customer Profiles

With this tool, you can track when a customer visits your site, on which pages they consistently land, and even how long they are viewing those specific pages.

After tracking the relevant information, we can then create a customer profile that will help you to understand what each specific customer is viewing on your site and where they are spending the most time. By understanding this information, you can understand your customer and market to them more easily.

Customer profile-Ecommerce Marketing Automation

Not only will you be able to learn more about your customers, but you will learn more about your website and what is or is not popular. You can get aggregate data that will tell you how many individual viewers show up on specific pages, how many repeat visitors, and how long they are staying on each page.

With this information, not only will you be able to target specific customers, but you will be able to tailor your automated email marketing toward your strengths rather than your weaknesses.

  • A/B Testing

Testing your email automation is important because you will be able to know what works and what does not.

AB testing-Ecommerce Marketing Automation

With A/B testing you will be able to send out to emails simultaneously to different customers and see which emails work better. In the end, you will begin to understand what works in terms of email design, content, and length so that all of your emails are equally effective.

  • Automation Workflow Combinations

Automation combinations allow you to send a series of focused emails to your customers rather than a single email that might get trashed. These combination emails do not work as a strategy in themselves but should be used at specific times.

  • Welcome Series
  • Birthday Series
  • Cart Recovery Series

Welcome automation-Ecommerce Marketing Automation

The problem is that if you use series all of the time, your customers will get tired of them and they will be ineffective. If you use them in these specific instances, they will help you to earn 69% more sales.

You should send 3 emails in each series at specific intervals. Remember not to use series all of the time, but only in specific instances and to help you keep customers.

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Conclusion: E-commerce Marketing Automation With Omnisend

There are other important strategies involved with email marketing automation, but this is a great starting place. Following these strategies will help you put the tools in your arsenal to good use and make them as effective as possible.

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