Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Turn Shoppers into Buyers

Don't shoot in the dark. Use AI to convert your best customers.

Discover why ByteGain AI is the most powerful way to increase your conversion rate

Target hidden valuable customers
Setup in 15 min
Make AI your competitive advantage
No coding required

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Supercharge Campaigns with AI

Our results are almost unbelievable. On average, clients who run ad campaigns with us see:
Decrease in Cost per Action (CPA)
Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)
Increase in Conversion Rate

Create intelligent audiences that increase revenue

Higher converting Facebook custom audiences

Not all customers are created equal. ByteGain’s AI platform creates intelligent custom audiences by identifying the visitors most likely to convert for retargeting on Facebook. On average, users targeted through ByteGain are 7x more likely to purchase, and 3x more valuable in purchase revenue.

Smarter remarketing on Google

Supercharge remarketing on Google Ads. Instantly build audiences based on the highest value customers, boosting revenue at lower advertising spend. ByteGain clients have captured 98% of all converting customers at only half of the cost normally required.

Acquire new customers with hyper-lookalikes

ByteGain can be used to create hyper-lookalike audiences of the highest quality customers. Our AI engine automatically collects customer intent data, identifying those that will convert the fastest, at the highest revenue.
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World-class AI, set up in minutes

Integrating AI into your business doesn’t have to be complex. ByteGain provides the latest deep learning and neural network capabilities, without the need for an in-house engineering team. Our software is easily set up within 15 minutes and provides dramatic results in just days.

Revenue gains with zero risk

ByteGain’s AI software operates completely in the background of a website, capturing data points automatically without interruption to your business. All channels remain the same — the software is hard-working, but invisible.
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